How to Make Money Online with a Weightloss Blog

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According to a recent survey, weightloss is one of the most demanding niches to start a blog in and the good news doesn’t end here. Read on to know more!”

There are a 1,001 ways of making income these days. Since the advent of internet, many people have come up with unique and great ways to make money and blogging is one of the substantial methods that many individuals and companies are pursuing.

You can easily start a blog on many issues that are affecting society on daily basis.

One niche that you can pick and enjoy a great traffic is in the matters of weightloss.  Organizations like “Diet to Go” have come up with weightloss methods and even programs like “Bistro MD” have been introduced and yet many people are still looking for information on how to reduce their weight.

Weightloss is an Exponentially Growing Niche

Did you ever stop for a minute to think how many people are suffering with weightloss problems? But the solution seems to be nowhere. Hence, you can earn good money and also help many people through blogging by offering information that even weightloss programs have failed to deliver.

Indeed, you can make a comfortable living with your blog sites and also help many people change their lifestyles. The weightloss and nutrition industry has been growing rapidly and it also offers a niche for one to get started.

It is an industry that can help educate many people as it attracts lots of traffic from the search engines if you have a high quality blog. Indeed, it is evergreen. Another reason as to why you should choose this niche is that, you will be able to get a lot of traffic as the keywords are easy to get in the search engines.

Tips for getting started as a weightloss blogger

  • You need a unique domain name

To succeed in the SEO market especially, if you are dealing with weightloss as your niche, you need to get a unique domain name and register it. The name that you get should be easy to read and to remember.

  • Have you chosen a reliable hosting?

You need to look for a highly reputed hosting company that will offer you the best services. The company should make it easy for setting up and managing your website. If this is your first blog, you need to consider the best package and it is advisable that you go for an affordable package.

  • Nothing is easier than setting up the blog

It is very easy to set up your site and start blogging about weightloss. There are many software programs that you can download and get started.  Scribe is one program that could help your web pages get an indispensable rank in the search engines and you will enjoy improved traffic with time.

  • Finding ways to Interest your audience

This is the most imperative step in your endeavors.  You need to conduct thorough research into the weightloss and fitness industry to get all the information your target audience needs to know. You need also to find affiliate products to promote. You can offer coupons for weightloss supplements or promo codes on any products that can help your clients cut down the extra calories.

This post is written by Irfan Siddiqui, he’s a blogger and writes for Bistro MD coupon and Diet to Go coupon the website by Bistro MD and Diet to Go to keep track of your health, and to lose weight, it includes impressive deal on discount and coupon code.


  1. yes this is really very interesting topic.i can also help others for giving the relevant information .thank you very much keep it up.

  2. Today I visit this blog. And I read your post. Such a i very impress with this post. Such a great post for me. It is very helpful and informative post for me. Great work in this post. I really happy to read this post.

  3. Good work. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Rashmi Sinha says:

    Health blogs, especially those that are related with diets and nutrition, are very popular due to the great amount of people that are interested in those topics. If you are well educated about it and you can write good, you can make a lot of money from it if you do the right moves.

  5. A blog about weight loss has many advantages. You can start as a unhealthy blogger and slowly tell your journey to a healthy blogger. I have seen so many blogs telling how they achieve it and some of the pitfalls to avoid.


  6. These tips are right on the spot! My blog belongs to the same niche. I think aside from writing about how to lose weight, it’s also important to write about interesting facts about the things that we encounter daily that can also affect our health and or weight. :)

  7. Hey…i like your blog’s title the most ‘How to Make Money Online with a Weightloss Blog’ . Not only title i like your entire post. Such great knowledge you have! ….i’m amazed.

  8. Straight to the point! Awesome basic advice that every fitness blogger should look into! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. The competition in this niche is fierce, but there is enough room for new players.

  10. College of Content finds his white interesting what you’re talking about. Most people would not think of making money on the Internet from writing blogs about weight loss. Honestly, people can earn healthy money by writing and posting blogs on weight loss, as a means of motivating themselves to be accountable in your weight loss journey before others, on the World Wide Web. And, a good thing about writing and posting weight loss blog posts is that it will inspire other people to make healthy changes in their lives. As they always say… Monkey see, monkey do!

  11. I can definitely second that weightloss is up there with the most tricky of niches especially in terms of weight traffic, it also has more and more people getting into it each day and most of them will never make a penny. Getting setup is easy but getting traffic is a nightmare.

    Ive always flirted with the idea of getting involved, this has me once again giving it some serious thought.

  12. I agree that weight loss is one of the most popular and lucrative niches on the web. It continues to grow, but it is extremely competitive. It would be best to find a micro niche within, like weight loss after pregnancy, or weight loss for women over 60…. There’s probably some room left if you approach it that way.

  13. Andrea Smith says:

    My experience with the weight loss niche is somewhat different because weight loss is actually a bit hardto crack for me. I have a #1 weight loss related keyword over at Google which gives me around 100 unque visitors a day, but I haven’t made a single sale from this site… is adsense a good way to monetize a weight loss blog?

    • Internet money making ideas says:

      100 unique visitors enough to make a sale. I can’t believe. You need to write articles about your products so cleverly that people can trust you and buy that products. You may also discuss your problem with other bloggers on warrior forum. because I have seen lot of bloggers making sales with low traffic.

