5 Actionable Tips to Make Your Blog Successful

actionable blogging tipsWho else wants to be successful in blogging?

Hands down..

Here are 5 tips to make your blog successful. What more interesting in this post is: you can right away apply them on your blog after reading the post.

USP is what makes your blog stand out

Blogosphere is heavily crowded. You need to stand out from the crowd to make your blog successful.

How can you do that?

Do you’ve a Unique Selling Point (USP)?

First off, let me clear what does it mean by USP..

I REALLY hate scientific words.. I don’t want to confuse you with the complex words..

In simple terms, USP means “why someone will buy from you instead of others?”

You got my point?

Answer now..

I don’t need to drag this point, because you know it better than anyone else.

Content is directly proportional to traffic

There’s no rocket science behind making your blog successful.

You have to have great content.

That’s it.

If you’ve engaging content, it’ll stand out from the crowd.

More interesting point is, many bloggers will think that content creation and driving traffic is two separate phases. But they’re actually not.

They’re directly proportional to each other.

Yep.. your content is what brings you traffic. So always make sure you’re creating great stuff on your blog to drive quality traffic.

Social media engagement

Networking is the key to succeed online. No matter how old your blog is, it needs great connections to go viral.

Otherwise no one knows that you’ve a blog.

Three key points in social media engagement are:

  1. Be genuinely interested in helping others
  2. Give them something instead of asking
  3. Provide value


If there’s one secret that separates others from you, that’ll be copywriting.

Your copy matters A LOT.

Copywriting is the process of writing ‘tight copy’ (removing all the useless words and making the content as tight as possible).

No one will like to read your contents when it’s

  • Generic
  • No personal touch or
  • All-about-me approach

Make sure your copy is persuading. It should convey the MEAT as well as it should have a personal tone.

Three ways to become a great copywriter:

  1. Read more (so that you can steal others writing style) – great writers don’t imitate, they steal!
  2. Write more (practice makes a writer great writer)
  3. Edit more (caution: don’t edit while writing, editing should be done after writing)

Use the word YOU as many times as possible. This will directly impact on your blog, are YOU getting me?

Unclutter your blog design

Keep your blog design simple. Cluttering is the #1 killer for any web design. The best way to keep your blog design focused is this: have 3 goals.

Goal 1: What’s the first thing your visitors should do after landing on your blog?

Goal 2: What’s the second action that you want to give to them?

Goal 3: If they don’t take any action from the above, what’s the last thing that you want to make them to do?

Let me clarify this more clearly..

For example..

If your #1 goal is collecting emails from your readers, put the optin forms in the most visible places or consider using a landing page to get more leads.

If your readers are not interested in taking action on your #1 goal, then give them the second option.

Something like, connecting with you on social media sites like Facebook, twitter etc.

And the final goal can be either commenting on your blog posts or sharing your content etc.

Pro tip: White space is sexy in blog design. Don’t clutter it by using every widget under the sun.

Over to you:

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This is my blog - where I love to encourage bloggers. My hope is that you'll leave this blog with more than you came with; you'll learn something new or will at least be engaged and entertained.
In addition to teaching others how to blog, I'm also a college instructor who teaches students how to write for mass media.
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  1. Great post Rahul
    Being totally unique, and having a blog giving value to readers is a sure way to being successful.

  2. Hi Rahul ,

    You are always awesome …….I am a fan of you…This kind of explanation is needed for a new bloggers like me….simple and interactive post….

    Thanks for a great post…..

    • Hi Akhil,

      I’m working my butt off to hone my writing skills here on my laptop ;)

      Thanks for the appreciation Akhil, it means a lot to me. Keep reading the blog – more to come.

  3. I agree! A simple design is the best solution for users to find easily the information they look for. This principle is applicable for e-shops too. The thing is visitors are always in a hurry and they want something easy to manage in order to buy or read whatever they’re interested in.

  4. Great tips! A blog’s format should be clear and decluttered! Make sure that you have a goal in mind or a persona that you are trying to target. Nobody likes a blog that is too wordy or is in complete paragraphs! Change up the layout of your blogs and use header tags and images.

  5. The copywriting and content kinda go together but all in all these are basic blogging tips that anyone should be following :)

  6. Rahul, these are great examples. I know we get tired of hearing about our content, but we need to ask ourselves are we doing something about it?

