6 Ways to Get Some Attention for Your Blog


One of the most disheartening experiences for a newbie blogger is the realization that nobody’s commenting — or even reading — what you’re putting out there.

The vast majority of blogs are abandoned after a few short weeks, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t assume that people will instantly start reading your sterling prose; some PR and outreach are required. After all, how are readers even supposed to know about your blog in the first place?

Even the apparently simple blogs that are successful have a done a lot of marketing work behind the scenes. It takes more than great writing and high-quality pictures to be a success. Here are six ways to get attention for your blog. Ideally, you should use them all to get off the ground floor. Proper blog management requires at least one hour per day apart from the writing.

1. Link exchanges

The best way to increase your following is to exchange links with other bloggers. Look for blogs that are complementary in content, but not directly competitive. The best bloggers receive endless requests for link sharing, so don’t get discouraged if your initial requests are ignored or rejected.

Keep seeking out different bloggers, and make sure to explain how a link on your blog will help them. They’re not into blogging for charity, so make them a sweet deal.

2. Social media platforms

Showcase your blog on all possible social media platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Don’t post a straight advertisement or a demand to “Go read my blog!” Show potential followers how they’ll benefit from your posts, and include a teaser about what your latest article is about. What’s in it for social media friends? Time is precious, so make them want to click on your blog.

3. It’s nice to share

Make it as easy as possible for people to share your blog by making social media buttons readily available. Be careful to choose the right sharing buttons, however. Too many can be overwhelming: most blogs are good with three options. If people really want to share the information, they’ll put in the effort, but it’s better if you keep it simple.

4. Great content

There’s absolutely no alternative to great content that’s original, well written, entertaining, and/or informative. A blog should fill a need — otherwise, it will fail no matter how outreach you do. Choose a niche that isn’t too segregated, and make sure your topic(s) is genuinely interesting. Bloggers should also have an inviting character, or at least be entertaining, because a positive personality shines through in writing.

5. Email newsletters

This one can be tricky, because as a blogger you don’t want to bombard readers. A weekly email is usually best, and it should include information, videos, or photos that aren’t found on your blog. Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular because it’s a great way to reach readers on a different level. Invest in a quality production, and make sure an opt-out option is clearly available.

6. Guest blog

One of the best ways to gain new followers is by guest blogging on sites that are complementary to yours. Guest blogging gigs are rarely paid, but they all guarantee better exposure. Only participate in guest blogging where a byline and a mention of the original blog — if not a direct link — is allowed. Most blogs that allow guests are hungry for new (free) content, and will be happy to work with bloggers.

Monetizing a blog or simply maintaining a popular one is no easy feat. Even the best bloggers stumble from time to time. However, with motivation and the right tools, it’s possible to make a living as a blogger. Don’t give up, set realistic goals, and check Google Analytics daily for direction.

About Annajo

Anna is a freelance writer and researcher from the Olympia, WA area who loves to obsess about weird topics and then write about them. When she isn't writing, she is outside on her bike and contemplating her eventual trip to graduate school.


  1. These days no blogger agree for link exchange…. So asking everyone for link exchange is waste of time. Also Great containt is only great if it rank in top 10 in search result, otherwise it is waste.. Thanks

    • There are still some that agree to link exchanges, but agree on that it is not that many. For me it is something like 1/20 that agree to it :(

    • True. Also, from a long term perspective, it’s not healthy to rely on links. Good content and guest blogging are more reliable methods.

      • I’d say relying on more stable methods of natural linking are better for overall growth and sustainability. Natural links will enable you to be far more sustainable than basic spamming, and by diversifying your backlinks through various honest and organic channels, you stand a better chance at surviving subsequent Google algorithm shifts and changes

  2. Hi Annajo,
    Informative pOst, well i am not professional blogger but i am plaining to start blogging. so i think this post will be helpful for me. as you have have expalined about 6 ways to Get Some Attention for Your Blog. so i need to know about these attention and I must say thanks to you for sharing this post.

  3. Content is the most important thing in a blog IMO. But to get links I think that guestblogging is a good way.

  4. Any blogger should not compromise with two ways from six of them that are “great content” and “social media platform”. Without these two point you cannot become a successful blogger. Right now guest blogging is also one of the best way to promote yourself as a blogger.

  5. Newsletters and Social Media are two most important resources where you can get your blog attention ..Apart from it ..posting links in forums can also be practiced .


  6. I don’t know about link exchange, I’ve heard is not a very good method, but the other solutions are great. Awesome list, thanks!

