The Importance of Blogging Daily

Blogging Daily

Writing and maintaining a blog can be a huge asset for your business. Everybody is familiar with blogging and most have tried their hand at it, but far too many people make one or two posts and then leave their blog to fall by the wayside.

The truth is that blogging can be one of the best ways to drive new traffic to your website, retain existing customers, and increase your search engine rankings with fresh daily content.

It’s easy to forget to write a blog post in the hustle and bustle of every day, but making a small effort can pay off in big ways.

Here are some great tips to help you blog quickly and effectively; likely in 30 minutes or less!

Blogging Tip #1 – When Inspiration Strikes, Write it Down 

A short pencil is better than a long memory! If you have an idea, simply take 15 seconds to write it down on a piece of paper. Or, if your smart phone has a notepad app, write it down there. Sometimes the things you think are the most inane ideas or topics can turn out to be great things to write about.

Getting in the habit of writing down your creative thoughts will also help inspire you to act on them. It’s very easy to find something to write about when you have a notebook full of ideas! 

Blogging Tip #2 – Find Ideas in Everyday Life 

Each day is different. Different things happen throughout the world, we talk to different people, and we do different things. Literally anything can be a great blog topic to write about.

What may seem normal in your day might not be normal for somebody else. If something in your everyday life gives you inspiration, put your proverbial pen to the paper and make a post. 

Blogging Tip #3 – Details, Details! 

Don’t just make a blog post to take up space, make sure that you’re putting out quality content. A business blog is useless if the content you put forward is uninteresting or poorly written.

Take the time to research the idea that you’re writing about. Look for other resources related to your blog post on the Internet. Draw inspiration from those resources, and don’t be afraid to link to similar posts for the pleasure of your readers. 

Blogging Tip #4 – Show Your Personality

If you have a unique style of writing, embrace it! Let your personality shine through your words. Perfection is overrated. Don’t get hung up on the sentence structure or whether or not your post adheres perfectly to literary standards. One of the beauties of blogging is the ability to say what you want, when you want, how you want, on your own platform. Your readers will appreciate your personality!

These few tips can help you get started on keeping your blog up to date, current, interesting and above all good quality content. Take a few minutes to expand on the ideas you have each day, and enjoy watching your web traffic grow.


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This is my blog - where I love to encourage bloggers. My hope is that you'll leave this blog with more than you came with; you'll learn something new or will at least be engaged and entertained.
In addition to teaching others how to blog, I'm also a college instructor who teaches students how to write for mass media.
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  1. To add to the above posts: “You Must Love What You Do!” That’s the difference between bloggers who write two posts, then abandon their blog due to the lack of traffic and bloggers who post quality content on a daily basis. I am able to do all of the above things without raising a sweat, or resenting the written work. In fact I do it with a rush of gratitude and good feelings, because I love what I do as it pertains to blogging.

    When you love what you do it does not feel like work and you are more than happy to spend every waking minute doing it and the sleeping minutes as well. The more you love the more you can do.

    • An excellent point Greg! Passion is something I hold as well and so when you have that passion, that love for what you do it really does seem effortless and makes your days much more enjoyable and meaningful. Really appreciate you adding your insight to this topic.

      • Your are truly welcome Lynn. It’s always a pleasure communing with like minded people. As it pertains to blogging it is always a great thing to surround yourself with individuals you can learn from. Thanks for all you do Lynn. God bless!

  2. Good point Lynn,

    Its a good habit to blog daily just make sure you are still inspired daily.

    It comes across clearly when a blogger just “mails in an article” and is obviously not inspired.

    This happens when people put strict goals on themselves like I WILL WRITE DAILY OR BUST.

    Problem is we all tend to bust at times. There’s 7 days in a week if we are only hype to write 2 days of the week that’s 5 lame articles out of 7 a week.

    Maybe it should be I will find inspiration daily or bust?

    • That’s a good way to put it Jacko…. ‘find inspiration’ is certainly key instead of coming off as fake or uninterested in what you are writing about. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and words of wisdom as they are a great addition to blogging daily!

  3. HI Lynn,
    Blogging is the best platform to enhance your writing skills.It also help in developing of confidence.
    Writing good and unique content is necessary for a blog ,because if your content is good&fresh then you can get a lot of loyal readers .Before writing a post keep in mind that whether you have pretty much info’s about topic you are going to write ,Post containing lees information may effect badly on you readers and you can lost your readers
    Thanks for sharing these nice tips.

