3 Ways to Make Money Blogging Without Banner Ads!

When creating a new web site or blog, one of the first things we all think about is how we can quickly monetize the site and start making a few dollars. How many times have times have you visit a site only to see a ton of empty 125×125 boxes that all say “Advertise Here“? It’s very unprofessional and doesn’t look nice at all… not to mention it doesn’t seem to be working either!

Monetizing a web site beyond banner ads is an excellent model to follow, and in this post we are going to cover three excellent ways you can make your web site or blog content more appealing, while also earning some money in the process.

Create a Service or Product Around Your Site

One of the best ways to monetize a web site is by building and promoting a product that is already related to your content. By having your own product or service, you are also going to be collecting 100% of the revenue and building a nice customer base, instead of sending your readers away to become customers for someone else and only receiving a small commission. Many search marketing and pay per click blogs will start out with a massive amount of content, then as they grow in readership overtime they will release their own software or membership services.

Your Readers are Coming to Your Site for You!

Since your site audience is already coming to your site to read about you have to say, you know there is a lot of value in what you have to offer. In addition to creating your own products or services, you can also offer high end services such as personal consulting, coaching and speaking at events and conferences. This is especially effective if you are already an authority in your niche. No matter the size of your blog, you should be creating at least a free download or guide that you can use to incentivize people to sign up for your mailing this. This way you can follow up with all of your readers on future releases and special blog posts that should be seen.

In Content Links and Affiliate Marketing

Lastly, since people are coming to your site to read your content, this is the best area for you to be engaging with them in different forms of advertising. If you are going to be recommending different products or services through your site, creating in content affiliate links is a great way to offer quality recommendations, while also getting a referral commission in the process.

If you have a site with a lot of traffic and not sure how to work with affiliate marketing or don’t want to manage your own advertising, there are plenty of contextual advertising networks out there. You can place a line of code on your web site and these networks will automatically serve up text link advertising with in your actual site content.

No Banners = Better Monetization

In the end, banners are a traditional way of advertising and unless you have an authority site and brand, it will be hard for you to make good money by placing banner ads all over your site. Be sure to take the time to look at your site’s business and revenue model and how you can improve your overall monetization.


  1. I agree that if you have an authority site then you can earn better with banner ads. Nice post.

  2. The page where I’m reading this article is full of banners.
    Are you writing about reality or dreams?

    • Authority and established sites don’t have problems making money with banner ads, it’s all the blogs that are starting up that throw a bunch of open banners on a site and hoping to make money, which is the problem.

      • …so this site it’s not an established site and have zero authority.

        You’re writing about sites fullfiled with banner ads from a website with six big banner ads above the folder.
        It’s an oxymoron.

      • Kaminlin says:

        Hey Zac, that was my problem too!! lots of banners as if they were going to make rich! However, I diversified my income now and don’t use banners anymore.

  3. I totally agree with your opinions… the online environment evolves and we have to keep up with the changes. Once, the banners were good sources of income to bloggers, but nowadays we have to diversify the ads.

  4. Great Blog post… Excellent advice. Thank you


  5. Sorry Zac, I agree with Mauricio Luque and Puneet – banner ads are really the way to go – In 2007 I sold a 125×125 to a national advertiser for $1000 for 6 months.

    And Mauricie has a great point – would this article not be more convincing (and believable) if it appeared on a blog that had NO banner ads? Why didn’t you submit it as a guest post on a blog like that?

    This post is like an ant-smoking post appearing on a cigarette blog! D’oh!

    • It all depends on the blog, it’s authority, niche and audience. More power to you if you can sell out banner ads on your sites, but most web sites and blogs have open ad spots just wasting space.

  6. If one go successful in getting advertisers and filing the empty 125×125 boxes, i think banner advertising is good otherwise this advice is worth to go rather than having empty 125×125 boxes…..

  7. I am totally agree that authority site is able to lift up a kind of stuff even though without banner ads…

  8. Howard Collins says:

    Excellent post. It is great that you shared these important tips. I always hated banner ads, and think this should be very helpful from now on.



