How to Develop a Distinct Writing Style as Blogger


Everyone around has a blog these days. So, quite expectedly, competition has stiffened a lot in the past few years and newbie bloggers now have to work really hard to shine as a successful blogger.

But churning out the same old articles in different formats and style is not going to work anymore, since the same policy has been adopted by scores of other bloggers.

So, with this tactic you are highly unlikely to cut any creative ice with your audience. The only option available is to develop a distinct writing style that acts as a signature quality for your blog. But this is easier said than done. To make your task easier, here we are going to share some tips that may help you develop a unique writing style:

Use Metaphors and Similes:

Use of metaphors and similes are a great way to make people engaged to your content. By using them, a complex subject can be explained in a relatively layman’s term. It is like helping people come to term with a new concept by casting the new concept in a concept that they are already familiar with. But use of metaphors demands a certain level of authority on language and if you feel that you have the authority, you can easily develop a unique writing style which is unlikely to be copied by a new entrant.

Add Fun:

By adding some fun elements in to your writing, you will be able to develop a completely new writing style. However, you do not need to stick to fun only, you can add some elements of pun, satire, irony etc and each of them has their distinct flavor, which will help you further enrich your writing style. However, an over dose of humor and other similar elements might turn out to be disaster. People like to come across funny elements while reading a blog post, but there is no need to spoil the broth by overdoing things.

Be Succinct:

People do not have much time go through a long and boring article. So, rather than scaring people with a 5000 words article, you should try to sum things up in 350 words short articles without rubbing on a particular point unnecessarily. Try to keep points short, simple and do not elaborate things unless it is necessarily. If you can manage to follow these simple suggestions, you will be able to develop a unique writing style for sure.

Read, read and Read:

Try to read as many novels, magazines and journals as possible. Follow their writing style and slowly, you will be able to develop a completely new style. Reading others article will have an overpowering effect on your writing style without yours being aware of it. So, keep reading and a new writing style will be in the making that will definitely have a positive impact on your blogging career.


Yes, this is something you are habituated with. You must proofread not to find out errors but to find out whether a particular sentence looks ordinary or needs to be spruced up or pruned a little bit. With these kinds of minor tweaks, you will be able to develop a truly unique writing style.


  1. Hey there this is a wonderful post and your blog has got a good collection of resourceful articles… Your tips will help people make better blogs… Thanks

  2. Samuel Joshua says:

    Hello Michael,
    I really admire and appreciate your firm and well fabricated tips on how to develop distinct writing style,i m feeling lucky to have this post as i have found many key points from your tips provided here.Now i can say that i have few exact things to work on for developing my writing skills.Thanks for sharing such a great,valuable and considerable info with us Michael.

    God Bless!!

    Best Regards,
    Samuel Joshua

  3. Hey, Michael! Thanks for your advice. I’d like to add that sometimes “succinct” is not good enough because some stories can’t be told in less than 200 words; a solution might be to divide the article into several parts.

  4. By all means DEVELOP a style, but don’t make yourself a SLAVE. You should be able to write comfortably without worrying about “stepping out of character” or not being true to your blog’s “mission” – whatvever you think that is.

    You cannot always be “succinct” – that’s why blogs have “jumps” (read more –>)

    Never mince words on an important post in blind adherance to “style” — and above all, with many bloggers in a frenzy these days over SEO and monetization, they don’t need to add “style” to the already overflowing plate of worries! Just blog and be yourself!

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  6. I agree with your point of Be Succinct – rather than creating long content and making the reader to feel bore its better to keep it short and simple.

  7. William Anderson says:

    That’s right we need to should new style of blogging but don’t copy any comment we have a new talent some people are working fully spamming that’s not good idea As we work with and take care of education and especially the writing of the Elderly people have had to work and work is the key to success.
    Thanks for the sharing

  8. Jac Morton says:

    Hello Michael

    I can say that this post is a very good help to me. I just new to the blogging community and reading advice such as this really help me develop a good way to be more efficient and effective on the path that I choose.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and I look forward for more tips and advice from you.

  9. i believe your tone is also a distinct writing style. Some are defensive while some are aggressive. It all depends how you look and believe in things.

  10. Very capturing title. I must say that in my opinion the more you read the more difficult is to distinct your own way of writing. Because at some moment your brain is so full of info and you cannot decide which is an original idea, for instance and which is such that you read it in a a blog, for example.

