Lack of Inspiration? 11 Different Types Of Articles You Can Write On Your Blog

Do you know what is the best way to keep your readers happy? Give them interesting and useful stuff to read !

Yeah, it’s easy to say.

Every self-respecting blogger wants to be appreciated and to be able to always hit the right cut to give to their posts.

You know, those articles that make you proud to have written and make you jump for joy when you see them mentioned and featured elsewhere in the blogosphere.

Is it a matter of natural talent, inspirations or any other variable?

Up to you decide.

I propose you eleven different types of posts you can write in your blog. I want to share them with you.

1. Original Post

The original post, in the sense of “written in your own handwriting,” is probably the first type of articles you decide to write for your blog.

Although you can write original posts above all at the beginning of your blog, also in the future you will continue to write about a topic in which you are knowledgeable.

Remember this kind of post will continue to keep you company until your blog will have life.

2. Reviews

Every blogger has precise interests. Begin to find and then review services in line with the target of your blog.

This kind of article is wrong considered faster to write than the original post, but just think that a good review does not include writing a handful of platitudes on a service that is known by everyone in your market, but rather a rich research phase before and meticulous development of these results later.

An example : Commentluv Premium – New Features

3. Tutorial

The famous “How To“!

You are probably already some kind of expert in this field. Whether it is the most advanced programming software or just an apple pie recipe, you probably have at your disposal all the material to write a good tutorial.

In this type of article, you just need to rearrange the ideas, put them in a logical order with the supporting materials.

For example : How to Find an Intern

4 . Meme

Sometimes it’s just fun to take part in the initiatives that are born and move entirely on the blogosphere. The meme, in short.

Then being transported writing does not require a lot of effort and allow you to get away from your usual routine.

The meme is also the only type of article that you should write without too much trouble, getting out of your frequency of posting schedule.

5 . Lists

The lists are everywhere. Any blog has some list posts.

You can compose a list of useful software, a list of bloggers to follow, a list of your favorite plugins, a list of Twitter accounts to follow.

Everything can be put on the list as long as there are enough elements similar to each other.

An example : 34 Things I’ve Learned about Blogging

6 . Interviews

Everyone wants to talk about what interests them. And from time to time the person speaking may not be you.

Select a great list of good questions and propose an interview to popular bloggers in your niche.

You will earn an alternative view to yours and the respondent will be known in a new segment of readers, other than being featured in your blog.

If you are properly motivated, why not try to interview a big name in your niche? The results may surprise you.

7 . Selection of Resources

It is included into this growing type of article the selection of applications, web services, resources freeware, etc.

It involves to master very well the resources listed and a good reactivity in evaluating the “hot” issues.

8 . Pre-post

This type of post will be useful if you usually plan well in advance the topics you intend to treat during the following month.

You can easily draw attention to a hot topic on which you plan to spend a lot of time, starting to advance the issues, in order to test the reactions of your readers.

As the final article is published, you really should go back on the pre-posts and update them with the correct URL now present.

9 . Case Study

For almost everything that is out there, you can develop a case study. So take a little time and analyzes an important fact in your niche.

Sometimes retrace the experiences of others is a great way to focus the attention of your readers on ingenious solutions in particular fields.

10 . Guest Post

The guest post is viewed as a strategy of marketing with great benefits for both the writer and the blog owner (if you are able to give high quality content, I should add!).

You can start to offer your users to write guest post by defining a customized page in your blog, containing the basic guidelines to follow (such as article length, images, links and anything else you think appropriate), or go hunting yourself hidden talents that you would never, ever contacted independently.

11 . Personal Stories

Everyone like stories.

With a good story, you can drag the reader into the middle of the discussion. And with a great story, you can tell personal experiences with an analytical eye.

Tell your personal story to support the topic of the day is a great way to keep your readers engaged.


Which are your favorite types of posts? Do you think something is missing in this list?


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About Erik Emanuelli

Erik Emanuelli is entrepreneur, traveler and passionate blogger. He writes about social media and marketing, blogging tips and how to create a passive income online. He believes that hard work is the basis for the success of a small business. Follow him on Twitter @ErikEmanuelli.


