How Authentic Blogging Can Help To Improve Your Blog’s Ranking

You know when you walk into a room at a party and you naturally gravitate towards someone that you’ve never met before and you think to yourself – yes, I’d really like to get to know that person. Authentic blogging has the same effect on blog visitors.

There are some blogs that give you a gut feeling about the blogger, a feeling that resonates with some part of yourself and you want to come back and read more. There’s a sense of having identified with the blogger. This feeling may even go as far as making you realize that you’re not the only person in the world having those feelings or going through that experience.

The reality is that the most successful bloggers have found their own authentic voice. Let’s face it no-one really wants to read regurgitated writing, so flattering your favorite blogger by attempting to imitate them is not the way to improve your blog’s ranking. Nor will it help you on your own personal journey.

It is part of human nature to want to be the first to hear about a new trend, product or idea. When we take the time to read blogs we are looking for something new or something that is presented in a fresh way, with personality, with quirkiness or with brutal honesty. It is also part of human nature to connect with others and feel understood.

As well as helping to boost your rankings, authentic blogging can help you. In an interview with blogger Angela Godbout  of I asked her if blogging had made her feel more authentic.

Here’s what she said:

“Blogging has made me feel more authentic for sure. As I write and communicate with my readers, I am also learning who I am and in what direction I would like my life to go. And the same goes for creativity, the more I write and the more that I read, the more my mind works. It is almost like saying something out loud. You’re not really sure if it makes sense until you say it to someone else…same idea as blogging…once you put it out there and you start getting comments or more followers, it’s like validation of sorts.”

A blog that is not authentic is a bit like a restaurant with mediocre food; whilst it wasn’t offensive, you won’t be rushing back. Blogs that are not authentic come across as being incongruous. Incongruity is unlikely to lead us to discover something remarkable. On the other hand, authenticity taps into creativity and each person has their own potential creativity which is unique to them. Authenticity and creativity together have a far higher chance of attracting visitors, keeping them coming back and contributing towards improving your blog’s ranking over time.

What Are The Main Ingredients Which Can Help To Improve Your Blog’s Rankings?

Although there are numerous factors that make up how your blog’s rankings are analyzed and how they can be improved, these are some of the main players:

  1. Great original content
  2. Content that makes people stay around for a while
  3. Number of visitors
  4. Visitors staying for a decent amount of time
  5. Content that other sites and blogs link to
  6. Content that people want to share socially

(All of the above assumes that you have acceptable SEO practices on your blog and a social presence.)

Great original content which makes people stay around for a while, in its truest form, is authentic content. Of course there are blogs which are excellently written information blogs, but the ones that get most readers and social shares tend to be those which are written by a blogger who has developed their own authentic style. Authentic blogs and especially useful content tend to get shared socially.

Your blog’s rankings and its popularity go hand in hand, so the most simple solution to improve your blog’s rankings is by being authentic and consistent. Even if you haven’t had the confidence to do this until now, remember that your uniqueness and authenticity will have synergy with some people, but your blogging which has not quite found its voice yet, is most likely incongruous and therefore unlikely to attract a stable, growing audience.

Not everyone hits the authenticity nail on the head at the beginning. One example of this is Holly Reisem Hanna who runs a blog – which has had many accolades, one of which is being named by Forbes in their Top 75 Websites For Your Career list.

Here’s what Holly said to me in her interview:

“It’s funny, when I first started blogging I had a very professional tone. I thought that if I wanted to be taken seriously, as a respected business resource, that I needed to convey a sense of formality. As time went on, I felt more and more comfortable sharing personal experiences and relating them back to tips and strategies for working at home. It took me a while to realize that it’s okay to inject my personality into my articles, even though my content is more educational in nature.

I think when you you’re willing to show the world who you really are, this is when your most unique and creative content comes out. I feel like when you try to please too many people, or you worry too much about what others think, you hinder your creativity by playing it safe.”

Authentic Blogging Can Help Your Rankings, Help You And Help Others

In his post on Authenticity Seth Godin says:

“As the Internet and a connected culture places a higher premium on authenticity (because if you’re inconsistent, you’re going to get caught) it’s easy to confuse authentic behavior with an existential crisis. Are you really good enough, kind enough, generous enough and brave enough to be authentically a hero or leader?”

For those of you who read Seth’s blogs, you’ll know he doesn’t pull any punches and is totally authentic. It is amazing what he can say in such a short space.

For some, authentic blogging takes courage to open themselves up to their readers, and fear can prevent some people from doing this. However, like in other areas of life, fear can be one of your worst enemies. Fear can prevent you from tapping into your true potential, which when blogging is far more likely to surface when doing so authentically.

Another blogger that I interviewed runs a blog about relationships – having been through the experience of an abusive marriage she now users her blog to help others.  I asked LaVonya Reeves of if her blog had made her feel more authentic,  and if she saw a connection between authenticity and creativity.

This is what LaVonya had to say:

“Yes, blogging has definitely helped me be more open and honest about life and the reality of what I went through as well as a way to reach out to other women; who may be going through the same struggles as I went through. And yes, there is a connection. I was amazed at how being authentic and honest in my blog, actually brought out a lot of creativity in me that I didn’t know I had.”

