3 SEO Tips to Improve Your Website Design

A well optimized website that is both SE (search engine) and user friendly can build a powerful presence here in the online world.

To stay away from having a website design that isn’t search engine friendly, you just need to take note some fundamental SEO standards for small business practices.

As a web designer and a freelancer, I’ve a great deal of thought into what issues I’ve met and issues I’ve heard when designing a website with SEO in mind. Below are a few SEO tips that can direct you to search engine friendly website design and build a successful blog.

Plan in advance

Every designer will benefit from advanced study and planning. Therefore, you should plan in advance of your design which includes SEO aspects in the process to make it useful as well as rewarding. Some relevant facts to remember are:

The time it takes to load the page is a one of the key ranking factors. So, this approach just falls back on the rule of thumb – a swift page load time is ideal for user experience as well as to enhance rankings.

Keep your mobile traffic in mind. A greater number of users are turning to view their websites to test on mobile platforms along with traditional screens. Don’t forget that many smartphones can’t notice Flash or JS file in any respect. In such a case, you ensure to make a mobile edition of your website.

Focus on Keyword Research

When designing line frames, choosing client journeys and sitemaps, you can always commence to build, on top of that, web pages for content that concentrated on the majority of these certain keywords based upon your research. My suggestion is take the time to better research keywords.

The process of creating

•    Generate a list of possible keywords (i.e. phrases that are relevant, but not exceedingly used)
•    Record your planned keywords into a keyword research tool (i.e. Adword Keyword Tool, Wordtracker, Wordstream, etc)
•    Conclude your keyword list based upon study (Build a list of both broad and targeted keyword phrases)
•    Arrange them for launch (generally go after 3-4 related keywords per page)

Search Engine Friendly Navigation

If you’ve noticed the concept of semantics on your own travels, navigation is another great spot to optimize. To put it simply, the concept of semantics is defined as the evaluation of meaning; the connections between signifiers (for us, words) and just what they signify. How can it work?

Google’s spiders are hopefully playing (having an excellent look at) your site or blog or blog regularly. They won’t be smart enough (nonetheless!) just to have your jokes, but by assessing your links, home navigation and blog posts, they’re making use of enhanced semantics to assess high quality driven by the firm of data on your website or blog.

Make use of information not only in your choices, but right across your entire website or blog, incorporating the knowledge you gathered in your keyword research.

And so, now that you’ve explored the secrets of making SEO friendly website design, then why not start using them promptly. These SEO website design guidelines will certainly help to build both a search engine and a user friendly website design.

If you’ve any other plans about SEO website design tips, please give a comment below!


  1. keyword research is the crucial factor for doing the great SEO. Thank you so much for the nice post. Navigation is also a great factor.

  2. Great tips Mohd. It is important to have an SEO friendly site. Most people don’t realize the importance of keyword research and on page optimization! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have to agree that keyword research is important. The ideal way to find a topics that can bring both traffic and conventions, is to do the KW research before you start the blog.
    If you don’t do any keyword research you might fid it extremely hard to get any traffic from the Search engines. SO my best tip is to look for the keywords with high search numbers, and low competition.
    You can use Google adwords keyword tool to find the best keywords..

  4. Can you please explain, SEO friendly navigation a bit more? And do you know how and why tags hurt SEO or if not?

    • Great question Abhi Balani. First of all, a good navigation is an important part of SEO and thus SEO friendly navigation helps visitor to quickly find information they want.

      Now coming to “how and why tags hurt SEO or if not” I think your pointing to posts tags? I only use the tags that are related to the content of the post.

  5. I never stop my keyword research. It is one of those things that are never over!

  6. The problem is that most designers have very little SEO knowledge. They just know how to create something that looks good. That sometimes directly conflicts with making a design load quickly. The good thing about SEO is that it is shifting to focus on user metrics and social shares. Plus links have always been very important. So these days you just need to take care of the basics on site and ensure the design pleases users. If your site is good enough, a lot of the off-page SEO will take care of itself.

    • Amen to this. Your site can be the best looking site in the world, but if it has no onsite SEO work or SEO isn’t taken in to account when creating design or word content, nobody will ever see it.

  7. Did you mean to mean to use Breadcrumb to improve SEO navigation? If not, then what you really want to say?
    Please clarify.

  8. Hey mate thanks for tips. i agree keyword research is very important, as well as easy website navigation. there are still many techniques but what listed are above are important.



