Link Building Strategy For 2012

It’s already 2012 and times are certainly changing in the field of link building and SEO in general.

Many of the traditional methods will continue to bear fruit, however alterations in the cyber landscape need to be navigated in an effective way.

Failing to adapt will simply leave your website behind the steady rate of advancement.

Though there has been many different search engines in the past years, Google reigns as the top dog. It is safe to conclude that Google will not be going anywhere in the foreseeable future. Now we see other contenders that have started to make an impact on Google’s user base. Bing and Blekko are two such search engines.

As those two search engines make meaningful gains we come to realize that we cannot solely focus on Google and their PageRank. Link building strategies have to aim more towards quality websites as opposed to what Google says is quality. Plenty of opportunities abound.

Social media websites will continue to be huge.

Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter all still receive an appreciable amount of traffic. Not only do they provide easy socialization with potential customers, but they can be tapped to help develop meaningful contacts with similar minded businesses or customers. With the millions of people visiting social media websites, every business should involved in one or two of them.

Mobile apps are making an impact on websites in a big way.

Namely, they make it easy for people with the appropriate apps to not have to visit a website. This isn’t an incredibly worrying trend but one does want to consider not putting their faith all into one strategy. The wider spread of activities you have to get your website seen ensures that a negative impact on one or two legs will not collapse the entire structure.

Diversity is a key to link building success as we move into 2012.

Twitter will turn out to be an incredibly useful social media website for link-building moving forward. Bing and Google both already draw on a number of different factors from social media websites to factor into the relevance of a website. It has been revealed that links propagated through Twitter will be factored into determining the overall rank. These ratings will come into play greater with options such as Bing’s Social Search though they have been confirmed to contribute to regular results.

Fielding a blog is often viewed as a great way to help build authority and relevance.

Link-building from a blog also works well because you can offer a variety of topics in a given subject. A current trend that is being seen is the departure of visitors from websites, and subsequently blogs, in favor of utilizing mobile app data. That does not mean these areas should be overlooked.

A great way to build relevance and reach is volunteer guest posting on other blogs.

Finding them is not all that difficult, simply ask on the social media website you participate in if anyone would like to host an unique article from you. Return the favor. Network!

2012 is going to be an exciting year to watch the development of these technologies come into full bloom. Social media is going to be a vital location to get involved with for building a quality, authoritative web presence.

Many people have a hard time seeing the use of a website like Twitter. A person can say a lot with a 140 characters. It gives you just enough space to pose a tantalizing question with a link to your article about the answer. That is one of many excellent resource to tap with the importance being placed on social media by search engines.

So, what’s your link building strategy for 2012?  What strategies have I left out?


  1. Very interesting. Yeah, it’s all about genuine quality now! Spammy strategies such as direct scrapebox blasts only cause serious negative impacts now. Guest blogging is probably the strategy I’d consider to be most effective now.

    What’s your take on multi-tiered linking? You know, submitting an article to one directory (or such) and having several other links pointing to it, etc

    • Jeff Gross says:

      Hi Anish,
      if you post on great blog like weblogbetter it is not necessary to build links to this URL. But, the key is in quality content and relevancy. If you write something useful to your readers, they will link to you. But, some of my friends are not sharing my opinion. It is better to spend a week for creating one quality post which will be worth to be linked than practicing spamy link building methods for low quality content which is created in 15 minutes. Am I right?

      • You are correct Jeff, if the post is worth the read linkbuilding will come naturally. Let your readers do the linkbuilding for you. If it is really worth it they will link to you naturally, like your page and even tweet and retweet your post. My view about article submission to article directories, I think they are considered shallow content. they don’t have much value unlike before. Content based backlinks such as guest posting and related blog commenting is the most effective strategy to be utilized this year.

      • I agree with you Jeff.Search engines are getting better everyday in identifying and punishing spammers.Now the focus is simply on quality and relevance.Earlier a search engine algorithm was updated in years but now in last 1 year we’ve seen Panda 1.0-3.2 so using shoddy seo techniques is like committing suicide nowadays.Thanks for this wonderful post

  2. For me, utilizing the social networks has to be the key. I need to tap the potential in there to promote my blog on a bigger scale.

