Have Websites Begun to See a Traffic Boost From Using Google+?

Guest post by Francis Santos

Google+ has generated a lot of hype as a social networking tool with the potential to boost traffic, among providing other benefits that would make it useful to marketers. However, not many, if any, site owners have reported significant traffic gains in the early goings.

This is likely for two reasons: the platform is still being tested in beta phase, and Google is does not want it being used as a marketing mechanism. The search company asked brands to hold off on using the site and actually took action against those that didn’t heed its warning by closing their accounts.

When it comes to establishing a presence for your brand, the potential benefits probably are not worth the risk at this point. Especially when considering that an all-business version has already been promised for later this year. However, there are a few simple ways to you can use Google+ to drive traffic to your site right now.

Set up a Profile

First thing’s first – create a Google+ profile. Sounds simple enough, but this is where you need to be very careful. This process calls for you to create your profile as an individual, opposed to a brand or business as you would on a Facebook page. Of course you want to include links to the websites or blogs you wish to drive traffic to, but the main thing is creating a compelling profile. The more compelling you make it, the more likely Google+ users will be to want to see what you have to offer outside of the network.

Share Interesting Content

Google+ has much in common with Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. However, what many of the early adopters admire most are the qualities that distinguish it from the competition. One feature that does exactly that is a built-in component by the name of Circles.

Taking a unique and targeted approach to the friend concept, Circles allows you to keep your communications segmented by only sharing content with groups of certain people and restricting it from others. Your ability to share relevant, quality content will be key in getting the users in your circles to visit your site.

Start Making Connections

Although Google+ stands out in the way of a few exclusive features and still being a closed project, making the most of it is the same as any other social network. This simply means that in order to generate traffic, you need to get out their and network with the existing users.

Google+ already has more than 10 million users, and while this number is small in comparison to the user bases of Facebook and Twitter, it is still enough to help you boost traffic with the right approach to the process.

Google+ is just now getting ready for business, so there is nothing stopping you from setting up a page, a profile and building a presence. Play it smart, leave the aggressive advertising tactics where they belong, and this platform can help you drive quality traffic to your website.

Francis Santos is a blogger for Benchmark Email and also the executive editor for a popular news blog.



  1. Another good post here you shared with us. Thanks a lot dear for it. Hope to see more posts from you.

  2. Thanks Francis for this blog post. I was in dilemma whether to use Google plus as a social media tool or not because many of my friends are averse to using this tool as it is new and people are getting used to it. But, now I think every social media tool can be used to promote the business.

  3. I have just had my profile on Google+ and Ican say it was pretty simple, but I am still puzzled how to use it for business as the opprtunities are limited there and the post proves it a lot. So viral marketing can work for some time as it is set up properly.

  4. Hi Francis!

    I think Google plus cannot equate Facebook when it comes to social media marketing. FB is very sophisticated and user friendly. I just took a tour of google plus and felt a bit uneasy, may be because it is new. I will make a profile and check how it works. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for a great post! I believe that this new Google plus tool will serve great to the social media marketing sector. I find more people shifting to google plus as organizing things is very easy on it. FB is more informal. I believe google plus is more about building professional relationships.

  6. I felt very easy accessible on google+ than facebook., but how can we promote a product or service with using advertise in g+.

  7. Great post! I think it’s time for me to use G+ as well! Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Great post, I think I am seeing some increased traffic but I am not sure it is from G+, either way traffic is good. I just recently noticed that my 3 month Alexa rating is up 9500 %. Is that insane or what? I made many improvements to my site so persistent is the key.

  9. Thank you for your sharing, this is great idea to use the google++ . I would like to try it.

  10. Like some others have said I definitely see an increase traffic since using Google plus but it is hard to tell whether it is from just Google plus or from a lot of other means and methods I’m trying. Without a doubt though plus have some effect, both with direct traffic and with giving some “juice” to articles that are linked from Google plus. It is certainly worth the time and effort to get involved and become a part of this growing network.

  11. The google + + is very easy to use, I think he’s better than facebook. I believe that social networking will replace facebook in 2 years.

  12. I’m still unsure about Google Plus. It doesn’t seem to be taking off organically in the same way as successful social sites have done. Certainly, I tend to find that people use a single social site the most, and anyone I know who has dabbled with Google+ has quickly returned to using either Facebook or Twitter as their go-to place to socialise.

    If Google stopped promoting Google+, I think it would die, rather than continue to grow.

  13. Great post, In my opinion the plus one can have a big effect on your site.
    My pages with the higher plus counts seem to have more views, but this could just be down to them having better content.

    • I agree with you Oliver that pages with higher plus count have more traffic and especially from Google Search Results.There is a lot of discussion going on in blogosphere about this.So in the long term importance of google plus will increase especially for SEO minded webmasters.And as Francis has mentioned in above post interesting content is as important as it was before.Thanks Francis for this post

  14. I think Google+ is a good source. Not to mention it gives a do follow links.

  15. i have my own google+ but never get optimized yet… a bit do not understand maybe. but thanks this great post i realize that my google+ must be get optimized coz it’s really affecting to the visitor number..

  16. For an article as recent as this, it seems that some of your facts are outdated. As of September, Google already claimed more than 40 million Google+ users, a far cry from 10 million. Also, as for the “all-business version (that) has already been promised for later this year,” the new Google+ business site has already been launched early this month.