  1. Some really great tips on what to write when we run short of ideas. This I believe with most of us here and there are times when the blog is not updated for weeks. This leads to traffic getting thinner and the cycle goes on.

    However implementing the above tips can surely give bloggers various options to choose from while writing blog posts. All the best

    • I am so glad you liked the article, Pete! :-)

      Sometimes we just run out of ideas and this is a list of article types
      you can use everytime you need to create a good post!

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Awesome post!
    Even though there are different types of posts, not all posts can attract every visitor. And every type of these articles cannot suit the niche of a particular blog.

  3. Hey Erik,
    Thanks a lot for this great post. Sometimes we fall short of something to write about because of short of ideas and sometimes time might not be on our side. This post has given a good guide of how to go about that and will really have to put some of the techniques that you mentioned and i have not been using.

  4. You missed one: News Post

    For inspiration I am subscribed to many different news sources for my niche.
    Insurance kinda tends to be quite boring to start with, and after writing the umpteenth article about various aspects of it, it doesn’t get any easier, so it can take quite a bit to inspire me to write a decent post.

    Fortunately, if you have enough news sources to trawl through, something’s going to catch your eye and either give you an idea, or at the very least something to comment on and write your own opinion about.


    • Oh, thanks for adding that, Matt!

      It’s so popular, that I have missed the “News Post”!

      May be because in my niche, this kind of article it not used at all.

      But I do understand that in many sites, the news are pretty popular and attract huge audience!

      • Hey you should! Google’s ALWAYS in the news and it’s often relevant to bloggers, then there’s SEO and stuff, mind you, I appreciate some bloggers have got to the point where they no longer need google – which that was me!!

        • I agree, Matt.
          Also in SEO niche, for istance, when there is some exciting news about last Google update or last Matt Cutts announcement, this can be an opportunity to write about it in your blog.
          Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Great post and a good list of ideas. However I guess the main thing is to write high quality content and not spend to little time on your blog posts! Write for your readers and provide them with high quality to keep them coming back again and again.

  6. Interview articles are a great way to find content, and even inspiration. Letting someone else guide the direction of an article really helps you get from the beginning to end. It’s always fun (at least for me) to write about something that didn’t come from my head once in a while. Perhaps that is more of my journalism background kicking in, but interviews are always a good idea, you never know what kinds of things you can uncover.

    • That’s right, Paul Lee.

      And you can always learn something from interview articles.
      Other than not to worry about thinking what to write,
      when you have decided your questions, it’s all about engaging conversation with the interviewed.

  7. Erik, these are great ideas for post categories. It is hard to find out what readers find interesting. I will play around with the “meme” post.

  8. Your tips are just awesome.The tip about the guest post and review just worked for me.I did those in my blog and i was getting a good number of traffic.I also published some interview of the famous bloggers which also returned me a good result.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Himadri.
      Some types of articles work better for some niche, and some other kind of posts
      work fine for different topics.
      For blogging it’s great the interviews and guest posts,
      also because the connection and relationships you can build with them.

  9. Thanks for the great post Erik, I’m new to the blogging game and every post I’ve read for help have stressed “Write for people first, machines later”! Even after only a couple weeks in the blogging world, I can already spot posts that were made solely for SEO and to stuff full of keywords. It’s discouraging to see this behavior but it also serves as motivation to avoid such things from happening on my blog. Thanks again, Erik! I’ll keep an eye open for new posts from you :)

    • I am happy you liked the article, Luis!
      Blogging is not only about writing and SEO, but also and most important about
      engaging and building relationships with your audience, your readers and the other
      bloggers in your niche.

  10. I usually smug up my blog with how to and reviews, hopefully now things will start getting better for me.

  11. I am very fortunate that I am writing on a subject I love. I sometimes wish the traffic was there to embrace what I am writing about. Even though I am writing from the perspective of faith and I know there are those interested in what I am writing. I find it disheartening that the traffic is not there like I thought it would be at this point.

    • It should be always like that, Demetrios!
      I mean if someone start a blog, it should be about something he loves to write every
      single free moment of the day!