    • Jeff Gross says:

      Hi Tushar,
      many great bloggers get most of traffic through social networks – proven. I hope that your blog will become one of them in 2012. Good luck!

  3. Jeff! The keywords here::: “Failing to adapt”

    Whether you are running an A-List super-powered blog or a rinky-dinker that was designed on Windows 3.1, you GOTTA make the adjustments or “adaptations” to your presentation in order to stay competitive!

    Happy New Year and Blog On!

  4. Social media is amongst the waters that I really want to dive into this year, and as you mentioned “they will continue to be huge.”

    You also mentioned not putting all your faith into one strategy, which I completely agree with.

  5. Definitely going to focus a lot more on social media and guest posting. Those two are the biggest contributors for me, and the way social media is going right now, it is a little hard to not go with the flow.

    • Jeff Gross says:

      Hi Gary,
      that was the point of this post. Google sent couple of signals last year about importance of being active on social networks. On the other hand, human edited links (guest posting) are proven and recommended strategy from all great SEO experts.

  6. My strategy for 2012 is to find an SEO expert to do my link building for me. :D

    • Jeff Gross says:

      Hi Chris,
      this option is also great. But, quality SEO expert will cost you. Be careful and check twice for recommendations before you send your money to SEO expert. Good luck!

    • I’m doing the same, Chris! Time is money. Building backlinks and performing SEO (especially article submissions, etc.) can sometimes be a pain in the butt! I love how easy it is to outsource just about anything online in today’s age.

      • Hi Chris & Anish

        Sure it takes time to do your one SEO, actually we do it by ourselves, but sometimes investing money at “big shot” SEO´s as Jeff just said could be very expensive and unreliable. You must take care where your money goes and have sufficient recent feedback from other customers. SEO is always changing, if your provider is not experienced enough he could be selling pre historical “useful” SEO techniques. Take care, and before paying double check!


        Charly SEO from MD

  7. I absolutely agree. I Definitely planning to focus a lot more on social media and guest posting. Those two are the biggest contributors for me, as well as the way social media is going today, it is a small tough to not opt for the process.

    • Jeff Gross says:

      Social media and guest posting are definitely rising stars in link building. Thanks on your comment Shameka.

  8. Yes i agree with you completely Jeff. My strategy would be focusing on the Social Media and as Anish has mentioned that guest blogger could also be a good option. Apart from Social Networking i would also include more of link wheels and Web 2.0 properties in my SEO strategy this year I think.

    • Jeff Gross says:

      Hi Tahoe SEO,
      Thanks on positive feedback! I test some link wheels in order to determine their real value at this moment…But, this is topic for another guest post.

  9. Jac Morton says:

    Happy New Year Jeff

    It is surely good to read your post about link building strategy for 2012. As a blog and website developer I really need this kind of idea in improving my website ranking on Search Engine, and your right about social media as part of this year still effective form of link building. I’ll look forward for more wonderful information from you who has a vast experience on link building strategy.

    Jac Morton

  10. I absolutely agree. it’s all about genuine quality now! Spammy strategies such as direct scrapebox blasts only cause serious negative impacts now.Guest blogging is probably the strategy I’d consider to be most effective now.
    Good luck!

  11. Bibiana Halina says:

    Thanks for the sharing, social media is amongst the waters that I really want to dive into this year, and as you mentioned “they will continue to be huge.” Keep up good work.

  12. Yes Jeff, I suppose you have removed 1,3-way link building method intentionally. That’s great. Even I don’t like those traditional way of collecting links. These are stereotype and do not render any real value. I don’t know why Google still values such link farming and rank a site based on those factors.

    The whole process should be based on social media exposure. I wrote a recent post for my company on this -

  13. Yes I agree with you. Social Media Websites will continuously provide the huge amount of traffic.

  14. I’m just beginning to link build Jeff, so thanks for the tips. I had already read on other seo blogs than guest blogging was a good way to get link juice, but – as of yet – had not realised twitter was becoming an important aspect of how search engines rank sites. I just wondered if you had any tips for link building on twitter Jeff?

