Is There Something Missing On Your Blog?

Day 41 - Feb 10 2008‘Something missing on my blog?’

‘What can she mean?’

My blog’s fine as it is!’

I know…

Your blog might be fine as it is…

Or… is there something missing?

Let’s look at how you got to where you are today.

  •  One Upon A Time….
you are a writer. You love writing stories, you write a Journal, send loads of emails.
You love to keep in touch with people. Writing is your ‘thing’. One day you might write a book!
  • Then you discover ‘blogs’.
You find one by accident while searching the web. A bit like an on-line journal. Just up your street.
Perhaps you could have one? Can’t be too difficult, can it?
  • You can hardy wait to get started.
You start collecting ideas.
You read lots of blogs and gain some insights, like which ones hold your interest and why.
You spend hours designing your site, then re-designing it, uploading header images, testing out Flickr pics, even commenting on other people’s blogs.
You write your first post.
  • You press Publish!
You bravely send your first posts out into the blogosphere, as you discover it’s called, and…. wait.
The day comes when people start to leave comments, you even collect some subscribers.
But there’s still something missing…. you know it, but you can’t put your finger on it.
  • You do lots of research.
You start following top ‘How To’ sites like this one, make lots of notes, bookmark endless pages.
You scratch your head (well, sort of) trying to come up with the missing ingredient.
What do all these successful blogs have that yours doesn’t?
Suddenly it comes to you. It’s not so much a ‘light bulb’ moment, more a gradual realisation.
The missing ingredient is this -
Using Your Unique Voice.
All  successful blogs are
  • different,
  • they stand out from the crowd,
  • offering ‘insanely useful‘ content,
  • speaking/writing to you  in their unique, natural voice. 
This is what you must do…
  • You must find and use your blogging voice.
  • You must be brave enough to speak to your readers in the same way you speak off line.
  • Your writing style will be yours and yours alone.
  • You will know what your readers want from you.
  • You will relate to your readers in your unique way.
  • You will provide what they want, in the way that’s right for them.
I am in the process of giving my ‘other blog’ a Creative Makeover, inspired by a Spectacular Review by a revered blogger.
This has made me examine my blog in great detail and as a result, it will be filled with new energy.
Most important of all, I will be discovering my uniqueness, my own voice and how to relate to my readers.
Unless I do all of this, my blog will simply be - just another Personal Development Blog….
Your turn…
In the comments,
  • Do you feel there’s anything missing on your blog?
  • Where are you on your blogging adventure?
  • What discovery has helped you to improve and develop your blog the most?



  1. hi Linda

    your writing is worth appreciation. Its true that a a true blogger never copies the other’s style. He should have his own voice and his own opinions which will eventually make the readers glued to your post.

  2. Hey Linda,

    I feel this quite a few times! I feel my blog should be better organized. Given my two jobs at the moment, I find it very hard to blog regularly and thus I feel lack of continuity in my posts!

    But yes, my blogging adventure has bought me quite far and I am liking the journey so far but yes, I need to work more on my blog!

    • Hello Hajra,
      It’s hard to keep all the ‘balls in the air’ when you’re busy, I know. But do keep on with your posts, even if they’re few and far between. We’d all miss you if you stopped!
      Thanks for finding time to read this and comment today.

  3. Angel Collins says:

    Wow, this post made me stop and ponder about my blog. So far I am satisfied with the way everything is going. Thanks anyways for reminding the importance of self-assessment.

  4. Hey Linda.
    I like “your blogging voice” :) Very clear and focussed. I now realize that this probably is a big thing to write good blogs, finding your personal writing style, that really reflects yourself and what you are. But this is a matter of experience, I think. Gets better if you write and write and write. Nice Post!

  5. Linda,

    Sometimes I feel like I am trying to get a chapter’s worth of information into a post, but when I break the posts up into a series the thread from the last one doesn’t always come through.

  6. Yes the most important aspect of good blogging is to add your own unique voice. This is difficult though because we all are not good writers. That’s why we look around other successful blogs and then get lost in them. Linda you have given a boost to my motivation, now I will surely try to come out with something unique. Good Luck

    • Hello Ejaz,
      I’m pleased I motivated you. Like you, I find reading successful blogs gives me a push in the right direction.
      I ask myself, what is it that makes them succeed?
      Thanks for visiting.