    • If you are able to sell banner ads based off your traffic and branding, it’s still a good option. Many advertisers and brands are still obsessed with the idea of buying banner space and getting their ads out there.

  9. There’s nothing really new here. The ideas have already been used and abused.

    • It’s not so much using the same ideas, but actually taking the time to put the effort in place to monetize and test what works best with your site. Internet marketing has been around 15+ years and it’s still making money, just a matter of how and what you do with it.

  10. The post is really very interesting and should be taken into account by those people who’d like to achieve success in this sphere

    • Spammer comment…how very generic and robotic, just to get a backlink in such a pathetic way!!

      • Spammer comment? Why do you consider it like this? If I really think that it can be extremely important for getting success, so why can’t I write like this?
        And more over, it’s not a secret for everyone that we all are interested in getting backlinks, but it doesn’t mean that we read and comment posts just because of it. First of all, I’m looking for interesting and helpful information for me.

  11. I like the first idea, creating a service or product around your site. You just have to establish credibility and authority before people will be willing to pay for what you have to say.

    I saw a good example of this last week on a dating/relationship blog. The blog owner writes a lot about online dating so she offers to have a 1-on-1 phone conversation with people to personally review their online dating profiles for a small fee.

  12. This is a great post, very informative; i agree completely with you, i can’t stand seeing a blog site with a bunch of banner ads all over the page, in my opinion it doesn’t make too much sense to ad a bunch of banners hoping for some type of referral commission because in doing that you would be sending away all your loyal blog readers to other ad banners that’s promoting other sites services which defeats the purpose of keeping readers on your site.

  13. These are great different ways of advertising. I need to do more contextual ads since they are right inside your text. I appreciate the ideas and thanks for the post.

  14. From looking at my stats for various sites, I can tell that the sites without any ads/banners offer much better experince to the users. How do I know that? I know because I see that the visitors to sites without ads stay longer on the site and view more pages per visits. Also many more people bookmark such sites, versus the ones with ads.

    • Mas Gie says:

      Site without advertising it feels better, sometimes a lot of the visitors are reluctant to visit the sites filled with ads. All depends of the site owner, I think if the ad was placed in the right place and made ??to look interesting, maybe it will steal their attention. And it will make money later.

  15. Makes me want to go and re-examine my site. I agree that making the effort to be more valuable in your niche leads to better monetization. It may take a lot of time and promotional efforts, but it’ll pay off in the long run.

    • The best way to look at it is that you might have to spend a few hours or a whole day making the changes, but they will be working for you for the next several weeks, months and years as people continue to visit your sites.

  16. Rashmi Sinha says:

    Banners are used widely for advertisement. Having an alternative idea for making money can be very important. Facebook used a very innovative way to make money, contradicting the usual ways of advertising, sponsors etc. And as you know, Facebook is a successful company!

  17. I didn’t even realize it was possible to earn money online without ads. Great post… Learned something new today!

  18. Good post, will be back to read articles!

  19. I agree with you. Banner ads are quite difficult these days. Good article, I have definitely learned a lot today!

  20. I’ll try to create my own service on my blog, hoping it works :)

  21. Banner ads are actually a big help especially when making money.. But I guess you pointed out some great information and tips here.. Thanks!

    • I’m all for banner ads, and use them on several of my own sites. It’s just a matter of knowing how to sell your ad space and if you are using them properly.

  22. Thanks for sharing new ideas, apart from banner ads. I generally notice almost every blog display some ads and there is hardly any blog left which don’t do this.

    • Mas Gie says:

      Hi Aasma,
      I agree, they place banner ads on the sidebar to steal the attention of the visitors. They even put an ad banner in large numbers, they may not realize, that this will make the blog work is getting harder, and it would not be good for the visitors.

  23. Yes, definitely recommending affiliate links within content are effective, however, in my personal opinion the image ads are more effective and attracts visitors very quickly. I am not saying to use affiliate banners but creating attractive images and linking them to affiliate products. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you have an authority site or not, what matters is the content. The information you offer to your visitors should suffice and satisfy their needs.

