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So, last month we started the WE BLOG STALK series with the uber-creative Ameena Falchetto and yes, we loved the response. Thank you!

For those of you who are new to this; do check out the previous one we did and here’s a little introduction of what we do.

As the title suggests, we are going to be stalking blogs and then feature them here. Now, there are no rules of being selected. Just that these bloggers have something wonderful going on their blogs and we loved it!

In no way are we going to focus on one aspect of bloggers or just picking out bloggers blogging about blogging (yes, say that fast, it might be a tongue twister!) Just about any blogger can be selected; as long as you have content that is fresh, innovative and out-of-the-box! Yes, we hear that a million times, but here are some people who actually do it!


We just found another amazing lady. Thanks to Melanie Kissell, I was introduced to Jackie Purnell of Respectfully Disobedient. Jacqueline is her real name is though it is “reserved for legal documents” is as she describes herself “wife, mother and a woman on a mission”.

Heard that before? Yes, you have. But this woman isn’t afraid to say it like it is and still be respectful about it.


She is well trained in NLP and hypnotherapy techniques (yes, I am kind of partial to people talking psychology!) Jackie, as she loves being called has over 30 years of experience divided well in the corporate, private and entrepreneurial ventures. She discusses bringing business concepts to life and how that might lead to extraordinary.

The title of her blog, Respectfully Disobedient has the certain feel, that this is one lady with loads of personality and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is!


We stalk for a reason and here’s our take on why Jackie is a rock star!

  • The header of her blog. Go see it and you will know what I am talking about!
  • Her “About Me” page. The page is a wonderful balance between personal and professional. Also, it is fun to read and she uses her humor like a charm.
  • She is married to her husband for 665 years… no kidding!
  • Jackie isn’t afraid to be herself. She is one blogger who won’t conform, is ready to say what she believes in and will help you in the same.
  • The bookcase. She has a catalogue of books that she has read and the list just keeps growing. What is even more interesting is that there is a free download section to some books and also a review of some of the books she has read!


Now, we just indulge in a little harmless crime and tell you where you can stalk the lovely lady by doing either of these (just click on what method you choose to stalk).

Her blog – she has distinctive steaming coffee mugs to link to her contacts. And you just can’t miss coffee mugs!

Follow her around on Twitter

Like her on Facebook

Go the + way!


This is the second of our stalking crimes but we are planning to stalk more! Drop in your comments; tell us how you like the stalk fest! And listen, listen, if YOU want us to come stalk YOU, go to our Facebook Page and tell us why we should be stalking you and drop us the link to your blogs! Watch out for next month! It might be you!

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  1. Good Stalk Hajra – she does have an interesting blog – I didn’t see the same picture of her is that a composite? I saw them separate but not together? photoshop or?

    • Hi David

      Stoked that you dropped by to pay me a visit. I’m looking foward to checking out your blog later today.

      On the pic: That one was pulled from my facebook page, and yep it was put together in photoshop. But now that facebook is moving to timeline I suppose that will become redundant…

      Life is change…and facebook makes sure of that ;)
      Thanks again for your comments.

    • Hey David,

      I am so glad Jackie offered the explanation before I could find time to come by… yes, bad, bad me! :)

      I picked the photo from her FB page… thought that made much more sense! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Another interesting blog to read. Thanks for that, Hajra! You’re rocking.

    I visited Jackie’s blog. Blog have awesome looks and impressive style. I’ll start reading it, now.

    • Thanks Abhi for visiting, and so glad you liked it. I see you’ve left a comment too :)

      I’ll swing by your blog later on today. Have a mountain of work on my plate this morning, but the way I feel at the moment, I’ll conquer it in no time flat.

      Talk soon

    • The look is definitely a keeper! Did you see the devil on the top.. isn’t she the sweetest, most adorable devil ever? :)

  3. What a wonderful idea Hajra! I missed last months post but I’ll catch up. Jackie is one of my “go-to” bloggers for quality content that I can share with my readers.

    I absolutely love the concept of “stalking” when it’s used in a good way. I once wrote an article about stalking the popular kids and how that strategy helped get me found in the early days of my blogging.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words Sherryl, very much appreciated.

      This stalking thing is a great idea. Like you, I missed the first post, but I’ve been to Ameena’s blog (thanks to Melanie for that too) and love her stuff. Particularly enjoying the Business Sluttery series.

      I’ve read your post that you mention and its a great read. We all need a network. Some of us are better at it than others, some find it more enjoyable than others. But you really can’t expand your reach without one.

      I remember you saying that one of your goals for this year was more collaboration, how’s that going?

