Want Your Visitors to Stay? Be Interactive!

IMG_9077Now that your visitors know you’re here and you’re ready to talk, the problem is: are your visitors willing to respond?

Getting attention once is not easy, I hate saying this, but it is not enough. The fact is that if you want your visitors to stay, you have to keep getting attention, even if it becomes harder and harder each time.

The best way to gain continuous attention from your visitors is to include them into your ‘world’. Make them feel like they’re part of what you’re talking about, or they could actually influence how things are going on your side.

When your visitors feel ‘belonged’ to your place, they’ll become a lot more proactive and interactive.

Here are a few tips you may rely on to turn your visitors into ‘family members’:

Open the door. First thing to get interaction with your visitors is to provide a channel by which your visitors are free to get through to you. This should be a critical and reliable source of feedback.

In-site forums, email contacts, surveys, subscribing forms are all effective methods of soliciting data from your target audiences. Anything that allows visitors to connect with you will increase user interaction. Always respect their privacy and let them know that you will keep all correspondence in confidence.

Embrace critics. Often, one of the ways that your visitors provide you with feedback is through their criticisms. Take note of what people have to say. This is one of the most useful sources of information on how your message is being received by your visitors. Foster user interaction in any way that you can and build upon what you learn.

Write conversational content. Though being an expert in what you write about is fine, it’s never OK to write something full of jargon and make yourself difficult to understand. Try to write your content in conversational and friendly manner.

Build a community. Having a few close friends is great, but managing a community will probably make your sites look more attractive. Intergrate a blog, Facebook comments or Q&A section to encourage visitors to join in your discussions, share ideas and build up personal relationships.

Provide clear navigation. It’s unlikely that a visitor will ever be in the mood for a talk if he’s busy looking for his way to some place.  Showing your visitors around will definitely increase their ‘staying’ time on your site. However, be careful not to do that too much. Never over complicate your navigation and make it clear what you do from the homepage so that visitors can easily tell if you’re the one they’re looking for.

Know if you’re going the right direction. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and try to figure out if you should follow. Take advice from your existing ‘friends’ and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from new visitors.

Give prompt responses. Respond promptly to emails from your visitors. Show them that you value their comments and appreciate what they have to say. When they offer suggestions, take them seriously and make use of the wise ones to help improve your site.

Getting interaction is not only a way to engage your website visitors, but an opportunity for you to figure out what your visitors want on your site. Make more friends there, and soon you’ll build your own kingdom. I’ll give one more secret to share on how to engage your website visitors next week, don’t go away!

About Kiesha Easley

This is my blog - where I love to encourage bloggers. My hope is that you'll leave this blog with more than you came with; you'll learn something new or will at least be engaged and entertained.
In addition to teaching others how to blog, I'm also a college instructor who teaches students how to write for mass media.
I've guest posted on Problogger, DIYThemes and many others. I'm also the author of Highly Favored, a blog devoted to Christian inspiration & encouragement. Please follow me on twitter @weblogbetter or on Facebook.


  1. Some great tips there Kevin,

    Building a community around your blog is a great way to engage with your visitors,

    Love the post!


  2. Kevin, your tip about integrating facebook comments to build a community is worth its weight in gold! You should write a post on how to do that, as it seems pretty difficult.

    • That’s a great idea Lawrence! I’ll try my best to share some experience on this, and I guess I’ll also post it here when finished. Don’t forget to come back and check out! :)

  3. Critics can sometimes reveal the best information.

    I remember once I had an advertisement running and a guy went out of his way to call me and tell me that he didn’t like my ad.

    I changed it and increased my conversion rate by almost double.

    Listening is hard to do sometimes but maybe that’s why we have two ears and one mouth.

    • Yeah, you should consider yourself lucky to receive critics. Most people today are too busy to even criticize. When they speak, it means they really care.

  4. Thanks for the tips, mainly for the critics point same as Jacko said. I will try to follow these basic rules. Nice post.

