Blogging While Traveling: Leave the Office at Home

One of the coolest parts of blogging is that you can do all of your work from home. But what about when you can’t be at home? Blogging doesn’t have to stop just because you’re on the road. By investing in the right kinds of hardware and choosing the best mobile applications, you can get all of your daily blogging in on time without having to lug around an entire office.

Laptops: Go Light and Fast

If you need a robust blogging setup, your best bet is still a laptop computer. It’s great to have a full suite of reliable programs to connect to the Internet, create and edit images, cut together movies and shape any other kind of supplemental content that makes your blog better than just a wall of text. Also, never underestimate the importance of having a full-size keyboard at your fingertips.

Hammering out 500 words isn’t fun on a touch screen.

When searching for your on-the-road laptop, keep these features in mind:

  • Lightweight: the computer, power adapter and peripherals shouldn’t weigh more than two or three pounds.
  • Power: good battery life can save you a lot of headaches from lost content.
  • Peripheral space: count a laptop’s available USB ports and SD card slots to make sure it can handle all of your equipment.

Smart Devices

blogging while traveling

Smartphones and tablets are getting more powerful every year, so if you don’t need a lot of extensive software to maintain your blog, consider ditching the comparatively clunky computer for a mobile device. Though they don’t have the storage capacity of laptops, mobile devices are excellent for cloud computing, and they conveniently allow you to transfer vital data between devices with sim cards.

Smart devices are especially handy for bloggers who record a lot of audio, images and video; most modern mobile tech has high-quality A/V components that make generating content a snap. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about grabbing a few of the best editing apps out there.

  • Instagram and Adobe Photoshop Mobile are great for image editing
  • Apps like VC Audio Pro and TapeMachine offer broadcast-quality audio editing
  • Majisto and Quik Video are strong offerings in the emerging world of mobile video editors

Keep the Power Flowing

One of the big challenges of taking tech on the road is making sure the batteries stay charged. It’s no fun to try to nurse a dying smartphone or laptop through the electricity famine of the highway, plugging in only when you stop for lunch or grab a hotel room. In these cases, it’s handy to have:

  • A universal power adapter so you can charge your devices through the cigarette lighter in your vehicle
  • A compact power box or mobile power strip if you have multiple devices that need juice from a limited source and to expand your number of available outlets
  • A mobile Wi-Fi generator so you can connect to the Internet from anywhere

If you choose the right combination of devices and peripherals, you can have a one-bag mobile blogging office. You’ll be free to travel without putting your blog on the back-burner, plus you’ll be able to share your experience on the road with your subscribers.

Image via Flickr by Tsahi Levent-Levi

About Teddy Hunt

Teddy Hunt is a freelance content writer with a focus on technology. When not behind a computer, Teddy spends the majority of his free time outdoors and resides in Tampa, Florida.


  1. A laptop is what you need while traveling …make sure that your laptop has enough battery backup and the necessary software’s needed to assist you in blogging.


  2. Good and simple guide for everything that a blogger on the road needs.
    Thanks for sharing this one.

    • The fact remains that laptop is the best and more convenient to use when travelling.

      Smartphones can only give a responsive view of pages and come to think of it, how fast and easy can you type on a smartphone that is screen touch?

      I feel so cool having my laptop in front me when when blogging.

      Thanks for this simple and heads up tips…

      • Teddy Hunt says:

        Yes, the laptop feels great when blogging on the go. It certainly makes you feel like you’re accomplishing what you’ve set out to accomplish.

  3. Hi Teddy,
    Very nice Post and Really its so simple which you have Guided me about the blogging while travelling. its so superb for me. i must follow of your tips and thanks a lot for sharing this post.

  4. I generally use my iPad during travelling for blogging purpose, Having an iPad or a tablet makes it so easy for blogging whenever you travel somewhere. This post was really interesting… Thanks a lot

  5. Great tips for blogging on the go … I use my laptop for blogging when I’m travalling. Thanks for the tips.

  6. Hello ! In this era this is quite easy to do the work while traveling. But normally we do not think about doing this, in spite of all these technology. Thanks for highlighting this important topic and make us proactive.

  7. I’m a little wary about investing into a laptop to blog on the go, as I am very particular about my keyboard and how they feel when I type. A lot of laptops are very…”mushy” when you type and I don’t like that, I have mechanical keyboards at home and I can’t imagine typing anything of length without them. Any recommendations on comfortable keyboard with good tactile feedback? Lugging around a full sized keyboard might not be the most practical approach, even though I’ve certainly thought about it!

  8. Hi,
    Nice give away! Blogging give us the privilege to work from anywhere.

  9. Hi Teddy ,

    I really enjoyed reading this post , as Smartphones and tablets are used a lot ,and even there are lots of apps for blogging in app market which helps in blogging you on the way you travel , and even i too think of blogging when i am on the move

  10. A laptop and smart phone is the basic need of bloggers today. Because of this facility a blogger can do work while travelling but these gadgets must be with good battery timing.

  11. great post. no one knows when you are going to get a deal and when your site is facing downtime so carrying a laptop is a great idea to work from anywhere. i do the same and it helps me a lot in doing my work from anywhere. thanks for this nice post. but sometimes when you are going for a small work, its awkward to carry a laptop with you,

  12. cool tips teddy, but i think who needs laptop when you can buy external keyboard for your ipad. ;)

  13. i do agree with you on the fact that blogging shouldn’t be stopped due to the reason of outside of home. I think smart phones are the best choice for blogging if someone is traveling too much and want to keep in touch with their blog. Now a days, smartphones are so much cheap to buy (I’m not talking about Galaxy s4 or iPhone 5,) so its easy to stay keep in touch with your blog by the use of smart phone. Thanks really nice and informative post. keep sharing

  14. It is very important to maintain regular blog updates even when you are in a journey. So, we must use some smart devices to check and update our blog daily,

  15. I will shortly leave on my next great adventure, to visit the remaining countries of the world I have yet to visit. I am at 63 or the 196 countries on the planet, so al lot of travel and blogging ahead. This was a really helpful post to that end. Thanks!

  16. Great post. I definitely take my .on the road with me when I travel. Even if you may not be connected to civilization as usual or be without wifi, there\\\’s nothing better than having a tool like your laptop handy for when inspiration to write or work hits you. I really enjoy traveling and handing work on the road because it seems to refresh my motivation and ideas.

  17. Being a tech reporter + blogger, travelling & covering live events comes under my profession. I always gear up my bag with number of gadgets, and tools. I always carry my netbook, iPad, and iPhone as a part of my blogging kit. Each gadget plays its role, I feel fine while writing most of the pitch lines on my iPad, and then opening the whole post on my netbook.

  18. Tablets are the best option in such case. When you are out tablets are good perform every blogging task easily. However I don’t get much chances to go out so I always use my laptop from my home only! :)

  19. I never blog while traveling ‘couse I try to enjy the vacation and the landscape, but my wife always does to keep in touch with itlaian friends

  20. I generally find using a Chromebook is amazing. The battery life is one of the best. Although it drains faster if you connect USB devices in.

  21. Ultrabooks are the best pick for travelling bloggers, It is very easy to carry and offers various hours of battery backup.

  22. Smartphones are best ways to blog when we are travelling, I recommmend to root your phone for better performance!

  23. Tablets and laptops made it easy to blog while travelling. In other case, you can always schedule your posts before going to any trip. There is everything for automation even for social sharing and all.

    Nice post.

  24. Thats the beauty of blogging. It can be done from anywhere at anytime. But I think it is necessary to have necessary apps gadget and good internet with you to increase the productivity in blogging while travelling.

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