5 C’s of Effective Guest Blogging to Make the Most of an Opportunity

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There are two types of guest bloggers, those who will look out for relatively easier guest blogging opportunities, try to meet the minimum requirements and get their posts published with a couple of links to their website.

And then there are guest bloggers, who’d go one step ahead and try to make the most of a guest posting opportunity instead of contending for a back link.

To be honest, if a back link is all you are aiming for, you are only extracting half the benefits, because if you can go one step ahead while choosing the blog and writing content, you can get so much more out of this wonderful opportunity.

To make things simpler for people looking to make the most of their guest posts, following are the five C’s of effective Guest Blogging.

1. Connection:

Even before you start writing a guest post, you need to spend some time on finding a blog which is worth your efforts. Writing and proofreading a quality post will take quite some time, so you should be going for the best available platforms in terms of exposure and link value.

Knowing that relevancy has become an important factor, you need to find good blogs with some kind of connection or thematic relevancy with the topic of your website or blog.

For example, if your website is about maternity clothes, there’s no point writing a post on Samsung galaxy for a tech and gadgets blog. In case, you really want to go for a tech blog, you should be writing about something relevant, for example the best apps for parents or something like that … see the connection?

2. Community:

Next, you need to search for blogs with a thriving community. Blogging is futile without readership and for guest bloggers; nothing can beat the highs that you will get from receiving positive comments at your guest post. You want real people to read the posts, comment on it, and share it with their contacts at social networks.

Remember that just because a blogger boasts about high page rank or lots of unique visitors, doesn’t mean it has a strong community. So you should be looking for the indications like number of comments made on recent posts, Facebook likes, or the number of tweets that an average post is receiving at that blog.

3. Comprehensiveness:

Moving on to the content, once you have shortlisted some blogs where you would like to feature as a guest blogger. Don’t limit yourself by aiming for the number of minimum words stated in the guest posting guidelines; instead you should try to discuss each and everything about the topic that comes to your mind.

This will help you in a number of ways. To start with, the blog owner will appreciate a detailed post, and you will manage to get it published in next to no time, but more importantly, it will manage to catch the eye of readers and other bloggers because of its extensiveness. If you are lucky, they will link to it from their blogs or social profiles and that will prove to be the icing on the cake.

4. Communicate:

When you are writing a guest post, keep your target audience in mind. Instead of just typing away some words on a topic in an essay format, try to communicate and engage the audience. You can do this by keeping a casual tone, asking questions, sharing your personal experiences, asking for their opinions, and encouraging them to comment.


Last but not the least, once your guest post is published, keep going back to see if someone has made a comment and reply (even if the blog owner hasn’t threatened to remove your links if you don’t respond to the comments). Not responding to the comments is like a great opportunity gone begging because you have done the hard work and when there was time to reap the benefits, and make contacts in blogosphere, you simply refuse to turn up.

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  1. Great tips Bashir, I couldn’t agree more, if you’re going to the effort of writing a guest post and find someone to publish it for you, you might as well make the most of all the benefits that guest blogging has!

  2. I hope some of the spammers who comment on my WordPress blogs trying to push products nobody wants stumble across something like this.

  3. Hey Bashir,

    You could have easily as well call it the five “Co’s”.

  4. Nice points Bashir,

    It’s important to do better research for your guest blogging effort. You need to choose the good blog which can actually help you enhance your exposure and attract relevant traffic for you.

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  6. Great tips, Bashir.
    I truly agree with the last C. Not responding to the comments is kind of mean which the users don’t like. Well executed, Bashir

  7. Thanks for the tips, Bashir
    But, yeah, its not only about the backlink – you increasing your community and popularity with guest blogging

  8. I like your idea of “C’s” ! It’s really creative, I haven’t seen it yet! And within the meaning of Article spotless! Thanks, bashir!

  9. All (guest) bloggers should read this, especially the part about only aiming for the backlink. If you have the chance to contribute as a guest blogger, you should put your best effort in. It will pay off in numerous ways, but if you’re only going for the backlink, this backlink is the only benefit you’ll gain.

    • True that, Peter.

      And that too from a run-of-the-mill blog, because ignoring any of these factors will make it difficult for your post to be approved at an authority blog.

  10. well bashir,
    the 5c’s principle is a great thought.it’s useful tip on research of gauest blogpost.really this article alarming in my mind always relly the way of explanation is good the readers must n should comfortble on reading of this post.the community makes lot of changes in our blogs we sholud use the social media to promte ourselves.

  11. Excellent list of 5 C’s of effective guest blogging. Out of all, I feel the most important one is the “Communicate”. This is very essential because if the readers won’t enjoy reading your post then the client for whom you will be writing will not be happy and eventually you will land up writing articles for low page rank blogs. Writing relevant and quality content that is worth saying “Readers-Kind of Stuff” is appreciated by everyone. So, it is essential to research about the topic well and be creative in the words.

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  13. I like the way you have laid down all these essentials of guest blogging. Each point you have mentioned weighs a lot. Great share.

  14. I have still yet to venture into guest blogging, your post has given me more reasons to give guest blogging a try. Connecting to your audience and building a following to your own blog are definetly some good reason to guest blog.

    Great post!

  15. Guest blogging can be a really powerful traffic tool. It takes a lot of work, but it works great!

  16. Great tips. It is very helpful.
    Thanks for the sharing.

  17. Good article that really helps me a lot. my blog-community is a bit small, so i’ll try to enlarge my one in the future!

  18. Good article that really helps me a lot. my blog-community is a bit small, so i’ll try to increase my one in the future!

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