    • Jeff Gross says:

      Hi Richard,
      search engines monitors social networks and count any notice and links. Matt Cutts from Google mentioned that last year. Just be socially active, provide valuable information, help people and search engines will award that.

  15. My guess is social media reputation and quality content continues to play a better role of link building strategy for 2012

  16. My stratigies won’t change for 2012, I will continue to build by blog commenting, guest posting and using Twitter & Facebook. I’m not sure about Google+ yet though.

  17. This is a really great post. As a matter of fact, I’m seeing a lot more different blog hit my contact info on getting guest posts. Not only are they great for building links, but it definitely helps to lighten the work load a bit! Carrying a blog by yourself is not an easy feat! Ha ha. If the guest post is revelant and well done, by all means I definitely have nothing against it. As far as social media is concerned, millions and millions of users are becoming a lot more sociable so it’s only right that this will have a profound impact on SEO and link building. Great post. This is definitely the way to go to start the new year.

  18. I like your post. I need to look at using facebook more – hope my friends don’t mind.
    Does anyone use there own other blogs to create text links ???

  19. Social media will play a greater role as an effective link building tool. You have also mentioned different strategies to follow. It is always better to diversify the promotion as an investor diversifies investments into different segments.

    • Jane,

      You make a great point. I was talking to another blogger yesterday and he stated that another blogger he knows only uses Google+. At first I thought that was an awesome idea. Less bouncing around all over the Internet. But now you mention diversification and that makes even more sense. I think I will stick with my Twitter, FB, Google+ and Blokube accounts.


    • Jeff Gross says:

      It is great honor when some of great authorities like Jane Sheeba replies on your post.
      Thank you dear Jane!

  20. Hi Jeff,

    Very True! That’s why they say “Don’t put your eggs in just one basket” or you’ll lose everything in case your strategy fails.
    That’s why we’re now starting to consider Social Media as part of our strategy and also we keep ourselves open-minded.


  21. Social network, i’ve heard of it many times this year, and no one can deny its effectiveness in link building. 2012 will be a successful year for those who can utilize it well. Great post indeed, Jeff!

  22. Yes, you mentioned a little but very helpful hints for link building strategy in 2012. I think Social Media will play a great role. Today time is to make helpful post, so reader can stay more time on your blog, brand your blog and of course guest posting will be very helpful in 2012.

  23. Socialbugg is a Free website to promote and reach many people. Visit to see what i mean.

  24. Social Media Websites like Facebook, Linked in and Twitter will continue to provide a huge amount of business opportunities into 2012

  25. First of all, Happy 2012. Indeed very true Jeff on what you have said about link building diversity and guest posting. They are the way to go this year.

  26. I always use Social network media such as Facebook and Twitter to get traffic. Blog commenting is useful too. Maybe I still use this way to build each link to my blog. But I won’t forget about content, because content is the king :)

  27. Thanks Jeff — I like the idea of guest posting, definitely something I had not heard of before. Thks.

  28. Great article Jeff. I knew having a blog was a good idea, but only launched mine last week and already I have seen a big increase in my inbound traffic, let alone the effect it will have on my Google ranking.

    In terms of your first two points, I think it wil be the combination of Social Media with mobile that stands to deliver the really big results.

  29. Most of us are trying to improve or overhaul our strategy this start of the year so these are really excellent tips and ideas. I quite agree that one should not focus on single strategy only. Search engines do not consider one factor only in ranking our websites so it is important that we do different things at the same time. But it still depends on each type of industry and business we are in.

  30. Having a blog on your website is also a way of strengthening your internal linking. It’s a must to have a blog for traffic generation and since Google has now freshness algorithm which allows blog post to be indexed fast and rank fast if the said post is worth the read.

  31. many many thanks for these updated tips, Thumbs up :)

  32. oh what a nice post it is. tnx for the post sir. keep it up.

  33. I didn’t have a link building strategy for 2012 before reading your post :) I’ll just do what you’ve told us to do and I thank you for that. Cheers!

