The 5 Step System For Getting Huge Traffic from a Guest Post

guest post checklistYou might figure that the old method of using blogs to get traffic is still one of the most powerful ways to do it. I am referring to leaving a blog comment on a targeting blog with the hope of getting some traffic from it.

But the reality is this method is just not as effective as some people believe it to be.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Blog comments have to get approved by the blog owner and this can sometimes take a long time. Many times even if you write a high quality blog comment the owner of the blog simply might not want it to get seen. So your time and energy can go to waste.
  • Blog comments rarely are put at the top of the comments, unless you are one of the first to get there when a new post is created. Do you know how much time this takes? Most comments are buried past where most people who go once they get to a certain point.
  • In order to get traffic from blog comments what you want to focus on is a large quantity of blogs in your niche. Keeping up with all of these blogs can be tough. Plus the more successful a blog is the harder it is going to be to get a comment approved on it.

The best approach for you would be to not get away complete from blog commenting, but instead choose to focus on leaving guest posts instead. You might think this is tough, but it really isn’t. Your chances of actually getting traffic with guests posts is far better, because you can be sure everyone is going to see it for starters. Whatever traffic the blog owner gets you are going to be able to take full advantage of it. Not to mention the fact that leaving a link back to your website from an established blog is going to help you to get better search engine rankling down the line.

Guest posting also allows you the opportunity to align yourself with other people who might be respected and credible within your niche. When you begin to make several of these associations it is going to become easier for you to be seen as more credible to. Pretty soon you will be getting traffic from multiple websites and you will be able to build up a nice list. These connections can be of value to you in more ways then just traffic. For instance, you can do joint ventures with some of them in the future depending on how strong of a relationship you build.

In order for you to get traffic through guest blogging though first you need a plan of attack. You need to be dead serious about what you are doing and you must be willing to commit the time. I have outlined a simple 5 step system you can use in order to be successful at getting traffic from guest blogging. You can begin to implement this system now in order to start the ball rolling.

Step 1: Compile a list of several niche related blogs that accept guests posts.

Aim for at least a few dozen. The more the better.

The reason why this is so important is because there are going to be a lot of blogs where guests posts are not accepted. A lot of the blogs you might come across are going to be moderately successful at the most. Some will only have a small pool of traffic, but this is still a good thing when you are trying to get your name out there. You can use search tags like “Looking for new authors” or “Guest posters wanted” plus the keywords for the niche you are in to find several blogs related to your nice.

Step 2: Read the guidelines for submitting a guest posts to the blog owner.

Make sure you follow them to the letter in order to give yourself the best chance to be approved.

This is important, because even if a lot of the blogs you find to submit guest posts to are only moderately successful you might still have a lot of competition. So read the guidelines for submitting a post and make sure you follow them.

Step 3: Create a guest post that is going to contribute high value. 

Think of this like an audition. You might only get once chance to submit a guest post to a blog. If your post causes a spike in traffic or a lot of good commentary then you will be asked to write more. You will have a chance to really leverage the current success of someone else’s blog. So do your homework before writing. Make sure you know what you are saying and be sure to proofread everything you write before submitting.

Step 4: Submit your guest post to several different blogs that are willing to accept guest posts.

This is the reason why it is so important for you to compile a nice number of blogs to submit a guest post to. You are going to fail more times then you succeed. Plus some blog owners will take a long time to get back to you. Submitting in multiple places offers you the chance of higher success.

Step 5: Following up on any commentary left for the posts that are accepted on other blogs.

The guest post you create being accepted at a certain blog is only the first step. If your post generates commentary this is going to be a powerful way for you to engage the readership of a blog and funnel a nice amount of traffic back to your website. This might require some time and energy, but it is worth it for the long term traffic you can end up getting back to your own website.

Guest posting on blogs is superior to leaving simple comments. But you have to really be strategic about how you do it in order to really succeed. If you do it right guest posting can be the single most effective way for you to drive tons of free targeted traffic back to your website.

Brock Hamilton is an author and owner of the Simple Website Tutorials website which is dedicated to teaching people how to build their own websites through free online tutorials and training.  Follow him on Google+, Facebook and YouTube.


  1. you should be sure enough that the blog in which you are guest posting should be related to your own niche. Remember to provide the quality content to the guest post and ask for the feedback to the readers.

  2. Hi Brock,

    What a solid, serious and well documented article. It looks like you are talking from your own experience. I like it.

    1. It’s true that blog commenting is not so powerful as it was a few years ago. In many cases just the blog owners come to make comments on your blog and sometimes this is just politeness. However, blog commenting touches a fundamental human need: communication. this means blog commenting will change but never disappear.

    2. Guest posting is not tough but for a beginner it is that terrible fear: “I cannot do it”, “they won’t like it” etc.

    3. What happens when you submit your post to many blogs and succeed? Your post will be published in many places. Isn’t this duplicate content?

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to write this post

    Have a nice day

    • Submitting to multiple blogs simultaneously will surely backfire, as those interested in publishing it will delete your post and ban you from guest posting if they find out you’re encouraging duplicate content … but I don’t think Brock said anything about submitting simultaneously.

      Diversifying where you submit your guest posts is smart. As mentioned above, it increases your chance of finding a publisher and even helps in the optimization department as well.

  3. HI kiesha
    whenever m doing guest post on any blog the traffic generation from that is low so i hope your this post will help me alot . thanx a lot for these 5 superb tips

  4. I always trust guest posting is the best source to get better traffic and natural do follow links.This is ok but every blogger must remember one thing that is you write blog post to give good content to readers but not to get backlinks.This will surely works on your blog success.

