Making money with Blogs Involves Research

The internet is full of blogs on a myriad of topics. Some bloggers simply share events in their lives because they can, others want to give readers advice and others still are actually making money from their site.

If the idea is to make money, it’s important to get the right tips from bloggers who are actually doing this successfully. There are precious few of those about, because a huge proportion of bloggers make a lot of mistakes, often because they have taken advice from people who were not terribly successful to start with.

It is therefore essential to ensure that any advice taken does come from individuals who really know what they are talking about. Before beginning a blog, it is wise to decide the exact goal – in other words, should it make money or just inform?

If it is going to make money, certain strategies will have to be implemented in order to achieve success. This means adopting a design which will allow the blogger to add advertising and perhaps affiliate marketing products. It will also be necessary to use good SEO techniques in order to generate traffic.

Avoid Black Hat SEO

This means doing it right and not getting involved in the so-called black hat SEO, because this will ultimately lead to failure. The blog will also have to have a very specific theme and it is obviously vital for the product or service to be promoted by the blog to be desirable to as many people as possible.

Carefully Research Products or Services

The content of the blog will not only have to provide what people are searching for, it will have to convince them that this blogging site is exactly the right place to purchase the product from. This means that both the products or services will have to be very carefully researched to begin with.

The more information a blogger can provide on the service or product they are promoting, the better it will be and the more likely it will be that sales will follow. The content will have to be presented in a clear, attractive manner if it is going to convince people.

Vague descriptions and misleading articles will do little to help and ultimately just put visitors off. Keeping an eye on stats and finding out just how many of the visitors are actually converted into sales are a good way of determining whether all is as it should be.

Use the Right Keywords

The wrong kind of keyword, for instance, may drive plenty of traffic to a site, but if they are not relevant to the product, people may not actually find what they were looking for and leave without making a purchase. This means that keywords will have to be carefully researched.

Taking the time to research will save you headaches in the long run.  If you’re trying to make money blogging, it’s certainly worth the effort – you wouldn’t jump into any other investment with the same kind of in-depth research. You’d take the time to learn about ISA allowance limits and which state the amount that can be saved so you won’t lose money.  Why wouldn’t you do the same if you’re trying earn money blogging?


  1. Thanks for posting this. It’s very informative.

  2. I totally agree about this. If we research well before blogging, it’s a good chance that the readers might get attracted on what you have published for them. Black Hat SEO is not an ideal and safe way to get lots of traffic in no time, for sure Google will penalize you for that. Just stick to White hat SEO, and patience is always a virtue to get good results.


    Dan Lew

  3. Very nice blog and posted information. I just wondering about making money with blogs and your information is very helpful.

  4. In my opinion everything in life should involve research, not just making money. That’s the secret for not being left aside since we live in a world of knowledge and everything evolves. Also, almost everything I read I double check before I put it in practice.

  5. you are absolutely right that research is need to make good bucks. Using proper keyword is the most important. Thanks for the post. Love it.

  6. One of the things I’m working on is doing a write up on some of the products I”m promoting. It’s very important to get this right if you want the traffic. Thanks for the tips!

  7. I agree that this is very informative and this is a big help too…

  8. These practical ideas that you share with us can surely bring an advance idea to someone else. Thanks!

  9. Thanks a lot everyone for reading the post.

  10. Ebrar

    this is very important information, if we want to make money with blogging we must choose profitable niche, pick our keywords right, set up a marketing funnel and build our email list, and sell.,

  11. I research every article I write until I am relatively confident that I’ve covered the bases. Even then, I miss something once in a while. Readers are satisfied, if the piece shows that you’ve made an honest effort. Thanks for the tips!

    • Doug,

      I love to hear of writers so dedicated to giving their all. We are only human and will miss something every so often, but honesty runs true when you want to keep your readers. I find I always seem to leave something out and one of my readers will let me know or have a different perspective and thus I get to learn from them.


  12. Make a free blog at and post useful contents that will drive more income thanks for sharing this useful blog to us..

  13. I specifically like this quote: “The more information a blogger can provide on the service or product they are promoting, the better it will be and the more likely it will be that sales will follow.”

    I have watched affiliates that blog and when they give very detailed write ups about a product they seem to be more successful at selling. This kind of writing and demonstrating takes time to perfect, like you said, it takes research. I, myself, will not recommend something that I have not used. So by default I have details to give. It’s the write up and review that is a challenge for me to get up on my blog. I’m working on it. Any tips?


  14. I think that it is quite obvious that we need to do some research all the time as you need to know the market where you are planning to work. If you want to be successful you should be honest to your potential clients? as honesty in your work is highly appreciated by visitors of a blog or a site.

  15. Research for your product takes you a step ahead, towards your success.
    Thanks for sharing such a nice article…..

  16. A friend of mine got involved in black hat SEO and had success, but only at the beginning-it was sort of beginners luck. But then he crashed down. So, I am taking your advice seriously about it, as it is proven to not work for long term goals. People have to be serious in this if they want to make success. It is all about the right keywords. Without them, we cannot move on. No keywords, no money!

  17. Marrifelle says:

    This is what I need and you stated here a lot of information for us…Thank you!

  18. Thanks for sharing this info on how to make make money with your blogging, it was extremely helpful. I just recently started a holistic blog to complement my company A Harmony Healing and it has really made a difference. I will implement your good tips.

  19. Black Hat SEO will catch up with you sooner or later so trying to rank well and make money using those tactics are very short term. Keywords is key.

