What are The Two Main Writing Motivators Of The Online Marketer

11 - I Type 2000 Words A Minute... Uh YeahWriting is the action of thinking.  I am sure you’ve heard that before.  In order to be able to write anything, you need to have a specific thought process behind it.  Such thought process is your motivation to write.

Before you can write a blog post, an article, an essay, a press release or even a book, you need to have a specific drive – a motivation, which will basically guide your writing.  Such motivation will greatly define the value of your written piece.

For the purpose of this post, I am going to talk about the two main motivators of the online marketer.  This might help you better define what YOUR motivation is when you are writing.

The Sale Motivator

Have you ever read one of those promotion type articles that are saying a lot without really saying anything?  I am sure you have.  As a matter of fact, some internet marketers are masters at this technique and will even teach you how to do it.  I have to admit that I have learned myself how to use such technique and wrote a few articles using it and bout it as well.

When selling is the exclusive motivator, the article is not constructed to give the reader a much needed piece of information or tip; no, articles such as these are meant to play with the reader’s emotions and convince them that they need to find out more in order to make up for the lack of information of the article itself.

Who does the Sale Motivated Writing Serve?

Sale motivated writing serves the author of the article, not the reader.  Of course, the product that the writer is trying to sell you might be great, something that you may really need or want, but the article itself, will basically be useless on its own.  Remember, it’s a sale motivated article, not a helpful one.

This type of writing is meant to drive you to take the action that the writer wants you to take.  Not to help you directly with the article itself.  Truth be told, however, this type of writing, when mastered well by the author is one of the most effective writing methods that will make the reader do whatever the writer wants them to do.

The Information and Education Motivator

When the motivation of the writer is to inform and educate the reader it becomes a totally different game for both the writer and the reader.

When the writer is free from writing for sole purpose of selling and can actually use his or her writing talents to inform, educate, teach or advise the reader, the horizon of possibilities is getting much larger and the flow of ideas is basically unlimited.  At the end of the day, the marketer who is writing to inform and educate can be satisfied, feeling that he or she has helped someone who is actually going to be their follower and over time even their customer.  This type of result will happen, because the writer was willing to spend time and energy researching, learning and ultimately writing to inform.

Who does the Information Motivated Writing Serve?

Writing that is motivated by the will to inform and educate the reader, serves both the reader and the writer.

Obviously, it serves the reader because they will be able to learn something valuable or useful; even something they may be able to apply just by reading that one blog post or article.  They won’t need to click beyond the article to find the answer that they are looking for, and they won’t need to buy anything either.  The reader is getting free and valuable information just by reading that one written piece.

How does information motivated writing serve the writer?  When you are writing with the motivation of educating and informing your reader you should never think that you are only giving without receiving anything back.  As a matter of fact, if you are a successful blogger writing valuable posts on a weekly basis you know that you are getting a lot back from your valuable posts, don’t you?

  • You are making useful online engagements
  • You are getting followers on a regular basis
  • You are making important connections
  • You are building a huge list
  • You are building a clientele
  • You are branding yourself
  • You are reaping what you have sown and some

 Sale motivator vs. Information motivator

The reason why I wanted to write about this topic is that I have some experience writing with both the sale motivation and information motivation factors.  I can tell you that writing only for the purpose of selling can wear you down and take the motivation to write away all together.  How long can you stay motivated writing the same article over and over again?

On the other hand, when your motivation is to inform the reader, you will get more ideas to write about than you will be able to handle.  Your motivation will go to the roof every time.  Which one of the two motivators does sound more attractive to you?

Tell me in the comment area – what type of writing are you using and were you aware you were using it?


  1. It will probably depend on the purpose at hand. Sometimes, we don’t really have a choice on whether to write for a sales motive or info motive. Often it’s a mix of both.
    Yes I agree, like you say it get a little stale if you are just writing for the sales motive. But then again, I guess it depends on the person too.

    • Hi Shamelle,

      I guess if you are writing an ad or a sales page you can put your selling hat on, but other than that, I think that no one would be interested in reading you for very long.

      Even on a sales page you’ve got to go way beyond the sales pitch – you’ve got to touch the emotion.

      Thanks for your comment and enjoy the rest of your day :)

  2. Writing informative articles is definitely a lot more rewarding. When taking that route, people are much more willing to share your content and visit your site more often. If you manage a blog, you pretty much need to take that route or people just won’t stick around. Still, you want to find a nice balance where you are informative but also sometimes pushing for the sale more.

    • That’s right, Jeremy :)

      Who is going to stick around if all you write is a sales pitch every time?

      In order to receive in the written online world you’ve got to know how to give.

      Thanks for coming by my post and have a great day!

  3. A mindset of serving the reader is always a good place to start. Readers pick up on this and are also much more likely to purchase from you in the future.

    • Hi Samuel,

      Yes, amen to that!
      We always have to write with the thought that our readers are intelligent human beings. If you are trying to serve yourself in your writing, they’ll obviously know that.

      Thanks for passing by and giving your thoughts on that :)

  4. I think most of us are motivated by sales, but in the end it needs to be informational and unique otherwise like the above comment, posts will start to get stale. Engage readers with informational and unique content, the rest will fall in to place.