    • You are welcome Ali, and your points are well taken. Focus in on the topic and what message you want to share with your audience and you will have a much better writing experience but also will keep your visitors coming back for more.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your comments.

  4. James Brocklebank says:

    Very good points, one’s that i agree with. Time management is something that bloggers including myself do sometimes struggle with. The key points in this blog may seem like they will take time out of your day, however the small amount of time it adds during the day, when you sit down to write it will half your writing time.

    Also showing your personality in all niche’s is vital. If you don’t show your personality you will just get sucked up by the blogging vacuum and sit in an empty bag with all the other average blogs.

    • Yup I agree James, nothing like being just average and then wondering why you do not have people streaming to your site. It does take time but it is well worth it when that time is put towards good quality writing time. Thank you for sharing your bits of wisdom on this topic, glad that you stopped by.

  5. These are great tips to help anyone blog daily. However, i must say that it takes alot of commitment and dedication to be blogging daily.

    However, i believe it is one of the price to pay if you want to make it in blogging.

    • Very true Steven, without that commitment to your business, your audience and to yourself… blogging daily would be pointless. And putting in that effort and time will certainly help to improve your visibility which in turn attracts more traffic to your site.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your insights.

  6. Hi Lynn,

    Very well written post that I enjoyed reading. I agree with your recommendations as well. However, the only trouble I’ve with daily writing is, with somebody like me who has a few other businesses to take care of, daily writing is very stressful. Therefore, I decided to blog 2 to 3 times a week.

    So, I thought that if quality is being compromised, I would rather blog less frequently and come up with a content that my readers will appreciate. What do you think about that?

    • So glad that you brought that up Kumar. Quality does rule and I agree, if you have other businesses then your schedule to write 2 or 3 times per week should still keep your site fresh and interesting.

      I happen to do a little experiment with my newest blog and found that by blogging daily I was able to pull my ‘ranking’ higher on my site more quickly. That doesn’t mean everyone has to do that. Thank you for making that point and appreciate you sharing your awesome insight on this topic.

  7. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for sharing your tips! I personally don’t blog everyday, but instead I do it 5 days a week (M-F). I actually plan out my content about a month in advance so I’m not trying to figure out what to blog about on the day I need to make a new post.

    • Really good advice there Kevin. And with WordPress blogs, you can ‘schedule’ your posts so as you say, planning out a week, or more in advance can actually be a great thing for some online marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs.

      Thank so much for sharing your comments, glad you stopped by!

  8. Hi! Excellent post.Great points.I like your tips. It is very interesting. Thank you

  9. AWESOME!!!! Great job. Excellent post. very interesting and useful information.keep going. Thank you for sharing this nice post ………..

  10. It is true that when an inspiration strikes your mind, you should write it down because fresh ideas do not strike often. Hence, when something interesting comes to your mind, write it on apiece of paper. Then develop the story further and post it on the blog. This will improve your online visibility as well.

  11. Hello Lynn
    Great post. Blogging really a big help to market your business. But we should always remember that blogging will be effective if you always post a better content in your blog..Writing good content is your best way of bringing life to your blog through traffic and visitors.
    Thanks for share this post.

    • Yes you are so right Santosh, as they say, content is king! So glad that you shared your insight and support for promoting good quality content. I agree that by sticking to quality you will receive results with traffic and visitors to your site. Appreciate you stopping by today.

  12. hello lynn,
    great post. one can easily establish a blog but maintaining a blog is tough task. soon you find that you are empty of ideas. this post helped me a lot to find ideas. the second point is really great. people love to read the inspirational posts.thanks for sharing this post with us

    • My pleasure Prabhat and glad that some of these tips were helpful. I agree with you that keeping a blog filled with good ideas that will entertain, inform and inspire your audience can be difficult. Taking breaks are a must and having a planned scheduled for blogging has helped me as well.

      Appreciate you sharing your comments today.

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  14. Blogging is wonderful for me, can say very important part of my life now, I blog for fun, to make new Friends, to interact with people from different regions, to make money & most important I just express anythig which comes into my mind. Good post, thanks for sharing.

    • You have a good blogging ethic Adam! Love to hear when people are having fun while they are blogging which brings up a good point, if you are not enjoying what you are doing, maybe its best to find something else. So thank you for sharing your thoughts as it is very helpful to others.

  15. How I wish I’ll never run out of words, ideas and Time. I agree with your Tips. Put that brilliant ideas into Actions, shower with details, sprinkle a touch of personality and of course pour your heart on it.

