5 Deadly Sins Of Blogging You Should Avoid At All Costs

Blogging mistakes to avoidBlogging isn’t hard..

You just need to know what to do and more importantly what NOT to do.

So I came up with this post to pinpoint your blogging mistakes and we’ll also be discussing how to avoid them the right way.

Without much ado.. lets jump into the details

#1. Forgetting the importance of About page

Tell me frankly.. when was the last time did you open your about page?

If you know the importance of about page, you’ll certainly try to optimize it for the better conversions.

If your blog is being valuable to the readers, they’ll check out your blog’s about page sooner or later. More than 50% of the people who lands on your about page will love to take some action. Your conversion rates will TOTALLY depends upon your CTA (Call To Action).

What’s the better time to ask your readers to subscribing to your blog??

Put your opt-in form in your about page.

This is the single most important factor that can boost subscriptions in your mailing list.

Pro tip: Write your about page as you’re directly talking to your readers, not as a 3rd person. After all, you’re creating your own about page, not someone else.

Another tip is: talk more about your readers other than bragging about yourself.

#2. Taking long break from blogging

People vanish from your blog when you don’t publish anything for weeks in a row. The probability of forgetting your blog will be more when your blog is brand NEW.

So what can you about it?

Maintain a consistent posting frequency. Allow guest bloggers, write the blog posts well in advance and make your blog well organized.

These qualities will make you stand out from the remaining crowd. People will love those bloggers who’re COMMITTED.

#3. Rehashing the content

Rehashing the content = Plagiarism (my opinion)

Okay I agree, no one can create ultimately unique content. Even if you think you’ve unique ideas, they might be already discussed somewhere in the blogosphere, agree?

So what else can you do?

Show some freshness in your writing. Try to write in a unique way. This will make your readers feel that you’re something different from others. If everyone in your niche is writing in long blocks of content, you write in short paragraphs and viceversa.

If 99 out of 100 people are creating textual content, then focus on mastering in video or podcast marketing. All these small changes will give you drastic results in the long run. And you’ll thank yourself in the future for doing them now.

#4. Depending totally upon Google

Okay search engines are the best ways to bring quality traffic to your sites and SEO is a must. But do you REALLY think Google is favoring bloggers efforts?

Not at all.

Google is launching it’s weapons (like Panda, Penguin, EMD updates etc) to give the laser targeted search results to it’s users. We can’t blame Google for doing that.. since it needs relevant search results.

What can you do about it then?

Focus on building thriving audience around your blog. How?

Use social media sites, guest blogging and email marketing to build a better network around your blog. What else gives you success other than having a great network??

#5. Creating 2 or more blogs when your 1st blog is just taking off

Hmm… how about this??

Creating (or thinking to launch new blogs) when your first blog is taking off. How dumb is that?

When your focus is only on one blog, you’ll have more chances to make it popular. By creating too many blogs for extra income you’ll be kicking yourself. Moreover you can’t get anywhere having a bunch of blogs.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t maintain too many blogs but when you’re new to online business, you must focus on ONE blog. And taking to the next level with your skills. Most of my blogging friends started 2 or more blogs when their very first launch taking off, but they totally lost their focus after creating too many blogs and they eventually did NOTHING from them.

So always make sure you’re going in the right direction. Always have a blogging vision.. that is how you can bring value to the blogosphere.

Over to you:

What mistakes did you make from the above? Or do you’ve any more tips? Please share them below. I’d be glad to respond to everyone in the comments section.


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  1. Thanks for this great post. I will follow your articles.

  2. Hi Rahul,

    Nice Post..!!!

    Things that some of us being a blogger doesn’t pay attention you have covered them.

    Earlier i used to have a about page but just as a formality but i am going to improve it today only after reading your article.

  3. As with business marketing, your blog needs the same focus, effort and commitment. People who don’t have that will fail.

  4. Great Tips Rahul,
    Bloggers really need to optimize their about page, am surprised some bloggers don’t even have one!
    About the long break thing, I think it is inevitable especially if you are studying and blogging, there will always be a time when you will have to take a break.