    I think Google+ business, where companies can create a Google+ page similar to a Facebook page, would be very helpful for business marketing. I’m not yet sure of all its features, but because Google has integrated Plus into its search engine, users searching for a certain company will most likely be taken directly into a Google+ business page.

  17. I agree with you, Google + account must be created as individual since most of the users were individual. People will highly check your post if they find it interesting, and probably check your site to see your other post. Don’t forget to interact with others, since its a good way of attracting them to regularly check for your new post. :)

  18. Volkswagen Camper Van says:

    Awesome info!

    Looks like I am a bit late to enter the guest blogging contest but I might have to see if I can get a guest post to rival the awesomeness of this one. I will have to go and get a profile and see what I can’t do. It hadn’t even crossed my mind to use Google+ in similar ways to facebook.


  19. I agree that most of people might havn’t seen any improvement in web traffic as people love google + for their social networks and not really for business purposes.

  20. I must say that it is an excellent post and I think that as most people use google + for social network purpose only, there might not be any improvement in traffic through google +.

  21. Google + was made for individual users not for business purpose, I don’t know when do Google implement the Google+ Business Platform. The good way to take advantage Google + is to keep your identity as an individual, so whenever you post something interesting users inside your circle won’t hesitate to check it out since they of you as one of the Google + users.

  22. Google+is great. I am getting fair number of visits from there. All you have to do is make connections with different people.

  23. RachelAng34 says:

    I think Google+ can really boost up the traffic, I can’t wait to try this out.

  24. I don’t see much results from it right now compared to Facebook and Twitter, but it’s getting there. Although I’m pretty sure it will pick up. And one thing I’ve learned over the years is that, you never write off Google. They have some tricks up their sleeves and they will be using those when things get tough to steer it back to their favor.

  25. As with most social networks, funny stuff, quotes etc seem to get the most shares, niche wise I think technology related stuff gets the most shares.

  26. I just created my own Google + account, I noticed the links were dofollow! This is a good opportunity, but the thing is we need to make your profile looks more ‘personal’ so people in your circle won’t of your account as business entity.

  27. I really liked the analysis of this article. Thank you for sharing.

  28. So true, your points are taken well. Building up circles is very beneficial in G+ and also it’s 1+ button. Like any other social media, building relationship is the first thing to do before marketing your links or post.

  29. Thanks for the thoughtful post on google +. I haven’t been sure what to do with it, so it is good to get some information about it.

  30. I believe a lot in Google+, and at the moment I’ve got 16 “likes” in my Blog. It’s just to begin but I see the effect and it’s cool to be loved, haha :)

  31. Not for mine ;(

    in some bussiness its hard to find connected people.

  32. yup Google+ plus is really amazing and it will also be famous as facebook in some years and this post explains well about Google+ functionality and it will be really useful to try out the applications said in the post . Thanks for sharing

  33. I still don’t see the point to promote business in Google+ as they say that Google+ is only for interaction but not for communication. Why not to have at least one social network where we will simply chat and not think about business?

  34. Great article about google +1 , but i didnt see any improvments on my site so i removed it for now

  35. One thing that you are absolutely spot on about Francis is that Google+ has created a lot of hype and for that reason alone it could be a success. As to whether it can be beneficial for SEO or driving traffic to our sites still remains speculative, only time will tell.

  36. Or just take any good facebook branding manual and take the principles :)

    • Absolutely true. There’s no real “secret” to getting traffic from Google+ or Facebook specifically, after all – it’s just basic smart branding principles that apply everywhere, be it Twitter, FB or G+.

  37. Thanks for giving informative post.
    Compared to Facebook, however, Google+ remains a minnow.
    Google+, whilst still driving great traffic leaps behind substantially, at least in the short run.

  38. i have G+, but i sometime to post in there..
    i like G+ rivals for get more traffict..

  39. Google+ certainly boost your traffic as Google is implementing seo to Google+.I have seen some huge traffic from Google+ in my peak times plus one for Google+

  40. In real time search results Google+ plays an important role. Sharing a page in Google+ helps to increase the website visibility in search engine. The important thing is to build relationship with like minded people.

  41. I think I would see more traffic if I had the time to spend on it. As it stands right now, I just G+ blog posts that I like or find interesting.

  42. I’ve not actually heard much at all about Google+ until I read your blog. I’m in the very early stages of trying to get traffic as I’ve only just built my site and I’ve a lot to learn but I’m definitely gonna sign up for Google+ right now so thanks for that!

  43. I haven’t seen anything from Google + yet but then again I don’t really see much from Twitter or Facebook either.

  44. I have not seen an increase in traffic directly from Google +1, but it makes sense google would start using data from it in their search algorithms.

  45. not much difference for me, but knowing google, i better start it . you never know wen it becomes major part of page rank

  46. I love using Google + especially the hangout feature. It builds my online reputation and increases my site traffic. Through this, i can show my followers and my potential customers that my online business is legit and that I’m an expert when it comes to the line of work I’m in.

  47. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Google+. To be honest this is the first time am hearing about this new service from Google. I will try to create a compelling profile and see what difference will it make in terms of traffic to my site. I hope Google will also be interested in my other services such as websites. But one thing I really agree with you is that Google prefers relevant, informative, timely and unique content.

  48. I’ve been using Google + but I can’t tell if has really helped me or not. I’m not sure if you will see a link coming in.

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