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  22. Hi I am David. I read the all information. I hope this Quote. Thank you for sharing your Knowledge

  23. This is absolutely true! Sometimes bloggers need in depth and extensive research to publish a well thought blog. It takes time and effort to produce a sold-out blog.

  24. I think that every time when we start something we should find out everything about it and make some kind of research. And especially when we are talking about blogging. This sphere imply deep and detailed research

  25. use the right keyword is one of the most important thing …to generate money frm blog very nice information thnx for information nice article :)

  26. Hai Ebrar
    Yes I agree with you. we have to avoid black hat SEO. Maybe by doing this, blog or website will be get ton of traffic in a short time but if the blog penalized by SE, we can do nothing.
    Thanks for sharing

  27. This is absolutely true! Sometimes bloggers need in depth and extensive research to publish a well thought blog. It takes time and effort to produce a sold-out blog.

  28. nice and excellent post thanx all

  29. Research, Research, Research! The sheer amount of knowledge you need to know to run a sucessful blog is vast haha! Nice post :)

  30. Keyword research is necessary if you want to get fair number of targeted visitors. nice post . I love it.

  31. choosing an right keyword its an important aspect of an blogger

  32. I agree you should decide if you want to make money but it is not as easy as it sounds. A mentor would be very helpful but that cost and a blog not making much money does not want to put out too much money.

  33. thank you for the article. Choosing right keywords and meta tag is the bottomline for optimization.

  34. Yes I agree that making money with blogs involves research. Research is important especially when you are writing a post. One does not simply write everything without reliable resources. However, this doesn’t apply to all types of blogs. Vlogs and humor blogs takes only talent to make money.

  35. Good research is the key for the success in the marketing. Its better to research both the past and future demand of the product/service

  36. Great ideas to making money online

  37. Making money with blogs does take time, effort & research but it’s worth it!

    The more you put in – the more you get out of it!

  38. Like anything you’ve got to do the preparation and planning before you can hope to have a chance on line.

  39. Yes, you’re right. We should focus on targeting to right keywords. Wrong keywords can bring in the traffic but they don’t convert.

  40. Line between black and white had is quite blurry. Rarely anyone has red Google guidelines :)

  41. I’m doing some SEO now and what it all boils done to is if you just want to do some black SEO, you may win for a few months, but Google will figure out how to find that trick and you’ll have to find another way to trick Google or other search engines and they don’t like it at all. But if you just create interesting and quality control, you’re investing in a long-lasting business (website) success. Just wanted to share it with you guys.

    And thank you, Lynn, for another amazing post!

  42. Using the right keyword is definitely important. Using a wrong keyword might drive traffic but you will not be able to sell any product.

  43. Using proper keyword is the most important but what is even more important is to be convincing enough to make the visitors buy your products.

  44. Right or high paying keywords bring in more money for your blogs….

  45. I get attracted to blogs that have good content and are useful. Keyword is the key i guess in terms of making the blog popular. Research is critical, so whatever your blog’s niche is do research on that area and focus on high quality content.

  46. this information are must for every blogger to follow.. thanks

  47. Using the right keywords is basically one of the easiest and the most essential tips ever.

  48. Thanks for the wonderful tips

  49. There is a formula for success and a formula for failure. The formula for success is to carry the “I know it all.” attitude around. The formula for success is to glean information from those who have done it, and emulate them. Research is about the most boring part of that formulat, but it is essential.

  50. Great Post. Very informative. This information should save many brand new internet marketers from making the common mistake of believing all the mis leading get rich quick schemes that are being advertised all over the internet. It is refreshing to read honest internet marketing information instead of all the false promises that so many blog posters write. Have A Wonderful Day Corine Miller

  51. This is really a very informative post that regards of making money with blogs.. You’ve shared thoughts that can be used by other people who are in the field of blogging.

  52. its great, but how we come back afer panda trashing our pr7 site last year. its so sad to say that 2011 is very bad year for beginner or intermediate class blogger. but one thing that i learn after missing my all project in Panda….. “communication”

  53. I totally agree. Apart from posting reliable and unique content, we must also consider the appropriate keywords being used. This can contribute to increased traffic stream and effective search engine optimisation.

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  54. while I don’t recommend black hat seo I think its worth having some understanding of it as its best to have as much understanding of how seo works as possible

  55. Nice post. In your view do you have to be an expert at SEO before you can expect any real traffic to hit your website? I know that some bloggers have perfected the art of getting traffic from multiple sources and not relying on Google, but everyone doesn’t have those types of skills. It appears if you can get to page one on Google you are guaranteed to make money from your blog or website.

  56. Dear Friend, Many thanks to provide such details, First time i come to know that by a blog you can earn money too. Your details are useful to so many. Thank you again.

  57. May Thanks to provide such details, it is very useful. First time i know about to earn money through blog.

  58. AMIT VERMA says:

    here’s my blog can you please suggest what all is wrong

  59. unless its backed up by statistical analysis of thousands of sites I would take any seo advice with many grains of salt

  60. I think its very important to do indepth research since readers will stick only when they get some quality information. This only can sustain blog in the long run.

  61. I get attracted to blogs that have good content and are useful.this information are must for every blogger to follow.. thanks

  62. Very nice blog and posted information.

  63. I agree with other comments. It’s true that keywords are necessary if you want to promote your products but you also have to make sure that the links where your keywords are pointing to are relevant. Linking your anchor texts/keywords will never be enough unless they are useful at your readers’ end.

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