Requirements for Submitting Posts to Authority Websites

Requirements PasteBy context, you can already define what an authority website is even if you are not an SEO expert. Among bloggers and SEO practitioners, this refers to a site that ranks high in Google’s page ranking, and is trusted by other blogs and by online users to have quality and reliable content that is not driven by commercial intentions.

Blogs of this caliber took years of hard work before climbing up the blogosphere’s elites. They also have loyal followers to keep and a reputation to uphold, so it is expected of them to set requirements for guest posting. This is primarily to ensure that all posts are aligned with their objectives.

These guidelines may vary depending on the nature of the blog, but the following are the common points: 

1. Substantial Content

Authority blogs require you to create fresh, informative and original posts. These posts should also be relevant to the blog’s niche. Furthermore, topics must be lasting and extensive in order to broaden audience coverage.

2. Format and Mechanics

This criterion includes pristine spelling and grammar, proper alignment of text and photos, specific coding, location of by-line, and other aspects involved in style and format of the post content.

3. Length

Some authority blogs have minimum word count requirements from as short as 400 words to as long as 3000 words. Although it is important to follow the prescribed length, you should never let your content be compromised. A lengthy article does not always guarantee quality content.

4. SEO Strategies

Among the possible purposes for guest posting are SEO and affiliate marketing. Make sure to use legitimate methods in inserting your links, using keywords, and incorporating other SEO strategies into your post. 

Submitting Guest Posts

A lot of authority blogs have a standard system for submission of guest posts. At times, you just have to send in your article, and the blog owner does the editing and posting.

Sometimes, however, they go by any of these systems:

1. Standard Form

Provided by authority blogs, these are better suited for single submissions. It usually has an HTML editor which allows you to upload images or attach an author’s bio.

2. Direct Upload

Direct uploads are more efficient on multiple submissions. It works by providing you an account where you can upload and edit your posts, which will be redirected to a pool of posts for the blog administrator’s approval.

Requirements may vary but every authority blog expects you to create posts based on three things—quality content, audience rapport and community participation. Keep these in mind, and you’re definitely off to a good start.

Editor’s Note: This blog accepts guest posts via Direct Upload from regular contributors.  If you’d like to become one, visit our Submission Guidelines page for application instructions.

About Kyle Kam

Kyle Kam is a marketing consultant for Affilorama, an affiliate marketing portal. You can also check their affiliate marketing blog and affiliate marketing forum for more tips and information about affiliate marketing. They also offer, free affiliate marketing lessons for beginning and advance affiliates.


  1. Submission of article or post on Good PR website is really quite tough, all this point are required for acceptance of post, thanks kyle for this contribution.

  2. Thanks Kyle for an informative post. It is been a while since I have submitted a post to an authoritative site, I get so caught up in writing posts for my own or clients blogs that a forget how important guest blogging is! In fact, I think the last post I submitted was to We Blog Better – over a year ago!

  3. I try to guest post, but it often takes a lot of time compared to other methods. But when I have guest posted in the past I found it increased the quality of my blogging due to having more than one eye on my posts.

  4. Two or three times i tried to do a guest post but failed, once webmaster posted my content (guest post) on his blog but replaced my links with his own. After read your post i learn very important things regarding posting on an authority website. Guest posting is one of the most important method to get good quality backlinks so in this scenario your post is very informative to learn about the technicalities of guest posting.

  5. You’re right when you said that a substantial topic is very important. Well, it is the message that you want to give to relay so it must be logical and meaningful.

  6. Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for the post. Yes it is necessary to submit posts to authority websites. As per the current google seo standards guest posts plays a vital role in increase website rankings. so it is better to submit guest posts and articles to various websites having high authority.

  7. You did cover it all Kyle but I suppose one tips is missing. We should search their blog to see that there is no other similar article posted and the article we write should contain “something for everyone” reading it or else they just consider it has an regular post.

  8. Hi Kyle,

    One must follow and monitor the quality blog for some time before submitting guest post. We will get precise idea about which kind of content they are publishing. And if we participate in the comments and write worthy comments then chances of getting noticed by blog owner increases thus we have more chances of Approve of Guest Post.


