EDU Backlinks: Fastest and Most Effective Way to Dominate the Web

If you want to dominate search engines and be on the top position for Google, then you have to learn how to get EDU backlinks for your website. This step may seem insignificant for some but for SEOs, this is a massive step towards optimizing your site and increasing your site/product’s exposure.

There are basically two reasons why you need EDU backlinks:

  1. EDU backlinks are considered more trustworthy therefore are harder to get; and
  2. Backlinks from EDU sites can always override backlinks from non-EDU sites.

If you’re really keen on getting your site on the top spot and dominate the entire realm of search engines, then you need to learn how to find and employ EDU sites for your backlinks. Here’s one fact that you should know: Search engines—Bing, Google, Yahoo! and everything else—loves EDU backlinks. Tap them and feel the love spread on your site.

Google Tools: Find Backlinks Faster and Easier

Before you go on searching for EDU backlinks, the first thing that you need to find is an already established EDU site. You don’t need to fret, however, that this will be a tedious task for you because Google definitely has something for you. With the multitude of tools that Google has to offer, there is definitely one that can help you in your search for these most coveted and juicy backlinks. All you have to do is use the right search queries using Google’s famous search bar.

Say What?

Yes, the Google toolbar. It’s not really a very special tool but with the proper codes, Google can turn in just the right information for you. For instance, if you want to tell Google that you are looking for EDU sites, then you can simply type:


This particular keyword, given the right syntax will generate loads of sites with EDU on the end. But don’t get too excited just yet. Just because you now have a long queue of EDU sites does not mean that you can generate backlinks from all these sites. You then have to refine your search and look for EDU links that have blogs or those that will allow you to create your own wikipages and register as a user. Let me show you some codes on how you can search for these sites: “log in / create account” “blog” “mediaWiki”

Of course, the syntax on how to find the right EDU links is not limited to these keywords but for now, we will be using these.

Registering Your Own Account

As soon as you have found the right EDU sites that you need, it’s not time to get started on creating your backlinks. It is worth mentioning again that you cannot create backlinks from all EDU sites on your list. Only EDU that allow you to create your account or wikipages and make comments on blog posts are feasible for backlinking

As a general rule, however, if the site will allow you to register as a user, then there is bigger chance that that particular site will allow you to create a backlink from their site.

Getting EDU Backlinks Permanently (or at least not have them removed)

You have to be pretty careful when creating your wiki pages on EDU sites because if you are not, then your pages will be immediately removed as soon as you post them. You have to know that EDU sites are strictly moderated because of its very nature. If the “moderators” see that your content is irrelevant and that you are putting up your wiki page for the mere purpose of creating a backlink, then chances are you will be banned from the site, including your IP address.

Here’s a workaround for this issue: Dig up some information on the topics that are being covered by the EDU site. Once you have a topic, you can now search for articles that discuss the said topic and use it for your wiki page. If the article is not originally yours, do not forget to give credit to the original author and include his or her signature (often found at the end of the article).

How do you get your trustworthy and juicy backlinks? At the end of the article (or footnote), you can place a statement like: “This page was created by (your name)” and paste your link.

There you go. One juicy EDU backlink for your site.

Here’s a quick summary on how you can create your own EDU Backlink:

  1. Search EDU sites that will allow you to comment on blogs, create a wiki page or register as a user.
  2. Find relevant articles from various article submission sites like
  3. Copy and paste the article on the site. Don’t forget to give credit to the author!
  4. Place a footnote that contains your link.

Free EDU Backlinks for You!