      Traffic will come. If your passion is high, you will be rewarded, sooner or later.
      Good luck! :)

  12. Very useful post. Now I have understood there are these many types of post that I can try. Usually I have a habit of writing “how to” type of post. But I’m sure hereafter I’ll try to write on another type of post. Thanks for the ideas.

  13. Hi Erik,

    Really useful article, to come up with new topic to write on. I think tutorials are best sources to read and gives you good topics to write on your article.

  14. Amazing post!
    Even though there are different kinds of content, not all content can entice every guest. And every kind of these content cannot fit the market of a particular weblog.
    seo services

  15. this is realy good information which help me alot
    seo services

  16. Very usefull info indeed. If at first weeks and months the ideas are coming fast, after a while you face the “blank” devil :). So this list is more then welcome.
    I agree also with Matt that it’s nice to have news posts ( I have), but you must pay attention to be “fresh”, otherwise it’s a waste of time.

    Regards, Gekko

  17. Nice “list” post useful when out of inspiration. However never heard the term “meme” before. So the “meme” type is still not clear for me. Maybe its a not-native-english thing. gonna read some more on it to fill me in. Thanks.

    • Hi Bert,
      just to help you understand what “Meme” is :
      an image, video, etc. that is passed electronically from one Internet user to another.
      Something that went viral, popular!

      Got it now? :)

  18. Hola Thanks for such nice Erik..

    Personally i like list post the most as when we publishing list post in a single post we can tell about many things.

    I am working on interviews and awaiting for replies..!!!

  19. Hi Erik,
    I am so pleased to see you summarize almost whole world of blogging topics into just a post. Mind you itts not just a post. Its something called a “treasure”, specially for the novices. Its like giving a whole load of options to anyone who wants to write. What more one can provide to any blogger? You have productively enlisted all possible arenas of working. Its a must Post to STOP-BY!

    Thanks for the share.

  20. Nice post Erik. It’s good to have a checklist like this to refer back to when you run out of inspiration (the classic ‘list’ post!) – we’ve covered a fair few good topics on the blog but were starting to run out of ideas. Two things we never thought of – interviews and pre-posts. Interviews are great because we have a ready stash of people we can go and speak to, with our boutiques that we work with, and the ‘prepost’ is great because it will give us discipline about what we’re aiming at! So thanks again…

    • I am so happy you liked the article and the tips included in it!

      The classic list posts is easy to write, but also useful for the readers.
      Well, if you are able to list something useful! ;-)

  21. Brilliant ideas Erick. I never thought I can add so many versatile topics to my blog. I am planing about starting an interview section. I had never before heard about a meme. I will check out more about it though. Thanks for sharing this article Erik.

  22. Yeah sure i will gonna write some interesting articles on some topics on my blog.I don’t have idea or you can say inspiration .But now i will write.thanks for great article and inspiration.

  23. Great list you got here. Another that I find really helpful is incorporating videos or infographics to my posts. You can find loads of infographics about your niche that you can embed in your blog post. I often use this when I need some content and I just don’t have really much time to sit down and type a lengthy post. All you need is to provide a bit of information and then let the video or infographic do the rest.

  24. Pretty cool list. You can chose one each week and never run out of topics. I haven’t done any memes so far, I should probably try to figure something out :)

  25. Great post, wonderful list of ideas, Personal stories & interviews are pretty easy and can produce some fresh & interesting content, I did those in my blog and I was getting a good number of traffic. Really useful article, to come up with new topic to write on.

  26. These types of articles are for sure one of the best ones to use on our blog and to get better exposure.
    I usually write original posts and tutorials, interviews attract traffic like crazy but they are time consuming.

    Since you need to send your questions and wait for them until the person that is interviewed answers on them.

    Personal stories are tough for most of the people, since It’s hard to start sharing personal info with the world.

    But this list is for sure one of the best ones to use on any kind of blog.

    thanks for sharing

  27. It is a nice post.Thanks for sharing this with us.You have given great ideas for new bloggers like me to write a blog.

  28. I really love the guest posts and the tutorials.

  29. Great list. I had not thought of memes, so I’ll try to mix those in every once in a while. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Jim Zboran says:

    Thanks for the comprehensive list of blog post types, Erik. They would make a nice framework for a regular blogging strategy… keeping the blog post ideas flowing from the blogger and interesting to the reader.

