6 Tips to Become A More Productive Blogger

The major benefit of being a full-time blogger is, you’ll have more time to blog.

You can spend countless hours on creating contents, promoting your stuff and networking with other bloggers if you’re doing full-time blogging. But the problem with most bloggers is, they don’t do full-time blogging.

They REALLY have limited time to make their blogs successful and to earn decent amount from them. If you’re struggling to find time to blog, this article is for you.

Let’s dive into the details without much ado.

1. Get rid of your email load

Make your active email inbox to ZERO.

Did you know most people who work online open their inboxes first thing in the morning, that’s a terrible to start a day.

Here’s a great article written by Leo Babauta to make your inbox to zero. I’ve personally implemented what he said, believe me, his tactics do work!

2. Create a to-do list

To-do lists give you full flexibility to manage your time. You’ll know what to do and you can plan your day according to it.

Ask yourself these questions before creating a to-do list

  • What are the top 3 tasks that I want to finish today (which take 1+ hr to finish)?
  • What are the top 3 tasks that I want to finish today (which take less than an hour)?

Looks so simple, right?

Try it out.

3. Create a not to-do list

Most people aren’t aware of this, or either they don’t care about creating a not to-do list.

Why would you care creating a not to-do list?

This list keeps you away from getting distracted.

You’ll know what not to do which is most important aspect in becoming productive.

Again, ask yourself this question before creating a not to-do list:  What are the 3 thing that I don’t want to touch? (Ex: Facebook, not opening email more than twice, watching YouTube videos, etc.)

4. Set deadlines

This is the most efficient way to become a productive blogger/writer. Set yourself few deadlines before acting on something.

For example, before writing a blog post, set a deadline of completing it in 1 hr (700 words article)

This way you’re making your subconscious mind to act more productive.

5. Reward yourself

When you’re done with your daily tasks, reward yourself with something.


This is to make yourself more dedicated towards reaching your targets and/or goals.

  • Go to gym
  • Hangout with your lover
  • Get a beer or
  • Tune into your favorite music

6. Stop surfing, start acting

Use Cold-Turkey to avoid online distractions.

We all know working online is not an easy task. You REALLY can’t spend productive time online with all the distractions like Facebook, email notifications, new popups, YouTube vidoes, IM alerts etc. Can you?

Here’s a great tool (free) to avoid your online distractions.

Download Cold Turkey here, and block all the sites where you waste your time.

It’ll block all those sites for X days, you can’t even access through it using any other browser until the limit reaches.

Cold Turkey can’t be stopped easily as it is not stoppable from the system tray or the task manager.

Bonus Tip:

Learn to write faster blog posts within less time. There’s an effective method to always write faster blog post – don’t edit while writing. Writing and editing are two separate phases which shouldn’t be done at the same time.

Over to you:

Let me know if you’ve any more tips to become more productive blogger. I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Like the post!

    Not heard of Cold Turkey before – just went over and checked out the website. Looks like a great app, I can also put this on my daughters computer to stop her browsing sites I don’t want her too!


    • Hi Mark,

      That’s REALLY a great idea, to spy on your kids, let me know if you’ve any difficulties in implementing cold turkey on your computer, I’d be glad to help you :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Roulette Strategies Online says:

    A great tip is to use a kanbanboard of some sort to do the todolist, with pomodoro functionality. It has really helped me with doing stuff, and not procastinate. But to make a detailed list of what to do is the most important thing I would say.

  3. The cold turkey looks helpful but very dangerous at the same time! I don’t want to block a site by mistake and regret it in future!

    Setting goals is the key according to me to achieve maximum productivity. There should be a good routine that is well balanced from every aspect. I think we should even allow ourself to get distracted for some fixed time… Just as the reward?

    There are many examples of people who get distracted by other things while they are at work, so I am glad I don’t get distracted much! I got to learn about two great things from here. First – Cold turkey and second – making to-do and not-to-do list for the day.

    Liked the post very much Rahul :)

  4. I’ve seen a lot of blog post with tips about blogger and blogging but this post of your is really of something I really want to be a productive blogger. Anyway, I am new in this system, thanks to blog post like this I gain more insights.

  5. I love that “stop surfing, start acting” that is something I realized not long ago. I was reading every article about blogging for about a month and actually hadn’t done anything. Had to change that around.

    • Yea, implementing what you learn can bring you better results. It’s USELESS when you don’t follow what you learn, it’s VERY useless when you spend time ONLY on reading.

      Keep in touch Adam :) I hope you’ll start implementing something from now on..

  6. Really very impressive post. I must say this is one in the most well written posts, that I have seen with this topic in a very long time. Indeed, it was. Will probably get a link up here at some point. Thanks go to Dutch for asking me to come on once again. Keep us posted like this guys.

  7. Really a nice article you have written. I hope I will personally benefit from this precious piece of writing. I will advise my acquaintances to go through this article. The clues you have cited, are not difficult to follow and maintain.

    Thank you for your precious advice.