Here’s a short list on how you can add links from EDU sites that have PR rankings of 1-9. I did use extensive research to put up this list and everything is done manually so you will have an idea on how much effort you need to put in for EDE backlinking. - PR6, 1 website

  1. Register an account.
  2. Build your profile.
  3. Create your identity.
  4. Fill in the Website requirements.
  5. Wait for five minutes and go back to your profile page. Ping it. - PR1, 4 signature websites and 1 profile website

  1. Register for a new account.
  2. Open your email and get your password.
  3. Fill up your profile.
  4. Personality 4 Signature backlinks, bbc style backlinks
  5. Person 1 other website backlink
  6. Logout from your account
  7. Go to User List
  8. Search for your account
  9. Get the link for your profile and ping it. - PR5, 1 website guestbook signing - PR3, multiple websites guestbook signing - PR8, 3 signature websites and profile website

  1. Create your own account by registering.
  2. Go to your email to retrieve password.
  3. Click on your username.
  4. Edit your profile.
  5. Write your signature and your site.
  6. Post your comment.
  7. Go back to the forum and get the URL. Ping it. - PR9, 1 profile website

  1. Go to WordPress and register an account.
  2. Open your email to retrieve your password.
  3. Create your own website.
  4. At the bottom of the page, tick the option “Make Web Site Public.” - PR6, 4 signature and 1 profile website

  1. Create your own account by registering.
  2. Open your email and retrieve your password.
  3. Create your profile.
  4. Create your signature with your Website Title and URL
  5. Post a riddle
  6. Get the URL and ping the thread where you put your post. - PR1 5 signature backlinks, 1 profile website

  1. Create your profile.
  2. Fill up your Forum Profile Information.
  3. Post on a discussion or start one.
  4. At the bottom of your post, put in your Signature and Website Title/URL
  5. Go back to the Summary Page and ping it.

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  1. Thanks for the comprehensive steps to build quality backlinks. I’ve bookmarked this page and set my schedule to work on this. No shortcut – have to do it the manual way. Do you recommend any automated tool to create your registration and profiles?

    • To be honest no. I have not come across anything i can trust yet.

      What i often used to do was compile a list and then hire some of my Odesk team to do the building. You would be amazed at how quickly some people can do it if you set them up with an email address for the purpose and a list of sites to work with.

      • Matt, thanks for sharing. I have yet to outsource , and agree I have to take that route if I am to scale. Probably the first task I will out-task is account creation and profile set-up – very mundane but important.

        • No problem Henry. When you do get to that point let me know and i can give you the contact details of the people i have used in the past. I have 3 people i return to each time i need some jobs like this done.

  2. Yea .edu backlinks are so powerful. I think .gov links are solid too. Thank you so much for the tip.

  3. Nice article .thanks bro.

  4. Obsessing over backlinks will get you two things: first, let me clue you in that a lot of edu sites have already been spammed by backlinki brokers offered on fiverr and other services.

    (1) These edu sites will ban your IP and/or your blog (since this article appeared some are already “setting out the net” to catch you)

    (2)You will raise Google’s attention – they now have a “team” (like an NCIS?) investigating blogger’s attempts to game SEO – that’s why a lot of backlinks services and the blogs they serve have been DELISTED on Google (and it is spilling over to BING) … which is the LAST thing you want!

    • I think that is a slight overreaction. Agreed if you build a ton of .edu and .gov links in a short time then you could face problems.

      But if you add a few here and there there should be no issue. Google are harsh and do slap down anyone they can but provided your links are of a good mix of do and no follow and from many different sources then again there should be no issue.

  5. thats really nice. I made followed all your tips and made profile Hope it will boost my site’s rank. thanks for such a useful resource.

  6. Nice article Matt. I am trying to start up a simple film blog, but I never realised how much SEO I had to do. It is knowing where to start.

  7. Well thank you for these awesome resources and tips! I have always heard that .EDU was the most powerful source of backlinks, but never knew how to get them. But now I do! Thanks so much. :)

  8. Is this also how you can get your U.S. Alexa traffic rank to drop faster online?

    • I’m sorry but i don’t quite follow the question.

      Do you mean to ask if this is a way of “improving” your alexa traffic rank?

      To be honest i don’t pay any attention to Alexa. What does it really do apart from give you a load of stats and distract your from time better spent on other things.

  9. Mahendra Yadav says:

    I have seen that edu backlinks helps in getting good Search Engine Rankings and thanks for sharing these lists. I will register on these sites and create some .edu backlinks for my blog.

  10. this so interesting and I like it.
    thanks for sharing this.
    great job.

