5 Online Marketing Booms In 2013

8329131885_a603dd771e_nWith 2013 well under way, it’s time to stop looking back over our successes and failures of the past year and begin looking forward into the future – and hopefully get a competitive edge over your competitors while you do so.

In this article, I present 5 predictions for online marketing booms in 2013, so you can get ahead of the game and start implementing them now.

Added Mobile Value

Smartphones took off years ago, and so did the conversion to mobile-friendly websites, but this year things will go even further. This year website apps will be more popular than ever, and not just because they’re easy and convenient to use, but because they have the potential to offer entirely new information and provide the user with completely new resources which simply wouldn’t work on a standard web page. An innovative app will practically be a must amongst the biggest names.

More Gamification

In some ways this follows on from the point above, in that it’s all about offering the consumer new ways of accessing information. Game designing techniques will come to non-gaming devices like never before as more and more companies realise the benefits it brings, the general ease of implementation and most important of all, the obvious advantages of thoroughly engaging the consumer.

Loyalty Marketing Increases

It’s no secret anymore that it’s cheaper and easier to maintain existing customers than to generate new ones, and with the squeeze on marketing budgets this will be more important than ever.

Compounding that is the explosive growth of product reviews and word-of-mouth marketing amongst customers in an attempt to get the best value for money. 2013 calls for innovative new ways to satisfy current customers, and it’s wise to start thinking about this now.

The Power of Inbound Marketing

This point ties in with a number of points above. In an effort to provide even more value to current and prospective customers, more and more businesses will turn to the concept of ‘inbound marketing’ by means of fresh content, new resources and an appealing new website.

These are appealingly low budget areas with the potential for high rewards. Look out for an increase of software able to aid you, and get on board before your competitors.

The Rise of Local Marketing

Never before have small businesses been provided with so many tools to market their products and services locally. New tools allow a fantastic level of reach, a firm marketing presence and the ability to actively measure results in a way previously restricted to global selling. Local marketing is cheap and convenient, and this will be the year that consumers realise these are benefits which can be passed onto them too. Get ahead of the game by setting yourself up on websites like GetListed now.

Of course these are just predictions and no one knows how relevant they are to your business area than you do. At worst, if you take one thing from this article it’s simply to be ready, as 2013 is going to change things dramatically.

Rob writes for leading online marketing agency Vision Media.


  1. As a part owner of of an online systems solutions company, this is good news for me! We are already putting a few of the above mentioned into practice. We have just completed brainstorming about what kind of enticing app we can release to help market our company – exciting days ahead! With that being said, as developers and designers ourselves, we agree that 2013 is the year for re-thinking the design and goals of your website. The trends and technologies for 2013 are outstanding and innovative an it is vital that your online identity incorporates them.

  2. impressive article man, i think 2013 would be year of Mobile era and it should be called MOBILERA…..:)

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  4. Very nice tips given here, thanks for sharing such good information

  5. Thanks for the nice information. The importance of Online marketing is increase day by day. These tips really helps the people. But i’m confused about Gamification.

  6. Good article. It is hard to predict the future, especially in today’s world were technology and marketing techniques are changing so rapidly. I had been considering making my HVAC Contractor site compatible for mobile viewing, because it seems like everyone and there mother has a smart phone now. I’ve really been going back and forth about if it would really be worth it. This article has me leaning to making the leap towards mobile viewing.

  7. Good predictions,

    I think there will be a steady increase in Google+ useage.

    Thanks for sharing,


  8. nice post thanks for sharing this post i love and understand it and i hope to see more informative post
    thanks bro

  9. I agree that there is added value in mobile apps, but it’s also very difficult for a small time marketer like myself to take advantage of the mobile market. Most of revenue comes from completed sales, and it doesn’t seem like there are many people who make purchases for the products that I promote from their mobile phones. For the time being, it does not seem like this is effecting me very much, but I wish there was a way I could tap into this market.

  10. Great information!
    The predictions in this 2013 are quiet interesting and amazing too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Great post!
    I have a friend who is running an online course / challenge using gamification for the the structure. I think she may have been a little ahead of the curve as there still aren’t many easy ways to integrate gamification into a WP site (lots of potential plugins with tweaks).
    The bigger challenge is keeping people engaged & getting the follow through.

    I haven’t quite gotten into mobile marketing yet, but I know it’s here to stay, so I need to get up to speed in that area.
    Thanks again for the post!

  12. With the rise of Smartphones, its not just only the mobile-friendly web apps, but the smartphone games will also be the big factors for the boom in the IT industry as you have said in the article. Looking at these trends, people are looking for innovative apps with simple designs and UI.

  13. Yes, it is true that it is not the time to look back and cry over the past failures and rejoice the old successes. It is now time to move ahead and convert your efforts into a new success. Blogging with the help of smart phones is on the high these days and it really helpful.

  14. Mobile is new place for more traffic, so one should give full attention there.

  15. Local marketing is the modern trend. As we can see many companies market their products in Google Plus Pages, Local Classified Sites.

  16. My profession is logistics management, owning my own Logistics company is one of my greatest achievements. What I have learnt from business thus far is that keeping up with the technological trends is key. The best decision I made was to get myself online and market that presence, via both online and offline marketing. I have noticed that online marketing is often cheaper than posting adds in magazines and papers and so on, and what’s great is that it is really targeting and being happily received by the millennial generation.

  17. I appreciate your step by step information and grabbed interesting knowledge. Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us. Thanks!

  18. I run a content development company and have been doing business online for about 4 years. The trends have changed quite dramatically. Traditional internet marketing has changed and it will change more in 2013. You have to add mobile apps and games to your arsenal or you are doomed.

  19. I appreciate your step by step information and grabbed interesting knowledge. Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us. Great effort

  20. thank you for sharing this awesome post. This is really impressive! This is helpful for me. Thank you again.

  21. Some good ideas here on bringing your business to the front of the consumers eyes. I run a local Car Valeting company covering Sussex Kent and Surrey in the UK. It is true, keeping your customers is easier than getting new ones. And dont take them for granted. I will look at the Get Listed Now Site and see what it offers me

  22. Good to see your predictions.
    I will be happy to see many mobile applications for some of the cool websites which dont have mobile apps…
    And If my website gets little better then I will also go with creating an app for my website . :-)
    Smart phones I love new features they are coming up with latest phones :-)

  23. All these predictions see, to be quite real and I guess that they all will be implemented in life in the nearest future. Especially the prediction about local marketing is quite true, it has huge perspectives for future development

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. 35 Most Popular E-commerce Templates

  24. You are definitely right in putting mobile value and gamification in the first two in the list. We can now observe the spectacular increase in mobiles games in the past few years. This would never stop but continue to rise.

  25. Yep local marketing is the new thing now. Google search often detects your location and shows related local businesses. It would be good to make a local listing for your business.

  26. Completely agree however gamification is starting to get on my wick a bit. On oDesk, it got so extreme I spend more time trying to level up than do work!

    Only prediction I would add would probable be a continued increase in personal citation, where google is trying to qualify actual people as a method of qualify rather than links and thing like that.

  27. Completely agree with the “gamification” portion of the article. We have already noticed the melding of online gaming with social meeting apps along time ago. Hopefully we are ahead of the curve.

  28. Yes these are really online marketing booms for 2013. Smartphones have taken a large space in todays world. Marketing needs loyal marketing strategies.

  29. Nice article!
    The predictions in this 2013 are quiet interesting and amazing too.
    Thanks for sharing.

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