5 SEO Tips to Follow Religiously

Guest post by Kim Maureen Medel-Datumanong

It takes time to build up the reputation and fame of a business or website. With the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your site will gradually inch its way up to the first page of search engine results.

Most websites have learned and applied the SEO technique to use their business name or keywords in the pages’ URLs. However, SEO does not stop there. You need to continuously and religiously follow other SEO tips to ensure that your site stays on the path towards first page rankings.

Below are five SEO tips everyone who owns a website can use. If followed regularly, it can mean the difference between rising up to your competitors and getting lost among hundreds of other sites in your industry.

Focus on Your Selling Point

Everything from your home page to every other page in your website has to be focused on what makes you different from your competitors. Why did you build your business or website in the first place? You have to have something to offer that others do not.

One thing to remember about marketing online is that it helps to serve local areas. A common misconception about internet is that since it is global, you have to focus on more general keywords. If you have a business based in New York and you can deliver couture clothes and accessories within the state, then that is your focus. You can have keywords such as “couture clothes and accessories” or “free delivery in New York” sprinkled throughout your site. Make sure every page is related to your specific business.

Content Planning

If you plan on stuffing keywords on every page, stop for a while and think. You have to strategize and plan carefully on what content to post and how. While spun articles can help you put up a lot of content on your site, this is not the way to go. Readers will sooner or later realize that you are talking about the same thing over and over—using different wordings.

You have to have original and unique content that is interesting and easy to read. Plan ahead and decide how you will present the content. From the title to the resource box, every article’s flow must be engaging. Every page has to focus on an interesting content relevant to your selling point.

Internal Linking

Come up with a strongly organized and well-planned internal linking system for your website. If you have followed SEO tips on article marketing, you know that there must be a unique topic for every page of the site. Incorporate into each page any related articles or other pages that readers will be interested to look into. This will aid in the search engine optimization of the page, and ultimately, the site.

Build Up Backlinks

Aside from having links within your website, it also helps to have outbound links that connect to relevant posts of other sites. Regularly check other sites and see whether you can help to contribute to their content by stating your comments and adding backlinks toward your site. It helps to connect with other website or business owners that are in the same industry as yours. Remember not to spam them in the process.

Make it Easy to Crawl

Keeping every existing and new page easy for search engines to index and crawl makes your site searchable in every level. As you create more pages for your website, remember to keep them in your site map with appropriate titles and tags.

Patience, as they say, is a virtue. It will take a while before your site can build its established presence among internet users. Be patient and keep working on these SEO tips for your site to be optimized and land on the first page of search results. These tips will earn you profit in the long run.

Kim Maureen Datumanong works with Free Business Opportunity Ads – a premier resource for everything relating to free business advertising, free classifieds ads and making money online.


  1. I love to get SEO tips here. thanks for the post. SOE is very vast . as i have started learning i realized that its an ocean.

  2. Social media also plays a role in SEO. Especially now with Googles +1. I’m not 100% sure on how it works, but the more +1s your blog or article has, the higher it will rank.

    There’s even a section under Google Analytics (Or is is Google Webmaster tools? My memory fails me now!) that will show you the impact that +1s have on search results for your keywords.

  3. I think what I enjoyed most from your suggested was the fact that it wasn’t only for SEO and robots you actually expressed some real guidelines to follow for the readability of your blog which is for the readers and I respect that. Sometimes we have to remember it’s not all about SEO there’s actual real people reading this content.

  4. Very good advice that I think even the novices among us (for which I am one) can follow.

    I’d also say make sure you spell correctly. I once wrote a number of articles about ‘spectacles’ but I spelt it ‘specticles’, not that many peoplee type ‘specticles’ into Google. :-P

  5. I’ve found that patience is the most important aspect of developing a blog. Perhaps in the past it was possible to experience quick success, but now the competition is such that the development process takes much longer. The bloggers who stick to their plans, creating good content and marketing well, are the ones who will succeed in the long run. Thanks for the insights!

  6. Julie K Beachum says:

    Thanks for these great tips on 5 SEO Tips to Follow Religiously. Still trying to grasp the entire SEO process it’s great to find great tips on the subject matter. Especially content planning is something I need to focus on in terms of the week ahead in order to stay on track and not lose valuable time “coming up with” content ideas.

    It’s always great to get a new perspective.


    • Yeah planning is one of the most important things you can do, but sadly it’s very often overlooked. If you use WordPress (who doesn’t?) then install an editorial calendar plugin (free, just search for it in the plugins). It’s really easy to use. You can drag and drop posts to any day you want and easily see at a glance what’s planned, what’s posted, what’s scheduled, etc… ~ David Walker

  7. i wish there could be an easy guide on internal linking. although i know the procedure but it is very tedious and confusing.

  8. Every webmaster loves SEO. but sad it is not so easy :)…

  9. These are great tips to follow, but not only this. These are rules, not only tips, it’s very important to respect all these rules, if you want to SEO your website it’s very important to follow a schedule and have a plan. Time is crucial in SEO, so it’s important to follow a schedule.

  10. Great post Kim, SEO can be tricky.

  11. I just love internal linking. It a great way to give your readers more option while reading a post. it can also great ways to lower the bounce rate of your site.

  12. I have been reading a lot lately about the value of internal linking… But I really like the idea of making your site easy to crawl. That is a concept that I need to stay on top of.

    Thank you!