    • Haha yea, it’s strange to see the blogs which doesn’t have about page.. (okay few niche sites don’t need one, but most of the blogs surely need to optimize their about page).

  5. Really good points – and I have probably broken all of them :-) I will definitely listen to this – especially the point about focusing. I recently started a bunch of blogs and websites – and it is really hard to keep all of them updated with fresh content. After reading this I will start to cut down on it and focus much more on one or two projects.

  6. Tip #4 is huge. Instead of relying totally on Google, it’s necessary to create streams of traffic from other sources (youtube, stumbleupon, pinterest, your blog in general). Also, building an email list is extremely important.

  7. Hello there,
    Very fabulous post.
    I am very agree on #2 that is indicating about not to have work with dedication means to taking a long rest and have some easy days.i can be harmful.
    Thanks you for that points and showing a attention at this precious time.

  8. The point that really struck me was; depending solely on Google for traffic. This is simply not a sustainable way to build a blog especially if it’s a professional blog.

    One has to try to diversify traffic sources.

  9. thanx for the tips my friend

  10. Good post, Tip 4 is probably the most important for me.

  11. I think that number 5 is a big no no. One problem people have with blogging is that they are not patient enough. They think just because they have not seen immediate success that one blog is not enough and that they should double their efforts with two blogs. I have been through that crazy thought process myself. If you are going to start writing a blog, be prepared to not see good results for a couple of months. I always need refreshers on what NOT to do when blogging! Thanks.

    • What I’d suggest to any new blogger is:

      Learn the seo basics and copywriting skills.

      Then start creating contents for the first 6 months (focus on nothing else)

      Then comes the traffic generation phase (guest blogging, social media, email marketing etc)

      Then go and monetize your blog :)

  12. I’ll admit I’m guilty of taking too long between some posts, sometimes is just hard to keep writing good content.

  13. I have read full topic & know many things from this.

  14. I have read this it is a good topic.

  15. That is probably my biggest mistake, starting too many blogs at once. I really don’t have the time to write for any of them and outsource all the writing. I try to make the topics interesting but some users want better quality than what is posted at times.

  16. Hi Rahul, some great tips, I want to say that when it comes to allowing guest bloggers to write on your new blog you should be very choosey right from the start.

    Writers are being paid by big companies to write guest posts to build exposure and natural looking backlinks for there sites. These guest posts are usually very weak and poor and can harm your blog more than they actually help.

    You would in my opinion be better to miss a post than fill it with rubbish. Your readers will never forgive you if you sell out and publish rubbish just to stick to a schedule.

    Apart from that, great post :-)

  17. Thanks for the info, I’ll keep in mind. For me, the worst is the impossibility of fighting the oldest blog ….

  18. Thanks for the great advice. For me there’s nothing worse than neglecting your blog for a time. People are quick to move on, and if you don’t keep your blog up to date you’ll end up losing your following.

  19. This is great advice to keep your blog thriving. I especially agree with point # 2 I know for me personally if a blog I visit isn’t updated regularly, I won’t be returning. Setting up a consistent posting schedule will allow readers to know what to expect and will keep them coming back

  20. It’s easy to ignore the about page. After all we bloggers hardly ever take a second look at about us. But I couldn’t agree more with you on an about page being the major step in making conversions. And unforeseen calamities tend to take us away from blogging for long periods sometimes. In such situations, the least we can do is make promises of some innovative blog post as soon as we come back, and keep them. Thanks for the share.

    • It’s easy to ignore the blog too!

      When you got loyal readers for your blog, they’ll certainly read your about page, if you give them ONE single CTA, it will work like a charm.

  21. I never once considered my about page. In fact I don’t think I’ve changed a single thing on it since I made it. I also think #4 and #5 are important points. Alot of people are oblivious to what google has done with Panda and Penguin.

  22. Hi Rahul,
    I think this article was very helpful! You concluded the most important things in it. And I agree with the part about prefering social media than SEO. That’s the point.

