Top 10 SEO Myths to Ignore in 2013

A quick search online will reveal tens of thousands of blogs discussing the merits of various SEO techniques. The widespread availability of such information is one of the reasons that SEO remains so accessible.

Unfortunately however, such freedom of speech does come at a cost. Not everyone that talks about SEO knows what they’re talking about.

Should you find yourself looking to learn a little more about SEO, learning who not to listen to is therefore a vital first step to take. Here are ten examples of the kind of SEO advice that you’d be mad to listen to.

Pagerank is Important

One of the most common myths surrounding SEO is that Pagerank is something you need to worry about. Does Pagerank affect a sites ranking? Yes. Does it have much of an effect? No, it’s just one factor out of over two hundred.

Worrying about your sites rankings makes sense, worrying about your sites PR is a complete waste of time. Only the former affects how much traffic you get.

Meta Tags Matter

Meta tags are another factor that you don’t need to worry about when trying to boost your sites ranking. While title tags are obviously important, meta tags have long been forgotten about by the search engines. Spending your time optimizing them is therefore not to be recommended.

The Best Backlinks Come from .Edu and .Gov Sites

Because so many of the most respected websites in the world end in .edu and .gov, many webmasters have started to believe that the extensions have some sort of magical SEO powers.

Contrary to popular belief however, a .edu or .gov backlink is only as valuable as the site that’s actually on it. A worthless backlink is a worthless backlink regardless of its extension.

The More Words, the Better

Adding quality content to your site is obviously an important part of SEO, but past a certain threshold, word counts are largely irrelevant. Many webmasters believe that the more words they pack into an article, the better, but this is actually completely untrue.

Using five hundred words to say something that could be said in two hundred words isn’t going to help you rank. Using too many words leads to nothing but bored readers.

Linking to Authority Sites Will Help You Rank

Many webmasters believe that they can boost their sites ranking by linking to authority domains. Unfortunately however, on closer inspection, the theory completely falls apart. If it were true, any site could climb up the rankings by simply linking directly to Google.

The only way that linking out to another site can help you rank is if you link out to relevant content. In doing so, you’re helping your readers and in turn, gaining Google’s trust. Linking directly to doesn’t have quite the same effect.

Blog Commenting is an Effective SEO Strategy

If you’re running a blog, blog commenting is an effective way to reach out to other bloggers in your niche. High quality comments on high traffic sites can also lead to a nice boost in direct traffic. In terms of SEO however, the effectiveness of blog commenting tends to be somewhat limited.

Posts on high quality blogs tend to receive hundreds of comments. And this means that the SEO benefit of any comment that you leave is going to be diluted hundreds of times. Can blog commenting help your site rank? Yes. But is your time better spent on other SEO techniques? Definitely.

Some SEO Companies are Endorsed By Google

When an SEO company says that they are endorsed by Google, this is actually code for we are going to try to rip you off. Google never has, and never will, endorse an SEO company.

Some SEO Companies Can Get You Guaranteed Rankings

Another bogus claim made by many SEO companies is that they can somehow guarantee certain rankings. Unfortunately, unless they happen to work for Google, guaranteed rankings are something of a fantasy.

There are simply too many factors at play to ever guarantee anything for sure. Even the most talented SEO gurus in the world don’t reach the first page every time. And if you take a look, you’ll notice that they never claim to either.

Smart Webmasters Use Black Hat SEO

In many cases, black hat SEO is capable of getting you to the first page of Google faster than white hat SEO. Unfortunately however, the benefits of black hat SEO are only ever experienced in the short term.

In the long term, sites that benefit from black hat SEO are eventually penalised and end up worse than when they started. White hat SEO might be slower but when you get where you’re going, you actually get to stick around.

Ranking is Everything

SEO can help you rank in Google and ranking in Google can help you to make money. These two facts are indisputable but many people get them confused. Ranking can help your site but only if your site actually has the goods.

In other words, if your sites design is confusing and your content is barely readable, it doesn’t really matter where you rank. Don’t put all of your eggs in the SEO basket.

Jeff Pearson is the owner of a well-known seo company in montreal. He is also an avid blogger and keeps blogging about topics related to seo on his blog.