    • I’m not sure I can agree that all bloggers are motivated by sales. We all want to make money online, sure, that’s our business, but it doesn’t mean that our writing is motivated by sales though. If I am only motivated by sales, I really can’t write for long.

      Thanks for giving your feedbacks and have a good one :)

  5. Rightly said these two motivators have more important in the eye of online marketer. But i think online marketer should give more emphasize on information and education Motivator this takes U-Turn to sale motivator.

  6. Rossalie says:

    There are actually a lot of motivators but sometimes it depends on how we can use it to make us a better online marketer…

  7. Great article Sylviane! I totally agree with you! Writing only for the purpose of selling, as you said, can make a real damage to your blog because it’s noticeable by the readers and very repellent factor! Surely it’s better to invest time and energy to good and high quality informational articles.

    Thank you for sharing Sylviane!

    • Hi Sara,

      Yes, indeed :) I like the term you are using “repellent” isn’t that true?

      No one wants to be sold, so our job is to do it by giving first. As bloggers or marketers we can give valuable information on a weekly baisis.

      Thanks for coming and have a great day!

  8. in being a successful online marketer, writing is a tough job to maintain. However, the beauty of creating unique content that not only do you keep search engines attracted to your website or blog, but you also have the ability to make money on the World Wide Web. And, there’s nothing more intriguing than having a mass audience read what you have written on the Internet. That’s the beauty of online marketing.

  9. I am really glad after reading such a informative post.

  10. As for me when I wirte an article I try to make it educational and I try to teach people some new things or ideas and it usually works and people get intrerested. I also stick to the point that information posts are also great as they give visitors the kind of information they are looking for. As for sale posts, I don’t think that they work even for links, well may be sometimes only.

    • Hi DiNaRa,

      Sticking to the point is definitely a very good method. It’s always a good idea to stick to the topic you want to talk about and help your read focus on it. I agree sales posts don’t really anymore nowadays.

  11. I am not a natural writer so tend to stick to writing tutorials where i actually show people how to do something useful or solve a common problem.

    This also ties in with the main themes of my site as well as we teach newbies how to create wordpress sites and then the SEO needed to drive them to high rankings.

    Generally i would say that i like to believe that if you show someone that you have knowledge that can help them achieve their goals more easily then they will come to you of their own accord. In reality they do sometimes need a little nudge to help them along.

    Great post Sylviane! Given you a tweet, G+1 and a stumble :)

    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the Tweet and G+.

      I think that writing to show people how to do something is the BEST way to attract the right traffic and to turn what you write, either your blog post, article or else completely viral.

      Thanks so much for passing by and have a great day!

  12. Really intriguing article, Sylviane :)

    I like how you outlined the motivations, and I do agree that we can see these at work in various pieces of writing.

    At the same time, one of the biggest blogs I know (CopyBlogger – Brian Clark, Sonia Simone, etc.) has as their main offering the idea that “Teaching Sells.”

    They blend these two motivations and explain how one leads to the other.

    What are your thoughts on this? Have you taken their Teaching Sells course?

    • Hey Jason, the kind of blog comments :)

      Nice to see you here.

      I have never taken Brian Clark or Sonia Simone’s courses but I’ve taken others a long time ago. Yes, teaching sells, no doubt, but what doesn’t is selling for the purpose of selling.

      There are so many ways you can be interesting, informative and attractive while selling the right way, meaning the smart way, by giving something away before you start receiving.

      Thanks for coming by and have great day!

  13. i think somebody who has the passion for writing has a natural gift to be a good blogger. When you love to do something. motivation hardly matters.

    • Ah, now, I beg to differ.

      There is a motivation behind EVERYTHING we do – without motivation we would be standing still or unable to get up in the moring. The motivation is not the problem. The problem is what your motivation is.

      Thanks for giving your feedbacks though :)

      • Hmmm… interesting back-and-forth here. I think the two of you agree, and might not be realizing it.

        I’d like to combine both of these ideas with this powerful statement.

        “Love is motivation.”

  14. I love you post, it really is very intriguing. They are well written, especially if it is your passion.

    For me I write informatively. I love to share my thoughts and ideas towards my readers. It is really fun to engage with them and share ideas too.

    Thank you for this post again, I have learned a lot from them.

    • Hi Caram,

      I’m very glad you like my post. Writing to inform as you do, is one of the best way to attract readers, and they will love you for it.

      Keep on writing and keep on informing your readers and you’ll go far :)

      Thanks for passing by and have a great day!

  15. Educate and advertise, that will sum up the potential content of your blog. It help you promote and develop engagement between you and your subscribers.

  16. Your post on writing skill is an excellent one! This site is a great site for getting good inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  17. It is true that writing is an action of thinking but one thing is clear. To be very skillful at writing, one has to posses a good command of English Language. Because a bad grammatically constructed sentence is as bad as anything. It mislead the readers

  18. I totally agree with what Jeremy said that writing informative articles is definitely a lot more rewarding and that when taking that route, people are much more willing to share one’s content and visit one’s site more often. By so doing, the writer’s post becomes viral and generate a huge traffic to his website.

  19. Thanks for those useful information on writing well. You really made my day!

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