  34. I appreciate your research for link building. Do follow and relative links are always welcomed by all search engines.

  35. Nice post! i’ii apply this on my website where you can download free pc games, latest movies, and complete anime episodes.

  36. Best Reviews Blog UK says:

    Social Media Websites like Facebook, Linked in and Twitter will continue to provide a huge amount of business opportunities into 2012

  37. This is a really fantastic post. As a uncomplicated, I’m seeing a lot more different website hit my get hold of information on getting invitee information. Not only are they fantastic for backlinks, but it definitely allows to lighten the operate load a bit! Positioning a website by yourself is not an easy feat! Ha ha. If the invitee post is revelant and well done, by all indicates I definitely have nothing against it. As far as community social media is concerned, thousands and a lot of clients are becoming a lot more helpful so it’s only right that this will have a highly effective impact on SEO and backlinks.

  38. Jeff,

    Social and guest posting are top of my list. I read somewhere (I wish I remembered where, but it was a respectable blog) that commenting is no longer as relevant in terms of SEO. Google is just not looking at comments as quality links. It seems social media and guest posting for quality is the way of 2012.

    I’ll still bookmark, comment and leave my signature everywhere relevant but better quality is my priority.


    • Jeff Gross says:

      Guest posting and social media are “hot” in SEO. Old techniques like classic article marketing,building profiles,spamming on forums are definitely off because, their influence on SERPs is really minor. Search engines loves guest posts (because they providing new value) and social media (really huge potential for SEO and direct traffic).

      Thanks on comment!

  39. hy..

    your nice article .. :)
    very Good

  40. Hi Jeff,

    Best strategy to gain traffic is social media its the latest trend which getting famous from all the users

    cheers :)

  41. Is there a way for me to increase my twitter followers that belongs to my niche that is WordPress related in like 30 days time from 2k followers to about 4k followers?

    Anyways feel free to follow our Twitter @wpwebhost

    • Jeff Gross says:

      Off course, provide valuable information about WordPress and people will follow you. And, don’t buy followers…that is waste of money – proven.

  42. I personally feel advertising on Facebook is a waste of time for a lot of people. Everyone is advertising on facebook now, and the chance that your page is going to get noticed without some sort of artificial inflation is nearly impossible now. I feel that building a relationship with bloggers via guest posts is 10x more important than making a facebook page.

  43. Jeff

    I guess we all know the huge change that Panda has produced to SEO techniques. Google looks to go further in such way, and actually is today diving deeper in such changes. Social is so important that G+ and its consequences looks a priority not only for google but for all SEO oriented work to be done seriously in the near future.
    Thanks for your info.

    • Jeff Gross says:

      Hi Charly,
      totally agree with all your points. After Panda Google made few other changes, last one was 2 weeks ago and impacted sites with many ads. Social media is rising star of SEO, but content is still a king.

  44. a dance with dragons says:

    Mobile aps is an area i know i should look into more but to be honest it always seems like a completely different world. Any ideas on where i should look to get more direct info about mobile aps?

    Enjoyed the post by the way. Keep up the good work.


  45. This is an eye opener jeff..i have long neglected twitter and i think wit dis post, i will definately work harder wit it. Thanks.

  46. Great posts jeff! I have long neglected the importance of twitter to my traffic build up but wit dis post, i will definately start working on twitter.thanks.

    • Jeff Gross says:

      My advice is to use G+, Facebook and Twitter for your social media efforts. You can only imagine how many authority and traffic social networks can get to you. Don’t push too hard and provide valuable information….and most important help people when they ask.

  47. I’ve a lot to say, but in short, social media, I’m coming!! It’s definitely the method of future. I see 2012 as an important year for SEO and this year may even predict the future of blogs.

    • Jeff Gross says:

      Hi Saksham,
      this blog is one of the great resources if you want to follow updates in SEO an Social Media. Also, some of participants here are great authorities in blogging and SEO.
      Think I said enough…
      Good luck!