  5. whenever m doing guest post on any blog the traffic generation from that is low so i hope your this post will help me alot . thanx a lot for these 5 superb tips

  6. Thanks for opening my eyes once again ..guest posting is surely one of the best strategies for getting traffic..i think , this is the right time for me to start posting guest posts ..hence , i’ll bookmark this page and would follow those suggestions you’ve mentioned.


  7. What a fantastic post..

    Actually, I love making all my articles SEO friendly because that is the #1 factor that determines your rank in SERPs. Apart from SEO, i ensure that majority of my articles are quality making sure that i rule out every grammatical error within the content of the post.
    I detest sharing a lot of my links with social networks because majority are nofollow and will not count towards the building of your site’s Page Rank.

    I also submit my blogs to only popular blog directories especially those that are dofollow. Although i have not started creating Youtube videos for my posts yet but the amount of traffic i derive from applying SEO to my posts alone is quite satisfactory.

    I bet you, among all these methods of driving traffic to one’s blog, the most important 3 are “Quality”, “SEO” and “Guest Posting”.

    If you are able to achieve those three alone, then you can go have a rest and enjoy quality stream of free traffic to your blog. This is because through these three, you’ve got “Content”, “SEO” and “backlinks”.
    Anyway, thanks for mentioning other free ways of driving traffic to One’s blog, although none of them is new to me!!

  8. Love your article because it lists specifics. So much blog advice is general and can mean anything like ‘follow good SEO practices’ which could mean anything. Thanks again for the good tips.

  9. I don’t tend to leave comment on blogs for traffic reasons, mainly its mixing with the online community. Plus a link back to my site from relevant sites! Guest Posting is the way to go now for SEO and related traffic back to your own site. My only issue is trying to find a blog which accepts guest post related to the automotive industry.

  10. Hey Brock ,
    Now that’s an Awesome Guide for Guest Blogging. We need to kill it with the content, grab their readers and put them on to our blog while Guest Posting.
    I’ll keep those tips you talked about on my next Guest Post.

    Thanks a lot :)

  11. Well I think apart from collecting guest post backlinks, we need to also prove our authorship towards the content we are submitting or sharing to them. One thing also is to spread it using social media.

  12. Hi Brock,

    I’ve one question here, You’re saying that we should build list of few blogs who are interested in accepting guest post. So we should send our guest post to all of those blogs simultaneously Right?? What if more than 1 blog accepted our request how you’re going to say to NO to other blogs??

    • Hey Aasma,

      This is a great question. I wouldn’t advise sending your guest post out to multiple publishers simultaneously, as you will run into trouble if more than one accepts it … which will likely result in your post being published by neither publisher.

      Give a publisher a week to consider your guest post. If they don’t respond or accept within that time, they’ll know you’re taking it to other publishers.

      : )

  13. Guest posts are nice, but it is probably better to actually get the poster to become part of your regular writers.

  14. An amazing well defined article. It is well crafted information for everyone that wants to bring huge traffic to his blog using guest posting. Personally, I don’t use guest blogging to bring traffic. I use guest blogging to reach more audience around teh community using other’s organized platform.

  15. I do enjoy commenting on blogs, and a helpful backlink is always a bonus. I don\’t think I have really ever considered trying my hand at guest posting, but I am a little new to the world of blogging. But from what you say, it is definitely worth a shot. And I would probably expend just as much energy guest posting as I would going to numerous blogs to leave comments. A very refreshing and informative article. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Akash Agarwal says:

    Guest post is one of the most important way to get high traffic. And the steps you provided about how to guest post is really awesome. Thanks for sharing some thing great like this.

  17. HI ,

    Informative Article about the Guest posting and truly i am totally agree with your points that Guest posting is one of the best method to get the traffic in huge amount. and i am doing this. so i will prefer to guest posting to get the traffic on your website/blog. but thanks to you which you have shared this article with us.

  18. We should stop promoting links as an incentive or benefits of submitting guest post. Guest author give your content in exchange for a links is spam in Google eye. Stop letting authors add unnatural links in posts to protect your site from being penalized by Google.

    • Hi wsolist
      for my point of view submitting a guest post is the one of the safe mode to create links as well as they help to generate instant traffic

  19. As guest post build links and traffic so also it build reputation, so one must brainstorm it post proper before hitting the publish button else his/her blogging image will be tarnish with a blink of an eye.

  20. nice set of instruction to submit a guest post., guest posting is the google approved method to SEO and it derives a lot of traffic to the blog if perfect niche and good title is chosen..
    thanks for the same.. going to follow all these instructions for my next guest article.. :)

  21. Thanks for sharing, Kiesha. I really like you post. Actually, I just implement guest as my link build strategy a month ago. I think that it is great, I get a lot of traffic to my post. That really nice to learn from about how to improve more guest post approve.

  22. I was planning to start a guest blog campaign for my website. These tips will surely help me a lot.

  23. WOW
    awesome tips for traffic generation, i hope that will also work for me and i must say all the 5 points are good

  24. guest post is the another way to get backlink and it also increases the website traffic. nice set of instructions are presented here about the guest post.

  25. Guest posting is an effective way for getting directed traffic, as long as you are guest posting on a blog that’s related to your niche. Aside the traffic you would get, you get a link back to your website. So it’s like using one stone to kill two birds…

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