    If your content does not attract new readers then it is probably not engaging enough. Most people will not share a post they did not enjoy reading.

    I have seen post that made me feel sorry for the author. I see good words, but no real direction. If you have problems organizing your thoughts, then you should go back to using outlines. No one will know but you.

  7. Useful tips! I definitely lag in the area of copywriting but I am getting better after starting to go through the Premise plugin’s learning material. Who better than those guys to help us learn about copywriting, right :)
    USP is definitely the thing that can make any blog stand out from the beginning, so it would be great for everyone to know what they want theirs to be before they even start.

  8. Hi,

    Well i believe successful blog needs loyal readers which can be gained by creating awesome content or quality content. Although social engagement is also necessary during this process.

    All of your points are more informative and actionable too :)


  9. For making the blog successful these points are very important.according to me most important is Content which drive traffic.

  10. Nice points Rahul,

    However it’s really important to decide what you’re expecting from your visitors so that you can plan your blogging accordingly. I know huge numbers of bloggers are promoting affiliate programs, and they expect there every visitor buy it. Though it’s not possible so in that case you should have other goals which you like to accomplish.

  11. social media engagement are on peek now a days also changing themes the enhance the looks would work more i think

  12. hello rahul..awesome post…i too hate scientific words and i really didn’t get the meaning of USP by just looking at it. but i do believe that quality is the best thing you can provide to your readers which helps us to get good traffic. but quality is not enough, promotion is another important factor as you have mentioned

  13. Thanks for the tips. One thing I’ve done to increase my visibility is to join a blogging game. It’s not only given my blog more traffic and increased my credibility but it’s significantly dropped my Alexa rank from 6 million to 400,000!!! That’s HUGE.

  14. Knowing your unique selling point is always the first thing to look for, plan for. i always consider it as the best and only option. thank for the tips

  15. Completely fantastic post Rahul. You have won yourself a fan today. Thanks for the easy defination of Copywriting. I wonder who named it COPYwriting.

    When my blog was new, I used to keep a dark theme and a cluttered (not intentionally though) design. But spending months on blogging, I shifted to completely simple and white based clutterless design. This not only reduces the load time but also makes more visitors stay at your blog.

  16. Exceptional writing skills can set you apart from all the other bloggers working online. The copy that you write should be powerful enough to engross your readers and thereby generate more traffic. Every business needs certain strategies to achieve success in their work. Similarly, you have provided with good points to keep in mind while blogging. Thanks.

  17. Completely fantastic post Rahul. You have won yourself a fan today. Thanks for the easy defination of Copywriting. I wonder who named it COPYwriting.

    When my blog was new, I used to keep a dark theme and a cluttered (not intentionally though) design. But spending months on blogging, I shifted to completely simple and white based clutterless design. This not only reduces the load time but also makes more visitors stay at your blog.

  18. Hi Rahul! You nailed it right when you said you need a USP. Every blogger has to differentiate or perish. But how do you differentiate if you don’t know what your core strengths are and who they will benefit the most? How do you you know your best target if you don’t take the time to create a persona you want to reach with your messages — I guess all that amounts to taking the time to know what you have that’s unique and who really needs your unique stuff.

  19. Hey Rahul,

    I have to say that I totally agree with you.

    My main problem was and is still the copywriting. Because I’m french speaking I struggle eevry time I have to write something, but I don’t want to give my article writings to an outsourcer because it would lose my character in the writing.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one having that problem lol

    Anyway your post is useful and I need to check my “Unclutter your blog design” something I never bothered with.

    Thanks for your post

  20. there only one way to make a blog succesful: post relevant and unique content!

  21. What a great article.I am searching from the google last couple of days That about successful blog.But unfortunately i din’t find any great way.But now my journey comes to an end.I must say What a great article.And once again thanks for this helpful and informative article.

  22. Copywriting matters a lot. Your writing prowess proves it’s worth.

  23. Social media promotion and Social media participation is important to increase readers and to make the blog successful.
    Thanks for sharing

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  25. From my own experience, I can say that becoming a successful blogger is a long-term process, in which we need to put a lot of hard work. Nevertheless, we also need to focus on details, such as the design of the blog, promoting on social networks and coming up with fresh content regularly.

