4 Easy Ways Of Creating Quality Links To Your Site

Linked.In the current times, the best way to do SEO is by having quality content. In the past, one only needed to get high quality links to their sites in order to get a good page rank, but several search engine algorithms have reduced the importance of such links. However, this does not mean that links are not important when you are doing SEO.

While it is advisable to concentrate on content in order to get a good page rank, it is also a good idea to dedicate some time and effort to getting high quality links as well. The only difference is that while in the past it was possible to get such links through dubious means such as link farms, today you have to be very careful about the kinds of links you get since they may end up reducing your rank.

The key to making sure that you get quality links is by making an effort to have other people link to your site. There are many ways of doing this, but the ones below are some of the most effective.

Make sure that your content is educational or factual

People who have blogs and other sites are far less likely to link to articles that are subjective, unless they are very good. This means that if you are looking to get many links from some of your readers, you are better off making sure that your content is educational and factual. This way, they are more likely to link to it since the information will be more reliable, meaning that they will want to use it on their websites.

Promote your content

These days, there are so many tools at your disposal that you can use to make a site more well known. For instance, you can try to use social media to promote some of the content on your site. If it is content that is in particularly high demand, you can be sure that there will be people who will find ways of linking to the article. Of course, for this to happen, you have to try as much as you can to ensure that the content is well promoted. This can be done by making sure that you share it with as many people as possible, who can then share it with other interested parties.

Exchange links with other people

You can also try to exchange links with other sites as well. This is an old method of getting extra backlinks, but it still works as long as you know how to use it. You only need to find a site that is of good standing, and then link from your site to it. You can then ask the owner of the site to do the same for you. In many cases, it may be necessary to do the latter first. When you ask the site owner whether you can exchange links before you start doing so, you will save yourself a lot of hassle. For instance, if the other party were not interested in doing so, you would simply move on and find other ways of getting the links.

Strive to offer quality on your site

When your entire site is informative, easy to use or even just entertaining, people are bound to link to it of their own volition. This is the best way of getting such backlinks. As long as you concentrate on making sure that you offer nothing but the best on your site, you can be assured that more and more people will try to link to it, thus improving your page rank.

In summary, getting backlinks is still a good way of increasing your page rank when doing SEO. However, unlike in the past when you could do this through the use of facilities such as article directories, you may now need to make sure that the links you get are more organic if you are to benefit from them. The best way of doing this is by making sure that your site has so much to offer, that other people find that linking to it will be of benefit to them. The above are just some of the ways in which you can do this.

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  1. Exchange of backlinks really works? i want to know about this because i have read some where that this method is harmful?.Plz give some more information about this.

  2. Well, quality content always does help in viral content marketing and so, when the content goes viral, obviously we get more links. That’s a really cool strategy

  3. These are old basic tips. Nothing as such exceptional. But, loved reading them once again.

  4. Still same old story, thanks for sharing anyway.

  5. Hi
    I agree with the writer of this article and when I write for my lifestyle and relationship blog, I only write how I want to and not edit it for seo purposes and I believe in quality over quantity.

    It is just a year old and last week I surpassed 100k visitors for 2012.

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    Very good ideas and infos. I enjoyed reading.

    Back to the SEO-game ;)

    Thanks !

  9. I am a newcomer to this whole process, so this has really been useful and I will definitely be taking this tips on board. I also would love to know how the exchange of backlinks work? Thank you for sharing- looking forward to reading your other posts!

  10. I think writing quality content is the best way to get quality links

  11. way to promote your content is a good natural ways to generate the link quality

  12. Yes I agree to you… quality content always does help in viral content marketing.

  13. Yes I agree to you.. quality content always does help in viral content marketing.

  14. Great article and totally agree that people often overlook creating backlinks in favour of on site optimistaion.

  15. Wow thats really nicely explained, i will definitely follow for my websites, thanks for sharing mate:)

  16. Of course, quality content is the basis of every internet project and neccessary for viral content marketing.

  17. these things are very easy in saying but not really when come to doing. the real problem with quality work, it is hard to produce again and again. so i follow this quote when comes to blogging, “Quantity follows Quality” means atleast start doing something.

  18. You do have to be very careful with link exchanges, I’ve seen many people penalized for this by Google in the past. Good tips though, great info as always.

  19. Great ideas. Quality links are a good way to improve your blog. Commentluv is a automatic way of getting backlinks.

    Thanks for your tips.

  20. nice article dude….but i think we should be more careful to link exchange, it harmed too many of website for bad links…..

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  23. thanks for sharing! I am the same question as ali zia as well. I heard that now the links exchange is gone. but however, I am accepted 100% to other tips.

  24. Nice post. Thanks for sharing it . It was worth reading it.

  25. @Ali Zia: Yes it really works. this how you do your seo on the right way!

  26. Nice posting, I need article like this. Thanks bro!

  27. Yeah these days it’s all about building & ingaging your audience, you do this persistently and Google will reward you.

  28. Great tips. Quality content is the king. If it sucks you’re not getting any links from anybody.

  29. Very interesting post. personally, i think that great content without right marketing is exactly like right marketing of a bad content and both of them lead to no success.
    Thank you for this inspiring post :)

  30. People here are giving a fairly nice insights about creating quality links and I believe that if you want to get on top of Google, you must spend a lot of time to create unique quality content. Content is now the king and the old method of creating spammy backlinks are just a waste of time. To give additional suggestion, uploading video is also beneficial co’z it can gain traffic back to your site.

  31. Just love the interesting info I find here and as promised – I am now a regular follower of your blog.

  32. These are excellent tips. After the Google updates the importance of quality links has increased considerably. Thanks for the share.

