4 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Clients Running After Your Business

This blog post will explain how you can get profitable clients who will outsource their work to you.

Before client come to you, your business has to offer the best services that will produce results.

By the end of this web content you will get some contracts that will supercharge your business to the next level.

Guest Blogging: For my blog business to reach where it is now, it was because of a guest post that I posted on a high traffic blog that is related to my niche. Before you start to guest post on another person blog, you need to identify the right people that you are targeting. To be really successful in this approach i would recommend that you use Google Ad planner for research, this is because you will be able to see the kind of audience that visits a particular page and there interest.

Package Yourself: For you to get the best value for your money, you need to package yourself so that you can get the best clients who will give you more orders day by day. If you do not make yourself an expert in your chosen field, you will not succeed in your business. The main secret behind this approach is that one client can refer other potential clients to subscribe to your offer.

Testimonials: The most important thing to do is to show the results you have achieve to your clients based on your work.  Nowadays people do not buy knowledge, they buy social proof. If you show your business prospects results and case studies, it will make them trust you and buy from you whatever you have to offer.

Get profile contacts: To be proactive, you need to identify either company contact or individual contact list. For example, you can target big companies that are not updating their blog and request if you can be there writer.

This is a very important step that you should not ignore. Make sure to contact people who can pay your process without hesitation. To get a large number of requests, I would encourage that you should be honest and candid.

Now that you have learned the above tips on how to get clients for your business, the last thing I will show you is a little secret on how much you can charge your clients.

If a client approaches you to write a particular content, don’t ask for a flat rate, charge the client according to his/her own needs, this is because most clients are willing to pay whatever amount as long as they get the best value for their money.

If you offer the best service, you will get large orders than you expected. From my own experience, if you want to take your business to the next level, I would recommend that package yourself differently and you will win all those bids!


  1. If you can get honest, real testimonials; nothing can beat that. I put a lot of trust in testimonials and they impact heavily my decision

    • Thats true, REAL Testimonials can really impact your business, but i would also recommend that you add value with other business flavors as discussed.

  2. I like the quote ” Package Yourself Differently”. Actually it is very good and helps to show outstanding performance.

  3. Bill

    my brother “guest posting” and “testimonials” are very important. With guest posting I think a person should pick some of the biggest blogs in their niche market and guest post, and for testimonials if a person want testimonials they must think of helping people first testimonials is something that takes time but with the intentions of truly helping others, than you can get testimonials

  4. hello bill
    the tips u have mentioned there really nice thnx for the complete tips i will share it with my frnds to really nice tips

  5. nice post sir, i will help us getting more business
    thanks again!!!

  6. Getting business clients is becoming harder, especially with the competition in some niches. However, if you stand out of the crowd and position yourself as an expert in your niche, then you’ll be getting all the clients that your business needs to grow. i definitely agree with you on guest blogging, as i’m seeing some guys that manage to get high paying clients only through guest blogging. Thanks for the insights.

    M Mark

  7. I’ve found that properly displaying testimonials for visitors can greatly impact conversions for a particular sign up page. Great tips here to take your services to the next level.

  8. Showing the testimonial will bring the attention of our clients to have an projects

  9. DollarTycoon says:

    A good read. I will consider using what you suggest to attract more customers. Thanks again.

  10. For me guest bloggig has done wonders. It’s not just because you get great backlinks, many new visitors but you also get contacts in your niche and fro there you can start building. I have launched some few projects with blogger to whom I wrote as guest blogger.

  11. Ok, here are my stats…

    27 emails to various blogs and not one has accepted my offer to write for them at no charge. I have even attached copies of my work and still there is no one interested. I guess its because I work in the uninteresting world of financial services and whilst i would love to blog about cars or fashion, I know what i know and there is not much I can do about it.

    • Hi, Chris i feel your concern, the best way to get clients i would suggest that you write a powerful guest post on a popular blog and link back to your site, this will give you intrested prospect who will want to know more about your business and who knows, you can get quality clients.

      Infact for my article writing service business to reach where it is, i wrote a powerful guest post on Problogger.net and within 3 days i managed to get 5 big contracts for a long term. Just try iy and you will see.