  26. The name of the blog also matters a lot when it comes to making it popular amongst the online audience. The easier the blog’s name and website address, the simpler it is to find it on the internet and visit it several times. This helps generate positive traffic and makes the blog a success.

  27. Hi Rahul, That’s a stunning post. You know I read so many blog posts but your post just caught my whole attention. We write for our readers but most of us didn’t notice, what readers would do while landing on home page. Another point, In social media people like to share great contents, that way great contents earns great numbers of FB likes, tweets and comments.

  28. “1. Read more (so that you can steal others writing style) – great writers don’t imitate, they steal!”

    So were you got this content from? :P

    There is certainly some good value in this post for the beginning blogger, straight to the point.

  29. Awesome post Rahull!
    The one major thing I find stood out to me was your outline of unique content! Many bloggers and article niches find themselves with bots or spun articles. None of it makes sense but people get a back link from it and most blogger that’s all they care about for traffic issues.

    When a blog has unique content that speaks to their reads and engages them I find it to be a better contribution to the internet as a whole.

  30. Making a blog successful; is really challenging and can be difficult atimes. One of the things I try doing is publish quality posts everyday and I believe it helps my blog rank better in SERP

  31. The content that is share in this blog is very useful , It is so much informative and energetic.I will definitely apply this on my blogs ..
    Nice to find the post related to my searching criteria .

  32. Rahul, This post was specially made for me love all the tips mentioned.

    Thanks dude.

  33. Posting quality content is a good way to rank high in SERP. Love the ‘Content is directly proportional to traffic’

  34. It’s also important to keep SEO in mind. If you want your posts to generate traffic over time and appear in the search engines you should use specific keywords, especially within the title.

  35. Unique and Attractive content is the key to a successful blog that’s all ..

  36. Hey Rahul, I really like how you noted that there is no separating content from traffic. Using a ton of traffic generating techniques is useless if the content isn’t enough to hold visitor’s attention.

  37. Hi Rahul!

    Great writeup as usual. But I must say that I don’t agree with the point ‘Edit after completing the article’ I usually edit my posts during writing because sometimes I feel that the idea might skip from my mind if I hold it in. :D

    Anyways, everyone has his own style of writing, just shared mine! :D

  38. These are great tips you have shared here. Keep sharing the useful stuff.

  39. Social media is definitely a staple when it comes to marketing your content. I agree with that point. I use Facebook and Twitter a lot to market my blogs!

  40. It’s not just about content, yes, it’s all about making tight, noteworthy content. Remember that those with sensible blogs get the more Google juice!

    • I really thank you for the valuable info on this great subject and look forward to more great posts. Thanks a lot for enjoying this beauty article with me.
      I am appreciating it very much! Looking forward to another great article. Good luck to the author! All the best!
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  41. Unique Selling Point, I’ll take note of that. This is an interesting article! And yes, I agree with you when you wrote that content is directly proportional to traffic. Works for me!

  42. Distinguishing yourself as better / different than everyone else is certainly useful.

    I do think that it is not easy to accomplish. Professional bloggers, like small retail chains can easily be eaten up by larger companies. We have already seen it happen.

    One popular website and its talent were purchased by AOL.

    Of course, there are many people who read this that will be interested in being ‘bought’ by such a big company too! So, it all comes back to how much value a blogger can provide!

  43. Awesome tips to improve your blog engagement. for a blogger it is very important thing to know that. Thanks Rahul.

  44. Awesome post to improve blog engagement. for a blogger it is very important thing to know that. Thanks Rahul.

  45. I was impressed with the information you have provided. I never knew that copy writing has so many things behind it. Thanks a lot.

  46. You offer a lot of great tips. It is important that your website does not have a lot of clutter like you mentioned. A clean looking site will not overwhelm your readers.

  47. Right, I think that when you write with your ideas and your inspiration for yourself, you can create a significant impact on your readers, it really works, besides that is always something new.

  48. Hi Kiesha,
    There are many posts written about successful blogging that I come across. I personally have attempted to write few but this is one of the best and very clear post about successful blogging. I really liked the USP point, I always thought that it is absolutely impossible to stand apart in today’s blogosphere but the USP factor can really work well. Let me have one, thanks.


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