3 Ways to Get Readers to Share and Interact with Your Blog

Sharing Is Caring - FotosöndagIn the world of blogging, great content still is never enough. Now you need to worry about creating quality content that people will pass around on the major social networks and link back to from their blogs. With so much information and rehashed content out there what are you supposed to blog about to get peoples interests?

In this post we are going to give you three ideas to get more people commenting, sharing with their friends and more.

Write Controversial Blog Posts

One of the easiest ways to get people to click on your links when they see your RSS feed or a listing on the social network is to be writing about something controversial. This can be anything from politics, current news or anything that is going on in the same industry you blog about.

Make sure you also write crazy and controversial titles that draw people in. At the end of the day, people are much more likely to click on something that grabs their attention, versus another boring headline on something they’ve already heard about.

Target the Audience You are Writing For

An excellent way to gain attention and high quality readers to your blog is to make sure the right audience is seeing your content. Let’s say you have a generic gaming news blog. Sure, you already have a ton of gamers who are checking out your site every day, but if you are going to write a killer new post on the next WarCraft game coming out, are they all going to be interested?

Instead, you can write the killer post, then spend a few dollars and promote it to everyone through Facebook Ads that has an interest in “warcraft”. This isn’t just limited to video games, you can twist this to work with nearly any topic or blogging niche. This will open up a whole new audience for you, while also tapping into a whole new market.

Interact with the Readers

When someone is talking to you and you feel they are truly invested in the conversion, then you feel important. You are more likely to remember who you were talking with, what you were talking on and really find value in the person and the time you spent with them.

The same can be said for blogging. If you are going to post crap content, no one is going to care about your or your blog and you will likely be forgotten.

Instead, creating content that is catered to your audience and you make the conversation two ways and ask for their input, now you are creating a valuable experience.

Using these tips and more I’ve been able to become a well known blogger and brand over the past five years. For more exciting and effective methods to improve your blogging game, be sure to check out my new book on Amazon titled “Blogging Tips: Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger“.

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  1. Although writing controversial blog is only fruitful if you are logical about what you have posted.And a controversial post is good to engaged with the readers more.

    • Hi Aditya,

      Writing controversial post is no doubt helpful to get traffic. But it will be helpful for a short span of time you cannot write every article controversial.

      • Exactly Sneha,one cannot right every single post controversial otherwise it will be just like politics where people are just engaged in controversies and the result from them is a big ZERO.

  2. Zac

    my definitely my keys to becoming an authoritative blogger is writing content “packed with value” and marketing and advertising your blog to get alot of traffic.

    the best I like up there is “targeting your audience thats equally important”

  3. Hello Zac,
    It can be the excellent strategy.
    Here is great example to make a blog blasting and attract more visitors if there are some controversy point.
    I do agree that It can make your Blog at the high stage.

  4. Darren McLaughlin says:

    As a business person, I always steer clear of controversy. Certainly Chic-Fil-A used that tactic to the ultimate extreme, but for many of us B2B marketers, alienating potential clients is just too big of a risk. Still, thanks for the excellent ideas!

  5. On most of the sites that I had ever visited, the first line would be ‘Content is the king’ and so on. But this is the first place where I found that the first line says exactly what I feel! Even if you provide best quality content, sometimes you don’t get the response you were longing for. But nice tips, these can help overcome some of our mistakes.

  6. The above is easy to do if you have a website devoted to blogging, but if you are running a business its difficult to write controversial blogs regarding car detailing or similar, is there any hints or tips to spread the word of your blog to the people who may find it interesting / useful.

  7. It is very good and excellent method to get more traffic. Thank you very much to your best article.

  8. Nice topic a real help for begginers

  9. Interacting with the readers is most important in my opinion, thanks for sharing :)

  10. Hi Zac,

    Great tips. Also you can include for your post: Keep it simple. Thanks for sharing.

  11. You’ve made some excellent points Zac; I have always run away from controversy, probably to my detriment, however, providing one knows one’s subject thoroughly and feels some passion for it I am sure it will work. It will certainly help provide a reaction either way!
    Thank you for the tips.