  33. Quality link building is quite a tedious task if not properly implemented. You’ve highlighted great points here, but certain points which I would like to include are: Track who picks up your articles or press releases and offer them exclusive news or content, Comment on other blogs, or link to other blogs from your blog. This is the best I can do with my blog to create quality back links.

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  35. Does the whole backlinks thing only work with higher PR sites?

    Also it seems that coming up with quality content from the start is the way the go. Why waste time with gimmicky tricks when quality pays off.

  36. Interesting post. My blog is for my magic business so I try to write about places I’ve been performing my close up magic as a magician, but also I try to offer advice to people about planning their own events. I have a fine balance between advertising myself and being helpful. i try to put up posts in both categories and hopefully that encourages people to hire me as a close up magician for their event.

  37. Wonderful post, link building can be a huge pain if you don’t know how to go about it, you provided some sound advice here, thanks!

  38. great article WBB, I have a query for you.., does quality links can improve the Google page rank..??
    great article by the way.., you are having a good writing style keep it up..:)

  39. yeah you are write quality links are most important after the updates of EMD’s and increased rank very fastly if you create quality links but not exchange links to other sites yeah if site is industry relevant to your site so good because if you exchange links to others so quality is most important otherwise your website penalized !!!

  40. yeah back links are most important to every website after all it’s play role as back bone of website after updates google EMD’s it’s most tough strategy in SEO experts if you success to get quality links so your website promoted in search engines.

  41. It is my believe backlinks will always play a role. A link will devalue if its crap you are writing.

  42. Thanks for the information. Google makes it tough for small sites and bloggers. You suggestions will help many websites rank better.

  43. Thanks for the detailed information..The best way to get link is to spend time in creating quality content and making sure your site is attractive – with the content that others will want to link to.Also play an active role in various discussion forums,blogs and social sites.

  44. Online Shopping says:

    thanks for the 4 tips …..

  45. This was helpful info to me because i run a Seo company

    • exchanging is old but still good method but will suggest you not to anchor keywords on exchange link otherwise google will think it as a paid link and might penalize your website. one more blog commenting is also good creating link strategy

  46. Guest blogging
    Blog commenting Book marking
    i am currently using these three methods to create links I always see quality of the page and root domain before placing my links

  47. Exchanging links with others can provide us high quality links. But, we must make sure that the site we are exchanging the link with is to be of high quality.

  48. Thanks for this article, since I’m a beginner in SEO your article helped me a lot.

  49. Philip Alex says:

    Hi there,

    Getting quality backlinks is more important than getting a lot of poor quality ones. I think by writing high value content you can get backlinks from other people who want make a reference in their own posts. The other way of getting quality backlinks would have to be guest posting.

    I know that even the big bloggers used to do guest posting when they were starting out.

    Enjoy your day, cheers.


  50. Exchanging links with other blogs is sort of becoming risky these days as many bloggers engage into weird SEO practices and link building campaigns, so if you do link to other sites it’s best to occasionally check them out and make sure they aren’t being penalized by Google.

  51. Fantastic post! We were just discussing some of these tactics to help build our link strength and SEO, so these tips will definitely come in handy. Always appreciate some free help when it comes to increasing our online foot print.

  52. Its worth getting a varied collection of backlinks from HR pages, sites related to your industry, sites related to the area you work in if necessary and if your lucky a guest post

  53. Really nice article..these steps are really good and make it clearly to fetch..thanks for posting..please share me if there any other techniques for getting good links..

  54. exchange backlinks is really work , it’s not harmful at all , i still do that and nothing going down

  55. exchange backlinks is really works , it’s not harmful at all

  56. “Content is King”, and me still onpage my website to improve visitors :)

  57. I think the good user experience can improve the search ranking. If the user like to blog, include but not limited your contents, your blog style etc., they would come back offten, this can improve the search ranking. But some high quality links can definitely good for SEO too.

  58. very good article. now i know how to creating quality links to my site. hopefully google will give a pagerank to my little site. thanks for sharing dude

  59. I think directory submission is also helpful for getting quality backlinks. Quality backlink means high PR and high PR helps a site to get more visible in search engine

  60. Thank you for this Introduction article. we love your basic tips creating quality backlink. Enjoy to stay here

  61. This is a great article, detailed and well-explained. Thanks for sharing.

  62. Thank you for posting this. I, as the owner of a small water pump service company in Stark County, Ohio have been trying to implement back links to my site in order to be noticed online. Sometimes it’s just hard to stick out among the mass of websites. So thank you again, I will be trying out these tips as soon as possible!

  63. Thank you for posting this.

  64. These are old methods yet still effective in creating quality links to your site.

  65. nice article and i am agree with all points but i like blog commenting and links exchange. they can give you quality backlinks

  66. Backlinks are oxygen for your blog

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    Really nice article..these steps are really good and make it clearly to fetch..thanks for posting

  68. Now days link earning is much more beneficial than building links. I read this somewhere and I found its worth.

  69. Thanks for making some of the best compilation of tips for getting relevant and quality links which look more natural to search engine

  70. I agree with you totally in that writing quality authoritative content is key in building natural and quality links. Sharing content on Google Plus is also highly recommended :)

  71. Guest posts are a brilliant way to build quality links to your website. The key is to try to build your links by thinking Google don’t exist to ensure they are natural and are top quality.

  72. Quality links can be created if you get links from websites related to your nice or topic.
    Exchanging link is one of the most ethical way to get links!
    Guest post also help in increasing link count.

  73. Writing creative and insane posts can make your impact on web and also it helps to create a number of quality backlinks to your site.

  74. Brilliant article – thank you. I think building quality links to your site is a natural process that takes time. I sometimes ask would I link to that site / content? It’s crucial the content is of the highest quality and is authoritative.

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