  48. Thanks Jeff for really an superb and helpful presentation. I am a newbie in this field and connecting with google plus, facebook and twitter gradually. Your post will definitely help newbies like me in the field of SEO.


  49. I was searching for new tips for link building in 2012 and found your website. I really like you all tips and tricks and you discuss about social media as well .No doubt its the age of social media and we all should take a piece of social media cake.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  50. Social media not only gets your brand out their but it also gets relevant back links to your website or blog.

  51. Hello Jeff,

    Your every tip is wonderful to create back links on 2012

  52. Very useful tips. Indeed getting quality back links is a little bit harder these days.

  53. There are indeed tons of techniques that can be used but only few of them will really help you reach your goal and that is to raise the quality of your links.

  54. It has always been “Content is King” But in the past year additional requirements have been added! I have always been the type that writes rare but good articles than lots of articles, not so interesting!

  55. Shubham says:

    Wow!! These are quite interesting and useful tips and I have to agree with you that a quality link building is very essential for you to get some good backlinks.

  56. One of the techniques that I’m using successfully is to review different software and then contact the software publishers asking to link to the review from their sites.

  57. Mas Gie says:

    I think the, all you have to say is true. Such techniques are commonly used by many people. For 2012 I prefer to build the Link Building with the use of social media that has great prospects in supporting SEO. Thanks

  58. Since Google has updated new search algorithm (Panda and Penguin), someone told me SEO was death, I can’t believe that, if it wasn’t alive, why many people still doing it.

    And the others told me link building is must have step to do if we wanted to get high ranking, and as you said, social network still is huge source, can you tell me which social network we should use, Facebook, Twitter or Google +?

  59. thanks for the insight which is very useful for our strategy in 2012

  60. thanks for the insights!

  61. For me, 2012 is all about breaking into Facebook and Twitter. Search engine result ranking comes and goes but a social media personality lasts a lot longer with a dedicated audience. So far in the year, my Facebook audience proves to be a much better customer than Twitter.

  62. The whole SEO process is refined big time in the starting of 2012 and the trend will continue in the rest of the year as google starts to focus more on quality and relevance of backlinks. All in all, it will be a tough time for the spammers and the ones who try to cheat the system.

  63. Thanks for sharing these great tips with us. Ethical link building techniques is what one should follow, with Google coming out with new updates.

  64. Do directory submission, blog commenting, forum posting, article submission and link exchange from relevant sites.

  65. Charlie L says:

    naahh these are OLD tricks in the boook. You actually missed a LOOOOOT of strategies/Tactics.

  66. I appreciate the expert insight into some relevant link building strategies.

    I run a blog so I obviously don’t require the MASSIVE link building efforts that actual websites would but it’s still nice to be able to build a few links here or there to have people appreciate your work. I’ve done a lot of reading and the stuff I’ve found on link building previously is either a little shady or totally outdated so, as I mentioned, it’s nice to read a piece that is both useful and current.

    I hope I can apply some of the advice you’ve outlined above :)


  67. One way to build links is by using Commentluv plugin just like what you have here.

    Build relationships first, then the links come in second.

    I guess that would be a great link building strategy for 2012.

  68. CommentLuv is a fantastic add on. It gives spammers the boot and encourages real, genuine conversation between webmaster and his/her readers. I think it’s easily the best plugin and should come preinstalled on all blogs!

  69. Keeping in mind the latest updates in the Google algorithm, one might have to rethink the link building strategies. It’s better to play safe, and go slow.
    As someone pointed out, having a company blog is one good idea, for business sites. Fresh content is what Google loves.

  70. can you tell me, is it good if I put my website’s url as a signature in the footer of all the websites that I design and develop? Last year I tried this and got around 4k inlinks as per google webmaster data, but then i removed them all and just kept my company name without url. I thought may be pengins update affect my site due to such urls.
    But later on I read that google doesnt give much value to such footer links. Is it true?

  71. Link Building Strategy 2013 now same same 2012. These strategies are most important !

  72. Links submissions to Niche specific directories and Web 2.0 directories, implementing User rating reviews, Podcasts are also some of the tried and tested linking building strategies.


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