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Share Pics from iPhone Instantly!

According to the social media strategy consultant and author of the book Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies, Amy Porterfield – the foremost thing that people share on Facebook are images.

She’s not the only pne who understands this trend, Darren Rowse shared this strategy in his post “How I Got 18 Times More “Likes” a on Facebook Update.”

She once narrated a tale of a photographer who started out by taking images at his friends’ parties and then tagging those images on their Facebook profiles. Others saw those images and through a link to the photographer’s Facebook page on those photographs, visited his wall and hired him to be the photographer in their parties. Within no time, that photographer made thousands of dollars.

This is just one example of what the power of good photographs can do.

There are many people who take their photographs via a VGA camera and then share it with their friends. They are highly mistaken because their photos hardly receive any attention. Instead of making them look better, the image makes them look worse.

Here is where PicYou enters the game. PicYou is a website that enables you to modify and share your photographs with complete ease.

An iPhone app of the website was launched on 9 Jan which complements the site. With this app, you can use all the features of the website through your iPhone.

Now some more details.

1)   Filters

You can change the look of your photographs with the help of 10 filters available on PicYou. Each filter has a unique frame with it.

The names of the filters are:

  • Albion
  • Killowatt
  • Infatuation
  • Zeitgeist
  • Gammanation
  • Dreamy
  • Ralston
  • Cuttlefish
  • Retrofocus and
  • Hipster

See the sample images below to understand the working of these filters and frames.

[The image used is from Flickr – Creative Commons.]


Kilowatt Filter

Zeitgeist filter









Of course these changes can be achieved via a software like PhotoShop but there are two drawbacks in that method.

Such softwares are very expensive. Amazon is selling it at $647 after discount!

Did I mention that PicYou is absolutely free?

Not everybody can use it. To achieve the above effects you need to have at least some basic designing skills. PhotoShop is a pretty complicated software.

2)   The social network

PicYou is not just a tool to edit photos. It is also a social networking site. Anyone of us who has used Twitter ever will find no difficulty in navigating through PicYou’s website. The format is more or less the same.

You can follow people whom you like, others can follow you, you can ‘like’ photos, comment on photos, interact with others via messages and hence make new connections and friends.

And as I said earlier you can also share photos with your Facebook and Twitter friends.

Some other features include:

  • Unlimited photo uploads to the cloud.
  • Full camera capability. This means you can take and upload pictures to PicYou’s cloud via either of the two cameras of your iPhone – front and back.

All the features that I mentioned are equally accessible from the website and the iPhone app. Though of course, like all other websites and apps, the apps’ look is a bit different from the website.

Check out these cool snapshots of the PicYou’s iPhone app:

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  1. Adding frames and filters makes the photos to be more presentable and pleasing to the eyes. Thanks for mentioning about PicYou this is the first time to hear this one. I will look forward to this right away.

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  4. This app looks realy good, I tried to get a similare app for my Samsung Android but couldn’t find a decent one around. Does anyone know of some kind of a similare app for Android?

  5. a dance with dragons says:

    Great Post! One of the best i have seen this month. Iguess i had best go get an iPhone now so i can use this info :)

  6. Thanks for sharing picyou.com. It seems to be a great site to share the photo with different style. Looking forward to use it

  7. An app that can edit photos at the same time allows us to conveniently share it in the internet sounds great. Sharing photos in social media sites is definitely the trend. This will provide a lot of aspiring and experience photographers to add more quality to their work. Thank you for sharing this useful app.

  8. Thank you for sharing this with us, but i think i’ll need an Iphone first! haha


  9. My wife uses instagram every day. I’m sure she’s going to go nuts when i show her this. It’s amazing how this one little program can make an average photo look simply amazing. All of the different features they have incorporated really set it over the top.

  10. I will give picyou.com a try.

  11. Being free i installed instagram to my iphone but never used it but from the looks of it i feel from your blog i will give picyou.com app a try for sure.Keep them coming.Cheers.

  12. picyou.com is something new for me. But I have already heard about it before, and all the opinions were very positive

  13. Hey Kiesha, That would be a useful app. Although, I don’t have an iPhone but I’m going to share this with my apple friends. :-) LOL

  14. I really digg the zeitgeist filter :) don? know why, but I like it since age of 2 :)) It just looks so good! Great article, thanks :)

  15. Hi Kiesha.
    Excellent article. I just loaded PicYou and you are so right. It is amazing. Now these are pictures that look like I’ve always wanted. This is a fantastic app and I’ll probably wear it out!

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    Thanks a lot!

    Dan Lew

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  19. Hello :)
    That looks very helpful and easy for use :) I like how you present it … with pictures and description.
    That will help me for my photography ;)
    Thank you and good luck ;)

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  24. his looks great for me. I have my own Apple iPhone 4, and this is a good idea for me to share pics in instagram style

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  29. Hey i was wondering if when you restore your iphone while its still installing the firmware it has deleted my memory. I keep getting stuck at the half way point. so i tried a custom firmware and it worked until less then a centimeter away then froze. now what?

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