  12. I think the controversial topics are the topics that get people clicking. They can also be the ones that get people commenting. That’s always good for the blog, regardless of the sensational nature of the topic. If you write well enough, the topic shouldn’t have to be safe.

  13. Being a controversial personality I love the opportunity to write thought provoking pieces! I guess it’s having the confidence to stand up and say what you think without being worried about the criticism or fallout. Alongside this, any piece should always lead with value driven content to keep your visitors coming back for more. Nice post, thanks.

  14. Hi, Really its Awesome post. First thing is that about your content ..Your content should be good quality and it depend on your topics. your topic should be meaningful, very attractive and interesting also..Anyways It is very good and excellent method to get more traffic. Well thanks for sharing for this post.

  15. Taking into account the highly competitive nature of the online environment, we have to come up with something new, if we really want to succeed. Therefore, as you have pointed out, being unique or enhancing the relationship with our readers are great means to differentiate from our competitors.

  16. Hi

    Nice Post. If anyone that have hundred of friends share your article or re-tweet it. That article will get more value than you share it, So meaningful and attractive Title is necessary for it.

  17. Zac
    You have dished it out very well again. However, i am always intrepid when it comes to writing controversial topics. Guess i have to start incorporating that to my posts.

  18. Zac these are really good tips and a wonderful reminder as it can be difficult to write with your reader in mind. I think that interaction is key when wanting your readers to return time and time again. I am learning more about how important those eye catching titles must be. But also being consistent … if you are writing about too many topics it will be too confusing for your audience.

    Appreciate you sharing your tips and I will be happy to share them with others.

  19. What a great post! I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us. I have bookmarked this site and will be sure to check for updates. Keep up the good work!

  20. Extraordinary tips, Living it elemental. Thanks

  21. It’s also important to include social sharing buttons. Make it easy for people to share the content that you create. You should be promoting content in social media yourself, but that support from others is what grows your social signals and links.

  22. The best way to attract the blog readers and the readers is to write on topic in which they are interested. Most of the bloggers write for the Google to dive traffic and to rank well. But, in case you target the readers you must write on interesting topics.

  23. These are the basic tips that every blogger should keep in mind while writing. Thanks for the share.

  24. Very good suggestions here, Zac.

    Yes, there is nothing like a controversial post to spark the curiosity of your readers and get them talking. However, it’s important to make sure to make sure that if you do create one, especially if it has a bit of criticism, it should be properly supported with as much data as possible. Otherwise, you can run the risk of getting into some legal trouble.

  25. Sometimes you have to ask your visitors to share your posts to their friends and family if they find it interesting. This is the strategy i use on my blog and the result is encouraging…interaction with your visitors via your posts should be encouraged.

  26. Hey Zac, asknig for input from your reader is a great tip. What I also like is using Twitter to @ reply people to really engage your reader/ customer.

  27. Mike Fischer says:

    Identify blogs that are somewhat related to your blog and read the articles that have been posted there. When you write strong comments in related blogs and leave a link back to your site or blog, you will attract more blog readers since people will want to know what more you have to offer on the subject matter.

  28. Hi Zac,
    These are a great set of tips!!! Luring readers to give time to your blog, is indeed one of the daunting task faced by the blogger. These are the fundamental tips, which can surely drag a large chunk of the crowd to the blog. I agree that if a blogger takes a controversial theme for the post, it surely wins many readers. Thanks for the share.

  29. Yup! I have also noticed that where there are controversial topics and where bloggers and readers communicate with each other those blogs look so alive. Hence, our visitors visit our blog daily!

  30. Quality content attracts the readers towards the blog. And writing for the readers makes them fell happy. Writing for Google or any search engines can help you only rank well.

  31. the best tip for all the tip is to write about something controversial

  32. A catchy title is always a great way to get more eyeballs on your post, but creating a catchy title that also contains your keywords is an art form. I also agree with Sneha’s comment above that every post cannot be controversial, plus some topics don’t have much room for controversy.

  33. Thank you for sharing this post with us.Through the tips you have given we can get more traffic to our site.Thank you.

  34. I write blogs and sometimes find it hard to attract readers. This article definitely helps my problems. Thanks for the tips.


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