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  1. Hmm.. Really nice points,

    I know many webmasters still focus meta tags for getting higher rankings but it’s totally waste of time. As far as getting links from .edu or .gov sites is concerned I don’t focus on it as it’s almost impossible, so it’s better to focus on other good link building techniques.

  2. Wow, you basically wiped out ca. 80% of the SEO forums contents :) Those are indeed information one will find almost everywhere when looking for SEO advice… I was myself a bit surprised, especially with the one about Google PR not having a real importance.

  3. That is an awesome post. You have really layed out your points in great detail. Very easy to follow with good content. We should take get hold of this post, read and impliment the points outlined.

  4. You are referring to the idea that onsite SEO is not important? I guess getting backlinks naturally is the best way. Mix the various kinds of backlinks, you get them not only from quality websites but also middle-quality websites. And yes I totally agree with the relevancy of the topic. It is how your website will look naturally helpful for readers aka have good quality content.

  5. Great post for the beginner researching SEO. When I started my car valeting business based in Surrey and Sussex I was contacted by various SEO companies claiming to be affiliated with Google. Although rather tempting with their sales pitch I luckily never fell for it. I can see others though if they have the money.

  6. Good topic.

    One of the items I would add to the list is evaluating the benefit of SEO in the first place.

    Is it worth the time and money?

    What I have found is the traffic that I get from search is the least likely to subscribe or buy something.

    If you want more sales in 2013 you may want to look to referral or direct traffic instead of SEO for results.

  7. The “Guaranteed Rankings” myth is one that I continually run into, there are still plenty of people offer top position guarantees to business owners who don’t know any better.

  8. Awesome topic, One of the items I would add to the list is evaluating the benefit of SEO in the first place.

  9. what a analytic power. very good one.

  10. Point 4 is really important, cuz content is king! One of the most important points!

    Thanks for this article!

  11. Search Engine Optimization is a process of choosing the most appropriate targeted keyword phrases related to your site and ensuring that this ranks your site highly in search engines so that

  12. conniebrown says:

    Hi there just want you to know that you did a great job. thank you so much for posting this great pos. keeo it up!

  13. I think you make a good point about the blog comments being diluted due to the fact that 100′s of people end up posting comments on a good blog so divide the link juice by 100.

  14. These are pretty interesting myths. It is so true that pagerank is overestimated in the SEO community. I think this post has set the record straight.

  15. As per I know Google loves only quality backlinks. Now the question is what is quality backlinks? Simple answer is backlink from relavent site.

  16. I also think that most of SEO On-Pages is a myth (but not all),

    I have examples of the proof,
    Just try to search “click here” on google,
    Rank 1 will be adobe, whereas in the content there is no “click here” keyword. and in the title also has no keywords.
    And was able to beat the 2 ranking with exact match domain, have keyword in the title and content.

    This proves SEO Off-Pages are more important than On-Pages, anchor text plays an important role in this case, why adobe can get number 1 position in “click here” keyword? because a lot of people who give a anchor text “click here” backlink to adobe.

    Hopefully can add your insight, thanks.

  17. I recently noticed some companies saying Guaranteed SEO result, In fact no one can give you guarantee in this field. Your website is on first page of google today, but may be tomorrow it will be penalized by animal updates. We can;t do any thing until we realized.
    Anyway nice post, And keep sharing.

  18. When one first starts with SEO, one ends up believing that page rank matters more than anything else. Over time, he realizes how little it matters. Focus on content, and SERP. That’s it.

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  20. Worrying about your sites rankings makes sense, worrying about your sites PR is a complete waste of time.
    Lots of thanks for posting this one because i was worry about about Page Rank. It is very informative article i have also heard that lots of Companies Endorsed By Google. I will convey this message to my friend and cyber community.

  21. SOme points were really new for me, from the point of view that they are not important. And as about pages’ PR, then I’d rather say that it’s an important factor for those people who deal with buying or placing links from other sites. In this case it has much sense

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. Winning Rules for Facebook Page Promotion Every Brand Must be Aware About

  22. Great points. It’s so true that you really don’t need a certain amount of words. I hate when people say you need 500 words in your article — I’ve had short posts of maybe 5 sentences only get plenty of search traffic because they cover topics that people are interested in.

