Make Your WordPress Site Blazing Fast by Overhauling Your Database

speedsterWordPress is one of the most convenient and easy to use Content Management Systems around for a website. However, with the ease of use that the WordPress interface provides, the database of a site can become cluttered, redundant, and slow if you don’t have a simple and efficient way to keep your data organized and minimal.

Each plugin, spam comment, page draft, post draft, and table file can take up space and slow down your site. In addition, it can take a lot of time to manage all of the various files you create over time.

Using a database management tool such as phpMyAdmin makes managing your site  simple and keeps it running at top speed.  However, it’s easy to wreck your website in a few clicks if you aren’t a website professional. Thankfully, there are some excellent WordPress plugins that help you optimize your site through phpMyAdmin even if you aren’t a pro.

WP-Optimize Plugin

Though you don’t need to use phpMyAdmin to manage your WordPress database, WP Optimize is a great tool to use along with it. You’ll be able to remove spam comments, page revisions, and post revisions with a few simple clicks in your settings. This plugin is ideal for a website that receives a lot of comments and an adminsitrator won’t have time to comb through every comment. This plugin will simply remove spam and unapproved comments automatically.

WP-Cleanup Plugin

In addition to removing spam comments and drafts, the WP-Cleanup plugin also removes database files such as all unused tags and all unused post meta data. In addition, it will optimize MySQL tables by removing all unused table space in phpMyAdmin. This is an ideal plugin if you don’t know how to manually enter code in order to uncover unused files in your WordPress database.

Portable phpMyAdmin Plugin

If you need to find your database files quickly or you simply don’t want to alter your database files outside of WordPress, you can use the Portable phpMyAdmin WordPress plugin  to access your files from your WordPress dashboard.  In addition, if you don’t know your php credentials, this plugin extracts them from your wp-config.php file.

Many website managers and developers prefer to use an ftp file manager program to handle uploading files, but if you need to make a quick change on the fly, this plugin provides an added level of convenience.

WP-DB-Manager Plugin

If you’re a little more adventurous with your WordPress database, you can use the WP-DB-Manager Plugin to access and edit your phpMyAdmin database. The advantage of this plugin is that it offers a simple way to schedule database optimization. You can clear out unpublished posts, unapproved comments, and unused metadata by simply setting up this plugin and letting it go to work.

WP-DB-Backup Plugin

You can easily set up automatic or manual phpMyAdmin database backups with the WP-DB-Backup Plugin in a matter of minutes. Besides offering manual backups, the real value of this plugin is that it allows you to backup both the core database tables and add custom tables of your own.

The Modified WP-phpMyAdmin Plugin

Though this plugin has had some security issues in the past, one blogger has removed the lines of code with vulnerability issues and modified this plugin so that it streamlines the phpMyAdmin database experience, removing all unnecessary code and files. For those familiar with the complexities of coding in php, this plugin can save time. However, Use this plugin at your own risk.

Usability and speed are critical for websites. The longer a page takes to load, the less likely users are to stick around. Optimizing and cleaning up a database is one way to ensure that your website runs at top speed. Using phpMyAdmin along with a series of simple WordPress plugins is a sure way to safely and quickly keep your site in top shape.

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  1. Hello Dear

    really its very important post for me word press is very easy and great to use content management system around for web site really great points thanks for sharing me

    Thanks & Regards

  2. very good and informative article @Liors. Frankly speaking i didn’t use all of these plugins until now, but i will give a try and i will let you know how it’s goes. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.

  3. I use WP-Optimize frequently and it works, but for WP-Cleanup I would advice not to use this plugin, This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress. So it would be a use at your own risk, I tend to not touch plugins that don’t certify the last few versions of WordPress and this one shows only compatible to 3.0.5.

  4. What is meant by un used meta tags? I mean we create meta tags for posts right, so we are using them.. Did not understand properly..

  5. Roulette Strategy Online says:

    I really need to use WordPress instead of Blogger. There are so many ways in which to improve your site, whereas I think blogger is more limited. Although it has become much better as of late. But my next site is going to be based on wordpress thanks to this blog and others. So sad I realised this now. But better now than never.

  6. I never thought about how critical the database is to speed. I will look into implementing some of these plugins for my blog!

    Thank you

  7. Thank you a lot for presenting such an informative and very useful article on speeding up wordpress blog. Those who face very low speed of their wordpress blog, I think they will be greatly benefited from your valuable write-up, let alone me!

  8. Great share Lior …

    I frequently use WP Optimize plugin to manage my database, remove post revisions, bulk spam comments ..etc etc

  9. Certainly great list of useful plugins which enables the fast loading speed and gives good visitor experience. I was aware of Database Manager plugins but rest all are new plugins.

  10. I usually find the database optimize to be a great plugin. I install, optimize all the db tables and uninstall the plugin. I do it once a month. Helps a lot. Thanks for the nice list Lior!

  11. This is a wonderful list of plugins. I am pretty sure they will make my life easier and boost up my productivity as a blogger.

  12. I use Wp Database manage plugin to speed up my website and it provides awesome speed

  13. WP-Cleaner plugin is not update for more than 2 years. Can you suggest any other plugin for same job?

  14. I just started to use WP, and never pay attention to that issue.
    Hope your guide will help me optimize my WP.
    Many thanks,

  15. “WP-Cleanup Plugin helps in the process of removing
    Remove all post revisions
    Remove all spam comments
    Remove all unapproved comments
    Remove all unused tags
    Remove all unused post meta
    Optimize MySQL tables by removing all unused table space
    Your plugin helps us to remove unused tags from my blog

  16. Awesome post. You mentioned 6 new plugins that I did not know about, that are really going to help our network out. Thsnks.

  17. This is a great list and I learned something to start off my day. Thx!

  18. I think wp optimize is the way to go, because it does not have hodge podge thing and works great.

  19. any numbers on speed increase that go with these? Tried some in the past, but i honestly did not notice any speed increase.

  20. I have a little trouble when work with my databases. Your article gives me a very good way to optimize my databases. Yepi Yeah.Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.

  21. Great information on handling database through different plug-ins !!!!
    WordPress is like an information superhighway in content management .It’s rich plug-in architecture is very popular now a days which extends the capabilities of content management beyond its features . It is really an powerful publishing platform which makes word press website developer’s experience trouble-free and enjoyable. ……….

  22. Very great post. There are new plugins you’ve mentioned that i didn’t know , its really a big help.

  23. nice post liors.
    we should always have a backup because backup is the soul of a blog. if it is lost, you will loose everything. i love WP-Optimize


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