How to Build Genuine Relationships With Other Bloggers in 3 Easy Steps

Relationship Maths: Facebook.If there’s one tip to succeed online, it is this: build great connections.

No matter how great your content is, there’s no use when no one notices it. You can bring more visibility to your blog ONLY when you have great connections with other bloggers.

Most new bloggers do this wrong. They always start creating content.  Then they promote their stuff and blame Google if they don’t see any spike traffic. They often forget the crucial phase: the networking phase.

Without having healthy relationships with other bloggers, why would anyone care about a new blogger?

So, try to build a great network around your blog. Use the following tips to build genuine relationships with other bloggers.

3 Unique Ways to Build Genuine Relationships With Others

Step 1: It’s about them – not about you

Successful blogging is a win/win approach. No one has survived in blogosphere without taking others help, agree?

So, there are few certain things you should do to build genuine relationships with other bloggers.

Remember this point: It’s all about them (readers, other bloggers, fans/followers ) – NOT about you!

Show you genuinely care. Spend your online time productively. Why would anyone show interest in you – if you always only talk about yourself?

You get what you give: This is another interesting aspect to build genuine relationships with other bloggers – give before you ask. Why would anyone link to you when you don’t link to anyone else?

Why would anyone guest post on your blog if it has no credibility?

Try to improve this quality. Help others to achieve their goals – this is the best way to achieve your own goals! Generally, online people love to show  interest and respect towards others when they get to read quality content. When you’re networking with other bloggers, make sure you’re doing some favors to help others achieve their blogging goals.

Step 2: Flirt without them knowing

Don’t sound like a company – be humorous:  Your writing is what makes you stand out from the crowd. If your writing is generic – no one will notice you, simple as that. Always work hard to hone your writing skills and improve your writing tone. Be humorous, cut some jokes often to engage with others – but don’t go overboard. Make sure you’re not crossing the limits, don’t talk about their personal life in ANY case. Every blogger loves some privacy, so don’t cross the limits.

Don’t be a hero let the other person be a hero: Most of the people do this wrong. They always try to be a online hero, they always want to take the full credit. What happens when you try to become a hero?

Answer is simple… no one cares! It’s the sad truth.


When you’re always talking about yourself, your goals and your achievements – people will get frustrated, and they may ignore you completely.

So,.. what else can you do, then?

Let other bloggers be the hero.

Step 3: Become a valuable blogger in your niche

How does this help you build genuine relationships with other bloggers?

The point is simple:  Other bloggers will be interested in connecting with you when you have great:

  • Connections with the influencers
  • Social media fans/followers
  • Thoughtful comments on your blog posts or
  • When there’s always a buzz going around you online

Don’t you love to connect with a blogger who has a good online reputation?

How can you become a valuable blogger, then?

Write great content: This is a no brainer. Other bloggers will show interest in you or your blog, when you have quality content. Don’t write generic posts that can be easily ignored in the crowded niche, take some time to produce high quality articles.

Be consistent with your posting frequency: This is REALLY tough especially when you’re just starting out. There’s no proper blogging rule about posting frequency. It depends on your interest, audience and/or niche. What I personally believe is: the more consistent you’re – the more you’ll get whether be it following, traffic, leads or sales.

Promote other people’s content: This is one of the best insider tips. Have you observed that top bloggers in your niche connectoften with each other by linking to their blog posts, products or membership sites? Why would they do this when they already have huge following? The logic is simple, no matter how large your audience is, you always need more people to notice you. When you’re helping other bloggers to achieve their blogging goals, they will also help you to grow, simple as that. So promote others content, link to them often to build a great network around your blog.

Network with others: Use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to build relationships with other bloggers. Don’t ask them to share your blog posts. Instead, ask about their blogging goals, ask whether they’re doing fine, help them if they’re in a trouble. SHOW THEM YOU CARE.

Build genuine relationships with other bloggers: take away

It always takes time to build genuine relationships online. You must WAIT to grow your network around your blogs. Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme to make money overnight.

Over to you:

How do you build genuine relationships with other bloggers?

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  1. I build relations with bloggers by becoming their regular reader and commenting to their posts honestly. But I build relations with bloggers only if I really like their blog or writing style or I see future potential in them. I also stay connected and help my fellow new blogger friends to gain their trust.

    By participating in discussions on social networks, I get to know more about them and build friendship with others.

    Bloggers can’t survive without each other!

  2. The blogging community is one big happy family, well most of us are ;-)
    I like and agree with the point you make about “Promote other people’s content” – This is definitely a great way to build relationships and earn your way into the “bloggers circle”

    Great post


  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post, Rahul. As a fellow blogger who also believes in giving before receiving it was nice to be reminded of other bloggers still believing in the same principle.

    Sharing other bloggers’ content but more importantly building successful relationships with other bloggers has helped me tremendously in the past.

    One of the best advantages I can think of off the top of my head is when you have given another blogger some good value in the past and eventually you’re in a good relationship with them, they won’t mind giving you a helping hand the day when you need it, like answering a question you might have difficulty with but which they have managed to crack in the past.

    Another example is the world’s opportunities that open up for you when you connect with other bloggers. For instance if you haven’t shown Kiesha what you are capable of delivering in terms of guest posts and your quality of writing, do you think you would have been given this opportunity to write this post?

