10 Smart Ways to Get Massive Traffic to Your Blog

Guest post by Tracy Collins

Have you just started a blog and want someone—anyone—to read what you have to say? Do you have an existing blog but just aren’t getting the type of responses you’d hope to get? Fear not! You don’t have to throw in the towel just yet.

There are a few simple ways you can generate massive amounts of traffic and visitors to your site and you don’t have to do as much as you think you would in order to make that happen. Let’s go through them, shall we?


It can’t be stressed enough. Search engine optimization is your friend, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Utilize keywords in your blog content and even in the title of your blogs. Search engines will pick up on this and rank your blog pages higher in search engine rankings. Be careful not to overdo it, or else your page may be considered spam and negatively impacted in the rankings.

2. Invite friends on social media to connect with you.

Use your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn connections to visit your page. StumbleUpon is great for accidental visitors, too. Use direct links where appropriate (don’t spam!) and briefly tell your contacts what your page is all about.

3. Use keyword-rich links for each blog posting.

This ties into SEO, but it warrants its own placement here. Once again, don’t spam the heck out of it; just put enough keywords in there to catch a search engine’s attention.

4. Write about things other than yourself.

Save your introspective musings for LiveJournal. If you want people to see your blog, you have to be more of a social commentator than an autobiographer. Give people your take on what’s happening in the world, and the world around you.

5. Write interesting content!

This tip functions as a corollary to the previous one. Boring people will write boring blogs. Give people a reason to want to read what you write. In order to do that, you have to write content that matters.

6. Post on the right day at the right time.

Lazy Sunday posts don’t generate many hits. Remember that people enjoy killing time at work, so that means blog posts that are made at 10:30 in the morning on Tuesday will draw more eyeballs than posts made at 11:45 on Friday night. Who’s reading blogs on a Friday night?

7. Post early, post often!

Once again, this is a corollary to the previous tip, but it deals more with the frequency in which you post rather than the content itself. The blogs with the most traffic are dynamic in nature, meaning they change frequently during the day and update with fresh content. If you’re just planning on a few posts here and there, just get out of the blogging game altogether. Blogs are for people who post often enough to draw an audience. Going weeks without posting doesn’t quite cut it.

8. Learn to build your audience over time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your visitor base. Use the above tips (SEO, post frequency, post content, etc.) and all of them will blend together to improve your internet visibility gradually.

9. Message Board Signatures.

If you post often on message boards, use your blog web address as part of your signature (the part of the post that comes after the body of your post). Most people put funny quotes, pictures, or GIFs in that spot, but you can use yours for shameless promotion.

10. Interact with your readers!

If people have taken the time to read your blog and comment on them, interacting with them makes them feel like they’re talking to a real person instead of a spam-filled page with keywords littered everywhere. Your readers will get a sense of your personality and you can build a dedicated base of posters that will enjoy engaging in conversation and debate with you. It’s what a good blog is built on!

Take these 10 tips to get more blog traffic and use them wisely, because implementing all 10 of them will practically ensure that your blog is successful and thriving. Even just a few of them will get you going, though. Turn your blog in to a traffic generator and enjoy the conversation with your most frequent visitors.

About the Author 

My name is Tracy Collins and I’m an internet entrepreneur,a internet marketer and a writer.My business website is http://tracy-collins.ws  and my blogs  http://tlkool9.blogspot.com  and  http://tlkool1.wordpress.com .


  1. Tracy, I must admite that all the points you mentioned are working because they are working with me :) I’m getting a lot of traffic using these tips :D

    Thanks a lot for the post;

  2. The best way to get traffic for your blog is to guest post. If you guest post regularly your traffic will get a major boost

    • well, I don’t think so. Guest posting could be a way to gain exposure but a big traffic? I doubt that. Following these 10 steps would do better than that.

    • Hi Marty, Yes you’re right in a way but when you ad these SEO tips and GUEST BLOGGING together you would get ten times more traffic to your blog or website, i do.

  3. Those are great points,and they work we just have to be patient. It takes time,like you said…Even Rome wasn’t built in one day…it may take some time but you will have great results.I know i did.

    Thanks for the article!

  4. Hi Tracy great work on the list. I love the suggestion and some of them are even bringing us back to the basics of blogging. It seems so many bloggers put to much emphasis on being popular they forgot to write for their selves and not only the reader. Great article it really makes you think!