  7. There are probably thousands of missing things in my blog. However, i’m a fan of the saying “do it know and you can fix it later”. I take action when required and i then adjust and fix thing as i go with my blog. I have never spotted perfection even in the most established blogs out there, and that’s why i’m not worried about this. Thanks for your great insights Linda

    M Mark

  8. Nicole Schuman says:

    Very true! Bloggers must know that its not just a blog that you can easily publish, they must consider first those tips you gave. Great job!

  9. Asking “Is There Something Missing On Your Blog?” Is akin to asking “Is There Something Missing In Your Life?”

    But as you have explored in your article, successful blogs have that unique voice… but that is debatable!

    Each and very one of us (and our blogs) is unique. Some have many strengths. Some have a few. Some have many weaknesses. Some have a few.

    There is no “magic formula” or format, right or wrong, that will make anyone or anything change. That change comes from learning, doing and participating. I’ve seen absolutely screwed up blogs which violate every “rule” become A-listers attracting from 2 to10 thousand visitors PER DAY. I’ve also seen some excellently planned out, superbly designed blogs written by intelligent, articulate, up to date people that attract a few visitors here and there and are eventually abandoned.

    You may have heard people say “the world isn’t fair.” The blogosphere is a reflection of that world.

    Blog On!

    • I agree with Dave. I am unique. My blog has a unique voice. I do have good feedback but not enough … There is must be something missing?

    • Hello Dave,
      I know what you mean. If there was a ‘magic formula’ we’d all be A-List bloggers…
      Perhaps the ‘excellently planned out’ blogs you speak of are not fulfilling the needs of the reader.
      Or perhaps they have a tiny niche with few people searching for it.
      I’m a positive person and I like to think that success might come my way too!
      Hey ho, I can but dream…

  10. I definitely feel my blog lacks a bit of pizazz! I think it’s because I share a lot of great content, but I’m not offering a whole lot else. The content is good, but there needs to be more personality and gumption behind it. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  11. I see now I have a lot of work to do. It is never as easy as one might think. I have so much missing from my blog I am surprised I can even see it. Thanks for sharing

  12. One of the most difficult things to do like this article says is finding your writing voice. Anyone can write but it takes a real pro to give it some meaning, a point of view or just an interesting way of telling something. It’s not so hard to just relay information but to relay information in an interesting way so someone will read it. Interesting article.

  13. Hi Linda.
    I come to your blog after a long long time and once find a best valuable post for my blog and blogging. these points are very useful for every blogger to rearrange their blogs again. thanks for sharing it with us.

  14. Great article! I’m a newbie to the blogger scene so I needed to start the learning from the basics. Your advices are really helpful for me, these quick guides are the best ways to develop my skills.

  15. A tip of my hat and two thumbs up, Linda — lovely post! :)

    Considering there are millions of blogs and bloggers out there …

    It is CRUCIAL to find your voice and unique style of communication and then just keep pumping it up!!

  16. Great article Linda! I must admit that blogging success comes when you have passion to create unique information for your visitors and be a step ahead from others.
    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hello John,
      ‘Be a step ahead from the others’. How do you do this? Not easy but we all try.
      Good to see you here.

      • Hi Linda! Glad for your response! New information is available from million sources everyday. So the problem for some people is not the information they lack but lack of resourcefulness! Here I have to add that I was not a thinker! In our days you are full of information from others that your head is going crazy! What do you need? Clarity, pick a topic, learn the most of it, stop thinking how others think about it and put down your creativity and imagination to inspire you create something unique! The one who is more creative in this blogging world or online business, will succeed.

        • Hello again John,
          You’ve nailed it. It’s important to put what others have said to one side and just go for your own ideas, based on experience of course. Creativity doesn’t have to be ‘fancy’, just standing in the readers’ shoes is all you need to do. And think what you would want to read if you were them.
          Thanks for your input!

  17. Starting a blog can be exciting and easy enough. However for most people keeping up with a busy schedule while coming up with fresh new articles ideas can be a great challenge. That’s why there are so many blogs out there that faded out after the first year.

    • hello Alex,
      I don’t know how people manage everything when they also work full time. It’s hard enough when your blog is your job!
      But there’s no chance of ‘fading out after the first year’ if you read WBB….

  18. Linda, you pointed out some good points in your post.

    I run a blog about stocks and trading so I am not able to tell what the future will bring. Still, I have to find a courage to share with my readers my opinions and predictions. Sometimes I am wrong, sometimes I am right.

    I try to share my unique thoughts and speak about my mistakes. This is the hardest part!

  19. This blog really hit home for me, I need to focus on being original with my blog. Very eye opening, I work hard on my site but it is hard to really speak to your audience the way you speak offline as you put it. Thanks for the great article. I will remember it!