  23. Some of these things you mentioned don’t have a direct correlation to improving rankings, but they do lead to engagement and relationship building. IE, things like comment marketing, or linking out to high PR sites. In the end, if you’re offering user value, you could drive more traffic to your site which could earn you some new followers. These followers are valuable, and can be the real drivers of your rankings.

    Use this comment for example. There’s a chance someone will read this, visit my site, and start enjoying my SEO related content. Perhaps they have their own site, and decide to share (via a link) my stuff with their readers. That’s organic link building.

    Definitely agree that the PageRank score is (and these are Google’s words) for entertainment purposes only. Google doesn’t really publish true PR. But even directionally, a high PR site is more often a really good site! If I share these sites with my readers, then I can be seen as a pretty good curator. Another reason to earn my own backlinks organically.

    My 2 cents.

  24. yeah your totally right, SEO can really be a big help for us to improve our rank but we should not only focus on that. Quality and original content is still the king!

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  26. Backlinks Come from .Edu and .Gov Sites., its totally informative and will works ., thank you.

  27. Thanks for really really awesome article. I find many useful information through your article which will help to get better seo for my website. I have no idea about .edu and .gov site how much important for seo, but after reading your article I know important of .edu and .gov site.

  28. Thanks for these amazing insights! Some factors do play a big role for a better rank in search results while some dont, thats just the way it is, you just have to filter out the factors which are beneficial for you and your website.

  29. dating sites says:

    Thanks for really really awesome article. I find many useful information through your article which will help to get better seo for my website.

  30. This is a nice post on SEO. I agree with almost all the points. Yes there are hundreds of company out there who claims to bring your site up in the rankings which is wrong commitment. Thanks for such a good post.

  31. really appreciable article. there are some point which is already known put some point is totally unknown. thanks for this informative article.

  32. I really appreciate this type of professional information! Thanks for sharing these valuable tips of SEO that work after Google panda updating. I agree with your suggestions, SEO will rather increase not decrease in the future.

  33. Really great article. Thanks for posting. You’ve cleared up quite a bit for me. Apparently, everything I thought I knew about SEO is a myth. I really thought the .gov and .edu sites gave better rankings for backlinks, but it makes sense quality is not guaranteed by an extension of letters.

  34. Definitely right! page rank doesn’t really matter as long as you have high traffic coming from organic search and your converting a lot then you shouldn’t mind your page rank anymore.

  35. content,relevancy white hat are the keys more natural we go with google more success we will get in SEO campaign

  36. Yes, I agree with all your information. And one more SEOPressor is excellent plugin for use in 2013.
    Thanks so much for the information.

  37. Oh my, all this time the ranking on Google was my goal before the Panda have arrive in this world, I\\\’m already stop to make a huge backlinker for my site right now.

  38. Many of the bloggers have stressed the non-importance of meta-tags, but loads of websites out there [not blogs] are doing really well with stuffed keywords. Also regarding .gov and .edu links, they seem to be useless. Previously, I used to try hard to find .edu links, but all the links that I found contained at least a 3000 comments with loads of spamming. Leaving a comment in such a site is not going to help you.

  39. I think although they havent updated it for a long time, pagerank is still important. Well, not that high importance as before, but still important when analyzing a website.

  40. as the field of SEO is so vast the myths are…. its really better to follow a strict plan for seo which comprise of quality content,perfect onsite,offsite and now a days social media also play a important role in website marketing thanks for the guidance on myths

  41. I agree with what you outlined here and I’ve been reminding most of my colleagues on this. All webmasters,bloggers and internet marketers want to stay at the top but some tend to use underhanded techniques to get the top spot. Only proper SEO white hat techniques are efficient in the long run.

  42. Social media and community interaction still plays a crucial role when you’re promoting both your brand and products. It’s best to gain traffic from these sources as Google marks them as one of the authority sites in terms of credibility and quality. Some bloggers are too impatient in this area and tend to resort to black hat SEO. Follow the rules guys and big bro Google will reward you in return.

  43. These are the old age SEO myths that work no more now! So we should forget them just!

    Thanks for the remind!

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