Just like LaVonya and many other bloggers, by being generous, kind and true to your authentic self you will improve your rankings over time, but you will also tap into your true essence whilst helping others.

This post was written by Jacqueline de Burca.  She is interviewing bloggers as part of a book she is writing. She has been through the experience of writing for business and to please others, but knows in her heart how important it is that each of us gives our true essence to others. She wants to help others to tap into their true authentic selves. If you are a blogger who would like to be interviewed or you would like to see more interview excerpts, click on authentic blogging, then use the contact page on her site.

About Jackie De Burca

This post was written by Jackie De Burca
Jacqueline de Burca owns a search marketing and web design agency. She has studied color therapy and has had a special connection with colors for as long as she can remember. She has investigated this subject in further detail, so if you wish to see more case studies and ideas, then click on color psychology in website design. Learn more about choosing the right colors to optimize your website's conversions.


  1. That’s true, writing makes my mind work at its best.. and after not being able to write for 2 years now, I feel like an idiot who never make any sense to whatever I’m saying. And I used to have that confidence to talk to people even in person.. that’s why I’m thinking of going back to writing, hopefully someday.

    I guess when you like what you’re writing, basically readers will like it too.. and your ranking comes next. What’s important is, you feed your readers a good amount of information the way they’d enjoy every bit of it.

    • Rachel,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I am really glad you find my post helpful. Your points are spot on. It would be great for you to get back writing, I know I don’t feel as good when I am not writing.

  2. I completely agree with all your points. I have implemented all these points on one of my blog and the results were great. The people in the blogosphere knew me by the name of my blog. My Alexa rank got quite good. And i got a lot other perks for being authentic.
    Anyways thanks for sharing this article.

  3. Kiesha, Great blog post with valuable tips for me.
    Yes I agree that you as a blogger need to look at what your audience wants and so forth. Original well written content also a major role in search results ranking.

    Amrik Virdi

  4. That is very informative article…

    Creating high quality content is the only way to go for blogging. my personal blog jump started 200K Alexa rank in 5 days.. That sounds pretty insane but its true..

    Thanks again..

  5. Great post on authenticity. Getting the perspective of other authentic and authoritative bloggers can only help you formulate the necessary steps for your own blogging authenticity. Thanks for sharing your insight.

  6. Authenticity is important. Way to many people doing that fake it till you make it nonsense. Blogging is just like the offline world. You have to not just be yourself, but the best version of your self.

  7. Writing authentic and original content should be the first priority of the people who want their blogs to be ranked better each time they post a new article on their blogs .If your write original and neat content …then you can expect a huge traffic driving towards your blog.


  8. I have seen many new bloggers are doing same thing by copying a pro bloggers that is killing their creativity, they should use their own idea and ways to create content, and its true authentic blogging helps a lot, when you stand out of the crowd people notices you, that comes naturally, and if you follow the same path like others you will get less recognition.

    nice Read!


  9. Hello Keisha,
    The best blogging idea is to know what your readers actually wants and provide it to them with a little bit of style. This will indeed make them stay for a longer time than usual. Good content is the key to a healthier blog. Thanks

    • Hi Babanature,

      You are correct about providing style in your posts. Style can come naturally when a blogger is being authentic. Each one of us has our own unique style.


  10. Super post!

    Speak your voice. Otherwise, people will out you….or at best people will ignore you because yep, you will sound like everybody else out there.

    From day 1 of my blogging career I have intended to speak with my voice. Take the same approach to my videos too. It takes courage to be you but oh is it prospering! lol….

    Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Keisha, really good post.
    So important to always be yourself and true to your viewers. If you are not they will notice and not come back again.

  12. Authentic blogging is when you speak your own voice. Copying someone’s blog by modifying someone’s words is not as creative and doesn’t really depict your own voice. It’s like you changed the lyrics with the same melody. It’s not your own. It’s not authentic. Anyway,thanks for sharing this post.


  13. I think the most important thing is to blog about something that you’re actually interested in. So many people blog about stuff that they think other people might be interested in!

  14. I guess this is all the beauty of blogging. It is a very casual way to communicate with your audience. You need to humanize your posts, people do expect to feel something someone else is living…

  15. Hi Kiesha

    Great post BRAVO, Well there are some bloggers, I like there work and I am addicted to their blog . Your blog is also in between them . With great value content and great response.
    It is good to build relationship around your blog and make your user feel special. BTW nice post and thanks for the update once again
    Keep up the good work :) :)

  16. pariwesh says:

    Hey Keisha,
    This post is a well described post and anyone who is searching for tips for improving their blogging skills would love your post, I did :) .
    For me, a better blogger is the one who can develop their own content instead of copying ideas from some other articles. Originality is what it matters the most and will certainly help to increase PR of a site.
    BTW, Thanks for the share.

    • Hi Pariwesh,

      Thanks for your comment. you are coincidentally blogging about of of my favorite things – cats. I have 5!