    • Hello Zac,
      Yes, it’s hard but I try to imagine the reader is in the room with me and I’m talking to them. I have to think about their problem/issue/question and answer it.
      Thanks for commenting today.

  20. I think a lot of new bloggers may struggle with the personal side of things initially. They might not want to share too much personal background or they might try to write too professionally. It is something that I am still trying to figure out myself. I don’t know if it’s really necessary to be completely unique, but you do have to be interesting at least.

  21. You’ve shared great tips on the things that should be improved in a blog. I am very much agree that a blog should have unique contents so that people or your followers will not be used in visiting your place but instead they are enthusiast to give their time to read your post and leave comments. Having unique contents and inspiring website will really give you a chance to be the best in the world of blogging.

  22. Hi Linda!
    You made Great point of making unique visitors and content in the blog.The blog should have unique content that will really give you a chance is the best in the blog world. You share great tips on the blog.Can post more useful info.Thanks for sharing

  23. As I read the title of this post, I think also of what was missing with my blog. Then go on reading this whole post until I read that thing that miss is using my own unique voice. This is really a great post providing some guides on using our unique voice to have success in blogging.

  24. Nice post, Linda. It’s just now that I realized that even blogs need a makeover (while still maintaining and reinforcing a strong voice).

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  26. Great points Linda! All successful blogs I found out have their own style in terms of writing at the same time they managed to give what reader want from them. I got to do the same thing and follow this steps.

  27. Blog should have uniqueness because there are millions of blogs out here on the net. Among them you must be stand out to get more exposure.

  28. need to create unique and quality content for users, requires much effort but the end is worth

  29. Great Post, Quality content is very vital, but being yourself and showing some personality to your blog helps out too.

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    Orlando Web Design

  30. Hi Linda

    I’m just beginning to find my unique writing voice. It’s a journey in itself. Deciding what layout and what plugin are really necessary is still somewhat of a mystery to me.

    • Hello Glynis,
      Congratulations on your new domain! I’m having a Makeover too. It takes time and thought, eh? Hope it goes well and you find the ‘right’ plugins for you. There’s probably some advice on here about that?
      Thanks for commenting today.

  31. HI Linda. This is a very insightful post. You’re right it’s the piece that common bloggers are missing and the successful bloggers are having. I always believe in quality and unique contents. Uniqueness will always be the thing that can make us stand out from the crowd.

  32. Yeah, I do feel there’s something missing from my blog as I have yet to discover my niche topic. So far I blog about what I am interested in and I don’t think I have found my voice in the blogging world that makes me stand out, unless being a homeschooling, WAHM with eight children and three business sets me apart! Ha!

    I am making money with my blog but I am no where near where I want to be. I finally made my goal of 5000 unique visitors, now my goal is to get to 10000 because I want to get into a ad network.

    A couple of things I have discovered are my readers like personal posts, it is very beneficial to participate in blog hops and giveaways like the $700 Winter Blast Cash Giveaway I am doing right now – my twitter following has grown 500+ and my FB following has 900+, which I am hoping leads to more blog followers as well. Not only that but the comments help with my Alexa rank.

    What I’d like to know is how to increase my PR and keep it. I got smacked in January that took be back to ZERO. Not good for sponsored post opps, reps don’t like that number at all no matter what your other numbers are. :-(

    • Hello Theresa,
      The numbers you quote sound fine to me, but I guess we’re all at varying stages.
      About your niche… this has to be something you are passionate about, have experience and expertise in, which enables you to help others.
      I don’t understand what ‘smacked’ means but it doesn’t sound great!
      How about using your experience with home schooling as a niche? There must be lots of parents who could learn from you.
      Thanks for this comment today.

      • Well whatever Google does with pagerank when they penalized sites. I had a pagerank of 2 and hoping to increase it, then I got smacked back down to 0 and I don’t know why. I am inclined to think it was a series of sponsored posts I did without including “nofollow”, but how can I know for sure?

        Homeschooling, I tried that several years ago. It might work now that I know more about the blogging world and have older children who are actually turning into impressive young people (other’s opinions not just mine!). I have thought about organic farming, but there’s not much to share during the winter when we are not planting, except picking out seeds and planning what to plant where or planning to purchase chicks in early spring?

        I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and making good food choices because our family has experienced the feelings of what bad eating does to our bodies and we have children with chemical sensitivities (food and other products).

        Thanks for getting me to think!

        • I know nothing about home schooling but I feel there may be many parents who would benefit from your experience at helping them with issues and problems that arise.
          All I can suggest is… follow your true passion.
          Any new ideas about what that might be?