  5. #7 is the only one on your list I would change…

    After sifting through an awful lot of search engine data and sitemeter reports, I’ve found “early and often” doesn’t matter – doesn’t even figure into the equation. Tracy, it’s all about content. “Subject matter” matters, and nothing else!

    I could stop posting tomorrow, and come back next year, and I would have MORE readers just because of the links I already have “out there” for certain articles that people keep coming back to. I post an average 1/5 times a day. One of my hottest posts was written and published back in 2007. It brings at least 7 visitors a day, and every once in awhile, for reasons unknown to me, it will bring in around 200 new visitors, just for one day…

    • Hi Dave , Yes you’re right you have great links to keep the traffic coming to your website or blog.It’s one of the most important things to do for your website and blog.

  6. I love traffic posts!

    I found that my best posts take 20 times longer to write than average ones but they get 200 times as much traffic. So I will get more traffic by writing a few uber higher quality posts.

    Anyone else had this experience?

    Nick aka The Traffic Guy
    nickstraffictricks@gmail.com – Ask any traffic question any time

  7. Doing SEO is the best way to get huge traffic.

    • Yes, you’re right. Proper link building techniques could boost your site’s traffic. Blogging also contributes, just provide valuable content and interesting topics to write on. I’m sure it will be a hit.

  8. All those points ultimately mean the same..!!

  9. joseph brown says:

    very good posting you really teach all ways to get more traffic thank you for this. and 2nd i dont know is it right place to ask this question or not but i need its answer as some peoples comments on this post some peoples have their own picture with comment but my picture is not showing how they add their avater in comment please any body will tell me?????///

  10. I see the SEO and Post early, post often are the 2 most efficient ways to get high traffic to your blog. Besides, writing interesting content are also another contributing factor.

  11. Thanks for sharing. This are great tips however i just want to emphasize that in writing articles, it would be best to write valuable information to your readers. It’s a way to get massive traffic and strengthen your online presence. Always keep in mind that readers visit blogs over and over again because they find the content useful. So always come up with an article that gives useful information to your readers.

  12. SEO is the powerful method to increase traffic to your site, also content is more important before promoting your site. Content should has benefit to readers.

  13. There are only two methods that I think the best way to get massive traffic for free. It’s search engine optimization and Social Networking websites. If it’s paid, then use Google Adwords.

  14. I think you need a lot of time to get the best result..I had an experience also traffic doing this tips..Thank you for sharing great and very informative post!

  15. These are all awesome ways to generate traffic but I think writing valuable content that people find interesting is key .Nobody would want to read about your dinner menu, and on a daily basis?

    Nice post.

  16. Robin Jennings says:

    Links to your posts under comments really help. I wrote 10 comments on 10 different commentluv enabled blogs and that directly got about 90 new unique visitors (based on the post i used).

  17. I agree with you, if you follow all these ten steps it is impossible to fail blogging, theoretically. It might seems that these are easy tasks, but indeed is hard to maintain consistency , in this process most likely at some point you get bored or get lack of good ideas, is hard to find new interesting subjects, and to keep being optimistic even though you have few visitors. It’s good to have in mind that your blog is a project and it has to go a long hard way, but eventually the future can be bright.

    • You hit on some big points there – consistency is huge. You may write the most interesting engaging content but if you only post every six weeks you won’t get a following. That has been my difficulty with blogging (not to say that my content is award winning) with so many other projects it is hard to dedicate time for blogging. Also your point about keeping optimistic even if you have a few visitors is huge as well – who likes to spend hours writing a great post if only 3 people stop by for 30 seconds to glance at it? I don’t see many hands raised. :)

      I might add another tip for getting those much desired peepers reading your blog.. find link shares within your niche and become an active contributor (not just dropping your link and running) I’ve found there are very supportive communities around some of those link shares and if you participate you’ll get a lot of traffic back.

  18. I agree with all the points and I think that the last point should be somewhere at the top as when you interact with readers you get feedback and you thus have a chance that your readers will promote your blog to their friends as well.

  19. Tracy,

    These are some great steps to getting that blog traffic rolling. Each and every one that I have tried to improve in has yielded positive results. For an 11th I would add simply asking your audience. Do polls every now and then and find out what content THEY want. After all they should be the most important factor on your blog.