  11. Hi Micheal,

    I think it is sometimes obvious when people are trying to write in a certain style, it can all become a little bit forced if the author is not careful. In my opinion the best bloggers are just being themselves and writing naturally.

    Thanks – Jay

  12. I think the most important thing is the passion about the topic you are writing about. Your style can be excellent, but if you aren’t fully in your chosen topic, you won’t sound trusted.

  13. If you write a lot, your writing style will develop on its own. Thanks for the insights!

  14. Michael,

    You have a great ideas on how to write a more distinctive articles. But I must add to that that in all we do, we should put our heart in it to be more personal. In this way you will create a distinction from others.

    Happy New Year!

  15. writing content decides the success or failure of blogging journey. Thanks its a nice post.

  16. Hi Michael,

    I completely agree in all of this. Everything is in line there. But just to be cautious, we must always remind ourselves to keep in tract of our niches so we don’t go somewhere else.

    Happy New Year!


  17. I wrote content for my blog myself. After completed the blog post, I check spelling, grammar and duplicate issue. After that I check content is useful for me or not. If not useful, means need update. After satisfy from my side, I published the post. I thin regular writing, some offline work and passion can make a successful blogger.

  18. I am sure newbies like me are gonna love this post. I have been struggling to establish myself as a blogger. Will definitely try these tips next time I write.

  19. I’m more a techie guy and writing is still quite difficult and time consuming for me. Thanks for sharing your great tips, I’m sure they will help me to write better articles and blog posts.

  20. I agree. Our writing style is what makes our blog unique even though the content makes the same sense as another. Great post.

  21. Michael,

    Warm wishes for 2012 to you! Your post is informative. I agree that developing a writing style is easier said than done. I like it that you have shared a lot of tips that will surely be helpful to people like me who are still finding out what style they would be most comfortable and effective with. Of all the tips you mentioned I liked Proofreading the best. I think that this is the best way to learn how to develop a unique writing style. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Some top ideas on how to write a more distinctive article, what makes blogs great is the variety of styles

  23. very good ideas. It’s not so easy, anyway, you have to focus a lot and find refined words. Also, you have to write from your heart. I mean, clearly say what you think and be as transparent as possible.

    While there are bloggers just writing considering first their audience and then their heart.

  24. John J Callanan says:

    Super article. I think the biggest problem everyone has is to come up with a writing style that fits them but is also something wants to read :) I just booked marked your site so I can come back to keep getting some great tips! Happy New Year and thanks for the post! John

  25. It’s odd. The more blogs that I come across the easier I think it is to stick out. Most people are looking only to do the BARE minimum. From a marketing perspective, everyone is doing what everyone else does. Nobody actually tries to stand out. So I am wondering, is it too competitive to make a difference or has everybody become lazy?

    • Definitely agree with this. There is so much junk out there to be honest. If you truly put your heart and soul in to your work you will definitely stand out from the crowd. Even if you aren’t the best technical writer, you can tell when someone has really put some effort in to their content.

  26. Despite the fact that I consider myself a professional writer -it’s how I earn my salary- this article was definitely a productive 5 minutes in my life this morning!

    Has set me up for the day in terms of motivation to write. I’ll definitely be trying to use more metaphor as well as engage my sense of humour.

    Another ‘pro tip’ i’d like to pass on regarding proof reading is to read everything you’ve written out loud, and take natural pauses and breaths with the comma’s and full stops. This will allow you to add more relevant punctuation and give your pieces a more interesting and engaging flow for many readers.

  27. Thanks for sharing this valuable and wonderful post to us..Your tips will help people make better blogs…Hope you can post more wonderful post..

  28. Thank’s for sharing some tips that can surely help us to develop a unique writing style to make our project’s easier..

  29. Frederic Turcotte says:

    Haha cool :) if you want see other image drole visit me plz :)

  30. Hey,

    Very interesting article. I got to know a lot. good tips for writers to improve their skills!!! I use Metaphor to the least. i will definitely work on it more to make my articles better and more interesting.

  31. It is much challenging job to write attractive posts but adding a pinch of humor and real life experience makes it look really attractive. The use of graphics is also recommended.

  32. As a blogger, this is really important, to have a good and distinct writing skills…Thanks a lot for the tips and advice you have here for the bloggers…

  33. Great post and blog writing style is important for SEO too..

  34. Awesome post, Using Metaphors and Similes is my habit. :)

  35. I like the just be yourself method. A writer who writes with their own unique writing style will succeed. Any writer who tries to be like all the other successful writers out there will be nothing more than posers and has no chance to succeed on their own.

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