Successful Blogging: What is it?

BLOGEver since the emergence of blogging in the wonderful realm of the Wide World Web – anyone can be a writer.  You don’t need to be a published author, have a degree, connections, or be somebody to be heard.  All you need is your own personal computer; sign up on one of the many blogging platforms and you’re all set.

What is successful blogging?

Successful blogging, just like everything else all depends on how you define the word “success” and the reason why you blog.  There are many bloggers who simply blog because they like doing it.  They don’t particularly care whether someone reads their blog entries.  To them, successful blogging would be being able to write regularly.  Some may think the fact that they get comments and have any readers at all is successful blogging.

The Number Game

For others it is a number game.  Success amounts to the number of hits or traffic they get in a day.  It might be the number of comments they receive for each post, the number of followers or readers they have, and of course how much they earn from their blogs – be it monetary or through sponsorship.

Which blogger are you?  Are you in blogger land for your own personal enjoyment or use, or are you in it for the money or fame?  If you’re in it for the latter, here are a few tips that can help you become a successful blogger:

  • Find your niche.  There are thousands of blogs online.  The most common cover travel, food, fashion, celebrity, literature, parenthood and careers.  Just think of any topic and chances are that someone already has a blog about it.  The trick is to find a niche which you know about.  If you’re a traveller and want to start a travel blog, try putting up a travel blog with a twist.  Don’t go where everyone has trod.  Travel blogs are a dime a dozen.  To make it in this niche, you have to offer something different.
  • Try to keep coming up with original and unique blog posts.  But remember, don’t fake it.  Readers will know right away if you’re a poser.  This is a sure-way to lose in the number game.
  • Keep your blog-design simple.  A blog that’s bombarded with graphics, videos and music that plays automatically as soon as your blog comes up may just give prospective readers a headache.  Instead of coming back for more, they will exit as fast as they can.
  • For you to have a successful blog you will have to learn how to market your own brand.  It’s all about networking baby!  Make friends with other bloggers with the same niche (after all, you have to have something in common), leave comments on their blogs in the hope that they will come back to yours.  Put up a twitter or Facebook account and other social networking sites online with the name of your brand or blog and connect with friends as much as you can.  Who says blogging was easy?  It isn’t.
  • Interact with your readers.  Always reply to emails and comments, making sure you’re nice and friendly even if they have left some unfavourable comments on your blog.  They are your readers, learn from them.  Remember, people like to feel important.
  • Make sure your readers will keep coming back for more.  Be as creative as you can when writing a blog entry.  Leave a cliff hanger so your audience will come back.  Readers always want to know what happens next.
  • If your blog has received enough attention from sponsors, share them!  Think of little fun contests/games you can do with your readers and offer them prizes you’ve received from your sponsors.  They will surely come back for more!
  • And lastly, NEVER use duplicate content or plagiarize someone else’s blog.  The wide world web isn’t a big place and you will be found out.  Save yourself from the embarrassment and even a possible lawsuit.

The post was written by Brenda Reeves – a young but talented writer and is currently employed by the professional resumes industry leader. To find out more about the company follow to its profile –

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  1. Hi another informative post. I have been blog commenting and writing for only a few months. I mainly write about my chosen industry namely car detailing and car maintenance. I get a few comments but I mainly do it for fun and to give advice to potential customers. I do find it hard to find other related blows to comment on and find ‘blog friends’ though

  2. Blogging to me is something which can’t be defined for sure.It gives me much more exposure then i think anything can give.And i have achieved a lot by engaging with the bloggers as well as on forums to learn new things everyday.And this thing is what i can’t put a full stop either or haven’t thought about it ever.

    Blogging becomes successful when people start recognizing you for what you are providing proves useful to them and they want to engage and want to know more about you.They visit your blog and remain their whether you are posting something or not but still they are happy to hear from you whenever you are there.

  3. Hi,
    Its an informative post. I have been blog commenting for only a few months. Its really helpful for me to do it and to learn something for such kind of information.
    Thanks for sharing useful information

  4. Successful blogging takes lots of efforts and time. The people who’re not self starters can’t build a better blog.

    We should also spend some time on creating a better network around our blogs in order to create a successful blog.. Great share!

  5. Kevin Martin says:

    In my opinion, successful blogging is writing about what you love, attracting readers, and making a bit of money on the side.

  6. Chloe Louise says:

    One of the key components of your personality and unique voice is your opinion on topics related to your blog’s overall subject matter. Don’t be afraid to inject your personal opinions into your blog posts. Without your opinions, your blog posts will read like news stories. What makes a blog interesting is the personal opinions of the blogger behind it. When you can do it you could consider your blog as successful.