  5. Thanks for the great tips. I’d have to say I think that follow-up is key with your community. I like to pick 10 blogs every week that I comment on and I am always disappointed when I’ve asked a specific question to the blogger and never receive a reply. It makes me feel like the blogger only cares about what THEY have to say and that I don’t matter. Now I’m not asking for a reply to every comment I make (please don’t do that – my inbox would overflow more than it already is) but if I have a relevant question on the material by all means, if you want me to come back and comment again – then ANSWER me! lol

    • Well, this doesn’t look like a question but I still decided to stand out and say hello. Hope I’m not making your inbox too full lol.

      Yes, The whole thing about interaction is actually building relationships with people. One-way messages can never make a relationship. Listening, understanding and sharing all along the way is the key.

  6. Hi Kevin,

    Awesome tips you shared here, the time people spend on your blog is very important and is influenced by a lot of things.

    One thing that I have done recently for my blog and it really increased the time that people spend on my blog is that I made all the menu pages and blog titles to open in new tabs.

    I saw this on many blogs and I think it removes the hassle of having to click “back” a lot of times which I for my self don’t like that much, especially if the load time isn’t that great.

    Thank you for posting this, all the best mate, cheers.


  7. Hi Kevin,
    These are great tips. If I could add one other thing?
    Make it EASY for the readers to connect. Example…I used to use ReCaptcha on comments to screen out spam, but it is so darn hard to read the words in the ReCaptcha box people stopped leaving comments. I dropped ReCaptcha & comments started again.
    No one wants to connect if its too hard.
    Thanks again for the tips. I plan to use two of them soon on my site.
    All the best.

    • Hi John,

      Nice tip! I always have problem reading Captcha, and it really pisses me off when I typed in all my thoughts, clicked on the ‘post’ button and just to find everything gone because I was suspected as a spammer! We need techniques to protect ourselves from spam. However, too much of that will definitely hurt others.

  8. My visitor average time to stay is 2 minutes. I want to increase time and like every one I also want to get more traffic to my website. Thanks for sharing valuable tips.

  9. Impressive tips for better engagement …

    I feel like having a community and writing controversial posts brings in more interaction.

  10. thnku:) thanks a lot:)

  11. It is really very important to hold your visitors. In this post all the important tips are mentioned for holding your website visitors. We should make our website more and more attractive and informative that can catch the eye.
    Thanks Kevin for this post.

  12. Brian Zalewski says:

    Will definitely be using these tips on my blog…

  13. Interacting with the visitors regularly through your blog and posts helps you create a special online bond with them. Like this they can trust the blogger and also like the content he writes. When you genuinely comment back to the visitor, he is obliged enough to return back to the site.

  14. Very nice tips on how to keep your visitors interested and be more interactive. I think asking questions, being more in tune with your readers are good ideas. Building a community is a great idea as well.

  15. Joan Neilsen says:

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  16. Really Nice Tips
    Applying these would really help a lot…
    Thanks for sharing…

  17. Interacting with the readers is a must have, as they can add value to any blog, as they feedback is really objective.

  18. Hello Kevin, thanks for these great tips.

    Your tips will be helping many bloggers and it will encourage to write good writes-up. But, it is also equally true that visitors keep streaming regularly in one’s blog from blogging constantly for a long time.

    GH Kemal.

  19. Thanks Kevin for such a nice post. I always face the problem that my blog visitor could not stay. Hope your tips will help me.

  20. This is my first visit on your Web. Because I was new in the world of blogging. I really like the content of your article. I will come back in your next article material. thank you

  21. Hello, Kevin,

    Your tips must work because you got me to comment, and the style and layout of this webpage is a good illustration of what you describe with easy navigation and visual appeal. I appreciate the insights, and I am already applying them in my writing. I hope it helps because getting visitors to correspond and interact is difficult, even with great content.

    I do curation on my website in addition to blog posts, and I liked your post so much that I selected it for curation. If you would like to see it what and what I do, you can check the post out at: http://www.zipminis.com/16/post/2012/12/how-pro-bloggers-lure-visitors-to-stick-around.html

    Thank you again for your inspiration.

    • Hi Darin,

      Nice to meet you! I too love the layout of this blog, Kiesha’s really doing a great job here, and I guess that’s one of the top reasons why I choose to share my articles in this blog. Whatever, guys like you are the bigger reason why I keep coming back. I really enjoy spending time with you!

      p.s.: Pity I cannot open your link. Anything wrong with your site?