    I haven’t done any meme posts… I’ll have to keep my eyes open for a good one!

  31. All of the above mentioned types of posts are very well used by bloggers to write a post. Out of all I like writing personal stories because there you do not have to prove or answer to something. There we can just write the facts about our life and get the audience views and thoughts over it. Memes are also fun.

  32. It’s nice to know we’re doing something right. We usually review invoicing apps as we discovered that there’s a lot of them out there. Thanks for the post!

  33. Great list and well worth the read. I would like to suggest a 12th type and that is re-spinning a topic that someone has written and adding ideas or a different perspective to it while giving that person full credit and listing the author and source of the original article with a link to it.

    • Thanks for the appreciation!
      And I think you should always show your personality in your writings,
      as explaining your point of view on things may help you stand out from the crowd.

  34. So many people who write content online – myself included – can hit a virtual roadblock at times which is brought on by lack of inspiration. Diversity keeps all of us on our toes and ensures that the readers are always entertained as the content never grows stale or begins to sound the same. Bloggers out there would reap most benefits from at least attempting to tackle ALL 11 of these article types in an effort to ‘flex’ their creative muscles.

  35. very good article but you miss the “social media” topic this is also a good topic to post content.
    thanks for writing awesome article .

  36. Appealing to guest writers to contribute high quality content to your blog, Erik is brilliant advice and can prove the difference between a good blog and a great one. As you mentioned, guest writers receive free promotion yet you receive fresh, insightful content from a variety of different viewpoints. This approach will keep your readers engaged for much, much longer. Just be sure to screen the potential writers first, perhaps by requesting a sample of previous work.

    All of the best bloggers know how to harness the power of guest posts, Erik and I’m certain this particular piece will open the eyes of those who currently are missing out on the opportunity.


  37. An ideal example of how ‘The List’ both engages and entertains whilst still being a fairly straight-forward concept.

    Lists are easy to digest in terms of content and are easy for the reader to follow. For the blogger, they’re a way to get several points across while also increasing the time a readers spends interacting with the website in question.

    There’s a reason why, despite being so simple, they’re still a staple of blogging and journalism as a whole. Great use of lists yourself, Erik

  38. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve turned to the ‘net to learn how to do something around the house or involving my computer and found that answer it the form of a ‘How To’ list that someone has posted.

    I think some bloggers are a little nervous to put their name to these types of posts in case people don’t like the advice but if you’re good at something and can articulate that for others to benefit from, I think these types of posts can easily be the most useful floating around today.

    Do you think there should be a disclaimer of some sort prior to posting these articles though? Something like a ‘advice only’ type warning to protect those bloggers putting virtual pen to paper?

  39. 9 times out of 10, Erik, I won’t even consider buying a product online unless I’ve checked out a review first. I write them myself and I know that when you provide visitors to your site with genuine, accurate and detailed reviews, the liklihood of earning money from your blog goes through the roof.

    The review is the backbone of many online blogs and when it is done right, it can make or break your online reputation, I think. Budding bloggers thinking of penning a review just need to keep it honest – it’s often good to live by the rule: ‘if I wouldn’t buy it, I won’t review it.’

    They’re the most sought after post type, so you’d be crazy not to include at least one on your site, right?

  40. Well, adding extra categories is a good idea. Interviewing someone popular in your niche will certainly be worth-trying. Thanks for the wonderful post, Erik.

  41. I’m certainly very shocked together with content and articles. I feel it’s for that reason joining due to your exceptional suggestions and fascinating wording and terminology. Appreciate composing revealing content material

  42. Hi Erik,

    I started with a business blog a month ago, but I do not have any inspiration..
    I think I am going to write a case study or a tutorial about PA speakers.

    Thanks for the information, keep up the good blogs!

  43. Great post! I’m always struggeling with what to write. I saved this blogpost to my favorites, so when i want to write an article i’ll get some inspiration by this. Thanks a lot this post is helping me a lot with becoming a better writer

  44. Helpful post, a friend of mine just linked me to here when i was telling him i had problems with writing a blog article that is relevant on my business. Thanks for your tips Erik, i will let you know what the effects are by my website traffic with your tips!


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