  7. Hello Annajo,

    Good Article, and i am agree with you. well i am not professional blogger. but i am going to start blogging so we need to know ,more about the blogging. but i like your 6 ways and i must follow of ways. as you have shared with us definitly it will help me….thanks for this post..keep it up

  8. Monetizing a blog or simply maintaining a popular one is no easy feat. Fantastic post and best blog! I happen to be a daily visitor to your blog (somewhat more like addict ) of this blog. Just wanted to say I appreciate your blogs and am looking forward for more to come!

  9. As a newcomer in blogging, I don’t know yet how to make a deal to other blogs to make a guest writing … :(
    Up until now, I just focus on traffic through social media and ads …

    • To promote guest posting on your blog … Contact the bloggers in your niche and ask them to write on your blog and also don’t forgot to write on their blog too.

  10. hi

    thanks for the reasoning behind the blogs that are most useful while having those contents and thanks for the good share about the different ways.

  11. Some really good advice about how to engage more with your readers, I will certainly change a few things I do to encourage more people to our blog.

  12. Yes using social media and driving traffic is a really good method, specially for beginners One it gets you traffic and boost your morale and secondly it is more likely to be shared with their freinds, so would receive more loyal readers. And as your content builds up and your visitors start trusting your content. your content then would be more likely to get viral. And this is how it would make you more popular. And plus alongside, driving traffic, social media also has SEO Signals nowadays. So it has twice fold benefit.

  13. Hi Annajo, six different ways to give attention to our blog are awesome and very helpful too. I do think that if we really follow this tips than we can maintain our blog excellently………..

  14. Hi Annajo,

    This is a nice, clean and well written post. However, there are two things I didn’t understand:

    1. Usually when you are more advanced you forget how is it like to be a beginner. Sometimes people assume that everybody knows what is they are talking about. This is not always the case.
    I didn’t understand exactly the concept of link exchange. Generally speaking it seems that it is a deal between two bloggers: I link to your blog and you link to mine. Is this correct? Is this what you call a link exchange?
    2. How do you link to another blog? Where should the link be? In the homepage of the other blog; to a post ; to a page. What is the best option and why?

    Have a nice day

  15. I think that all these strategies worth a try, but what seemed to work best for me is guest posting on related blogs. Whenever I have written interesting posts on popular blogs, traffic increased significantly.

  16. No doubts that things are changed now. Newbie bloggers are facing several hurdles in reaching a mark. However, there are several ways to gain attention. You have mentioned many of them in your post. I would like to say that sharing other stuff on social media with an appropriate mention works very well. It allows everyone to engage with any person around the corner. No matter if you are new or old, if the person is real he/she will surely reply you back or even get time to share your content as well in his / her network.

  17. Good tips, but the link sharing is new to me, of course i share thru social media via the addon share button provided at my blog page. I would like to add few more, reading blogs and posting relevant comments is a good one to get attention of readers and bloggers. And an important thing you forgot to mention is following other related blogs. Surely a major number will follow suit. Best Regards. Phil.

  18. It’s amazing to see the number of blogs that do not have social buttons on their sites. Make it easy for me to share your posts, PLEASE!

  19. I have bad experience with link exchange. Once I have exchanged links for my site, ranking of my site dropped in a week.

  20. Hi! The lnk exchange is important. But I think that great and interesting content is the one which attracts the visitors.

    You can get new visitors by various means, but the ones who come when they come again and again and building reputation is important

  21. Hi Annajo,
    Very informative article you have shared.
    While going through the article, the best part I liked is the “Social media platforms”.
    Thanks for the share mate.
    I appreciate your efforts.

  22. I love your blog post Annajo. it’s very informative. I want to ask you something. Is backlink important to increase our blog rank on search engine?

    Thank you

  23. I think that guest posting is a very effective method of getting the audience. In my case I’ve guest posted on a blog that I often visited and commented on in the past.
    As far as social media buttons this method is sometimes limited because not all platforms are good with plugins. I have blogger and use dynamic views template. which only enables google+, twitter and facebook.

  24. Awesome post :)
    Really great ideas here for people that need to help start building their blog and driving traffic!
    how about interview posts ? that will get some attention to the blog,
    you know like interviewing a important or a well known celebrity with a large fan base, and adding their image in a bikini as the og: image share , lol .that would work !

    • Hi Mitch, Very interesting comment,
      yes, that bikini image works, as Sex sells well!!!
      That is a magic word, LOL

    • Mr.Mitch

      I think , interview post method is good for blogs/website traffic building but on the con side, bikini image or any sex photos are not good for any blogs. because this type of activities may damage blog’s reputation.


  25. Great advice here. I think #4 and #6 are of great importance. You have to give people content that is of value and is useful to them and guest posting on other blogs of a similar niche will introduce your great content to new readers.

  26. John Smith says:

    That’s a very good post but I thinks Google doesn’t like Link Exchange !