  20. #6 is new for me. I never paid any attention to the time of posting. Thanks for this!

  21. Ah- light bulb over head to number 6, I never really thought that time and day of the week would matter, I figured that regardless of when I put my posts up my readers will see them, but I see your point.

  22. I really like these tips most of them I know but one was new for me I must confess, I never realize that thing explained in Tip # 6 timing of post, yeah it’s really important to keep in mind that 60% of people will not go to read your blog on Friday night or Saturday night, or you are going to post even strongest post that can stop people by going out for weekend I’m not sure you can do this. So follow the time, when you are posting your stuff, I like other tips and hope fully going to follow them to get more traffic, I love your blog, it’s nicely written.

  23. thanks for the post, seo is for me the best way tot get traffic. with good on page seo and using wordpress i don’t need a lot of backlinks.

  24. Interacting with your readers is the most important tip, Since it motivates your reader and also it helps to gain instant feedback. All are useful tips. Thank for the share.

  25. I think you can still talk about yourself and relate this to some observations about life and goings on in the world. Too much “autobiography” in your blog doesn’t attract business opportunities (if that’s one of your goals), in my opinion. :)

  26. Rob Benwell says:

    Great give away! It worked for me.
    All you have said here would help first timers.

  27. i like the point “post at right day and right time”….its really true….who are going to read the post when posted at midnight……………..how to identify keywords for my blog?

  28. Number 6 makes an interesting point although I do know of one blogger who does a Sunday Sermon type post and seems to get consistent traffic from it but it’s probably due to the fact that her fans expect it on that day..

    As for number 7 it’s been quite debatable for a long time as some posters experience better results giving readers more time to digest posts whereas others who post more frequently swear they have stronger readerships, but I am more in favor of the former because I don’t want my readers having to play catchup, plus I know some posts which may have gone unread are still highly relevant and valuable.

    Now as time goes on and traffic builds to multi thousands per day then my strategy may change. It all depends on your particular goals in comparison to your current level.

  29. I agree with you especially on # 10..it is really important that you interact with your readers that way they will feel that you appreciate their time spent on visiting and reading your blog ^.^

    Anyways, thanks a lot for sharing these awesome tips! I will definitely try each one of these.

  30. NYC Car Accidents says:

    Hi Tracy, after implementing all the key points you’ve shared with us. There’s a big difference on my traffic now, I gain so much in past few days. :)

    Thanks for sharing this post!

  31. Nice run down Tracy…

    Have to agree with all. It’s amazing how details such as time of posting can make such a huge difference – but they do.

    i’m in Australia and it I get more traffic when i publish and promote my posts from midnight onwards on weekdays, which equates to morning in the US. That holds especially true for posting on Social Media, and listing in forums and ‘blogmarking sites’…

    Thanks for a solid list of tips…

  32. This is a great article Tracey. The tips that you’ve provided will help me look out for certain things and correct my blogging mistakes. I learn about blogging at weekdays instead of weekends.

    Greatly appreciated,

  33. Yes it is crucial to blog early in the weekday rather later. SEO will always be done no matter what site it is to be ranks by search engines.
    Great article all the way around.

  34. Thanks for the many great tips. As a new blogger I was never aware of what is SEO and how to get my site ranking on search engine. I’ve been reading and studying about SEO and you wrote a great article about how important it is and when to make posts.


  35. Great work done by you Tracy,
    I am new blogger so I think these points are very valuable to jump up traffic to your blog. SEO, invite friends on social media to connect with you, write interesting content, Interact with your readers i think if we implement on these points they will be very helpful and effective to get maximum traffic.
    Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  36. Thanks for the great advice, Tracy. Blogging early and no “lazy Sunday blogging” are key points which I plan to utilize. Well written!

  37. I think SEO is the best way to get more traffic to your blog. But the point is you have to know how to SEO in the right way and the with the right method.

  38. “Write about things other than yourself”
    I don’t think this is always right. This is only bored when you don’t have the skill or the taste of writing. There are many personal blogs with high traffic. You need to have a sense of humor and the ability to make it your advantages.

  39. Useful collection of traffic tips. Funny how browsing trends change over time. Till a couple of years back, I used to hear that the best time to post/update/promote is on an evening towards the end of the work week. now it is early on a Tuesday work day. No wonder the economy is in such terrible shape. LOL.