  14. Yes, I believe that it is possible to blog your way to weight loss. Blogging can be very rewarding. Just be honest about your journey with your readers and promote and optimize your blog so that you can inspire as many people as possible. And, you’ll create a vital support network which will help maximize your success.

  15. I can relate to most of you. Getting into the weight-loss is not easy and it takes time and hard work.

    But if you have some extra money laying around you can pay for some advertising and hope that is not to expensive to promote and you should make a few sales.

    Great information here.


  16. Weight Loss niche isn’t a niche to easy dominate so I think we would difficult make money from this niche, BTW, thanks for your awesome post, it helped me learn so much thing.

  17. Weight loss is a constant battle and healthy living is a never-ending quest, so health or weight loss related blog always appeals to readers.

  18. This only means that many are trying and trying to lose weight but has no proper education
    to lose weight.

  19. Nice Article, Irfan. I really liked tips. There are many people who suffer from fatness and always searching ways of reducing it. There is higher competition in such blogs but if there any weightloss blog with good quality then i will definitely want to give a try to it. Thanks for amazing share.

    • Nikki Blond says:

      Loosing weight is not that easy to make especially when it comes to lessen the intake of foods. It is really very hard.

  20. i didn’t work on weightloss blogs so looking to start it after reading this………thanks irfan

  21. Weightloss is one of those every green topics. There are virtually hundreds of ways to make money online with that topic not to mention countless affiliate programmes. But its a very competitive keyword but that’s not to say that money can’t be made. Of course it can. Thank you.

  22. Very well written. But, let’s say I want to share a gallery of mine and make money through traffic. Is it better to choose a blog or to create a website?
    I think, if possible, I would go for the second one.

  23. Great post! Thanks for it.

  24. Mas Gie says:

    I agree with you, the selection of right keywords is one of the SEO strategy should difikirkan well. Better yet, if the selection keyword performed before building a blog, keep in mind between the keyword and the URL that we will use for a blog. because this will affect SEO. thanks..

  25. Weight loss is exponentially growing niche, true, but the competition there is growing with power of 6 :) The niche is crazy!!!!

  26. good information about make money.!!

  27. This topic has already been saturated years ago … i dont think its possible to rank for weightloss …. according to me each and every character of WEIGHTLOSS has been taken and ranked by some big fishes… Good luck for all the bloggers who r going to try….

  28. That’s true. One of the biggest enemy of human races is gaining weight. People would love to eat without gaining weight but the fact is that we really gain weight. So I agree that Weight loss blog will be a big hit. People are eager to know these thing to maintain a fit body.

  29. Cristin says:

    Weight loss is a evergreen Niche and everybody is starting one as it is one of the best Niches to earn some Money. Thanks for this explanation. I am also looking to start a Blog on Weight Loss niche.

  30. Taweerote says:

    Its really good topic and it definitely can help others of first writing also. Keep up on working good article like this.

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  34. good post. Im working on making money on my fitness blog through affiliate sales now. thanks for the tips

  35. I am sorry but i do not recommend starting a weight loss blog.

    The competition is too high and it’s unlikely you will beat it if you start now.

    There are other niches that are far more profitable and has low competition.

  36. I’m so happy you’re updating more frequently! I love the idea of using weekly calorie totals. I wondered if you could do a post on starvation mode. I’m currently counting calories and its been brought to my attention that I’m not consuming enough (less than 1000 per day) – yes yes I know it sounds low and i realize that if I do that forever my body will start digesting itself to get nutrients (like stealing protein from eyeballs) but I just dont understand how that can be bad for weight loss. How quickly does the body enter starvation mode? What does it take to skirt the line of too few vs enough calories? I know that every body is different but any information you could put out there would be extremely helpful! Thanks again for your honesty and for letting us into your information!

  37. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just pay people to lose weight for us? Instead, we make money on the hopes of those wishing to make money. Thanks for your tips on how to blog for weight loss. It would be nice if I could actually make a difference in people’s lives while making money in my own. I will be putting your tips to work and I am very thankful for your help! They seem like great tips to make my dream for a weight loss website a reality.

  38. Nice post and great work done by you. thanks for sharing.

  39. to set up the blog is very easy, but most important to make very unique content.

  40. Other than selling affiliate products, is there any other way to earn for health blog?

  41. I’m studying Internet Marketing, expected to be effective

  42. when i was 18..I am so worried That I am to big and fatty..thats why I have decided to getting weight loss and its my dream come true….and then i am started to making money in online..and then i found out..this site a big help for me to earn money and more income..

  43. Making money is directly related to traffic and Your post really helped me to understand the easy money makig tips of blogging. Thanks for sharing.

  44. Wow! making money by weight loss blog. That’s a fantastic idea and unqiue thought surely!
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful content with mind blowing tips! :)

  45. I really earn money from online and seeking the real way to earn. I already read so many article about earning but they looks like spamming but finally I found you. Now I am desire to open a new affiliate programs on my blogs but I was confused about the topics but after reading your details I am influenced by you & decide to open a Weight loss program and links only the quality product and also following desire of my readers. Thanks for your very informative share.

  46. I enjoyed reading the posts here on weight loss and it being your niche of choice. Weight loss is also my niche of choice, it’s something that I am passionate about and I enjoy sharing my information on my blog and other peoples’ as well that are on their weight loss journeys. The name of my weight loss blog is very unique: Push Dump Fat Button
    Stop by and read some of the posts there and also post your thoughts and what works for you and what doesn’t when it comes to losing the weight and keeping it off. Thanks


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