5 Ways to use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Pinterest is the latest member of the social media club. Pinterest members create boards of Internet content they find interesting.

A picture represents each unique pin. Popular subjects include recipes, memorable blog posts, craft projects and more. Once a post is pinned, others can see the pin and follow a link to the original source.

Pinterest is a great avenue for spreading awareness of your blog throughout the Internet. This guide will show you five easy ways to promote your blog using Pinterest.

Include Pictures on Your Posts

Pinterest users create pinboards using images, so each blog post you write should have an image attached. Choose a striking image that symbolizes the post. Appealing images may catch the attention of someone who has never seen your blog before. The picture should reflect the message of the post and fit the overall theme of your blog. Bakers, for example, should always include pictures of delicious food in their recipe posts.

Network with Other Pinterest Users

Interaction on Pinterest is similar to interaction on other social media websites. Users can follow their friends’ boards and share images with each other. You should try to find other users on Pinterest who share your interests. Following other Pinterest users increases the number of people who see your profile and any pins you’ve made of your own site. Make sure your profile is up to date with your blog’s current website address.

Interact with Pinterest Comments

Individual pins allow users to comment. Treat comments on any of your pins as if they were blog comments. Reply to visitors who leave comments on your pins. You can further this interaction by visiting their Pinterest boards and leaving comments as well. Developing a rapport with another user may lead more traffic to your site.

Integrate with Pinterest

Include a special button on each post to integrate your site directly with Pinterest. Users who are logged into Pinterest can immediately add your post to their boards with this button. Pinterest users following your visitor’s boards will see your posts, further increasing your traffic flow. The coding for this button is available on the Pinterest website.

Showcase Your Blog

Finally, pin some of your own blog posts. Don’t abuse this strategy as overexposure may annoy some visitors. Instead, highlight some of your best posts from your blog’s archives. This is a great way to introduce new readers to some of your favorite items from your blog.

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  1. Pinterest has really grew well.. It has almost overtook Twitter… For all the Internet marketers now, learning about marketing on Pinterest is a must…

  2. I just check your article. It’s really awesome. I think people should go through it. Thank you.

  3. Pitnerest Is really great. Agree with zainil, Learning pinterest is must for all the marketers.

    Thanks for the nice post.

  4. I’ve been hearing a lot of praise for Pinterest lately. I love the ability of Pinterest to Pin pictures on your blog and linking the to your page. So each picture counts as a backlink contributing to SEO as well as driving traffic directly to your blog. I love that Pinterest button!

  5. Theatre Virgin says:

    Great post Kenson – I had heard about pinterest but didn’t know much about it. Now that you have set out the reasons why it can help my blog I’m defiantly going to check it out.

  6. Property Consultants says:

    Going to put your plans into action! Thanks Kenson.

  7. I am New to Pinterest So can you help me how to develop a report for comments come from the Pinterest

  8. Thanks for a great post.I haven’t really given pinterest enough time but i think after reading your post a’ll be heading there.

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  10. hond blaffen says:

    Pinterest is currently ‘dofollow’. I suspect this will change over time as spammers start to take advantage but for now it works.

  11. I just joined pinterest and don’t have much followers. But I think this site will boost and become largest social media like facebook and twitter.

    • It’s only going to benifit you if you have a website that is heavily reliant of images.
      I’m not sure how much luck you will get by just, uploadinf imges for the fun of it.
      Last I heard was affiliate links were being changed automatically by Pinterest.

      • Hi Simmeon, do you mean they convert affiliate link to become short? Just like shortener URL service perhaps. Yes I think that’s great. Just like Facebook and Twitter who have their own short URL style.

      • Pinterest is a great social network. Lots of interesting pics at least.
        Anyway, hopefully they are not disallowing affiliate links, yo?

    • I love pinterest to promote product because they can automatically create link to our site.

  12. Hey i am really excited for your article it is very Assam. SO thank u for sharing.

  13. This is a nice, informative post. Thank you for sharing

  14. I have just started to use Pinterest and there has been 10 days of opening account in Pinterest. This is really good way for me to effectively use Pinterest from the start and I will definitely keep these tips in mind while using Pinterest. Thanks for useful tips.

  15. Pinterest is become really a very good social site. for more traffic you should have more followers like twitter. but if you have attractive pictures in your post you will also get a lot of traffic from Pinterest.

  16. wow… didn’t know pinterest can do that much in traffic building. Surely going to apply soon.

    Thanks a lot

  17. Pinterest did some incredible things in connection field, there is a great expectation that the future is much better and easier for searchers.

  18. Pinterest is doing great to optimize site. Just you have to increase your followers. It automatically gets images from yor link and add them to your account.Just try Pinterest and get a better optimized site.

  19. I think the best tip is your “interact with people” tip. Like all social media it is exactly that “social” the more you interact the greater the reward. Thanks for the tips

  20. Hi kensongoo,

    I need all the extra traffic I can get so I’ll definitely be giving Pinterest a look, thanks for this helpful information.

  21. I just got the hang of Facebook, and now this!

  22. Pinterest has a great source for female users but unfortunately I can’t figure out the things they want lol. I would love to tap into that large traffic source but finding a niche relevant to women that I can comment on is the most difficult part.

  23. I quite like Pinterest, to be honest. Aside from its social marketing benefits, it’s fun to curate images and actually have a virtual inspiration/mood boards.