  40. Hey Tracy,

    I especially love the message board signature, which is generally forum signature. Forum is one of the best way to get traffic, very targeted traffic to your site. However, you got to spend time to interact in the community to attract others to click your signature.

    Good stuff,

  41. 10:30 in the morning on Tuesday? Would that be around coffee break time? That means 2:30 in the afternoon would also be a great time to publish.

  42. I like point 4. we writers enjoy writing what we want and forget that there are people we serve to provide maybe entertainment for them, or answers to their questions, or well researched opinions and not just our own point of view.

  43. chennai chat says:

    message bord signature means ? I am doing now only 3 points :) seo artical social meadi

  44. Chase Online Banking Logon says:

    It’s quite a long-term project, but persistence can pay off, especially if there are some early successes that show it can be done. But it’s better to do it as a passion project so discouragement doesn’t lead to abandonment.

  45. i only use for 2 from your article. i always use this SEO and Use keyword-rich at my blog.

  46. I appreciate you for sharing your advice. It has been a long tedious process but I am making progress.

  47. Janette Ruston says:

    It’s amazing when you think about it, that if you miss one step you are doomed for failure… bringing traffic to a new site is like an art, and only through experience you will know how to bring real visitors INTERESTED in what you speak ! Thanks for the tips !

  48. guys….try linkreferral…
    i dont know,,what magic they do,,,i had just made a blog and submitted it to linkreferral,,,and within a month,,,that new blog got pagerank 3!!!
    and you will get nice dedicated traffic from linkreferral…
    try and share your experinces

  49. One thing that I have done to help with #6 is to schedule when the post is published, that way I can write the post on Sunday and it will not be published until Monday or Tuesday morning.

  50. Tracy,

    That is a great post. I especially have love number 4. I hate reading blogs in which they only focus on themselves. Though I will admit I do usually use a personal story, but only to support a point that I’m trying to make.

  51. What all said by you was right….. My website getting good traffic when I have stared with Guest Post Links related to my niche. SO, Friends I suggest Get as many as links from guest blog post links… I am sure Your website traffic also increases rapidly…

  52. Guest post is the best way to drive traffic for your website but too need to follow the steps which all mentioned here for addition traffic

    cheers :)

  53. Thank you for the valued points Tracy.

    Funny though was when I read through all the points, finishing one and getting to next, I said to myself when reading the headline: “I am doing that already but maybe there will be something in this paragraph that I have been missing up until now”. So then I read through it and find that almost everything you laid out in the paragraph are things that I am actually doing.

    Then I got to the point when “Rome wasn’t built in one day” and it all came to me like a spotlight in the dark. Maybe I have been expecting too much too soon and maybe I should just keep being persistent at what I am doing right now and it will all come to pass.

    Thanks again; I’ll pray and work on my patience.

  54. Wow, the definative 10 step guide on how to better your blog for traffic! I am very impressed by the articles here. I’ve done much research in the last couple years, struggling to better my lowly lil’ blog. It is slow going, and I see now by your recommendations why I haven’t achieved all I could…frequency. I am just to busy to get to writing…this I have to improve upon more than any other.

  55. I am a novice to create a blog. Your information is very useful for me
    thank you sir

  56. nice information sir…

  57. the smartest article I ve seen ever.. Very good informative

  58. I think traffic is the biggest challenge! Especially for my Italian blogs. My English blogs it is easier to get traffic. So many people speak English and they are very comfortable with blogs and social media.

    The Italian people are not as actively blogging and commenting. Your tips on getting more traffic will hopefully help me to have greater success with my Italian blogs!

  59. Great post! I really like that ‘rome wasn’t built in a day’ philosophy. I’m seeing slow, gradual growth on my blog and that needs to be good enough for me!

  60. It seems like it is plenty of work – but it is worth to try I guess – this article inspired me to work !
    Cant wait to see some more traffic on my website

  61. I have done those few tricks. And it works.

    Basically, the most important is content’s update. More contents we update, the traffic will come automatically

  62. Great tips! I do write regularly but lack views. I hope your smart ways would help me get better traffic and promote my content to a larger audience.

    Once again, thank you for such valuable tips……. :-)

  63. thanks for these tips and SEO techniques, I think these tips would really help me for my new blog. thanks again! :)


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