  33. I think all of our blogs could get better. (especially mine!) Only thing you can do is keep track of visits, user engagement and test new ideas and improvements while analyzing how they affect the site. Before you know it you’ll be on the road to the perfect blog!

  34. I think we could all use some help in fine tuning our blogs. The important thing is that you keep trying to make it better and test new ideas while analyzing the impact those changes have on your site. Only way to get better is to think outside of the box.

    • Hello Chris,
      Yes! Outside the box is good!
      I try to think –
      What is it that makes me read to the end of a post?
      What intrigues me?
      What am I getting from this post?
      Then all I have to do (!!!!) is… the same…
      We’ll all get there… step by step…

  35. Sometimes it’s hard for people to put in a “unique, personal voice” when your blog is about your business, and we have this notion that we just have to sound all business-like, with the big, formal voice in mind. But like you said, you just have to write to the readers, the same way you speak to them offline, even when trying to sound all business-like. Because i definitely agree that the only way to make your blog unique is to make it as personal as possible. People appreciate you being real to them.

    • Hello Felicia,
      I’m sure it must be more difficult in the business blogging world.
      When you’re speaking to clients or at a meeting it must be tricky not to use ‘business speak’. It’s all about knowing your clients and what they will find most helpful; then you know how personal to be with them.
      I sometimes imagine I’m talking to my readers on the phone – I wouldn’t use formal language, just my normal words.
      Thanks for your insight, a great point to make that I hadn’t thought about!

  36. Danyelle Franciosa says:

    When you are about to write what you love you sometime miss it. Ia agree with you that have and use effective blogging voice and write in a unique way.

  37. So far I am happy with the progress of my blog, but there is always going to be something missing. I strive to improve my writing and my blog everyday, but I always feel like there is going to be something missing; For the fact that nothing is ever perfect. For now though, I think I’m headed in the right direct with my blog and if there is anything missing, then it doesn’t bother anyone.

    • Hello Josh,
      You’re right that nothing is perfect. I guess we’re all striving to be the best we can and to meet our reader’s needs in our own way.
      Good to meet you!

  38. I have recently started my blog, and the purpose is to offer tips and help to write Dissertation and Thesis for PhD and Master’s projects. Though it’s very new so it would be difficult for me to judge it now but yes I can find it out after few months.

    • Hello Ravi,
      What a great idea for a blog! Students will be flocking to read it… especially when you speak to them as if they’re in the room with you. I’ll be ‘listening out’ for your next post.
      I’ll be over for a visit later so get that coffee ready! Oh… and a chocolate biscuit would be good too…
      Thanks for commenting this morning.

  39. The first thing that came to my head was – visitors, but reading your article I found out that I miss out a lot more:) So time to start working, right?!

    • Hello Joe,
      Perhaps you’ve given me an idea for next month’s post!
      Meanwhile, we all have work to do on our ‘voice’. It’s not easy but we’re all trying!
      Thanks for joining in today.

  40. I think your blog is ok and really cool and very useful for me at least.
    As for my blogging adventure, I can say that I am a starter and I expect to learn a lot of new things in future and I will have for sure to find my own unique voice that will be heard online. I am just learning right now.

  41. One question that keeps coming up for me is who is a blogger and who is simply a user of WordPress? Personally, I’m both but whichever category you fall in, there’s always things you can do to connect more with your audience.

    • Hello Clara,
      so long as you connect with your audience the best way you can, you’ll attract those readers to come back next time. And that’s what we all want to do, yes?

  42. Bethany153 says:

    Sometimes when you read a blog you will notice that there is something missing about it, but you can’t really define what is it. Now I know what, lack of emotional attachment of the blog and the heart of the author, most especially when it comes to personal blog.

    • I’m glad you noticed the missing ‘piece’ too, Bethany. Emotional attachment is a good way to put it – I try to show that I care about the outcome for my readers.
      I want to help and I want to solve their real problems in as user-friendly way as I can.
      Thanks for visiting today.

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  44. I thought nothing missing and i’ve done completely my site. Thanks for reminding me
    this will help alot for me.

  45. Thanks for reminding me
    this will help alot for me. I thought nothing missing and i’ve done completely my site. thnx for this nice share

  46. I’m working on what you are suggesting us to do, own voice, style and writing style, already. Here, I’d like to appreciate the way you have represented your thoughts in your writing. Very well written. Thank you for the awesome post.