  7. Everything you said here makes common sense. Also, successful blogging is also about being yourself on the web, in terms of original writing and personality, even if it may possibly sound off-key to some readers of your blog posts. Keep up the good work in your guest blogging :-)

  8. mice tips to be a successful blogger but i always follow a rule that ” If u have an ambition then stick to it and one day u will get it” and i am following the same rule and going up

  9. Awesome tips to attain success in the blogging world. I usually blog because I love to write. For me, it is a hobby, but some others have been so successful in this business that it is their only source of income. If we ever think of monetizing our blog, the usual steps and ethics of an offline business apply, but with a few more opportunities and a global reach. Thanks for sharing.

  10. great post there , successful blogging is when people are taking about you in social media , trying to engage with you and when you try to solve their problem. then its called succefful blogger , i have seen so many bloggers that when you ask them your problem all you get it “refer to google” .

  11. Hi, This is very Informative Question.Success Blogging , It takes alot of your effort and time. And whatever you are writing…Because You love to write. This is your Love… So this is called success blogging.Well nice information….

  12. Great sharing. Indeed, in a successful blogging, it’s a number & conversion game. Conversion can be sales, earning, or purely just how many people like our sharing of contents, whether we can provide them something valuable, learn something great before leaving.

    Creating value is one of the major success in blogging. :)

  13. such a informative post. according to my opinion blogging is share our thoughts and about a particular topic or any product which contains information and this post contains so many powerful aspects related to blogging such helpful….

  14. Successful blogging doesn’t mean that getting huge income from the blog and getting huge traffic. The most significant one is the audience response. The blog must possess a fame in the blogging world
    Thanks for sharing

  15. Since the advent of the internet many have taken to the internet and many have found success. But some still struggle with little or no traffic. So success in bloggging is going to be about writing and then promotion so that you generate traffic. Both skills are important. Its a slow process.

  16. We should all focus on writing quality content and developing a close relationship with our readers. Each one of us should find its unique path, as on the long term differentiation is the key.

  17. Quality posts+ quality links + No Spam = More impressions = More clicks = success

  18. Everyone describes success a different way. Most bloggers want to make money however the goals are sometimes affected by outside factors.

  19. I definitely like to keep my designs simple on blogs if I can. Maybe a couple interesting elements to make it unique, but after that everything is built around a few colors and a clear design.

    As for traffic, I’ve always been big on quality over quantity. So I care more about how long people stay, which pages they view, etc. I’ll take a very small stream of focused individuals any day over hundreds of random surfers any day. Things like StumbleUpon have never been useful for me, even if the spikes of traffic can be huge.

  20. I’ve been blogging for a year now and maybe I can say that I’m successful in it. I’ve made a profit out of it and I really enjoy posting blogs. I couldn’t agree more with the tips you shared. This post will help alot of new bloggers. I’ve been in there situations before. :)

  21. In today’s blogging world I think interaction is a major component of success. With the level of integration with social media available today, web viewers are gaining an expectation to have the kind of access with site owners and bloggers. Not having that interaction would put you at a major disadvantage.

  22. In my opinion, successful blogging is writing about what you love, attracting readers, and making a bit of money on the side.

  23. Hi,

    Successful blogging can be achieved only through dedication and experience. You have to post killer content regularly. The content should mirror the thoughts and expectations of readers. Commenting wisely on relevant posts also is a great step towards becoming a successful blogging.


  24. Very nice! I have recently started learning about blogger and this is great information. Thanks

  25. I only recently started a website and reading posts like this one, which i really like btw, makes me realize that i need to work hard if i want to see any good results.

  26. Nice post!! Very informative!! Thank you so much!!


  27. Rebecca Shaheen says:

    I think these are great tips. I’m blogging for a social media class I’m taking but after that is over I would really like to try and keep blogging. If I do these will definitely be some tips I will keep in mind.

  28. Wonderful blog, I think I should enrich my homepage with some stuff of your list above.As I update my blog often I see the need of putting some folders to categorize my articles and a search box.Thanks for sharing!

  29. Very informative thank you, I find it difficult finding inspiration/motivation for blog post ideas esp concerning subject ares I don’t find particularly interesting, I find this can be a real problem but great search engine results are a reward in their own right if I’m being cynical/philosophical/honest (delete as appropriate)

  30. Mike Fischer says:

    You need to look at maximum ethical methods to drive traffic to your blog from search engines. You should use targeted keywords in your blog post URL, Title, meta tags, as an alternative text with images, heading tags and few times in your actual blog content.

  31. Keeping good relation with the readers and interacting with them can be really effective to grow your social circle and gain more followers..!

  32. Nothing much has changed, has it?

    I believe that the content is a valuable asset for any given blog. When if comes to traffic – I believe that search engine traffic is THE most valuable.