  9. sir .. i am new to blogging can u explain more about key word research. Has it something related to using some unique but commony use words?

  10. I try to use less plugins when designing my site and using more custom coding because it speeds my website up

  11. It always pays to have a clear navigation on your blog or website, so that not only do you get a good Crowl when search engines crawl to better your search engine optimization great, but also that your blog readers or site visitors will have a clear understanding of where everything is within the navigation tab. Keyword research also plays an important factor in not only the niche topic of your site, but also your site content or blog posts, as thorough keyword research will definitely help anyone get a better Crowl and index in search engine results pages. College of Content thanks you “we blog better” for being a genuine blogger and being of service in helping others with useful information. Keep up the good work!

  12. Great tips! I think consistent keyword search is just as important as general keyword search. You never know when your keywords will change or new ones will pop up.

    I definitely need to do more research, I try to make up keywords and then realize there are so many keywords out there that I’m just not aware of.

    Thanks for the SEO tips!

  13. The biggest problem for me is finding the right keywords for my writing. My blog is berusi 2 months but I still do not get a good position in search engines. Can you give advice for me?

  14. I agree with Puneet. Keyword research I think is #1 as without it, the on page kw density will be non-existent and that’s ultimately what Google looks at.

  15. A great website design is never complete without good SEO. In fact, web designers should also know the basic of search engine optimization so that they can easily understand the requirements of their clients and deliver a design that fits in with the best SEO guidelines. Since ranking algorithms continue to change, it’s also important to keep abreast of latest updates and developments.

    A lot of users leave a site only because they get confused with the navigational structure or can’t easily find what they came looking for. Great SEO is all about enriching the experience of the web user. If you are able to make visitors happy, you will hit the nail right on the head.


  16. In terms of website design, you want a theme with good navigation links. You also want the theme to load quickly as page speed factors heavily in SEO. The you want something visually appealing as well as simple to navigate. Make sure your theme makes good use of headers for SEO purposes as well. Finally, when you are planning your content, keyword research is a must.

  17. Yes, good keyword research will bring success to your blogging but know that this is for Google what about other search engine. The best is to use seo tips that are been considered great for at least six best serach engine.

    Tijani recently posted 3 Great Ways to Raise Your Adolescents

  18. Keyword research is one the most essential ones that will relate to your niche of website so that people can enter to your page or your landing page.

  19. going very good mate ;) yes ! you are right design also helps us to improve search ranking . nice share

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  21. i am trying to use this tips on my website.
    Thank you

  22. I admit that I’m one of those who are extremely impatient when it comes to slow-loading websites. If you want to use Flash pages, keep it manageable or at a minimum.

  23. nice info, need to improve my seo skill

  24. Victoria Battle says:

    Very good article! I think SEO is very important in making a website get good traffic. Improving website design via SEO is something that I was looking forward to from the past few months. I am beginning to experience some of its benefits in the initial stage itself.

  25. Dear Mohd

    Thanks for the seo tips. I would add to make sure that your headings are tagged with and so on and to remember to bold, underline and italicize your keywords. Louisa

  26. I believe doing a keyword research is the most important part of seo. As long tail keywords are having less competion than shot on or two words keyword.

  27. Regarding Keyword Selection, Need to choose keywords intellectually. wheyour customers don’t know a lot about that business or best keywords for search your business. n you do particular business so you may be very expert on that field & know many terms of that subject but just they need that services or goods. So if you unable to optimize your website by your customer search terms, most likely you will failed to reach to your audience.

  28. Take the time to better research keywords. I can’t agree with that more. I don’t know how many times I’ve rushed the keyword research and had to start all over again losing precious days of work. I’ve found that the key to efficient workflow is knowing what I want out of the site from the start.

  29. Nice post, very true! So many white hapt pureists come out with comments like “design for the users and the site will rank” I think that the truth is that if you do this the site will tank. You need to think about engines in this day and age if your site ranks well for popular terms you can and will make money from it.

  30. Cheziannhe says:

    SEO tips are very helpful today especially to bloggers who are not aware about this information to make their website design look nice…I am sure this can help…

  31. Excellent post! “The time it takes to load the page” most blogger doesn’t consider this one, they use high res image and suffers their loading time, for me its a great factor in SEO.