    And yes, trying to make my blog DIFFERENT from others. :D

    • Thanks for your kind words, Abhi!
      We all read the post when it’s ‘different’. But it can be hard to write it!

      • Linda, can you please have a look to the article linked below? It’s my very first guest post in my very first blogging contest. I’d be grateful if you leave your comments and share it with your friends. :D

        • Wow! You have done so well and I look forward to seeing who wins this competition, Abhi.
          I hope everyone on here will pop across to have a read ASAP.
          Good luck!

          • Thank you for your comments and good wishes.
            Didn’t you see the scores page? You should. I’m leading from the start. :D

            Thank you once again. :D

            I’ll try to give you the link of my blog post where I’ll celebrate my first contest winning. LOL!! See my positiveness .

  47. I am trying to post on mine everyday. I have hopes of providing relevant content. However, I get caught up in whats relevant to me and not to my readers. I have always tended to write for my own benefit and not for others. It is a hard habit to break. There is a difference between being an “author” and a writer I believe. Thanks to everyone for the great info, and thanks to you Linda in particular. Write like no one is looking I say!

    • Hello again, Michael,
      When I started, 2 years ago, I posted everyday because i was told that’s what you do to be a success. But when I thought more about it, I asked myself did I want to get a post everyday from all my fav blogs? No, I didn’t, so I gradually found a routine that suited me and my readers.
      Writing for your own benefit is like writing your journal, and if that’s what you want to do, why not do it? If you don’t fret about traffic numbers the just do what’s most satisfying for you.
      Each to their own!

  48. In my short experience in web design I have found that there is always something to add to your site that can add more value besides a site that just sits there and does not change will not be regarded as fresh content in googles eyes – as the web develops and you find new application that can help as long as you are doing your research you will probably always be improoving it – good post

    • hello Bill,
      I’m sure I will never stop looking for ways to improve what I provide on my ‘other blog’, just as Keisha is always looking at how she can give us all what we need here.
      Nothing stays the same for too long in this blogging world!
      Thanks for visiting today.

  49. Sometimes not matter what I write no one ever turns up on the site to even read it let alone leave a comment. So there is something missing no doubt. From now on, I am going to change my writing style.

    • Hello Shalu,
      Perhaps you need to think about who you’re writing your blog for.
      What do they want to know from you?
      What are they needing to read?
      Are you providing useful content?
      So many factors can influence readers to visit. First impression is key.
      Thanks for taking such an interest today.

  50. I am me on my blog – some people like me, some people don’t – to each their own.

    But, you cannot just put your stuff out there and hope someone is going to find you, you need to have the correct plugins with in your blog to tweet, post on facebook and ping. Then you need to go out there and visit other people’s blogs in hopes for a return back.

    My philosophy is simple – they visit you, you pay them respect back. Goes both ways – so if I visit you and you don’t leave a comment, believe you me, I will be sure not to come back to you and I will probably remove your comment as backlinks play a major role. So, I am not out there just to get a link back, I am out there to make a new friend :)

    Anyway – excellent post here!

  51. Very interesting take on this topic. I am constantly trying to figure out what people like. Good stuff.

  52. Hi Linda! providing us this kind of information is really a big help to all bloggers specially newbie like me. I will definitely follow all the tips that you have mentioned here.To develop my skills and to become a good blogger like you. I’m so excited read more from you. Thanks for the post and keep up the good work.

  53. The important thing is that you keep trying to make it better and test new ideas while analyzing the impact those changes have on your site. Only way to get better is to think outside of the box. This is difficult though because we all are not good writers.

  54. All successful blogs are different, they stand out from the crowd, offering ‘insanely useful‘ content, speaking/writing to you in their unique, natural voice.

    Exactly what my views on this is that in this point you should be able to innovate your own way not to go in the tone of those blogs , it is you who is writing on your website not those people !Be yourself that’s a perfect Post !

  55. First of all I enjoyed very much your narrative writing at the beginning!I think it really shows the early days of most blogers.Nice post and I think it’s very awakening.I have blog about gardening and every single day I am trying to figure out which issues should I include,which issues are important for my readers and which clever and easy tips and advices should I provide them in order to create or recreate in an easy way a unique garden.This is not easy sometimes, but I am doing this because I respect my adience and and love gardening.Thanks for sharing.

  56. You are­ new it is ok, You are­ commenting on a dofollow is ok.. But avaiod too much comments on single day.

  57. everything has been done but there is no hope for me now, site traffic is gettin reduced day by day i might need to find part time job now. does site pr really plays main role when it comes to traffic?

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