  33. interacting with readers,making good relations with other bloggers,writing good quality contents and giving good time to your blog to make it prominent can be really good for every blogger. This brings success!

  34. Outstanding work on what you define as a successful blogger. However there is one thing that you need to keep in mind that success if something that each blogger defines differently. Good work on the post Brenda .

  35. If you are about to start your own blog make sure that you have everything figured out. Make a plan about what you are going to write in your blog, like will it be about a niche or any random topic that catches your fancy. Organizing and designing your blog in a creative yet elegant manner will also help in making your blog popular.

  36. Thanks for your helpful post!

    Being a good blogger takes time and commitment to writing and being involved with other people that also blog. I would have to say that making new friends and connections from around the world is one of the greatest benefits of blogging.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Well said, Heather.

      Anyone can set up a blog and take a crack at becoming a blogger – which is great in terms of voicing our opinions – but it is the writers who dedicate the time, thought and resources to their blogging adventures that usually produce the best results.

      I feel that if you’re going to set up a blog you need to be prepared to network, commit and most importantly you need to display a legitimate passion for what you’re writing about. If you’re only there to churn out content then your visitors will quickly realise this and jump ship.

  37. I think all that we have to do just makes the blog is so informative and useful in the eye’s of the people’s and the required tips for that you already shared. Nice information for getting success.

  38. For the success of a blog first of all we should have a catchy title and also article about it.Without that no one can achieve success.Thanks for sharing this informative content with us.Iam looking forward for your new updates.Thank you.

  39. Finding your niche is vital, but I feel that too many bloggers ( a result of the numbers game you spoke of, perhaps,) are taking on blogs that are too interchangable and similar to each other. There are numerous blog about parenting, motherhood and even technology that are barely distinguishable from each other.

    All budding bloggers out there should pick and niche, absolutely, but should then look even deeper to refine that niche. Not only will this create a more enriching website but it will also make their voice more unique, giving it a chance to stand out from the crowd, as opposed to being diluted along the way.

    • I agree that there are too many out there who are diving head-first into an oversaturated pool.

      It can be a little disheartening to new bloggers, I suppose who are coming into an already established marketplace. I bet they’re all excited about the concept of making a living off of their favourite topic and quickly have those hopes dashed when they see how much competition exists.

      Perhaps they’re taking on these niches regardless of the competition through stubborness as opposed to inexperience?

  40. Successful Blogging!!!!! It doesn’t mean earning a lots bucks from our website. It includes earning good author rank, fame and the most important one is getting fans.
    And many more things combinely make successful blogging

  41. I really wanted to develop a successful blogging. My blogs are not earning after the Google Panda and Google Penguin.

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  43. Yup. Doing what we interest on and creating fresh content is the key to successful blogging. First we have to passionate about the topic, before we kick start in blogging.

    I’m glad that my blog is growing everyone in quotes sharing topic and manage to make some bucks out of sharing quotes pic. :)

    Keep growing towards successful blog.

  44. Personally speaking, Success for me is a combination of factors – no. of hits or traffic in a day, no. of comments for each post, no. of followers I have, and of course how much they I earn from blogging. I am convinced in my head, that it has got to be a combination of all factors.

  45. Bramdehaas says:

    I’m taking your advice to heart and workign very hard to make my blog a succes but it’s tough. I’ve got a little over 1k readers a month after 3 months and it’s just very hard to keep coming back with better content that will satisfy them. Growth is not as fast as I would like but we’ll see where we get. I might be too nichy and need to open up a little bit.

  46. thanks for all the great and valuable information.. It really sounds good for the beginners who want to start a new blog for their business, This is one the best article where you can learn many more concepts on blogging as well as forums also. It’s better to note some important points where it is necessary.

  47. Valuable points to become popular in Blogging.
    Finding great niche that is based on our niche is most important factor because it protect us to paralyzed from Writer’s Block and it’s the most important thing. If we have creative content then readers will automatically attract towards our blog and helps us to maintain it’s readership.

    I’m agree with attractive site layout and it must be easier to navigate so that users can navigate the site easily.

    Really worth reading article :)

  48. Hi Kiesha,
    You are very right with the statement that successful blogging can be different for different individuals. The tips shared by you for successful blogging are also the essential one. Thanks for a quality post.

  49. Hey this is one the best article where you can learn many more concepts on blogging as well as forums also….!!!

  50. Some very interesting items that i haven’t heard on any other site before thank you for that miss Easely.
    It’s very hard to keep visitors returning to your website, but with your tips i now can use some other strategies that i haven’t treyd before. Thanks alot!

  51. A great article…. really an informative post…
    thanks for sharing this…

  52. Hi,
    I think these are the backbone tips that you have explain here. First finding you niche and then interacting with your readers and converting them into subscriber will really boost your blog. Thanks for sharing them.

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