Common YouTube Marketing Mistakes

YoutubeOnline marketing has been around for awhile, but in the past few years it has become the main form of marketing for businesses who are finally taking advantage of the millions of visitors’ worth of traffic that social sites get on a daily basis.

YouTube is regularly one of the most visited sites on the internet, and it’s format makes it the perfect way for any business – small or large – to get their message out to millions of people.

However, it is not enough to simply make a video, upload it to YouTube, and expect it to go viral. In fact, there are a lot of companies that regularly make the same mistakes when marketing video content. Here are some of the most common YouTube marketing errors to avoid.

Poor Content

If it is not worth watching, people will not watch it; and they definitely won’t share it. A good marketing campaign on YouTube begins with a good video. Too often, videos are either too boring, too confusing, or too long. These are the sort of videos that will not draw people in, and will almost certainly cause people to click away soon after they start watching.

Too Much, or Not Enough, Advertising

People generally don’t seek out advertising on YouTube; there is too much of that everywhere else. If your video is plastered with your brand name, it can be offputting to visitors. When people watch ads on YouTube, it is usually because they are either funny or inspirational, with minimal evidence of a brand name. However, there is a balance. Not enough branding can also hurt your cause. A video could get a million hits, but if your product or service is not mentioned anywhere in the video or on the page, then you might just be wasting your money and effort.

Too Much Focus on YouTube, Or None at All

There is no denying that it is the number one video site on the internet, but it is a mistake to focus only on YouTube. There are other video-sharing sites that have strong followings and can reach different demographics. What is more, hundreds of millions of people use Facebook and Twitter regularly, and it would be a huge oversight to miss out on the chance to capitalize on these free social sharing sources. You can use them to communicate with your customers, share your videos, and even get feedback.

Unrealistic Expectations, Wrong Focus

Your purpose in creating a YouTube channel should not be to simply “go viral.” If this is your main thought as you create your video, you will not end up with the product that you are looking for. Trying to appeal to everybody at once can cause you to lose focus of your target audience. As a result, it might end up appealing to no one at all. It is far better to consider your target audience, and make something that fits their wants and needs. Then you can inject the personality of your company to create something that is really worth watching.

This post was written by Lindsey Patterson is a freelance writer who specializes in the latestsocial and technology trends, specifically involving social media. She is currently acting as a consultant to Vivint. You can follow them on Twitter here.

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