  27. I agree with some of your points bro!Nowadays link exchanges are of no use,it is a waste of time.We must write great contents so the probability to rank better in search engines are quite high! Guest blogging is the best way to get links from others.I had recently started guest blogging and i saw some of my keywords where ranking higher on search engines! Making good use of social media is another important point you have told.Thanks for sharing this! This post would be very much informative for all newbie bloggers.It was just like refreshing my ideas after reading this !

  28. Hi Annajo,
    Good to be here again,
    But sad to note that the
    blogger did not respond
    to any of the comments
    here, this is not a good
    trend from such a blogger
    Sorry to say this.

  29. Great beginners checklist. However stating that further explanation be made before blinding follows everything may help beginners as well.

  30. Nice article. I have to say the two things I struggle with are asking for links. Because after many years of doing this I have grown very weary of link requests. But I like the idea of sweetening the deal for them.

    Guest blogging is my next hurdle. I’ve syndicated a few articles but have never directly asked to guest blog. I’ve read this may be dying off in terms of importance these days. What is your take on this? or anyone else’s take for that matter. :-)


  31. Link building is a long-term strategy, but great and easy to share content is the fastest train these days. If you have something great everyone is happy to share.

  32. I think Good Content is the most important thing. Morever, we should an attractive tittle for our post.

  33. Original and valuable content plus publish sharing on social media website helps to get more attention to the blog.

  34. Hey Annajo, i need to argue you on the point of the Link exchange… This is now dead and you are going to kill your blog by trying to start link exchanges with any website…..It is a pure waste of time and is an open invitation to Google to hit your website hard.

  35. Michael Belk says:

    Those are all great ideas. As much as we are tired of hearing about quality content there is no way around it however, I noticed you did not mention blog commenting.

    It is a little time-consuming, but it is one of the best ways to get backlinks. Great job.

  36. Hello Annajo,

    Thanks for writing this simple and straightforward post. Blog commenting (especially those with commentluv like WeBlogbetter) is equally another way of attracting attention to a blog.


  37. In my opinion guest blogging is the right way and also safe way to get natural links and it give some popularity to our blog.

  38. The best way to get more traffic and back links are guest blogging and blog commenting. Link exchange is also a way but should be exchanged from top ranking blogs.
    Nevertheless, quality content is what matters the most.

  39. What I do to drive traffic to my blog is comment posting. And I will prefer this to all those who are new to blogging and want to drive some traffic to their website. And obviously, when you are used to it, guest blogging should be your target.

  40. Guest posting is really a nice way to attract other attention towards your blog, this will give you the link juice, traffic and more importantly boost your blog rank. the other techniques which listed in this post also useful. Thanks for sharing knowledge with all of us.

  41. The best way to gain attention to our blog is using social media sites. further, guest blogging provides greater exposure to our content or a product.

  42. Thank you for the tips recommended to highlight our blogs. It is because of such good posts that we are able to learn more and more in this blogging community.

  43. what is a link exchange? how to do it? can anyone help me out….!!!

  44. Guest blogs and network sharing is one of the best ways to get attention to your blog. Everything will start working for you, if you start spending time in sharing other’s stuff and as well as promoting your own stuff on the social networks. Furthermore, guest blogging is such an awesome way to increase the website traffic and as well as to highlight a blog in the community.

  45. As a realtor handling New Construction, Downtown Charleston Real estate, and Mount Pleasant SC Real Estate, I maintain a number of blogs not only showing properties but also sharing events/activities in the said areas. I incorporate images and videos to my blog to catch the attention of my visitors.

    I also handle several social media accounts where I can share links to my blog and engage with my followers or visitors. Aside form these, I also practice blog commenting to generate traffic and back links. I should give guest blogging a shot.

    Glad to come across your blog!

  46. Social media sharing is the easiest source of gaining attention to our blog. Further, if we write guest articles on other blog, it not only gains us attention but also some fame and a quality backlink to our site.

  47. I think Guest Posting and Social media helps our blog to get attention so i always use them.

  48. We must build a big online reputation in order to get some great attention! Nice post!

  49. Hey Annajo, i came across that link exchange comes under
    the spam practice in Google Penguin. Is it true or so?

  50. Thanks for the tips, especially the guest blogging idea. I think I’ll use that soon-ish.
    About link exchanges, isn’t direct link exchanges being frowned upon more and more ? :/

  51. Certainly these are absolute methods to gain the attentions towards the blog . I havn’t tried for Guest posting yet. Will try it soon for recognition of my Blog.
    Thanks for the kind tips.

  52. Content is the most important of all…. People love reading a post if its content is nice and so increases the traffic….
    thanks for sharing this post….

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