  8. Having a “TO DO LIST” is actually really essential, it helps you to be focused on important tasks and helps your to reduce time waste. However I never divided work according to their expected completion time but certainly seems a good idea, will try it now.

  9. By the way You gave me an excellent idea for a product title. Thanks.

  10. My previous comment didn’t get through. I’ll give it another try, because i do not totally agree with not checking email in the morning. If you are an early bird, have a lot of energy early in the morning and arrive early before all the chaos in the office you are right. If not it CAN be a very good idea to start with handling email. Make sure you reserve enough time to immediately execute the “takes little time stuff” stuff that is not on your not-to-do list. All stuff that take a minute or 3. At the end of that time period your inbox should be empty. Then close the email box and turn of that message system. No “you have new email” messages when you are working on other stuff!

  11. The first step to be being more productive is to know what, in financial terms, you’re missing out on. Add up how much time you spend each day watching TV and using Facebook and work out how much money you could make by using that time for productive purposes. If you know that you’re wasting 2 hours per day on TV and Facebook, and that on average you make $15 per hour, then it highlights that TV and Facebook are costing you $30 per day.

  12. I liked 2nd and 6th point. Most of the time we people keep on surfing other people blogs rather than concentrating on our blog. If we create a to-do list every morning for ourselves, this will help us to organize things and we can make our day much more productive.

  13. Goal setting and a planned schedule can work wonders for making your blog more productive. When we set boundaries or deadlines to finish off the work, we work on that thing more seriously. Hence, planning your work, setting an objective and achieving that within a particular period will be beneficial for the blog.

  14. Great tips Rahul especially about reducing the amount of time one surfs the internet and checks one’s emails. Those two are huge productivity killers.

  15. Good read and lots of useful input, thanks, I will download this Cold Turkey software to get rid of all those terrible distractions until the deadline for my next article is reached and I’m finished. Surfing will be my reward :D

  16. Hi Rahul,

    I saw my self after reading the first paragraph, ever since I started my blog the first thing after I start my computer is to check my email…I always tell my self just 2 minutes to see whats new but after 30 minutes I’m still browsing around my inbox. I just can’t help it.

    I know what I need to do so my biggest enemy is what not to do. I think I’m gonna follow your suggestion and create a Not To Do list because I always get distracted and waste a lot of time practically doing nothing.

    Thank you for writing this post, I really enjoyed reading it.

    All the best, have a great weekend.


  17. Great tips I have came across so far! I believe to be a productive blogger you need to be passionate too. I would like to add one point here: # Be open to all ideas- Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas it will help you to become a better blogger. I firmly believe that blog is something what you make of it, it’s up to you to promote it and deliver the best quality and content you can possibly come up with for your readers.

  18. I think to be productive we must close the social netorking sites. They disturb a lot if you keep it open while working. Its my personal experience. Whenever I write a post I close all the sites which may disturb.

  19. Great post as always, Rahul!

    The to do and, surprinsingly, the not-to-do lists have helped me the most out of the list.

    I’ve also found it essential that you just “start acting” as soon as you can. If you hesitate, you’ll probably spend another 30 minutes aimlessly browsing the internet.

    Setting deadlines and targets such as “writing 2 posts per week”, or getting a certain number of subscribers per week can also be awesome sources of motivation and productivity.

  20. james corn says:

    Really great tips. I used to do half of your list but some of the points were very good and new. Thanks for this.

  21. These are great tips, Rahul. I’m a big fan of the To Do List and use it daily to keep me on task. I also found a online time tracker to be helpful in staying focused and on task. I’m one of those folks who checks emails first thing in the morning, so I’m heading now to the article you suggested to help break this habit.

  22. Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive learn something like this before. So good to find somebody with some unique ideas on this subject. realy thank you for beginning this up. this website is something that is needed on the net, somebody with somewhat originality. helpful job for bringing something new to the internet!

  23. Very well said. I like your tips, they’re so simple yet it rings the bell. When I start working on a project I have to make sure that I can finish it within the time frame I set, I always set my own deadlines for everything that I do even if that isn’t the deadline for the project. So when my boss would ask for it I can submit everything to him even before the time. So to make my work realistic I have to set audacious goals, make a to-do list and (by the way) if you haven’t tried using a time tracking software (like Time Doctor) that’s a good way to avoid procrastination. I’ve tried it and it works for me.

  24. Hi Rahul.
    I have question for you, what can I get from Cold Turkey?. Thank you for your great tips, this very helpful for me.

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    Thank you and Regards,
    Alex Thompson

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  32. Truly these are awesome tips and they will definitely be useful in helping me grow my online biz. Thanks for sharing the same. Regards

    • to be more productive you first set up your goals then create a to do list then stick to it if anyone come to disturb you avoid it focus on your goals. productivity comes when you focus and think more where you are and where you want to be this will give your blogging journey success

  33. Thanks for this tips it would help me a lot.

  34. It’s good to set a schedule. For example for one day you can engage in social media or blog. Do this on separate days, this way you won’t feel overwhelmed.

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