  32. As far as i think there are many factors in search engine optimization that should be taken in to consideration because seo industry is growing along with development and designing industry. Given are the few fundamental tips that should be ready in advanced. I enjoyed reading the article… Keep it continue…Thanks

  33. Solid points to keep in mind when designing your site. Most of us starting out for the first time, rarely consider this and only after a few months of launching, realize something’s not right. These points will be extremely valuable to someone just starting their blogging careers.Thanks for sharing Mohd.

  34. A website with optimized load time is always appreciated by users. They feel it much comfortable to navigate through resource pages of a website. Thus from SEO prospective it increases visitor retention and helps in reducing bounce rate. Optimizing the website load time doesn’t mean dropping off rich-media elements from a website. Even browser addons like YSlow and Pagespeed comes handy for a SEO friendly website design.

  35. It requires few more additional steps to make the search engine friendly I.e creating xml sitemap and robots.txt file creation and custom 404 error page.Optimized title, content etc. Keyword research is the most important role.

  36. I think being an SEO friendly is now like being a reader friendly after the Google Panda Update. Great work!

  37. Some good tips in this post, i see it so many times that freelance web designers build websites but don’t think about the smaller things when creating the site like making it SE friendly instead of only thinking to make it user friendly, theirs more to building websites than just make it look pretty lol.

  38. Surminga says:

    I’m constantly doing keyword research and building upon them – nice article mate great points

  39. Mind maps are diagrams drawn around a specific keyword to explore new ideas, thoughts and reflections
    to help our Seo strategies and effective.

  40. How fast your page load does affect your ranking in the search engines. On page SEO is good but the most important aspect of SEO is off page factors such as backlinks. Keyword research is not that difficult.

  41. These are good tips… I think what many people new to SEO don’t realize is that they don’t need to spend tons of dough on keyword tools, fancy themes, and so forth… The basic free wordpress themes are quite fast and themes like twentyeleven are already optimized well for SEO. Do you have any advice on what is considered a “fast loading web page” and where there are good tools to measure this in comparison to other sites? Thanks!

  42. Keyword research really have a vital role in improving your web design. If you want people to know about your niche it is best that your keywords are reachable by them. And as they search on your niche and visit your site they will be stun and hook on your design and may become your clients or followers.

  43. Thanks for sharing informative tips.. I think the most effective seo strategy is by having quality writing..

  44. Great tips! It is very important for a blog to be SEO friendly, especially with all that competition that every blog faces. In my opinion, having a SEO friendly blog, is all about backlinks ( comments and pads ) and fresh, good-quality content.
    Thank you for sharing!

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  46. Your theme matters a lot. Some themes are pretty horrible when it comes to SEO. Genesis is top-notch, probably because Yoast had his hands in the design :)

    It is becoming crystal clear that images can drive not only good traffic but also some pretty fantastic SEO. Optimize those images!

  47. Great! This are very helpful tips. Keyword research is very important, I need to do more research because maybe there are a lot of keywords out there that I’m just not aware of. Thank you very much for this tips.

    ICI Non Voice block C

  48. Keyword research really have a very important role in improving your web design.Good keyword research ensures better search engine traffic.

  49. keyword research is really beneficial. Thank you so much for the nice post. Not to forget Navigation is also a great factor.

  50. A SEO friendly WP theme will help us so much in getting high ranking on search engines, that’s why many of us used thesis or Genesis to improve seo friendly for the blog or using WP SEO plugins such as WordPress SEO by yoast. However, most of them, I total agree with you that to do SEO effectively, we have to do keyword research first.

  51. While I know keyword research is crucial to good SEO and high rankings, I prefer to write about things I care about. I don’t think I would be able to sustain solid writing just for the sake of a good keyword. I will follow my interests. maybe they won’t make me an internet sensation, but I will enjoy myself either way.

  52. Nice posting the article is really the best on this deserving topic

  53. Thinking about page load time is crucial, especially if you’re targeting mobile users. I know my phone takes forever to load things. I sometimes will just go use a computer instead of pulling it up on my phone. If it’s not important enough for me to get up, often times I just won’t go there, which means the site lost my traffic.

  54. Specific key words definitely safe your time.So everybosy should learn the technics how key words may apply to search your required information.

  55. Shaquille Ray says:

    A way to know your navigation or menus are SEO friendly are if your visitors are able to browse the site to find information they are looking for quite easily instead of like government websites where your dumbfounded to knowing where to go and what to click on.