  22. It’s important to reply on your visitors comments, so that they know blog owner is actually hearing what they have to say. If you won’t make a reply then nobody would be eager to say what he’s feeling and know about your blog post. It’s also increases engagement for your blog.

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  24. Hello Dear

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  25. Being interactive is a sign of existing in the world of online blogs. When you interact with your readers and visitors, you assure them that you exist and are lsitening to their views and opinions. This is a good sign for your blog because it benefits you in one or the other way.

  26. It’s true, readers have to feel that they are an essential part of the blog. Andf it’s not enough to draw in comments, you have to answer each and every one of them!

  27. If you want your visitors to stay be interactive, you have to add more attractive contents with social media sites buttons. So they can interact with those.

  28. nice post dude………theme designs is also a big factor for interaction…..

  29. Writing on controversial topics is very beneficial, It really makes the blog very interactive. Relationship matters a lot in blogosphere so interactionis very necessary. It’s really important to reply on your visitors comments, & you have provided some wonderful tips, thanks for sharing.

  30. It takes a while to build visitors and an audience. Engaging and interacting with others will certainly help. I will be difficult to get very far or grow if you don’t participate in a conversation. These are great tips and suggestions.

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  32. Interacting with your audience is almost expected these days. Today’s web goer demands the ability to connect directly with those who create and provide content, and if your site has no means of doing so, visitors may leave your site for another that offers more interaction and communication.

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    This post made me realise that I really should put more emphasis on making it easier for visitors to contact me in different ways. As it is now, it is hidden in my About page. Although I have Youtube as an interactive channel, giving the site more interactivity should give it as nice spark.

    • Yes, giving your visitors a way to contact you is kind of showing your enthusiasm about getting connected to them. Keep your door open if you do want people to come!

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  38. These tricks really help new blogger make good blog.

  39. Higly appreciate your post. That’s great tips to apply. Although it may take a long-term plan, I think just do step by step, we can succeed.

  40. I used to think it was me. I’d comment on blogs in my Reader and then subscribe to comments. Nobody ever wrote back. So I thought “maybe I’m commenting on old posts or something.” Now I try to find new posts, within the last week, that I want to comment on. Still, not a lot of response.

    I think most people forget that others want to feel good. They don’t care all that much how you’re doing today unless it helps them in some way. Good tips in the post – and you have TONS of commenters so you must be doing something very right.

  41. Interaction is very necessary to survive in the Blogosphere, If you want your visitors to stay be interactive, you have to add more attractive contents with social media sites buttons. Just start commenting, conversation leading to relationship begins. Good post, thanks for sharing.

  42. Interaction is the basis of blogging. No matter its positive or negative comments you get, one must respond to them in a good way. Loved all your points,Kevin.

  43. nice post…
    when someone comments on your site or blog then you must reply to the comments.it creates a type of conversation which is helpful in many ways,it helps us in building an audience and target audience.thanks for this post

  44. I agree with what you said about learning how to accept criticism. Giving them some securities that their comments and feedback are always welcome could give us
    humongous advantage in keeping them. Thanks for sharing this blog. It
    contributes a lot to my ways in blogging.

  45. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog! I had some realizations after reading this.I figured maybe I can try making my own blog more conversational. Also, I will try to use less jargons just like what you said. Nice job!

  46. i don’t want to say write this or write that. because lots of people are doing this already. so write what you want to write but in such manner, you found your readers are engaging with you.

  47. It is always a good idea to keep most of the jargon out. It is one of the sales principles I learned from Mark Johnson.

  48. Great post, it makes me realize that it is really important to make a conversation between you and your visitors.

  49. Prompt responses are a great way to make your reader feel like they are important.

  50. Its not so hard. Just have always original content. Just spend some time to be original, but otherwise you’re just wasting your time. Its like Facebook, you get really bored after you get through first 150 posts, ‘cos you’ve already seen them at least once. I really think only the content can impress your visitor and make them come back, because they feel like they’ve found something new. Its really important to be interactive and all the advises are right, but what if you doesn’t even impress them to come. That is much harder.

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