Blogging for Business: 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Blogging on a Business Trip

Businessman waiting for the red-eyeBlogging on a business trip can be exciting.

Your friends and family back home get to keep track of how you’re doing, and your colleagues benefit from your experiences almost immediately.

Unfortunately, there are a few things you may do which can turn a positive into a negative very quickly. Worse, they could wind up costing you your job.

DON’T forget why you’re there!

Yes, blogging, Facebook, the Interwebs: They’re amazing. They’re fun. They’re usually more interesting than work, but your boss sent you on the trip to do something important.  If you don’t make your job your first priority, you might find yourself without one.

It’s fine to take pictures and write posts on amazing non-work related things you see and do on the road; just do it after work responsibilities end for the day. This means staying to attend important networking meetings, dinners, and the like as well. Remember, the more experiences you have, the more you can share with your friends.

DON’T share too much information!

First and foremost, you don’t want to blog about anything that reflects poorly on your company. Anyone can read the things you post online; it doesn’t matter if you only use your first name, your nickname, or another pseudonym. Most of us write about things that could easily identify us to people we know in real life.

Facebook is rife with poor fools complaining about their mean boss or lazy coworkers. Those kinds of posts have cost people their jobs, or prevented them from getting new ones.

In addition, the business you’re conducting may fall within confidentiality guidelines of your company and need to be kept under wraps. Pay particular attention to those guidelines as breaking them could mean a lawsuit on top of losing your job.

DON’T be caught without the essentials!

Sometimes, relying on technology can really put you in a bind. If you know you need your computer or cell phone, bring extra batteries, chargers, and memory cards. If you plan on using programs, have copies available on USB or disc. Consider bringing along a spare disposable camera, a voice recorder, and a pen and paper, in case you really find yourself in a bind.

Blogging during a business trip adds an entirely new dimension to the experience. You hear, see, and digest information in a new way, mentally preparing yourself to share what you learn with other people. You feel like an authority, whether in regards to business or just plain business traveling. However, if you aren’t careful, one common mistake (or three) could spoil your trip.

What’s been your experience with blogging during business trips?  What other pointers could we add here?


  1. I agree with the “DON’T share too much information” because if you are blogging for your business then you need to keep main things untold in the blog.
    IF you share everything in your blog then who else wants to go to your business site and approach you.

  2. We really don’t have to tell a lot to people especially in blogging…We should have limits too…

  3. Blogging during a business trip adds an entirely new dimension to the experience. You hear, see, and digest information in a new way, mentally preparing yourself to share what you learn with other people.

  4. Great tip in the article. We need to set priorities. Priorities have much importance in life. Good article

  5. Blogging should not deter the very purpose of your business trip. It is true that unnecessary and extensive coverage should be avoided which may give negative impact rather than a positive impact on readers.

  6. When I travel for a customer, I always hustle during the early stages of the trip to ensure that I make the trip pay off. Giving value to the customer is paramount. There’s nothing worse or more embarrassing than a blown trip–a trip for which the result does not justify the travel time and expense. Anything else I might see or enjoy along the way is purely incidental, and I never even make a casual comment that the trip was pleasant. I want my customers to feel good about the value they get while I am on the road, and I do everything within my power to create and sustain that image. I do not blog on business trips. Thanks for the insights!

  7. Adam James says:

    Some important tips, that I’ve seen pushed to the wayside quite often.

    Especially forgetting why you’re there, blogging, like social media are great, but if that’s not what you’re there for then for some people it might be too big of a distraction.

    Seems like it extends to more than just business trips, especially with Facebook, I was shopping the other day and found staff members hiding in corners sneaking on Facebook on their phones lol.

  8. I would just say that you are in a different frame of mind when you are traveling and tend to not consider the consequences of what you are sending out there because you don’t have the same focus you do as compared to when your working from home.

  9. thanks for sharing tips. It’s very helpful for me.i will try to drive traffic as same as your tips..

  10. Thank you for sharing this post about blogging on a business trip. I have a friend who is working in a BPO company and he keeps on complaining about his workload in Facebook, too bad, his boss can see his posts. I will definitely share this post to him.

  11. Karan Lugani says:

    That’s a common case, when bloggers often forget why are they there for? Tech is one thing you need to take everywhere once you’re into blogging and when on a business trip focus more on business rather on enjoying.

