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So, here it is. The last Stalk series for 2012! And what better to end the year by featuring who has a blog that I totally adore! Yes, I have been reading John’s work for some time now and was thinking of featuring his blog for some time now and here I am! Let’s call this my year end gift for him! :)

John is the master mind behind behind the amazingly thought out blog that goes by the name Start My Blog. Let’s face the truth, almost all of us (bloggers) want to be writers ultimately. We dream of writing a novel that breaks all records and becomes an international best seller so that we don’t have to work ever again. John is here to help you inspire by giving you his words.

Here is how it works : 

  • Twice every week he writes story prompts
  • It will be fifty words or more
  • Those story snippets can be used by you – yes, absolutely no catch there
  • His words become your words. You can use it for your novels, for your blogs, for your writing, for your stories, or just anything
  • He won’t come knocking for copyright issues


  • Every post is inspiring. Every time you read his post, they not only make you think, they put words in your head. They range from comedy to horror to drama to suspense to para natural. You take your pick.
  • What can they teach you about writing – a series in which he picks up statements said by talented people (talent need not be entertainment solely) and use them to use them to impart writing lessons and what those can teach us about writing in general. There’s a whole page dedicated to the series, you can check it out here.
  • The variety of ideas is amazing. This man has a brain that is a massive storehouse of amazing writing ideas.
  • The whole idea is to help you write.

So, go ahead, start writing and Start Your Novel. Because no one helps you this easy. And if you have writers block, you know where to go. Go stalk his blog!

Know how to Start Your Novel here.

Stalk him on Twitter

Put him in your G+ Circle

There you go.  That was the Stalk for this month. Here’s a Happy New Year in advance! Keep reading and writing!

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  1. To read is fundamental to write is divine.

    How do you feel about the movement to digital publishing?

    Would you lean towards amazon, PDF eBook, or physical self publishing?

  2. Thank you, Hajra. This feature greatly honors me. What a wonderful end-of-year gift!

    I do have a spacious brain but I can (still) walk through doors. — Hope that doesn’t change anytime soon.

  3. Blogging is the best platform For enhancing writing skills .

  4. I really think his blog is unique and interesting.

  5. Thanks for sharing this great blog Hajra! and it is great to “meet” you John. I’ve recently started writing fiction again and I think your blog is just what I need as I’m a tad blocked this past week!

    • I am so sorry to reply so late! I am so happy for you. I do hope you find the blog inspiring, there are loads of inspiring snippets in there which might help you progress through your novel. Good Luck! :)

    • Hi, Danielle, thanks for your comment. If you see any prompts you like on the site, just grab them. Have a great Friday!

  6. Pretty cool concept about how one can ultimately write a novel. I like it.

  7. Writers block is pretty common problem and if one writer knows how to deal with it then it’s great. Seems pretty nice concept of the blog and would love to spend some time over there.

  8. Thanks for this post. It gave me one hell of an idea.

  9. Great post, very inspiring…loved it. Regards

  10. Good post it gives me some tips.

  11. It will you get started! And it teaches you about writing better!

  12. When you ask a search engine to locate information, it is actually searching through the index which it has created and not actually searching the Web.

  13. Hi Buddy,

    Awesome Concept and i like your concept. we know very well that Blogging is must to improve of our writting skill. and i think this is the best method to improve it and even you can gain extra knowledge with blogging. and you know i am also going to start blogging….. Well thanks buddy for sharing nice Post.

  14. Like Brian does spotlights you do blog stalks, these are great ways to get exposure! nice.

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