  11. Thanks matt for all Edu. sites list. I am finding it from many days. One thing i want to ask you, How much time Google take these link as my backlinks ?? My Alexa is not showing it, or can tool where i can see my real backlinks.

    • If you mean how long does it take for google to index our links then i would say it depends on how often Google crawls the site the link came from. This can very wildly. Sites like twitter get crawled multiple times in a day whereas some low traffic sites may only get crawled every few weeks.

      You can ping the site url on which you made the link using sites like pinggoat or pingler but if you use them too much they will blacklist your ip. So save this for your most important links.

      You can use free tools like backlinkwatch to get a rough idea of how many links you have but they are not usually very accurate. Google Webmaster Tools is also useful for this but does require a little bit of setting up.

      • Thanks for reply. Do you know any good list of ping, If yes then tell me. your blog green color is soo nice.

        • there are a few i use:


          but there are loads of free ones you can use.

          Which “blog green color”? My main site is dark and red, and the only one of the others i think i have liked to from here is my game of thrones site which is dark and grey.

  12. Thanks Matt for sharing such a useful resource.
    .Edu links are always good to have. I work on .edu and .gov websites but they’re really hard to get approval.

    • They are. You also need to be careful if using any of the edu forums. they often ban people as spammers even if you are adding value just because they have noticed things like affiliate websites in signatures.

  13. Nice article, will work on it at Saturday and Sunday.

    Thanks for Sharing this post but I am also afraid that because of this post many edu or gov sites may starts nofollow attribute or banning this facility.

    • Lol thanks for the compliment Fahad.

      We are a drop in the ocean and i doubt they will notice much of an increase because of this post :)

      Don’t forget though that you need to have no follow links in your mix to appear more natural if all your links are of any one type and none of the other then you would deff be suspect.

      Although i have given a few sample EDU sites i would strongly suggest fiding your own using the methods i have supplied.

  14. Great article Matt! You’ve done some pretty good job! I have heard once about EDU backlinks, but now I really understand what’s the difference and the meaning of these quality backlinks! I have a question though.. Are these backlinks more “powerful” than the guest postings? Thank you for your research and your time! I’m sure that everyone will love the last part about the free EDU backlinks :)

    Thank you for sharing!

    • It’s very hard to give a 100% difinitive answer to that question as google are constantly changing their minds about these things. All i can say right now is that .edu and .gov sites do seem to have more clout than normal backlinks.

      Most likely because they are so hard to get. the ratio of edu and gov to normal must be in the region of 1:1000 (that’s just speculation btw)

      I would not dedicate too much of your time to these links but i would deff suggest adding a few to the mix as i can confirm from my own testing that they do make a positive difference.

  15. This post is exactly thing I’ve looked for a while, thanks for share great post, It’s will help me build high quality back-link for my blog :)

  16. Cool information and if everything works, then I will become the happiest person and get what I want, but at the same time I have read many doubts about EDU links and their value and if everything is so easy, then why isn’t everybody at the top?

    • Matt Kerr says:

      Most people don’t know how to do this and often don’t want to learn simple methods like these.

      Also EDU & GOV backlinks are not so easy to keep. Often if you make a mistake you account will be banned and closed. I would say at a guess that only 50% of the EDU links you create will stick long term.

      “why isn’t everybody at the top?” – No matter how great everyone is there can only ever be 1 person in first place, 1 person in 2nd place and so on. The fact that there is a term called “The Google Dance” is testament to the fact that most keywords are very highly contested.

  17. Thanks for free edu backlinks. Following are the search query which i use to look for edu backlinks:

    keyword -”comments are closed” “add comment”
    keyword inurl:*.edu -”comments are closed” “add a comment”

  18. Thanks for the edu resources. Will try and get some edu links for my site. I don’t have any right now. Will need to read this post again! Thanks again.

    • Matt Kerr says:

      My pleasure Yula. Best when you do search though that you click page 2 or 3 if you want to try out the slightly less traveled sites.

  19. thanks for sharing this great tip. This definitely should help me to achieve to ranking in google.

  20. Wow thanks for this awesome list of EDU backlinks. I really hope they work!

  21. I’ve always loved EDU links for the simple reason that they WORK (unlike many other things in SEO).

    Thanks for the list Matt!

