Website Design Trends For 2013

Ten Game Changing Design Trends for 2013 (Part 1) INFOGRAPHICS_SmallJust like fashion, website design trends come and go and an outdated website can ruin a business. Nowadays, websites need to be designed so that they can be browsed on various devices and still look good. As technology and design moves forward, what are the big trends to look out for when it comes to website development?

Website Design with Responsive Layouts

As mentioned above, websites now need to be designed in order to support all manner of digital devices, from laptops to desktops, from iPads to iPhones. ‘Responsive design’ is a big trend, and almost a necessity, for 2013. A website design nowadays should be a great canvas that is fluid in its application.

Fixed header bars

Many designers are now using header bars that are fixed to allow for good navigation and constant support. This is a trend that is easy to adapt, because it works well on almost any website and provides a great user experience.

Large photo backgrounds

Basing the design of a homepage around a background photo may sound difficult, but it’s incredibly easy because there only needs to be a small amount of text. Pictorial homepages will grab the user’s attention and create an original design.

Minimalist landing pages

If you don’t like photo-based backgrounds, then why not steer in the completely opposite direction and go minimalist? ‘Less is more’ is a big trend when It comes to design this year; keeping everything simple and focusing on your core product can attract new leads, as the page is clear and easy to use (and you can make it look great!).

Infinite scrolling

Although it has actually been around for a few years, infinite scrolling is really having a moment this year. Pinterest and Tumblr use infinite scrolling well, in order to give the user a great visual experience, however it is becoming more popular in standard website design also.

Sliding webpage panels

Fullscreen typography

It seems ‘extremes’ are on trend this year, whether that’s a pictorial or text extreme. Oversized text that fills the whole screen is an emerging style that is appearing to be popular. There’s no denying that should get the message across.

Circular design elements

Sleek and angular design has been a common standard for a long time, when it comes to website design. However, there is a new trend for circular shapes to offer a fresh perspective and original design for a website, whilst remaining clear and easy to use.

This post was written by Becky.  She works for a web design company in Redditch called The Blue Cube, so she enjoys keeping up to date with the latest web design trends.


  1. yes things are now changing on design front. i think being minimalist is now not more lazy type it is now web fashion. Hope things will change for good.

  2. Beautiful website design and its elements. Awesome blog. Responsive website design will be the hottest one.

  3. Great Article so informative yes web design trend wide spread all over now days and these list really helpful me to choose good one. Thank x for sharing this information i like this post.

  4. Wow, these are some awesome ideas for new design, thx a lot!!!

  5. Good article Kiesha. I think out of these 7 trends you have mentioned the most in demand trend will be Responsive Design, Fixed Navigation on header and Minimalist landing pages in 2013. More and more people are using mobile devices to browse the internet, so its become essential to have responsive website design.

  6. Design of our sites are really help us to make visitors keep staying for longer times :)
    But, to determine which one that gonna be uses is difficult for me at first. I even spent more costs to change any theme :(

  7. Website designs are changing rapidly, especially after Google & Apple made changes to its system. Google has also getting ready with a SEO plenty that will degrade those websites that are not compatible with majority of port views of devices.

  8. Looks as though you picked up most of the new elements Kiesha, but could I add one more – flat websites.

    “Flat design… it just means that it doesn’t use effects to create depth and dimension.”

    Seen a few flat designs out there and they look fabulous.

  9. Responsive layout is currently in trend now, I believe. Infinite scrolling is another trend this days as it allows us to view as many article without any problem.

  10. Hi Becky,

    Responsive design is more and more important, I know. My question is : what should you do to make your site easy accessible and good looking for all kind of devices? Can you do it on your own? Are there any programs that do just that? Do you need to hire a specialist?

    Infinite scrolling? I have no idea. What’s this?

    Have a nice day

  11. Design of our sites are really help us to make visitors keep staying for longer times.
    thanxs for sharing such info

  12. Yes,it is true to changes are needed for webdesign as it seeks constant changes to look better .qualitative information .hope this new trends will work out fine.

  13. a website should support all devices on which internet access through a browser is possible ..hence responsive designs are important ..i\’ve visited mamy websites supporting full sized background images ..i\’ll never support this as it can affect the performance ..thanks for sharing these trends.Regards,pramod

  14. New responsive look is attracting the users and readers. Making a blog seo optimized and using css can really make your blog look like pro. After doing everything update it daily to get more number of followers and subscribers is very common for unique bloggers.