  56. laba giri says:

    it is very helpful article i am very interested.

  57. Some good tips. Of course SEO is important, but so often you will see sites overloaded with SEO. For example unnatural keyword densities, keyword spamming etc. However content is king and the SEO may sometimes be at the expense of good content.

  58. Planning in advance is necessary in improving your website design and ensuring that the website design is helping your business.

  59. Thank you for your guide.
    I suggest that the rich content is the best way to promote one website.

  60. I second that. Always start of with Niche and Keyword Research. Once you identify the seed keyword, expand upon that to get the thematic and secondary keywords. Then plan your layout and navigation of your website with that in mind. I use Market Samurai for my KW research.

  61. This is a very nice and informative post for good SEO and i appreciate it. SEO is most important if you really want to compete your site with other.

  62. Thanks for sharing your insights! I believe website design is very important though some webmasters underestimate it. When a person visits your website first time, he or she gets the first impression from what he/she sees! Even if your site has a great content, but design is poor, you dont have big chances to get much traffic I think

  63. I think that a great way to make your website load faster is to use less picture and more CSS, i can recommend a good website that will help you with that, http://www.webonlinetools.com lots of CSS Generators.

    Good luck with the optimization :)

  64. Thanks mohdaktar for bringing this up.

    I spent a lot of time tweaking the look of my website, and now after reading this article, I’m not sure if there are too much graphics.

    Do you think you can help me take a look at my site? Now I feel like taking away everything and “going back to the Drawing Board”..

  65. Nice tips Aktar. It means we have to find the right template too for our blog, is that correct?

  66. I am very lucky because I want to make a better ranking for my website and this article is very usefull.

  67. Mas Gie says:

    Plan for a professional website with attractive appearance is a fun job, but it’s hard for the realized. Determine the keywords to be used should be done at the beginning, before making a website. That way we can combine the selection of keywords and URLs created. To view the website, I prefer the simple and certainly has a value of SEO friendly. I think the stage that you have provided is true, I like your idea.

  68. It’s right that keyword research is very effective to improve website design but the main thing is content. If your website have unique and fresh content than it is more and more useful to improve each and everything on your website.

  69. If you don’t do any keyword research you might fid it extremely hard to get any traffic from the Search engines

  70. The good thing about SEO is that it is shifting to focus on user metrics and social shares. Plus links have always been very important.

  71. Great Job! It helps a lot as a reader and I offer services in Search Engine Optimization. It gives me idea to improve my service.

  72. Nice post, The website must be user-friendly for easy accessibility. It must have proper navigation through out the website. These are very much essential thing to be noted.

  73. Keyword research, up to now, is STILL something that is not utilized that much by many people. It amazes me how I talked to a lot of people that either do not know keyword research or do not use it because they think its not worth it.

    Back in 2007, focusing on it I think was one of the best things that we’ve done. It just made targeting much easier for us since it gives us the overall picture on what to target and what to not.

  74. Good stuff. All of those are important but one of the best decisions we’ve ever made that allowed us to do those things is to switch to WordPress. Doing so made it soo much easier for us to do all those onsite optimizations needed in order to rank better.

  75. One of the ways I check the crawlability (if that’s even a word) and the SEO friendliness of the design on my site is by using the Google search operator “cache”.

    To use this feature, visit Google as you normally would and type in cache:www.swagbuckstricks.com (replace SwagBucksTricks with the name of your site). Next, click on the “Text-only version” link at the upper right corner of the cached page that Google would show you. The page you would see would then be somewhat similar to how the Google bots would see your site in their eyes.

    The rule of thumb is that if you cannot navigate towards the desired pages on your site that you are trying to rank for without the CSS and Design of your site, then chances are that the Google bot won’t be able to find it either.

  76. Amazing Tips Specially For the beginners…..

    Thanks for Sharing !!

  77. Great post, thanks for sharing these useful information. This will be very important to make seo friendly website that are easy to optimize.

  78. Fine article mohdaktar, ty for that

  79. I always doubt about the page speed. Does it matter a lot? I mean see sites like CNET, CNN etc, they take a hell lot of time to load but still ranks better. Don’t they?

  80. Thanks for the tips ahead. It’s simple and yet very informative. I think blog commenting is a good way to generate more traffic to your blog or to your website because your URL is visible to anyone.

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