      • Thanks Bill.
        I have spent the last 2 days perfecting a blog post which I am going to try and submit again. I usually spend 15 minutes on a post so I am really trying on this one!
        Also, for the first time, I am going to get a business associate of mine to review it and give me a critique to see if he can spot any glaring mistakes, ommissions, errors, etc.
        I will let you know how I get on!

  12. Hi Bill,
    These are some excellent suggestions. And, as far as testimonials, I can’t say enough. They are a definite deal maker. Checking to see who has or has not updated their site and asking to work for them is a great idea, as well.

  13. Thanks for the tips and advice you have shared us here…Great job!

  14. The one I agree most with is packaging yourself or the presentation. This is a big deal because once you have the perfect presentation that customers love and want, they will be running for the product. But inorder to market that product first, it is imperative to pick the right channels and target customers accordingly.

  15. “To be really successful in this approach i would recommend that you use Google Ad planner for research, this is because you will be able to see the kind of audience that visits a particular page and there interest.”

    So, this is a new trend in online marketing?!!!! Its so cool!!! How is it possible that you could see the kind of person’s interest?

    • Yes i agree with you, still you can use Google AD Planner but for you to know a person interest, you can read comments on a particular popular post and see what peaople are discussing

  16. So true about having to separate yourself form everyone else in your niche (packaging yourself)
    I think I spend more time trying to distinguish myself form others, than I do showing value in what I do!
    Great post, and thanks for helping me realize that :)

  17. Many thanks for sharing such helpful tips! They all can be easily implemented in life

  18. WOW, this was a truly original post. The title had me clicking it the second I saw it. We can never seem to get a really articulate testimonial. I should probably create a better system for accomplishing this.
    Thanks again!
    New Jersey Marketing Company

  19. Wouldn’t call it sure fire, but great ways to make business more trusted and recognized – yeah, sure :)

  20. Patricia39 says:

    Great tips Bill! Unique packaging of your self can really make you excel on your field. Giving honest testimonials also is a great way to make your business known. Thank you for these sure-fire tips you shared…

  21. Getting profile contacts intact I agree can really effect your business in a positive way . After all you need some strong contacts to grow…..

  22. I agree Guest Blogging really can invite clients as it makes a buzz about your blog thus popularize it, not to forget the backlink you are getting.

  23. Hi, Bill,
    It all sounds nice when explained that way, but in truth people are not interested in getting the best value for the money. They do not want to pay big bucks for high quality. What everyone is interested in, is exactly the opposite-giving as less money as possible for the highest quality ever.
    Nowadays, it is hard to find anyone appreciating your work and paying it in relation to the effort invested.

  24. Testimonials are HUGE in real estate. Big part of my business right there. That and referrals or word of mouth. If you do a good job, eventually the word will get out.

  25. Nice tips..
    Guest blogging is one of the best way to generate traffic..
    Thanks for sharing your ideas about it…

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  27. Testimonials from respected industry leaders where you can get them, helps considerably in getting clients running after your business.

  28. Danyelle Franciosa says:

    I agree most of the comments above that Guest blogging is the best to boost more traffic to your site. Thanks, nice share!

  29. Rick Castro says:

    Well it has been my long time plan to do guest post! I just can’t find the right blog to do it! I have a real estate website, can i guest post here?

  30. I think strong testimonials are the best way to get clients running to you. If you can get recommended by an authority figure in your niche then you wont have much trouble getting clients :-) .

  31. I agree that testimonials are great and i do always ask for them from my members when i get the opportunity.

    However there is always a small voice inside my head, when i see testimonials on sites, which says “they look so good they must have been written by the websmaster” and they could well have been. Comments can be created manually and/or edited before being approved.

    • Maybe it would be a good idea to add a form that potential customers can fill out to request to speak with two or three people who have written testimonials. I’m sure some of them wouldn’t mind being references. Otherwise, I agree there will be some suspicion.

  32. Thanks for the post. I am currently just starting a blog and trying to get it to take off. I read on another website that blogs were a great way to develop a passive income. Thanks for the post it will really help me develop my future business.

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