4 Benefits of Adding a Podcast to Your Business

luis_urruela_podcastAmerican entrepreneur Walt Disney once said, “The difference in winning and losing is most often not quitting.”

That’s very true! And if your current marketing methods are not working, then instead of giving up perhaps it is time to just change tactics.

One new tactic companies are using to gain a wider audience online is podcasting. Podcasts are digital media files that are made available to an audience via either live streaming or downloading from a host website, such as Spreaker.

Spreaker is a company that offers its users the ability to publish podcasts using a basic web browser and built-in computer microphone.

It also offers a smartphone app that allows users to stream live podcasts from anywhere that they have a WiFi connection.

Why People Aren’t Podcasting

The main reason why people aren’t podcasting is because they do not know what they are, much less how to use them. Meanwhile other people are just not tech-savvy.

Products and services that have a need for the customers to be educated before they buy are perfect examples for opportunities to market with podcasts. Here are some of the primary benefits of podcasting:

  • VALIDATE YOUR EXPERTISE – Creating a podcast allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your field. People consider experts to be trustworthy, and are more likely to invest in products and services from people they trust.
  • NICHE DEMOGRAPHICS – If your business targets a niche demographic, from young professionals to retirees, then podcasting is the perfect way to reach them.
  • SHARE WHAT YOU LOVE – When you love what you do, it shows. And when you talk about what you love, people will hear it in your voice.
  • EDUCATE CONSUMERS – Podcasts are a great way to educate your audience, both about the products and services you offer as well as specific situations in which your consumers can use them.

My Podcasting A-HA moment

My podcasting A-HA moment occurred while randomly clicking through podcasts on Spreaker. I found an episode of Coffee Talk with James Martell, a respected internet entrepreneur, where he interviewed a gentleman by the name of Don Landwirth.

I immediately felt a common thread when Don said he started off with blogging. Then he confirmed something I already suspected – it takes a lot of time to write and edit a blog! About the same time that Don’s blog started to tail off, he began working for Spreaker.

Don had the idea to use podcasts to achieve better results than he had with blogging.  As a way to give back after achieving his own success, Don began doing a free weekly show called The Free COO where he shares the benefit of his years of knowledge with his listeners.

Finding expert guests was easy. Don began hitting up his Rolodex for successful people and was delighted to learn that most people he asks actually get pretty excited to go on the radio, even internet radio! For more than a year now Don has had a different guest every week.

Problems with Early Podcasts

James Martell also reminisced about the very first podcast for his own internet radio show, The Affiliate Buzz, which was recorded in a Maui hotel room in December, 2002. The biggest challenge at that time was uploading for varying bandwidths.

For example, James recounted that he had to offer a version for dial-up, a version for downloading, and a version for high speed internet. The clunky, technologically challenging process is the main reason people seemed turned off from the idea of podcasting back then.

And who could blame them? The bandwidth wasn’t there. The technology for the audio equipment like microphones was not nearly as advanced as what is available today, so the audio wasn’t as clean.
Perhaps worst of all was the fact that hardly anyone listened to the podcasts. So it was like doing all that work with very little return on the investment of publishing a podcast online.

Today’s Podcasting Made Easy

Perhaps the easiest way to podcast is by setting up a Spreaker account. Even if you don’t have a website, the user-friendly console lets you use special effects and music to enhance your podcasts. You can pre-record your podcasts or allow listeners to tune in for a live show.

Because you can sync your Spreaker account with your Facebook, YouTube, and other social media networks, every time you publish a podcast or go live, everyone following you on those networks receives an alert.

If you are looking for a new way to market your business, why not try podcasting? It’s not only easy and fun, but podcasting is also free if you sign up for a free Spreaker account.

There are so many ways that podcasts benefit businesses today, regardless of their size or whether they sell products or promote services. With more and more people using the internet every day, where podcasts are concerned the sky truly is the limit.

About the author:

Freelancer Rick Mercado has found his own online success as both a writer and an online marketer. he writes articles on a variety of topics and provided informaiton on how to create a website, how to podcast and many other affiliate marketing related questions.

Despite working from home, or his town’s local coffee house, he is an avid outdoorsman at heart. Whenever possible he trades in his laptop for a pair of hiking boots or a kayak. While Rick grew up around fishing boats, his dream is to someday take to the skies by piloting a helicopter.


  1. Hi Rick and Keisha,
    I definitely want to get into podcasting this year. Writing and editing blog posts can be cumbersome and time consuming so podcasting does offer a viable alternative.