    • Hey Sherryl,

      This is just our second stalking fest and we love how many wonderful bloggers I am getting to discover! Melanie introduced me to Jackie and I must say I was interested at Hello!

      Looks like we made stalking a good thing…eh? ;)

      Thanks so much for stopping by! See you around!

  4. So happy you took me up on my suggestion to stalk Jackie’s blog, Hajra — she’s a keeper! :)

    I meet very few bloggers whose personality SHINES through like Jackie’s. I love her writing style and she’s a brilliant lady.

    Jackie …

    • Ahhhh now the cryptic tweet all makes sense.

      Melanie, you are an absolute gem. Precious and rare. Your generosity is amazing and I consider myself lucky to have you as a friend.

      Thank you for thinking of me and considering me worthy of the attention of the We Blog Better audience.

      You Rock!!!

      • Hey Jackie

        LOL! Good to know you read my Tweets. *Grin*

        You are MORE than worthy to be stalked by We Blog Better. I fell in love with your blog content the first day I visited.

        I’m a team member here and when Hajra asked for suggestions as to who we should stalk this time around, I jumped at the chance to put your name at the top of the list. :)

        I’m tickled to hear you awakened to this surprise. And thanks, Jackie, for all your kind words.

        A gigantic virtual hug back at ya!

      • Awww.. look at you two girls! :)

        I did ask the team members for suggestion who to stalk and yes, I loved your blog! Your personality shines right through it and your humor is such a gem. Who doesn’t love a woman with a rocking sense of humor! We do! :)

        It was a pleasure featuring you here and yes, all thanks to Melanie – the queen bee! :)

        • Aww thanks. A gal tries not to dissapoint :0)

          Seriously though. A big thanks to you and Melanie.
          Its always lovely to be recognized for your work and I do appreicate it very much.

    • Melanie, I absolutely fell in love with the suggestion I moment I landed on her blog. She is definitely a keeper, no doubt about that.

      Thanks so much for the introduction. Here’s hoping I follow her around regularly! :)

  5. That seems like a wonderful idea. Good luck with your stalking Hajra

    M Mark

  6. What a great concept!

    Definitely one of those things everyone will “wish” they’d thought of that first!

    I’m going to have to tune in and see who’s next!

    • Hey Warren,

      LOL! I hope we are making many say that “Why, I didn’t think of this before….” I know I keep saying it many times over!

      Did you check out how we stalked Ameena last month! Do check it out! And yes, we still haven’t figured out who to stalk for next month! :)

  7. This is such a freakin awesome start to my day. It’s not every morning you wake up to find your being stalked ;)

    Thank you so much Hajra for featuring me here in your stalk-a-thon its very unexpected and I’m humbled.

    I look forward to connecting with the readership here at We Blog Better, seems you have a wonderful crowd. I hope they stop by and pay me a visit….I don’t bite (much) ;)

    Now I’m off to track down Ms Melanie Kissell and give her the biggest virtual hug ever!
    *walks away doing the happy dance*

    • Hey Jackie,

      I am so glad you like it! You should really be thanking Melanie, she introduced me to your blog and I just hung on. She deserves that virtual hug over and over again!

      We just started this stalkathon recently and yes, you are just the second one to be stalked! It was Ameena as the first victim! :)

      This really isn’t my blog, it is Kiesha’s. I am just a team member here but yes, the content Kiesha runs is awesome. The crowd will stop by; we have wonderful readers here!

      You should post a video of that happy dance you know!

      Thanks for stopping by Jackie! Have a lovely weekend!

      • Oh don’t you worry, I’ve given Melanie the biggest virtual hug I could muster, you might have heard her gasping for air ;)

        I love this stalking idea. It’s great. I’ll definately be tuning in to see who’s next on your hit list.

        I’m under the pump with some projects going on at the moment, but I will be back to dig into the content here at Kiesha’s blog, when I have a little more time on my hands.

        I have a feeling I haven’t even scratched the surface.

        As for videoing that happy dance….come on…you really don’t want me frightening your readers now… do you???

        • I still haven’t decided on my next victim! I have to think over it!

          Hmm… no, we would love the video, really! :) (Big Grin!)

  8. Nice indeed Hajra!

    I was just about wondering whose turn is it going to be this time to be stalked! nice to know and meet you Jackie!

    First impressions- love the little devil on your blog :) Instant eye-catcher, just as Hajra mentioned, great header indeed! And the bookcase is indeed wonderful as well, great collection.

    Yes, you sure have been married for 665 years!! That was indeed sweet, and so was Bella ( I love dogs- any breed!!)