  22. Edu links have very powerful energy for ranking of a site but these are very difficult to achieve.

  23. i know the power edu backlinks and thanks admin for listing the edu blogs in one place. It will more easy for all bloggers without searching on the interent. :)

  24. Good looking out on the “.edu backlinkhookup” blogpost, Kiesha!

  25. in above EDU backlink creating process i seen a word “Ping It” .. What i need to ping and where i can ping ? i need to ping my blog OR my edu profile ? expecting quick reply

    • When i say “ping” i mean ping the source of the backlink. Although you should ping your blog whenever you add new content as well.

      there are a few i use:


      but there are loads of free ones you can use.

  26. Edu. Links oh my god mat i love it. Thanks for super article. I really love your blog.

    • I’m glad it helped Rohit.

      I have another coming soon about how to identify “do follow” sites to make sure you get the most of your backlinks.

  27. An inbound links coming from the sites like edu and .gov are considered as the strong backlinks for the websites thanks for sharing some edu sites Matt, I will try this out..

  28. Hi MattKerr

    You really help me in solving my big problem that how can I get the EDU back link for my blog but it seems to be difficult.Any I am thank full to you

  29. .Edu and .Gov links are definitely spammed more by SEOs now a days. I see people talking about it everywhere. There are so many fiverr gig available which can get you 100-200 .edu comment link.

    I ain’t sure but I feel that the resource will dry up soon.

    • You are most likely correct. Google tends to be reactionary and tries to keep us guessing all the time.

      They made a change just a few days ago which lessens the strength of good anchor text. Not getting rid of the usefulness but diluting it to a degree.

      For now though we work with what we know works and react to the changes as best we can and for now EDU and GOV do give a certain edge over someone who has none.

      • Thank you for sharing, great work!

      • One of my friend asked me a really good question. How many .Edu blogs are available? He told me to provide approximate number. I was stunned to know that there are around only 9000 .edu domains sold (not considering

        Now imagine yourself getting link from 1000 .edu sites. What would you do if you were Google? Even a blind man can judge that it is clearly a spam tactics.

        • It would indeed. But it would also be near to impossible to generate 1000 EDU backlinks manually.

          I would never suggest using any automatic software to build 1000′s of backlinks. You may get good temp results but before long you will without a doubt get slapped down by google and either penalized or sandboxed completely.

          Build you backlinks manually……..hence the tutorial……….and choose high quality sites from relevant niches when you can. Slow and steady wins the race.

          Once your site starts to rank well you will also notice that people start linking to you of their own accord provided you have good content.

  30. Good job! Thanks for pointing this out. I hope this one will help me.

  31. Thanks a lot. The list of backlinks provided by you is really dofollow unlike the most of other websites on internet. Thanks again to share this information.

  32. SEO Tudela says:

    Hi, thank you very much for the .edu pages. The PR9 is my first target, I will comment my experience.

    Greats from spain

  33. Really this page on .edu backlinks is great. You also provide a small list of some .edu site,thanks for that. The search tips for .edu site in the Google are really helpful for me.

  34. I appreciate the effort you went to in finding easy .edu links for those of us who need them. I went to check out the UC Berkeley riddle site and got stuck on a riddle for two hours — who know riddles could be so hard?

    • Matt Kerr says:

      Did you post one of your own? I tried to think of one myself but stalled. Can never remember a whole joke either lol

  35. Matt it is great post full of verry very good tips, i am really become fan of yours.. Pls come up with some more effective tips on seo..


  36. Easy money from home free methods

  37. Hello

    really excellent blog, I was search for some edu links, all are talking about it but nobody provides th links or any info to find these,

    thanks a lot

    • You are very welcome. If you would like me to save you some time and pass along pre researched list just let me know. I have more than i could ever use now :)

      All i would ask in return is that you visit the site attached to this site, drop me a line through the “contact us” page and i will be more than happy to send you some over.

      Hit a few social share buttons while in the ;)

      Same goes for anyone else who would like a few hundred EDU sites in a list.