  12. Are you there?

  13. This is really alarming to most people especially to bloggers…

  14. Thank you for sharing this post about on a business trip. ( blogging ) i will share it with my frnds to who dnt knw abut it .once again thnx for this featured article nice share

  15. These are all very true, Tal. Sometimes you get carried away and actually forget what you went there for. Also, we represent our respective companies and if we say something about it or even just make a silly mistake, it automatically reflects on the company. It’s like biting the hand that feeds you.

  16. I’ve read before, a blogger who’s asking her readers if how far would we be willing to share information to customers. She got different answers from us. Some actually said just a little in a way that they will only give hints about the topics to be discussed. Some answered that they will give partial information and more complete information will be given upon their purchase of the product or service which they offer. Either answers would be right so long as a business will still earn from all the customers.

  17. Hi, Tal! I went in lots of business trips, but I never wrote about them. On one hand it’s a good thing because I would have written in a wrong way. On the other hand, it would have been beneficial for my business. I’m glad I read your article, I certainly learned something.

  18. Angel Collins says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I think we have to set our priorities right. There’s a time for blogging, a time to spend with the family and a totally different time for business and work. If we’re on a business trip, then we just have to focus with it. Thanks for the insights! really great article.

  19. Thanks for these tips! I never knew that what I’m doing is not actually helping..

  20. does wartrol work says:

    I especially agree on the point “Don’t forget why you’re there”: it’s always very important not to lose your focus.

  21. yes true we should blog within limits while doing business

  22. WendyLavigne says:

    It was difficult to choose between the answers, but I decided that this one listed mistakes, which was more appropriate to the question.

  23. Chris Lucernoni says:

    I think restraint like this can be applied to blogging in all aspects of life. You shouldn’t go overboard with blogging or social media no matter who or where you are.

  24. You totally hit the nail in the head with “If you know you need your computer or cell phone, bring extra batteries, chargers, and memory cards.” once i had a meeting and all the contact details were in my laptop, which graciously decided to die…..We use these things so much, that we take for granted that they work 24/7 without requiring any attention, lol


  25. Interviewing is comprised of three interlocking components: making a strong positive first impression with each person you meet; using non-verbal and vocal communication skills to project engagement, interest, and confidence; knowing what to say, and when to say those meaningful things. Let me loosely paraphrase an old adage to reinforce my point. “Few will remember little of what you exactly say, but many will remember how you say it.” Here are just a couple points regarding the three components; first impressions, presentation skills, and content.

  26. After reading this, I think it might be better if I just don’t blog AT ALL while away for business! Yikes!

  27. These information can bring an awareness to every one. Thanks a lot.

  28. That is the most difficult thing of blogging – cut the facebook and twitter ;)

  29. Blogging is good but when it comes in business, it is a matter of decision or how you handle things up right. Sometimes it is needed to consider that blogging have the right place. I do agree! Set-limitation. Good article!

  30. Thank you soo much Baron. I’m totally agreed with you and your posted information. Everyone should avoid these given 3 mistakes to make their blog effective.

  31. Many people are so afraid of negative comments that they simply don’t allow them at all. Blog readers love to have the ability to voice their own opinion on the content on your blog. If they find that they can’t comment, they will simply move on from your blog to one that allows them to make comments.

  32. Thanks for the reminders. This is very essential tips that bloggers should be aware of. I will surely apply this for my blogs.

  33. Do not forget the bills. If you are getting revenue for your blog and you are blogging about some event etc. you can claim those costs as business expenses , which in turn will help you get some tax redemption. This is something very few blogger actually do.

  34. Another you need to bring aside from extra batteries and chargers would be an extension wire. You would never know how far the available electrical plug would be.

  35. Blogging while business has its limitations. The 3 mistakes that you have mentioned are essential to keep in mind. Also the purpose of visit should always be in one’s mind. The best thing you can do is to note down the main events and blog when back.

  36. This is extremely helpful to newbies – when blogging stay focused – when on a business trip remember what you’re there for…work!

  37. Great advice re: sharing too much information. You don’t want to come off unprofessional when blogging for your business. If you want to share your personal thoughts and beliefs then set up a private blog too. Keep business and opinion seperate if you want to succeed!

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