Black Friday Blogging Deal: 10 Week Gameplan for Top 100k Blog for $7

Happy Thanksgiving!What are you thankful for?  I’m thankful for you!

To celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday – as a token of thanks, I wanted to offer a special deal of my own.

Get 10 Week Gameplan for a Top 100k Blog ebook – $7

One blogger has already taken advantage of the strategies from the book and has begun publishing her results.

Check out her progress here >> Lady WordPress 10 Week Gameplan Review.

If you haven’t already grabbed your copy of the 10 Week Gameplan for a Top 100k Blog, here’s your chance to get it at a crazy-reduced price.

Use the following code and you can get the ebook for just $7!

Act fast, the offer ends 12 A.M. EST, Monday, November 26, 2012.

Use this Discount Code:  THANKSGIVING

To get your copy for just $7, follow these steps:
1.  Visit this link:
2.  Click “Add to Cart” (ebook only)
3.  Enter the above discount code in the box.
4.  Update your cart and Check out.


About Kiesha Easley

This is my blog - where I love to encourage bloggers. My hope is that you'll leave this blog with more than you came with; you'll learn something new or will at least be engaged and entertained.
In addition to teaching others how to blog, I'm also a college instructor who teaches students how to write for mass media.
I've guest posted on Problogger, DIYThemes and many others. I'm also the author of Highly Favored, a blog devoted to Christian inspiration & encouragement. Please follow me on twitter @weblogbetter or on Facebook.


  1. Hey girl, this is good to know, I was just adding some deals to my blog and so happy to see this one on sale as well, maybe those who were on the edge about investing in their blogging “education” will not think too much with such a great price ;)

  2. Kiesha, this is simply a wonderful deal. And as Brankica says, no one should think about the price – you’ve given such an awesome deal!

  3. Nice opportunity, I think i’s really worth for that affordable price to give it a try! Thanks for this cool giveaway! I1m looking forward to have a look at my own copy!

  4. Hi Kiesha,

    Hmm..Seems a nice eBook Kiesha. This is really a great deal on this Thanksgiving day.

    I am definitely going to have my copy.


  5. Hi, Kiesha! I’ve been waiting for Black Friday a whole year :D I’ve already made a wish list and I’ll add this blogging deal too.

  6. Hi Keisha,
    I just bought your book and it was so interesting. You have done a good job by writing the eBook. There are some information there that I haven’t heard of them before. I hope I follow it through and use it to develop my blog.
    Kudos to you. Good job well done.

  7. Black Friday is like D-Day of the year :)) I’ve been waiting for it for a couple of months now and put some money aside for it – I’m really hoping that I’m gonna get very good deals! I’m interested in the book also, it sounds really good and it’s useful so if I’m gonna be left with something I’m gonna give it a shot also


  8. I think its really worth for that affordable price GOINT TO BUY IT

  9. I love Black Friday :)) With little money i can buy so many thing useful and valuable for me ^^ . Thx for who idea this :D

  10. Its a real cool deal, nice one, I will go for it, thanks.

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