  38. Yeah, Now I believe this .edu and .gov links do more than other ones. I never believed this fact. My friends also said me and I didn’t believed it. Now I have to believe this. I will make some .edu and .gov backlinks for my blog also If possible. Thank You for this great one. And I directly thanks again for that .gov and .edu forums too.


    • Happy to help Shyam,

      You can adapt the above methods very easily for finding GOV sites. Also see me comment below. Give me a nudge if you would like some EDU site lists.

      • Yeah Matt, If you could please give me some .edu blog list. If they allow commenting on their blogs, It’s good because I like to write comments on blogs. I know spammers always cause to stop comments on those blogs. Anyway If you can give me that list.

        Appreciate your work

        • Sure but i need your email. So the easiest way for you to give me that info without exposing it publicly would be to follow this backlink to my site and send me a message via the “contact us” page

  39. Actually it so hard to find real .edu backlink with high quality at least you have valid .edu email address and student from those institution. But these tricks worth to try and most of all are free! Thanks for sharing and please update if you find new resources. :)

    • Your welcome. I am always coming across new resources. Best thing to do is keep an eye on this blog and also of course visit m main site Guru Training Academy. There are lots of things we can help you with.

  40. Yes Sir i am agree with your all points. Edu. links are most reliable and best for back linking process. Thanks for providing me the whole list.

  41. Mas Gie says:

    Hi Matt
    Everyone knows that the EDU backlinks from quality and trusted by the search engines. I’ve tried to find EDU backlinks, but really like what you say that this is not an easy job. EDU sites have strict rules and professional, are not easy to get a backlink from them. Today, after reading the article that you convey, I came back excited to try to find EDU backlinks. Thank for share.

  42. That’s really.I never know that .edu back links are so important. After reading this post,now I will try to build some .edu back links.

  43. I love this website so much things to learn on here. Thank You for sharing all your powerful knowledge on SEO.

    • It’s our pleasure. If you would like to learn lots techniques and get 1-1 mentoring drop by our site and have a chat. You can add us on skype: gurutrainingacademy as well if you would like no obligation chat.


  44. Great sharing i am working on it.

  45. What a article about edu links, Such a great article about edu links. Thanks sir i am searching it from long time.r

  46. Hi mattkerr, First of all thanks for the great article but are there any other domain names like .edu ?

  47. This article is so true I have been using edu for SEO

  48. Excellent post for getting edu back links.

    Thanks alot Henry

    Kerala Real Estate

  49. Excellent Post. It helps alot to get edu backlinks

    Thanks Henry.

    Kerala Real Estate

  50. Thanks for this useful post, i have tried out some of the mentioned websites some are working but some are giving errors, well lets see if i get any changes in my PR.

  51. Thanks for the post.. I submitted my url to many of sites but not yet I got any alexa rank.

  52. Thanks for the links! Used a few :D

  53. Amazing article, Thanks a ton for the share. But EDU backinks helps for tech blog too. I have read some where, building links from same niche is important than edu links. waiting for your replay. Anyelse i’m trying those links

  54. Thank you! I have learned something new, and hope now my site will start ranking better. I appreciate it!

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    I always enjoy reading your posts. EDU backlinks has always been a matter of interest, all the blogger trying hard to get backlinks there. Thank you for sharing useful things. :D

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  65. Now a days only profile back links are considered as a spamming back link. So you should not only
    going for a profile back links, that is why you should have made a informative post or thread through an .EDU forum. Moreover leave a informative and valuable comment in an .EDU blog site too.
    That will boost up your SEO ranking in Google and give you some targeted visitors fastly.
    In below I’ve mentioned some .EDU back link finding footprints. So please go for it…….
    Please go to Google search and type a query like the following and then you will get some .EDU blog sites.

    site:. edu inurl: blog “post a comment”
    site:. edu “Powered by BlogEngine.NET” site:. edu inurl: blog “post a comment”
    site:. edu “Powered by ExpressionEngine” site:. edu inurl: blog “post a comment”
    site:. edu inurl: blog “post a comment” – “comments closed” – “you must be logged in”

    To know more about this connect with Plabon Hassan through Facebook.

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