  9. Submitting posts to high PR websites is not easy for a blogger having a few months of experience(like me) .They would certainly have some requirements for your post to be accepted ..I think they prefer posts having very high quality thoroughly researched content as they don\’t wanna degrade the quality of their blog …Anyways ,thanks for these suggestions ..these would be useful to me in the future .


    • Quality is a big part of accepting guest posts, of course, but I think it’s all about the angle … that’s what I’ve found personally anyway as both the editor of Fuel Your Blogging and a submitter to ProBlogger.

      It’s gotta be good and fresh.

  10. Hey Kyle,

    Thanks for the quick list. Well, whenever I have to approach some authority website. I first hunt down some trendy topic, or some issue that is widely found in the community and then spend most of my time in interacting with community over the platforms to gather more stuff about my writing topic. During my initial approach to social networks, I also try to get in touch with editor or person behind the authority blog, and tries my best to capture some of his work. This method has always work for me. I hope this will work too for others :)

  11. I think the first thing is to have a well researched article without which it would get very difficult to have post approved by the website. Authority websites have stringent requirements interms of the quality of content.

    Another thing one must take care of is the use of images and infographics so as to make the article “catchy”. The article should be written keeping in mind the visitors on the website as that can also improve approval chances.

  12. Hi Kyle,

    1. “not driven by commercial intentions”? Yes. However, even the highest quality sites or blogs are businesses and want to make money.

    2. Fresh? Yes? Informative? Yes? Original? This is controversial. What does “original” mean? It is very difficult to find these days something that is absolutely original and nobody wrote about it. Maybe you wanted to say with a personal voice or perspective.

    3. Relevant to the nice? YES !!! This is the way. It starts with finding the right niche for you. Then everything is a whole lot easier.

    Good starting point for a debate. Interesting topic. I do want to write guest posts myself and I’ll do it soon. This post came right on time.

    Thank you for the effort.

    Have a nice day

  13. i think content has always been, is and will be key to success for a blogger

  14. You can already define what an authority website is even if you are not an SEO expert. Among bloggers and SEO practitioners, this refers to a site that ranks high in Google’s page ranking.

  15. Wow! Thats a long time ago, you can put more effort, do more.

  16. Thanks. There can be may additional things added to make your content go more viral . The content writing should always be interactive so that many users can relate to what we write.

  17. It is very difficult to say that the content you are writing is original, these days. you can say it from your perspective but it may happen that somebody else write the same thing. It is that one can say that one should write relevant to the niche.

  18. Great post. I have been looking at implementing a guest post policy on my site and this has given me some great ideas about how to go about it.

  19. If your site is a sales site, or offering services of some description. My own website is in the automotive industry, car valeting industry. It is much harder to gain in page rank. I have a small blog. But apart from the odd new post. I cant keep updating and changing my content. Which the majority of the time stays the same. Its far easier if you website is purely a blog. Any suggestion for those of us who are not just a blogging website

  20. Hello Kyle,

    All the requirements put forward by you in this post are traditional requirements which is demanded by most of the well-established websites. But I would like to know whether well established and authoritative blog authors offer their blogs [or should they offer] to the articles put up in the guest blogging directories such as myblogguest where one cannot see if the article put up there is in accordance with these guest posting guidelines, if the article is genuine [or spun] and things like that. What do you reckon?

  21. Hi Kyle,

    Good post but your article suggests that sending a finished article to a site via a form is the ideal approach to guest posting. I find that it is better to communicate with the blog owner first and talk to them about what THEY WANT. Once you know what you should write about, you have a far better chance of getting your content published on that high authority blog.

  22. I thought the current version of Penguin had something that downgraded the value of guest blogging because of the reciprocal links?

  23. the most basic requirement that is needed by most of the authority website are
    1. article length, average length requirement is taken as 1000 words,
    2. nicely written article, without any grammatical error
    3. quality article.. :)

  24. some times it is not very easy to submitting a post on a high pr blog as they have some kind of fix requirements.But before submitting any posts one must follow and monitor the quality blog some time .We will get precise idea about which kind of content they are publishing.if we are posting a valuable post in any blog then definitely the blog will be benefited by the guest post. so the quality of good blog and also good post both are inevitable. this is very nice post indeed.

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