  24. Pinterest is a visual medium so using pictures is necessary. If you want to stand out, use great images that go along with your posts. Boring stock photos won’t lead to any engagement.

  25. Nice round up. Love Pinterest. Such a good time waster… ;-) Although I don’t think it will generate traffic to every type of post. But its great for weekly inspiration type of posts, lots of photos etc..

  26. Good one…!!!! thanks for the post

  27. Very nice summary, especially your recommendation to interact with people who LIKE or COMMENT on your pins. And similar to your suggestion to search for and follow people who share your interests, I’d recommend we carefully add keywords to our boards and comments, to make ourselves “findable” in people’s searches.

    I’m new to Pinterest. See how I do it so far on http://pinterest.com/RobbieSchlosser/

  28. This one is really new idea for me to bring traffic to the website. I am going to implement it practically.

  29. maryembatool says:

    Pinterest is doing great to optimize site. Just you have to increase your followers. It automatically gets images from yor link and add them to your account.Just try Pinterest and get a better optimized site.

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  31. Hi Kenson,

    Thank you so much for sharing such interesting tips, specially not over submitting your own blog posts, as you said using only your best posts to attract pinners to look into your blog is great. personally I was more near to spammer submitting all of my own post, I was adding others posts as well but not as periodically as I should be. No I understand that I should look as a trusted source of information. Thanks for the great advice.

  32. I don’t know why somebody didn’t come up with something like pinterest many years ago. I love spending too much of my time checking out the images on it. I need to get some really good pictures to pin on it myself.

  33. Hi Kenson,

    Thanks for providing some ways to drive traffic to my blog via Pinterest. I find Pinterest to be pretty interesting and think that it can definitely be a source of traffic.

  34. Hi Kenson,

    Thanks for a great post. I’m a wedding photographer in Hawaii and Pinterest would be great to showcase my services. As a photographer it’s like having an alternate photo gallery outside of my website that has the potential to be viewed by millions of users. So I’ll begin to follow other photographers and like-minded artist to spread the news about my work and life in Hawaii. It would probably do me justice to follow some wedding planners also, lol. Thanks again.

  35. now i have come to know about how traffic can be increased through pinterest !!!! …thanks for this good post

  36. Nice article and thank your best valuable information and I wish you luck

  37. never used pinterest before…it always sounded too complicated to me but after reading this post and some other articles highlighting its importance, I think i will have to start using the same now…

  38. Pinterest is a great thing to use. All internet marketers should give it a try. Its a great tool to drive traffic. I will surely like to give it a try. Thanks for sharing this great info.

  39. Generating traffic for the website is always a cumbersome task. Pinterest can be very helpful in this direction. I was not aware about the extent to which pinterest can help. Thanks for enlightening me.

  40. Facilitative post Kenson – I had heard about pinterest but this share of yours has helped me gain insight about its benefits . Now I do feel convinced to use Pinterest and will definitely keep these tips in mind . Valuable insight .

  41. Thanks for sharing this. One thing I noticed, though, when I tried to pin some pictures directly from my blog to Pinterest using the Pin It button is that it doesn’t show my blog’s name nor brings me to the blog post the image was attched. Instead, it is showing up as pinterest bookmarklet. I’m still trying to figure out why this is happening since I would love to use Pinterest to drive more traffic to my blog. Perhaps you can enlighten me about this?

  42. I am using Pinterest, but still don’t get so much traffic. For now i have experienced a viral traffic from Stumble and thats it..

  43. i miss you all , do you miss me

  44. Pinterest is the number one traffic machine for my websites.

  45. Pinterest is definitely an easy way to drive traffic to your blog, use eye catching images and title and thats all you need to drive massive traffic to your blog.

  46. never used pinterest before…it always sounded too complicated to me but after reading this post and some other articles highlighting its importance, I think i will have to start using the same now…

  47. pinterest is awesome photo sharing social site which is must to every blogger and marketer as well
    Awesome tips! Thanks for sharing

  48. I’m still getting to grips with Pinterest, mainly because it’s really appealing to creative industries but a bit more difficult for project management and education. It’s about getting noticed, but it’s also about the audience in Pinterest and whether there is a market for what you are trying to promote in the first place.

  49. Pinterest has become so popular these days.

    Like Stumbleupon, I’m also generating a good traffic from Pinterest.

    With your tips, I’m sure I would double or trouble my traffic.

    One of the tip to increase traffic is – Implement pin button whenever someone overs mouse on the image of any post.

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    Benedict kyalo@bloggingtips

  52. Totally new to Pinterest, very useful article helped me alot. Thanks

  53. I think Pinterset is good but only a little people use .Almost use Facebook.

  54. I use pinterest! but hardly get any traffic! but /i will try above points! thanks for share!

  55. i am using pinterest but not able to drive traffic.

  56. This has now become my number one social media traffic source. No hard work at all. All I do is repin other people\’s images into my boards, like, comment on pictures and follow a couple of people.

    The traffic is that easy, just a small engagement can bring in a lot of traffic, but always stay active. The best part is that you can link to your website from your profile with a DoFollow link.

    I saw one person\’s Pinterest account which has a PR4 that\’s a great backlink for bloggers like me. I highly recommend Pinterest :)Thnx Kiesha

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