  13. Hi Kim,
    Very nice post. The article gives all the important details of each of the 5 subjects you critique. The common thread is to keep them all tied together to make it cohesive for the readers and search engines combined. Very easy to follow instructions. Thanks so much, enjoyed it.

  14. Great points Kim. I also believe that SEO is a continuous work, since its continuously evolving and changing. Following this tips will maintain your rank or even improve it.

  15. Thanks for the great information that you’ve shared. The hardest part for me to do is content creation. I think that this is the most vital part for success online.

  16. Yes, readability is all these days, especially now that Google are employing armies of human assessors to check out the sites appearing in the upper rankings. If you don’t provide what they’re looking for – you’ll be bumped down a few pages. The details are contained in a Google internal document called “Google Guidelines” If you’re interested, you can get the salient points from this video: http://andrewhansen.name/seo/video-internal-document-reveals-search-engine-workings/

    It all helps in keeping on top of Google’s machinations…

  17. I like your first tip. Primary option of the business is to focus on local areas and particularly to use the keyword related to the local areas. Thanks for exposing some of the basic SEO tips to follow forever.

  18. You are the right about the five top tips that are really cool and if you follow them you are to succeed in any case as they work. I know it from my own experience and I think everybody here can prove it.

  19. The common thread is to keep them all tied together to make it cohesive for the readers and search engines combined. Very easy to follow instructions

  20. Hello Kim,
    Such a helpful list on SEO you share with us. I’m going to follow your tips.
    Until now I thought that internal linking isn’t that critical, but as I see it is; not only for the reader, but also helps the crawlers to index.
    Thanks for the tips Kim.

  21. In your second ‘Content Planning’ point I’d go as far as to say that you shouldn’t even think about the keywords that you’re targeting when writing the content. Instead just write the best article you can – for humans – and you can always come back to it at the end or in a few weeks to add in a few keywords if the article isn’t ranking as high as it should be.

  22. A very timely post, as I’ve been looking for ways to improve my site, and your article has made me realised that I’ve missed a huge opportunity to provides links to related content and pages.This will really improve the experience of users, and hopefully help to index all the content on my site. Thank you.

  23. One of the important and the best tip for SEO is presence of quality contents on the site. Do some research to write an article. Always write SEO based article in good wording.

  24. Good tips. Also, I guess this relates to crawling..
    you need to have a Site map which should be linked to from every page on the site. This will help the search engine robots find every page you want found via search engine

  25. I am a senior PR student at Kent State University. I am currently learning about SEO and how to properly promote my blog http://www.collegefashionology.wordpress.com in my PR Online Tactics class. SEO absolutely fascinates me. There are numerous ways to promote a website and knowing how to properly use SEO can tremendously increase your search results.

    The “5 SEO Tips” have been very helpful and I will follow these tips religiously, hoping that they may help me promote my blog. I especially agree with “content planning.” It is vital to think about what you are trying to say before you say it. You must produce quality content in order for your readers to come back for more. I try to draft an outline of the points I want to make before I write my blogs. Thanks for the great tips.

  26. Very Nice Information and Thanx To Make It Understand Us …

  27. You make some very important points for the things that matter in S EO. Really comes down to one word… Planning. If you really want to be successful you don’t just throw up content and hope and pray that does well. Yep it conceptualized for the fact, research keywords, make sure your page is organized well, internal link, back link, network with others and do all sorts of steps that ultimately end up on planning in advance and getting it right first time.

  28. Thanks for posting such great article. You had shared very valuable information. Quality content and proper Link building both are very important. So update your website with quality content regularly. Do proper Link building so that you will get better results in short time.

  29. Better read basics for seo :)

  30. Superb sharing! You have gave us valuable information. In fact quality content and proper link building both are necessary for any blog. I try to update my blog with quality content. I like your post.

  31. Cool tips for SEO experts, as an SEO we should emphasize on a quality content and building quality links for a website to get positive ending.

  32. All of my questions setlted-thanks!

    Thanky Thanky for all this good inorfmaiton!

  33. Remembering to update the site map is one of my weak points. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Linda, if you are using WordPress there is site map plug in that updates your site map for all the major search engines whenever you publish a new post. There is also such an extension available for Joomla.

      • Thanks, Thomas,
        Is there more than one WordPress plug in? Do you know which is the best?

        • Linda,

          The one I use is “Google XML Sitemaps” created by Arne Brachhold, it can be found at the WordPress plug in directory. I have not tried any other one as this one works perfectly.

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  35. Very good information for SEO Bloggers…thanks 4 sharing…

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    • oh my, i didn’t even know the weblogbetter put this up – i was not informed. i just saw this today. i am so sorry for the delayed reply. I would have love to answer you people.. but it seemed that the article has “answered” some of your questions – so i just want to say, thank you for finding this article of mine helpful/useful.


  37. Read the five SEO tips everyone who owns a website can use. If followed regularly, it can mean the difference between rising up to your competitors and getting lost among hundreds of other sites in your industry.

  38. I just want to stress out that in building backlinks, you need to make sure that it’s from good sites because if they are not, then it will surely hurt your site. When i say good site, i’m referring to the Site’s PR and the number of outgoing links. These factors should be considered as it will determine the quality of your backlinks.

  39. Thanks for this wonderful seo tips.

  40. Its very informative post and helpful too….Thanks for share

  41. Great information for a new blogger like me. I learned more from your article in ten minutes than I have in the last 2 months reading free ebooks and stuff from the library.


  42. good and most imp tips for beginners


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    5 SEO Tips to Follow…

    With the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your site will gradually inch its way up to the first page of search…

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