  15. I am loving the future of web design. Websites are getting better and better. I love responsive design and I am glad flash is finally disappearing! Yay for the future of webdesign.

  16. It’s true that website and their graphics are improving every day. They say that google does not see it, but your visitors do, and that’s also important. So keep up the good work whit this nice site.

    Good job

  17. A great insight to the website themes of this year. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I have built a new website and the above tips that you have provided was very helpfull. This helped in making my site looks quite cool after following your above tips. Thanks for providing such a nice tips.

  19. Great article on how new website trends will rule the future web designing.. cheers

  20. Hello Keisha,
    what a nice and informative post if i must say. Web Design is indeed changing to an even advance stage. some of the top sites are even adding some great features to their sites, which i feel is cool, just like the advancement in tribeer. Thanks for this lovely post and do have a great weekend ahead…

  21. An informative post with lot of tips for webmasters and developers. Web Design trends in 2013 are rapidly changing these days, and every day we learn new things.

  22. Amazing, as a web designer and web agency Co-founder i am always enthusiastic about Web trends and the future of the Web but nowadays I think most articles of such content are repetitive and lack uniqueness . However, I am amazed by the quality of the specific one, really great work.

  23. Oh, I need your help about this. So I can email for you in the morning?

  24. Website designs are being completely re-invented, with high quality images and better markup.

  25. New trends are coming through and getting flourishing this year. Some of old trends are also joining the boom with new features and deeper developments. 2013 will surely be a great year of website designs since new trends are coming up with fascinating acceptance and enjoyment from the audience and the designers as well. Trends are about the aesthetic and artistic points applied in the layout and designs of websites.



  26. Simplicity and easy user experience is the key to success of a website design.

  27. I like this article! It gives me better ideas on how to improve my blog and of course how it will attract the readers based on the trending web designs this year.

  28. The standard for web design is ever changing, however if you stick to the key principles – clarity, insight, valuable content and a quality service that stands behind all of them, you will produce a quality site.

  29. I have noticed the trends you’ve mentioned. And when implemented properly they can create a great interactive experience for mobile and PC users alike. I’m just glad that I’ve got some great website design guys to take care of adjustments and design elements for me, because I would truly be lost trying to keep up with these trends. But I have to say I am just amazed at the difference in quality and design with present day websites as compared to sites that emerged when the internet was just introduced, it’s an amazing evolution…oh the days of dial-up how I don’t miss them.

  30. I really like websites that have a big photo on their background. Furthermore, I am also familiar and like the infinite scrolling. If what you said is true then there will be a lot of beautiful and great sites online this year. THanks for sharing this with us, cheers!

  31. Personally I sort of hate the incredibly minimalist landing page where there is just a splash image and a link to access the site. It reminds me of websites in 2001 that all had the unnecessary splash intro page. Just get me to the content I’m seeking.

  32. In my opinion , even if infinite scrolling might look cool (not to me) it is not recommended for seo purposes

  33. Good article Kiesha. I think out of these 7 trends you have mentioned the most in demand trend will be Responsive Design, Fixed Navigation on header and Minimalist landing pages in 2013. More and more people are using mobile devices to browse the internet, so its become essential to have responsive website design.

  34. A minimalist design for the landing pages is really helpful. If I was a user browsing a website, I would want to see a page that do not have too many things in a single page. Thanks for a nice and helpful post!

  35. Yes, Autoscroll and Responsive websites are very popular technique. Now everyone want responsive website. coz its adjust design on any resolution device. So we don’t need to create a website for mobile and tab.

  36. I quite like the new generation designs but I’ve gotta admit that I hate those one page scroller designs. I know they are great for the mobile gadgets but I really couldn’t get used to it.

    Personally I like the minimalist, big image designs. I think they have the wow factor and quite effective to catch interest from the visitors.

    Thank you for the good write up by the way.

  37. Great article and amazing tips on what not to do and to be aware of when outsourcing the work for Web Design.
    Local Web Design for small business is a very good choice for many of the reasons listed above in this article. The benefits of having a team that you can meet and work with in person instead of through emails and online conversations will make a very large difference. Also if updates and new ideas come to mind, having a local team of designers will put your thoughts to actions.


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