    Thanks so much Hajra for introducing another wonderful blogger :)

    • Hey Harleen,

      It is so wonderful that you take so much interest! Makes me so happy you must know! :)

      Isn’t the devil adorable? I just fell in love with it the moment I laid my eyes on it! Must ask Jackie who designed it!

      Yes, for all the book worms out there; the bookcase comes as an interesting add on! How could I have missed Bella. Though I am not such a dog lover (yes, feel free to hate me here!) I loved the pics, and Bella looks like the sweetest!

      Thanks for taking so much interest! It has been long since I visited your blog! Off there now! :)

      • That little devil woman surprisingly was not a custom design, I found here on I think it was fotolia a couple of years back and she sat patiently waiting for the right time to appear.

    • Nice to meet you too Harleena.

      Yes it was very exciting to find I’d been stalked…sounds a little weird doen’t it?

      I think everybody can identify with that little devil, she’s constantly with me..poking me to do things differently. I’m glad you like her.

      Thanks for your kind words and I look forward to you dropping by the blog once in a while :)

      • We are just trying to make blog stalking good; only if you have nice things to say and don’t actually scare the person away!

  9. Nice Hajra! Amazing post. Its great to know about Jackie. Her blog is awesome.

  10. I Hajra!..Nice post I really like the way you expressed your thoughts about Jackie! i am Impressed!

  11. You offered us so many interesting ideas and thoughts, that I have to think a little bit about this stuff.
    Thanks for the share!

    • Hey Becca,

      You should visit Jackie’s blog; she has a lot of interesting things to offer and runs amazing content!

  12. Hi Hajra,
    It’s great to see Jackie is being stalked :) I’ve stalked her on social media and over at BizSugar a couple of times myself. LOL

    I can’t imagine being married for 665 years, sounds like true love.

    This series is a wonderful idea and a great way for us to connect with one another on a more personal note too. Thank you for this!

    • Hi Ileane, you know I do get stalked by the nicest people :) Great to see you here too.

      I agree, this series is a wonderful way to connect and get introduced to other great bloggers, and I look forward to upcoming editions.

      Oh and on that marriage thing. Don’t worry some days I can’t imagine being married for 665 years either. sheesh!

      Have an awesome day

    • Hey Ileane!

      I am so glad you could stop by! Yes, I love the idea of stalking blogs like this; I am coming across so many interesting blogs this way and get to learn more about the work they do and what they have to offer. Always interesting for me!

      True love is what is making 665 possible! ;)

  13. AnnaLou says:

    I think it’s really to stalk Jackie and she serve as an inspiration to most people…

  14. Hi Hajra!
    Appreciable way to present yourself as a content writer and mother. Jacking and Stalking are the new concepts pointed by you in the article.Particularly enjoying the series Sluttery business.
    Informative article to read.Nice to know and meet you Jackie!Instant eye-catcher, as mentioned Hajra, header so great! And the library is indeed beautiful and the vast collection.Thanks for sharing.

    • Ok, I really didn’t get your comment! I hope it is all nice.. ;)

      Jackie is a wonderful blogger; I came across her blog recently and yes, I loved it. Ameena’s series on business sluttery is definitely an inspiring series.

      Thanks so much!

    • Nice to meet you too, thanks for the lovely sentiments :)

  15. This is really a good strategy on how to get to know other bloggers. Stalking other bloggers give them a chance to introduce their selves as well as to have a relationship to others. Looking forward to stalk jackie purnell as well.

  16. She is very inspirational to all of us and it is not bad to stalk her…She is a great person!

  17. Well, I could not really understand what the article is all about. I will just thank you for posting the article for those who understand it. I know it will be advantageous to them.
    Tijani recently posted Best Ways To Prevent Skin Wrinkles

    • Maybe you should read it more carefully or am I that confusing to understand! ;) I am introducing readers to blogs that are wonderful and we give reasons as to why we liked them.

  18. Great post and of course not ordinary.I have heard this description before but not all the times supported by respect.Being able to contact and build bridges with other bloggers, is very important and helpful if you consider that public relations are necessary in every kind of business.Really nice ideas and strategies.Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks so much Sara! Building a connect with other bloggers can be a big thing and that is the first step of networking in blogging! And also the most important!


    • Hi Sara, thanks for stopping by. Hajra hit it on the head. Connecting is vitally important to your success.

  19. That’s quite ironic how the topic of this blog talks about online stalking of a blog, because sometimes, a person or company will stalk someone’s blog for any reason. College of Content gets lots of visits from Colorado, Texas and California. It leads the site owner to feel that sometimes…lol

  20. Thanks Jackie!!!! This was really a nice article!!!

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