Want Your Blog Visitors to Stay? Say It!

StayThere was a time when doing business is only about offering  great products, and running a blog is only about writing great content. Still part true today since good products /content speak for themselves.

However, long gone are the sweet days of throwing the bait and sitting aside to wait for the fish. In the modern ecommerce world, you have to be a lot more proactive to fight for a seat.

A ‘read-only’ website in today’s market puts you at the risk of alienating people and losing their interests.

In order to engage your site visitors, you need to make your voice heard and let people know that you would like to connect with them first.

Below are 3 most common while efficient ways you may take advantage of.

Say It

Getting people’s attention is not always a hard job. Sometimes the only thing you need to do is as simple as five letters: S-A-Y-I-T. Want Your Blog Visitors to Stay? Say It!

Make people realize that you are not just a bunch of codes piling on their web browser, but a person who’s ready to interact with them on the other side of the planet. This will make your visitors feel more connected, and then naturally, increase the chances for them to stay.

A live chat box is proven to be helpful on this. Researches from this year have shown that up to 20% online shoppers in the US and UK prefer using live chat to contact a retailer rather than any other communication channel.

And according to our experience here in Comm100, an average increase of 15%~20% in sales can be made with a proper deployed live chat button.  However, figures from EG’s 12th Annual Mystery Shopping Study has also pointed out that only 47% of online merchants are currently supporting live chat, which means it’s right the time to move off the needle and be one step ahead of your competitors.

Say It Aloud

Being gentleman will always be appreciated, but have you ever though about the possibility that you might be ‘over-gentleman’? It’s a noisy world out there, and chances are that your messages got lost in the system before they ever made it to your audiences. When your visitors are not responding, figure out if they did receive your messages in the first place.

Many webmasters I know believe that a pop-up chat invitation window would scare off visitors. I’ll give that a 50-50 shot. Probably to your surprise, we’re approaching an age in which over 75% of regular online shoppers have engaged in a live chat conversation before and found it satisfying. Live chat has indeed become as common as a sales person standing in a brick-and-mortar shop in most people’s eyes. So why would it be scary to greet your visitors? As long as you know how to smile and say ‘hello’ in a friendly way, everything will be ok.

Say It Again

I’m definitely not suggesting you to talk your visitors’ ears off about how badly you want to be connected to them. However, one or two friendly reminders for updates or new stories on your sites can still sound good. The top two common ways to do this these days are through email and social media. Below are some details:

Regular email follow-ups after the visitors left your site are an efficient way to build long-term relationships and improve mutual trust between both parties.  Studies have revealed that it takes 7 to 16 ‘touches’ to ensure a stable business relationship and more than 80% of online sales are actually made after 5 to 6 contacts. Email is a wise choice for making this kind of contact. Manually composed emails are sweet signs to show your care for the receivers, while auto replies and email newsletters can be as effective with various business goals like sales promotion or customer education.

After email, it should be no surprise for me to include social media here. With the born of Facebook and Twitter, ‘social media’ has been the word that’s taking over people’s attention for quite a while.

Average people now use these platforms as a window to see the part of world that they’re interested in, while businesses and marketers use them to keep track of sales and marketing opportunities. A Facebook account can probably be the first thing your visitors think of when they’re trying to know more about you, which makes it a priority to work hard on your social personas.

Say it, say it aloud and say it gain! This is the first step to make sure your visitors know you where you are. The next step will be dealing with the responses. Stay with me to find out more.

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  1. hi,
    the post should deal with the common issues which a viewer finds interest. this post is really beneficial.the blogger should always look for that post which has got more intresting point of view.
    thanks :)

  2. It’s like that old Jodeci song S/O to the Generation Xers out there:

    …want you just stay, for a little while


    Same thing our elders tell us. Come back and stay a visit a lil while honey.

    Think about why you eventually end up sticking around. (…and why you bounce)

    When grandma makes up those cakes and cookies you don’t mind hanging out do you?

    Same concept.

    I think bloggers have to figure out a way to provide virtual snacks and digital refreshments if you will.
    This will keep people around. :)

    • I like the snack idea Jacko. It’s a busy age, and when you want people to stay, you got to give them a cordial hospitality with your best refreshments in house.

  3. It’s a very simple idea, but something that can be easily missed I think. Many web goers would be happy to stick around/subscribe/sign up for your content if given the chance to, there just needs to be a simple way to do so. If you put the responsibility on them to sign up, these potential regular viewers are much less likely to do the work themselves.

  4. I personally disagree with using a live chat box. I do not ever click on them because I view them as a sales tactic. However, just because I do not use them, does not mean that they are not being used by others. Thanks for the insight!

    • I tend to agree. Personally I’ve never clicked on a live chat and the only time I was tempted to do so was when I encountered a serious issue with my hosting provider. The negative perception that associates live chatbox to customer service causes me to consciously or unconsciously shy away from it.

      Thanks for the article though. Nicely written and makes sense.

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  6. Getting the attention of potential customers is important to increase the productivity of the business and could also leads to more sales and leads. Online is one of the best way to get large audience but promoting your business well will do almost the same. It is very essential that customers are satisfied with your service and you have reached their expectations like what you stated in your ad.

  7. My visitors online in site just 2 minute and out . So poor :( I don’t know how to make them stay longer . Now i’m found the cure ^^ Say it Loud :D

  8. cara pemesananace maxs says:

    nice information . thank you !!!!!!!!!

  9. I was thinking that would be a little too much to ask, cause they do say about netiquette and not asking people online to do anything. I dunno. All I do is just write content and network meaningfully on social networks. Are you sure it’s ok to ask them to stay? :-)

    • Nice to meet you here Drewry! Actually, what I’m trying to say here is that we should get as much interaction as we can with out visitors. Writing good content and building social networks are also efficient ways to do this. But ‘say it’ can be more direct in letting people know. A pop-up box stating that ‘Pls Stay’ can be a little aggressive for some people, but a message sheet that goes to you in person will be safe enough to help your visitors get to you. The point is to keep a door open.