      Yes it’s all about originality which comes far more easily when we are being authentic.

      Take care

  17. Dear Kiesha , Great article but you may help me to analyze my blog, as I am following all instructions you have mentioned but still my PR is not updated. One of the reason could be my blog is new, but there are lots of visits and it’s indexed nicely in google. Anyways, take your time and Thanks for wonderful post.

    • Hi Dhams,

      I know your comment is addressed to Keisha, but I just want to say that assuming you are following best practices, it should just be a matter of time.

      It will depend on when the next page rank update is rolled out. There has been lots of talk of June or July, June didn’t happen and now we’re half way through July. There are also some posts about the fact that it may not even happen. Time will tell.

      At least if you are producing great authentic content and employing best practices you can enjoy blogging in the meantime.

      Take care

  18. I agree with you that authentic blogging is important but you know, this is not always possible for all niches. Like if any blogger is writing about SEO then what else he will write that is not already mentioned in other blogs on the same SEO niche or in case of product review blogs. Yes changing the language, swapping the points and arranging the whole article in somewhat different way is the thing most of the bloggers are doing (Not all and not pointing to anybody personally – just general view as I went through different blogs). Please correct me if I am wrong.

    • You’re right Raboken, some niches make it more challenging. However with SEO it is always possible to express yourself uniquely and in your own voice. Of course the hard facts don’ t change. And you’re right there are bloggers who do what you’ve said, but wouldn’t it be more fun if they could inject their own slant on the information instead?

      Even in the case of product reviews, if you trust the blogger as they are especially blunt or cynical, or only review products in a niche that they really know about, then often these bloggers are writing with their own authentic personality and style. That’s what makes readers come back for more.

      Not to mention the fact that so many reviews are done because of affiliates or they were paid for – doesn’t this mean that authenticity in a niche like this is even more desirable?

  19. People have a hard time with being authentic online. I think it is because people feel that others will laugh at them so they try to be someone who they are not. That is an honest mistake and the reality is that the more honest you can be, the better you will do in online business.

  20. Original contents and activities on social networks can give a good worth to a blog. All search engines are hunters of quality contents.So always writer quality contents for readers as well as for search engines.

  21. Can’t agree more. For me, the only way to improve my readership is by posting quality content. Though some people still depend upon link manual link building to improve their traffic, it’s never a permanent way to build a great blog. Unique content will always get automatic shares, social likes and your online business will grown anyhow. Thanks for the great information.

  22. Hi, I think my site content is good, people stay for roughly 1:30mins, visitors per day is 800, People share socially and a few but not many blogs link back. The only down side is the bounce rate, which is at 75%, but I believe this is because my site navigation is not very easy to use! Just got to try make some money now! Which is not going too well.

    Great post! Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for the positive comment Charles. A simple suggestion, I hope you don’t mind me making, why not put the box – It’s in today’s rapidly changing .. in yellow, best color to stand out. Do you have some testimonials to help encourage people to stay a bit longer?

  23. Hello Kiesha,
    mindblowing Concept and i am very impressed with your concept. but if we talk about the improving ranking then its depend on your content , i mean your content should original and Unique for our blog. then your will get +ve Results so i always prefer to Content. Well thanks for sharing with us.

  24. the best thing you can do in blogging
    is to blog about something you have interest in ! :D
    this will make you a good blogger
    thanks for sharing this awesome post have a nice day :)

  25. Great and unique content is always in first place. I think social media it’s a great place to increase visitors.

    • Thanks Marc. I agree and social media is very important in so many ways. For example Google+ communities is one of many ways to find like minded people who are more likely to appreciate your work.

  26. Hi Keisha,
    This post is a well described post and anyone who is searching for tips for improving their blogging skills would love your post, I did :) .
    For me, a better blogger is the one who can develop their own content instead of copying ideas from some other articles. Originality is what it matters the most and will certainly help to increase PR of a site.
    BTW, Thanks for the share

    The post is really nice and is described very well regarding the facts for improving the blogging skills . Thanks.

  27. No doubts, you have completely nailed this topic. I really liked that you have shared some ground points about the authentic blogging. I do agree with you that authentic blogging helps a lot in reaching the market.

  28. That is a wonderful article and thanks for sharing. Authenticity is key and people can easily tell when one is authentic or not. I guess it all comes down to finding our voice and passion in what we are blogging about if we want toremain relevant and needed in blogging!

  29. hi amrik

    thanks for sharing your views on those strong points on the authentic blogging that helps in reaching the markets

  30. Beeing unique is very important to Google spiders (And of course to your visitors – potential buyers of your products – services – affiliates). However, it is not the easiest thing on earth. It needs a lot of effort and time, but it will (sometime) return your investment!

    • Hi Milos,

      You know the saying that Google especially loves the blogs and sites that are the first to do something new. Most of us need to make money and this has to take some priority, but certainly having the patience to blog authentically has a huge potential to pay off.

      Thanks for your comment

  31. Great Post! My problem is not finding inspirations when it comes to blogging. I start something to write, but can not continue it! Anyways I will try again. Thanks for the inspiring post

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