  24. Yes I agree with you Zac. But banner ad is not a valueless sometimes it helps visitors to find out their products which are they looking for. I recommend everyone that puts a banner similar like ur post. It’s very very helpful for the visitors. I like the affiliate marketing .Because it helps you to get monetize sometimes directly.

  25. Great post Zac!
    There are quite a few blogs indeed that have a bunch of banners and this kind of advertising stuff. Generally blogs full of banners and pop out windows are really annoying and repellent to the readers, and surely can drive a lot of visitors away! Advertising techniques ,like Adsense, must be used very wise and carefully, because they can damage your blog!

    Thank you for sharing!

  26. This is some great information, thank for the great advise on different advertising.

  27. I’m sure blogging really pays a lot. Paid reviews are also a great source to earn. It can pay more than $1000 for a single post if our blog worth it

  28. Banners are not necessarily useless, but they are annoying to many users who, as you said, come to read what you have to say. If they trust you enough to be interested in what you write, then it’s sort of your job to don’t disappoint them with crappy ads. So I’m saying no no to banners too

  29. Hey Zac! Finally made it to your blog! These are great tips to make money without all those distracting (or attracting) banners! Cheers mate!

  30. This is a great tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere. Short but very accurate information… Thank you for sharing this one. A must read post!

  31. Hmmm… quite interesting.

    I believe in using banner ads, but that should not be your only priority.

    Diversify your monetization, and you might even make more money!

    Nice article, Zac.

  32. Mas Gie says:

    Many people prefer to make a banner ad advertising a product. Because the banner has a view that is quite attractive and are more likely to attract attention. But, what do you convey the right decision. This will be an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing.

    • I have been pursuing a strategy that you convey, and it works well to make more money. I throw all the banner ads and replace with text ads. Income showed a better improvement.

  33. Well,

    Good article.I am not a big fan of banner ads for it distracts the eyeballs of the visitor from my content.I would prefer in content & affiliate marketing as its within the content.

    But in terms of conversion, banner ads perform very well.

  34. I’m trying to think about should I remove the ads banners from my blog, in fact, since I have added them, they were not working. And I also think about Zac’s services, installing a free WordPress blog for his customer, may I try creating the same one. Thanks Zac a million, specially for the quotes “No Banners = Better Monetization”

    • Mas Gie says:

      Hi, trung
      I did the same with you. Some of the banner advertisement posted on a blog does not work well, even just to display them without income. I think the this is what is said by zac, “Make Money Blogging Without Ads”

      • Yeah, I removed all ads banner from my blog, just using affiliates links on the blog body content and I saw my blog now is loading so fast, I think search engines will love it, it’s the way to help my blog increase conversion :)

    • Why you guys do not try advertising click bank products? In my opinion is more easy to create a website or blog which is strongly related with the product you want to sell rather than filling your blog with unrelated content and hopping that adsense will display an high cpc add

  35. I see the banners are losing ground mainly because there are software to block them. The trends are the links – no doubt.

    • Mas Gie says:

      I agree. Many who use the software with a variety of reasons. In addition too many banner ads posted, it will slow loading blog. Text ads will be better to make money.

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  37. I was browsing through some online classifieds and found your question about the tutorials. I found some tutorials but they are not exactly for what you asked. You can browse the forum and easily find some written ones or you could search on codeproject.com some video tutorials. I hope this helps you and I hope to hear from you soon.

    • It is really hard nowadays to make money online without banned ads! My best friend runs a restaurant supply store and he paid some bloggers pretty well to hold up some banner ads. Frankly I would do the same thing because $50 bucks there won’t run me bankrupt.

    • Christine says:

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  38. Completely agree with this post. I think banner ads bring your creditability down.

  39. wordpress file upload plugin says:

    These are great tips to make money without banners. Thanks for the share.

  40. Creating a Hire me page is better option i think

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  42. Zac, thanks for the excellent post!! It is great that you shared these important tips. I always hated banner ads, and think this should be very helpful from now on.

  43. I think some CPM ads is better

  44. Newbie bloggers always think that more ads could generate them more money . In a nutshell , ”greed do not pay” . Longer the time taken for the page to load , the more less people that comes to the site .

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