  16. Nice points Lynn,

    Ideas from everyday life can easily leave longer impression on your audience, plus such ideas actually gives positive impression to your readers about your thinking and way of style.

    • Oh very good points Aasma. People do want to connect to people so using your blog to share those personal experiences is a sure way to attract and influence your audience. Very happy that you stopped by today to share your wonderful insight!

  17. Number one has been proven very important in my life over and over again. That one is not only about blogging.

  18. Yes, blogging can be fun and profitable, but I certainty could not make much money out of them. I had two blogs about cars, but they were too time consuming and took me away from my real passion – cars. Plus, I would be brain dead at times to come up with something fresh. Kudos to those who do blog on a constant basis, and even more kudos, to those who do make money from them.

    • Your love of cars Frank would make for some really good blog posts. Each day you could talk about people you have met that you talked to about cars. Maybe discuss tips on keeping cars looking good, maintained and things like that. You can monetize a blog like that by adding in some car related products, by being an associate and then whenever anyone buys that product, ‘car wax’ ‘car books’ or whatever, you earn a commission. These are just some things I through I would toss out there as ideas on how we monetize our blogs and keeping fresh content on a daily basis.

      So glad that you stopped by and share your comments today.

  19. Great article lynn, apart from all these points you’ve suggested there could be so many when you talk about blogging., writing everyday will optimize you post quickly on google, your daily visiter increases.., and much more… :)
    by the way nicely written..:)

    • Thank you Rohit I so much appreciate the positive support. What you mention is very true and the main reason why blogging daily will help build your business and convert visitors into paying customers. I enjoy blogging as it builds that community and I get to meet some really wonderful people, like you!

      So glad you stopped by today and shared your comments.

  20. Loved this post, makes me want to write my blog everyday. Regards.

  21. Hi Lynn,
    I Understand Blogging is a good platform/tool to promoting a business, Blogging s most beneficial for small businesses. get free advertising. Even big & on another site companies also take advantage of the benefits of blogging. Its my personal experiences This the best way to reach to their customers and interact.

    • Thank you Christina for sharing your thoughts and comments and very happy to hear how you also see the value that blogging can bring to your business. Appreciate you stopping by today.

  22. some good tips. It is better to write down immediately if any idea strikes in your mind otherwise you will not remember and might forget some part of it. I use to pull off my mobile and wirte down main points in text and save it in my draft

  23. Hi Lynn:

    Your blog has many interesting posts and I definitely will be back for more.


  24. I love your article Lynn. I enjoy blogs that take time and effort in writing each and every post. That way it’s more unique and is always outstanding from the crowd.

  25. Hi Lynn. Sometimes blogging daily can be hard. Do you know any of the scheduling plugins for WordPress so I can schedule posts for later on?

    • Yes Delmer the WordPress blogs already include the ‘schedule’ feature. When you set up a new blog post, before you ‘publish’ the post, there is an “EDIT” link next to the words ‘publish immediately’. Click on Edit and choose the date and time you want to schedule your posts.

      Hope that is helpful and glad you shared your comments and questions today.

  26. Blogging has great scope in these days. It improves our writing skills and makes us stand out of group to express “I’m blogger”. Isn’t it interesting? Speaking in front of too many people that i’m a blogger and i can earn my self online….

  27. Great post! Blogging daily is so hard, but it is so muc rewarding. I cant keep myself sometimes to post everyday and come up with ideas for topics, but reading others blogs can help a lot.

  28. Philip Alex says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Great tips here, you know, I’ve found my self having a lot of great post ideas but I made the mistake of not writing them down, and most of the times I’m struggling hard to remember what was the good topic I was thinking about.

    I don’t have the time to write daily posts, because I take time to research a lot and I also have a full time job I have to worry about, but I try to write 2-3 times a week, and if I can maybe some guest posts.

    Thank you for sharing this, I really enjoyed reading your post Lynn, have a great day and all the best to you.


    • Glad to hear Philip you enjoyed reading my post. Over time I found that I was spending too much time on my blog posts. You might look at breaking bigger topics into several blog posts creating a series which will keep you visitors coming back, but also you can write shorter posts to provide daily blogging.

      Really appreciate you sharing your comments and how you are still able to blog a few times per week even with a full time job. That shows your passion and determination in helping others, love that!

  29. Nice tip ^^ , really is . i thought we have many spam here ~~ . Someone comment without meaning anything

  30. Nice tip for searching new inspiration . Right now , i have no idea to do with my Page ^^ . Hope find this soon . BTW , thx for nice post

  31. this is nice blog.