  23. I must say a great post will surely work on them

  24. Great list, especially since it includes some not-so-obvious things that we might not think about. Like the “About” page. It’s a good idea to freshen it up now and then to make sure it’s still accurate and relevant. Life changes, as does your blog – along with your level of experience. Your “About” page should reflect the most current You. :) I think staying focused and not wasting energy on side projects when you have plenty to do on your primary site is really important to remember, too.

    • Hi Elena,

      About page is one of the key factors to blogging success, but often ignored by 99% of the bloggers. I’ll get at least 2 to 3 leads from my blog’s about page, that’s not a bad figure for a new blog.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  25. Hi Rahul
    Usually I’ll forget my blog often due to several reasons. But all those were silly reasons. After reading your post I realized my mistake. And also I’ll try to use other social media sites. Thanks for this helpful post.

  26. Hi Rahul!
    Usually I’ll forget my blog often due to several reasons. But all those were silly reasons. After reading your post I realized my mistake. And also I’ll try to use other social media sites. Thanks for this helpful post.

  27. Number 5 kicked me in the pants – I was used to running html sites when I first started blogging so I had the great idea to start a network of blogs (Earth Friendly Goodies, Natural Health Goodies etc..) based around the “goodies” theme – well that didn’t turn out to well once I realized how time consuming it is to blog. :) Fortunately I stopped at only 2 but it is hard to keep even two fresh – so yeah good advice to only stick with one.

  28. I do agree most amateur bloggers tend to fall the ‘number of blogs matter’ thing. At the most building a second blog for the sake of backup may be effective, but certainly not a range of blogs. The established ones in the business have taken one step at a time towards eternal success. And the SEO buzz these days is at its peak, so also is the social media population. Thus it’s better to latch onto the social media market while promoting a blog than completely depending on search engines.

  29. This is very true about blogging and relationship building. It’s about quality content and engagement!

  30. All of the points that you’ve mentioned are bang on. I especially like the 5th point as many newbie bloggers tend to launch new blogs when they see their first blog starting to do well. However this is a major mistake and also one that I did in my blogging career (and it cost me a fair bit as well)!

  31. Good writing with some awesome marketing tips. Very useful

  32. excellent advice . i agree with all your point especially the one regarding not totally depending on google.

  33. Blogging isn’t hard and isn’t too easy.
    Depending wholly on Google in blogging field is to be avoided as it may drive only visitors. Sharing our blogs on social media sites drives us loyal readers.
    Thanks for sharing

  34. Philip A. says:

    Thank for this advice Rahul I actually made a couple of these mistakes when I started my first blog…and not long after started another one….that got me all mixt-up in the beginning

  35. indeed the vanishing act for the blogger is the greatest sin! thanks man tips are handy!

  36. Changing your theme every 4 minutes is also a bad idea!

  37. Great tips!

    I’m guilty of #5 and I agree, it was a mistake. I got overwhelmed and of course, when you’re juggling too many things, something falls apart. Lesson learned!

    Not connecting with your readers through comments is also a mistake I see often. I know it’s hard to respond to every comment, but I think it’s important to engage with your readers and creating a discussion through comments is one of the best ways to do it.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the comment! I know, one can’t handle too many blogs at a time, it’s always better to make ONE blog popular, so that we can put extra efforts to develop it..

      P.S: just stumbled upon your site, really great one. I’ve a question for you (which is related to your niche). How can I forget someone that I love? Any best tips?

  38. Its a nice post.Thanks for sharing this article us.As a new blogger these tips will surely help me a lot.Iam looking forward for your new article.Thank you.

  39. Such great tips for blog newbie like me. I highly agree with you about how important About page and Google in doing blog. Thank you.

  40. This is very true. Actually I am guilty on your number 2 myths, now I should really update my blog more often.

  41. Now i’m very astounded with all your subject matter. I’m sure it’s as a result participating due to your unique creative ideas and interesting wording. Are grateful for creating instructive content and articles

  42. Hmmmmm yeah my “about” page is pretty lacking. Never thought about actually making that particular page into anything special, but you make valid points. Time to give it a makeover! thanks!!


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