    Keep up the good work Rahul and who knows, we might connect in other ways in future! :)

  4. with friends on social networks braid I found many things that I do not know, the more useful for my blog

  5. I have found over time that it’s much easier to gain relationships with other bloggers is to have a powerful authority niche site. They are more likely to spend time talking to you because of your assets.

  6. I think as a blogger your first responsible is to share useful and informative articles, then you should focus on building relationship with fellow bloggers.

    You can follow them on popular networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. Share there good posts with your audience, don’t just share anything give preference to quality. This way you can make fellow bloggers to notice you.

  7. Providing value and showing our readers that we care is one of the great and highly effective ways to build genuine relationships. Mostly, if we are open to helping without expecting anything in return, we get more attention than we’d expect! Thanks Rahul.

    • Hi, Jane. You and Rahul are so right. Another tip would be to send special birthday cards to those you connect with, or even write an article about them with that occasion.

      • Hey Cristian, that’s an awesome tip buddy :) Loved it, I’ll surely try it this time, thanks!

        Hi Jane,

        I know how you engage with other bloggers (with all level of bloggers), and I REALLY love the way you connect. There’s lot to learn from you, thanks for stopping by.

  8. Agreed ! nice points you have made
    i m tryng to build a relationship my fellow bloggers and these are really useful


  9. Agreed! all this is very useful. Would like to improve upon these points…. Thanks for sharing..

  10. Agreed! all this is very useful. Would like to improve upon these points…. Thanks for sharing..

  11. Hi rahul
    I fully agree with all of your points but i like the most 3rd piont(Don’t be a hero let the other person be a hero)
    90% of blogger can’t able to make realations to other because of this.

  12. “Don’t sound like a company – be humorous: Your writing is what makes you stand out from the crowd. If your writing is generic – no one will notice you, simple as that.” Spot on, thanks for pointing this out! I always shudder whenever I see business spiel being used as content or a feeble attempt to connect with online users. Humour’s a great way to go about boosting your image, as is gently mocking yourself. A bit of self-deprecation and humility is always a good thing. Particularly in business.

  13. I think as a blogger your 1st accountable is to share helpful and informative articles, then you ought to specialise in building relationship with fellow bloggers.

    You can follow them on well-liked networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ then on. Share there sensible posts together with your audience, don’t simply share something provide preference to quality. this fashion you’ll be able to create fellow bloggers to note you.

  14. The blogging community is one massive happy family, well most people are ;-)
    I like and believe the purpose you create concerning “Promote different people’s content” – this is often positively an excellent thanks to build relationships and earn your means into the “bloggers circle”

  15. This useful info for me as a new blogger, i will practice what you said above in my future blog and see what happens. Hopefully will bring good result :)

    Adi J.

  16. Very good article for new blogger…..Excellent work dude…

  17. i think you are obsessed with flirting , i read a post on your blog about flirting.

    Good article, keep it up

  18. Indeed very useful and informative post! Thank you pal

  19. This is some great information!! I just started a new blog and I am very receptive to helping other bloggers out!! We all need some help, right?? I am willing to go the distance with anyone who is willing…

  20. This was a excellent post Rahul,
    I liek your two points which is to be considered by every blogger may be a beginner or established.

    It’s about them – not about you
    Flirt without them knowing — “Don’t sound like a company – be humorous:”

    I saw few established bloggers who changed their sound once they achieve a position.
    They will be in a concept that people will visit them as they write good articles.

    I also agree with Piyush and Asma’s comments above.


  21. Interesting thoughts, I’ll tell you) To my mind, bloggers should be not only humours, but also very honest with their readers. So it will help to have warm and friendly relations

    Julia Spencer’s recent post.. 6 Useful Applications for Brand Pages

  22. hi!
    Flirt without them knowing- I wish to try that one. :D
    Your post is really helpful for the beginners like me. I’m new to blogging and learning a lot from your site. However I have realized that blogging is not a “get rich in quick” method. It would take years and years.

  23. Blogospere is like a big family & Bloggers succeded because of mentaining good relationships, this is a useful info for me as a new blogger, I will practice this & hope for the best, good post, thanks for sharing.

  24. This is an informative post! It is useful for new blogger.

  25. I blog mainly to advise and show my knowledge to potential customers who are looking for a car valeting service. Although i am now stretching my main topic into motorsport as well and in the future general car maintenance tips. I like the idea of building relationships with other bloggers and helping others

  26. Stop acting like a company and start acting like you as a person.

  27. The blogging community is most popular after social networking :) I also looks to build relationship through these sources with other fellows working the same thing on web. Tremendous article and most informative.

  28. Videos Online says:

    this is great and useful article thank you.

  29. You are correct in saying that blogging is not an overnight success. You have to work hard at it and engage with others online. It takes time, but if you stay consistent good things will happen with your business.

  30. I really have trouble with keeping a constant posting frequency. Maybe it’s because blogging is not may main job and I just get so distracted by the company I run. Whatever the excuse may be, I really have to keep myself on a schedule, almost like an exercise plan, to make sure I post when I should. Though it really depends on your content and your own style as to how frequent your postings are, I like to try 2 to 3 per week.

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