    I will definitely go and check out Spreaker and see how it works.

    Take Care.

  2. A successful online presence is becoming a lot more multimedia these days, and with the availability of quality microphone and editing equipment, podcasting has never been easier and more important. Podcasts can be a great introduction to a site/company, as more and more people are turning to podcasting for their source of entertainment and news, missing the boat could be damaging for you and your brand. It’s important to keep your content quality up however. With poor audio or video quality, people will not give your podcast, no matter how interesting and information, the light of day.

  3. dating sites says:

    A successful online presence is becoming a lot more multimedia these days, and with the availability of quality microphone and editing equipment

  4. Hey! I am new in blogging line..! can you help me with some ideas abot making backlinks..? and y are they useful..? other than leaving comments on blogs..

  5. How very interesting! I had never even considered adding a podcast to my website. I do like the idea though. I’m going to have to give the Spreaker program you mentioned a try. I love the fact that you can sync the Spreaker account with your social media accounts. Thank you for sharing. Well, I know how I’m spending my weekend now.

  6. never thought about podcasts. and i really don’t know what they are but after reading this post i got the idea. i always hear bloggers talking about podcasts like ileane smith.

  7. Spreaker is a great podcasting platform. I love that they have a library of sound clips and royalty free music podcasters can use for their shows.

    I’m following James Martell’s show over there too.

    Thanks for the tips.

    • Kiesha Easley says:

      Hi Ileane!!
      How are ya these days?! :) I’ve been threatening to set up an account over there and try my hand at podcasting – now that you’ve said it’s a great platform, I’m all stirred up! I just need to set aside some time and really get serious about it.

      Thanks for stopping by! Have a super weekend!

  8. Podcast is quite big and I am finding a lot of bloggers even Pat from smart passive income doing a lot more podcasts now days. While that is a good thing, I am not sure if its all that big when compared to blogging its simply another stream to focus on to increase reach and revenue. For me, podcasting is something that is too much to do. So I guess I will stay with blogging. Thanks for the advice and the importance of Podcasting for business.

  9. The line said by Walt Disney , “The difference in winning and losing is most often not quitting.” is a really a great energetic line ever said,which kindle a feeling of winning in our mind & heart both simultaneously. A successful online presence is becoming a lot more multimedia these days, and with the availability of quality microphone and editing equipment, pod casting has never been easier and more important

  10. Absolutely. Podcasting can be an important addition to your business because you can leverage your knowledge and content in another medium. It also offers more value to your current leads, customers and followers. Nice post!

  11. Good information shared by you.I like this post.Please send me more information when you posted new blog..

  12. I never considered podcast important but now i strongly believe that i should use it for exploring its benefits for my business

  13. Podcasting is for people who really want to get involved in it. Personally, I don’t have the time for podcasts. There’s nothing I can take away from them in a literal sense. If there’s advice or tips, unless there’s a transcript, it’s a process of writing stuff down, which I find a massive hindrance. I had given a thought to producing a podcast for something, but I realized I just don’t want to invest my precious time on something that will add only tangential value to my blog while getting in the way of me producing the content that really matters. As an aspiring perfectionist, the podcast have to be a very professional product which has the ability to soak up more time. I believe it is just not for me, but I can see it works for others, like movie reviews, interviews, etc. Overall, I really enjoyed reading your post! Thanks for the share!

  14. Hi David and Keisha,
    I definitely want to get into podcasting this period. Writing and changing sites can be complex and challenging so podcasting does offer an cost-effective remedy.

    I will definitely go and analyze out Spreaker and see how it functions.

  15. Thanks for this article…We can get good results by adding podcast in our business…Podcasting is beneficial for online business.

  16. Very interesting. I really like how versatile this podcast tool can be. The fact that you can pre-record or perform the podcast live is very useful. I can see how it would be wonderful for engaging users in participation for the live feeds. I also like how you can enhance the podcasts with special effects and music. I feel like I’m going to have fun figuring out the ins and outs of this tool.

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  18. I’ve always found the term podcast misleading, its a shame, because its just downloaded audio files, it always makes me think I need an ipod.

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  20. Hey Kiesha
    Thanks for sharing this well described post. I always love to read those posts which gives all the needed information. and this post is of that kind. This post is helped me to enhance my knowledge. I am very glad to see your blog. Can you please tell me that what is your next goal??? so that I can also inspire from that goal.

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