  32. I find that when you blog daily, your traffic increases exponetially. You’ll notice that the Google spiders will constantly visit your website, and because of this, you’ll look like an authority in your niche.

  33. Hey,Lynn. Your Post is good and is helpful, Thank you .

  34. This post is definitely encouraging. As a relatively new blogger, I definitely get discouraged at times. I have to be more disciplined when it comes to posting regularly. It helps to read this and get a better understanding of the benefits. Thanks for sharing.

    • As a new blogger Alex, try to hang in there, find that inspiration or even things that you are learning from day to day which can make for great blog posts for your audience. I am glad that the tips I share will be helpful and I encourage you to keep going!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments Alex and look forward to you visiting again soon.

  35. If you want to rank well in Google Penguin, then you should really start, and focus on blogging daily. You could always outsource your content creation when you’re burnt out, and it makes you an authority in your niche.

  36. Importance of blogging is increasing slowly. Blogging makes us improve our communication skills, speaking and writing skills as well. It has the best scope of earning.

  37. Especially when we talk about blogging content plays vital role to make any blog search engine and reader friendly. Usually content writers don’t concentrate on these points you shared with us and therefor they have to pay for it.

  38. Great article Lynn. Thanks for sharing it! Its wonderfull :)

  39. I just have started my blogging. so your tips is very useful for me. Thank Lynn

  40. Hi Lynn!

    Let me share mine secret with you. I usually gets blogging ideas when I walk here and there, in kitchen, bathroom etc etc. I usually write them down as soon as I can or same them in my mobile phone as a draft.

    These ideas helps me out later when I runs out of ideas. :D


  41. Great post! Since I’m a writer, inspiration strikes me in the oddest places at times. I used to carry a small notebook and pencil around to jot down ideas. Now I just use the Evernote app to jot them down in my Android phone on on my Kindle. I LOVE Evernote!

    I also come across ideas daily as go about my business. It could be something interesting I read or something I witnessed while out or literally dozens of things. In other words, there is never a shortage of things to blog about. The key is making the time to blog.

    Oh yeah, and personality goes a looong way! Don’t just report the facts, be creative with it. Be yourself.

    Once again, loved reading this!

  42. You know Deirdre I just downloaded the Evernote app on my Android, but just need some time to figure it out. Glad you offered that idea, I will certainly look into using that.

    I agree with you about including your personality when writing your blog posts. It certainly helps to attract people and get them returning time and time again. Thank you for you wonderful insight and sharing your writing tips.

  43. Are you looking for a seo content writing services so firstly Go through a Company’s Previous Work Online before choosing to gat services.Give some time and go through with the previous articles and blog posts that have been published online by the content content writers of that company.It helps you a lot to understand about their writing style and whether they can adjust their way of writing to suit your requirements.This process is very important Since, an experienced company would have written on a variety of topics and you could see the way they write.

  44. Thanks Lynn. I like your idea. Keep blogging can build the authentic visualization to your customer, and also can interact with your customer, and collect the useful information.

    • You are welcome harrylu, and I like your terminology of building authentic visualization – good way to describe how important interaction between our audience is. Appreciate you sharing your comments.

  45. quality writing is more important than daily writing…

  46. Daily blogging helps you keep your audience attached but a better content is always the priority.

  47. Hi Lynn,

    Yes, I agree with you about daily blogging. Blogging is an asset for bloggers. So, it is essential to build audience for your blog and for this purpose you have to update your blog daily. Otherwise you will lose your potential readers.

    • Appreciate your comments Ivan. I agree that blogging can make for a good asset in anyone’s business as long as they are consistently active. Just like any other business, taking action, engaging with your audience and making connections is key.

  48. Blogging on a regular basis is a great way of honing your writing skills. You only have to make it a habit. Moreover, your readers would love to visit your blog regularly knowing that they have something to look forward to in your blog.

    • That is very true Nadia. Keeping your readers wanting more by sharing info on your blog on a regular basis is the best way to turn those visitors, readers into connections and customers. Appreciate you sharing your insight Nadia. Thanks for stopping by today.

  49. Hi Kiesha,
    Even in recent time when we have many ways to get attention for a site or a project, the importance of a blog can never be ignored.
    Regular blogging helps improve the blog stats, engage audience and drive traffic. Even in today’s social media web, a blog has potential to drive a lot more traffic that nay other way.

    Your tips are simple yet very useful if one really understands it.


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