      Practice: find me here next week the same time! (I’m saying it loud lol)

  10. Very nice one.

  11. Kevin. An amazing tips :) I am just starting with bloging and i wish my visitors would stay for longer. I like the way you look at it.

  12. Great stuff with the tips. What I am wondering is if you have any tips to decrease bounce rate for search engine visitors. Unfortunatelly they tend to stay just 20-30 seconds and move away :/

    • Try revising your keywords. Search engine visitors are not random readers. They have a more precise purpose when coming to your site. In other words, they’re looking for something. Many of us today are trying to cover as many keywords as possible when doing the SEO job. That can sometimes be the reason of high bounce rate. Try to do it the natural way – look at the keyword, understand what a searcher may look for with this keyword, then decide if it works for your site / post. Make sure you’re running for some keywords that truly match your site / post content.

  13. Hi Kevin. What an amazing tips :) Never be afraid to S-A-Y-I-T. Connect with regular email follow-ups after the visitors left your site is a great way to build long-term relationships and remind your readers who you are as the internet world is a noisy world. Thank you for sharing.


  14. Great advice – it’s amazing how often we neglect to do the blindingly obvious.

    We need to ask people to stick around and interact with us – and we need to make it easy for them to do so – I guess we’ve just got to be careful not to be too pushy or irritating, which can be counter-productive,


  15. well written post with handy ideas. user interaction is must for long term blogs beneficial

  16. Yassin Madwin says:

    Yeah sometimes we just need to ask

    ask for a share , ask for a sale if you try nothing you get nothing

  17. Great tips! I am using a pop-up box to ask visitors to sign up to the email newsletter, it’s been great for growing the list. As for live chat, I do not use one, but I don’t mind websites/blogs that have one on the site, it shows they are willing to start a conversation with you, which is not a bad thing at all.

  18. Good tips Kevin. I prefer to engage visitors by showing related posts and recent posts in sidebar and after post. Also interlinking help me a lot to retain visitors more and it help to reduce the bounce rate.

  19. Yet another intriguing post. Getting addicted to your blog now. Regards

  20. A blog is like any other business. And being too modest will hurt business.

  21. Well said Kevin!
    To engage readers in my site i would like to attract them with a set of related posts of their desired niche and by providing them with high quality content.

  22. i think to make visitors stay on website/blog we should give them massive service so they will love to stay thats it…..

  23. well,nice post.
    everyone wants their visitors to stay and read their posts. its not an easy task for beginners but its not so difficult. just add some related posts,you can use plugins etc. and the best thing is the content. if you have good content visitors will love to read your blog

  24. I think I said it about 10 times already. I always try to capture my visitor’s email by offering them a free report. That way I could just broadcast my new blog posts and they get it directly to thier inbox.

    • Offering something valuable in exchange of people’s email addresses. That can be an efficient method. Just make sure to let your subscribers know that they’re going to receive emails. This may help you reduce complaints later.

  25. Great tips buddy! Say it, Say it loud, and Say it again works well as I can say it from my experience and have been practicing this technique for my blog since long. I would like to share few points that helped me to make my blog visitors stay longer some of which includes using emotion to present your message, including video content on my posts and pages, and using captivating images in conjunction with my copy or content. These points if taken care, I can assure 100% visitors back to your blog. Nice article, Kevin!

    • Thanks for sharing James! Yes emotion is important in the process of building a relationship. Words, pictures and videos are all means of expressing your thought and emotions clearly. Make your visitors feel that your blog is actually ‘you’ as a person, that’s the start of everything.

  26. Sometimes as well it’s not about how loud you say it but where and who you’re saying it too.

  27. This is actually a great idea, as most of the visitors aren’t aware of the rest of the articles on our sites. IF we have related articles we should recommend them to the visitors. In this manner, the bounce rate would decrease and the visitors would stay longer on our projects.

  28. Get post– it is so important to invite people to review other posts and parts of your website and blog. They often land on our page after seeing a link to a particular post and come to read that, but there is probably more they would be interested in if they know it was there. It is our job to be the tour guide.

  29. It is really something that is becoming very necessary today. We not only should write effectively, but also say it loud to the readers that we expect them to stay and keep coming again and again on the blog. This is a blogger’s right because blogging is not an easy task. But surely we need some good strategies to say it all.

  30. You can use social media, and ask your visitors to like your page. That way you could just broadcast the posts on the facebook wall, and they will see it. Also, it makes it easier for your readers to share it with thier friends, since it’s already on the platform they trust.

  31. We not only should write effectively, but also say it loud to the readers that we expect them to stay and keep coming again and again on the blog…

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  36. Great post Kevin and your insight is very good as well. I firmly believe that interaction with your readers, audience and contacts are a must. Blogs today have so many interactive plugins that can customize an online business to their specific audience.

    With said, having too many flashing lights and pop ups can be distracting rather than helpful, but that is what testing is all about. I am looking forward to sharing your article with others. Have a wonderful Happy New Year!

  37. Yeah, I agree with you too. The people would like to interact online. But for the E-Commerce, this would increase the cost. We need to balance…

  38. Great post, thank you for your tips kevin. :)

  39. hank you for this wonderful tip! It is right, if you want your readers to stay say it aloud!


  1. BizSugar.com says:

    Want Your Blog Visitors to Stay? Say It!…

    Getting people’s attention is not always a hard job. Sometimes the only thing you need to do is as simple as five letters: S-A-Y-I-T….

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