How Much Traffic Do I Need?

Guest Post by Aniket Srivastava

Someone asked me, “How much traffic do I need in order to earn some decent money online.”  I said, “May be 50 or may be 5000 per day”.

One of the most common questions that many people ask is ab0ut the number of visitors needed to start making money. Well, I would say it depends upon what market you are targeting.

If you get 50 hungry buyers per day you will get instant cash.

On the contrary, if you get 5000 visitors per day just fiddling with their browser for some general knowledge it might take months before you see any cash rolling in.

So who are hungry buyers? I would say someone looking for migraine relief, people who have gone out of their business or are about to go, men above 30 and still can’t get any women, students who are afraid of failing in the upcoming exams, people who are about to lose their houses, a couple who is no longer able to hold their relationship and the list goes on.

All these people are looking for instant solutions may be within a couple of weeks. So, if you manage to drive even 50 of such prospects to your page the conversion rate will be high.

The not-so-hungry buyers may include someone looking for tips to remain healthy, people who want to start some side business, boys looking for dating tips, students looking for suggestions to perform better, someone planning to buy a new house, couple looking for tips to maintain good relationships. These are the prospects that can wait for a few weeks before taking out their credit cards. So, in this case you need to drive more traffic to notice any conversions.

An important point besides getting a lot of traffic is the value you are offering. Whether you get 50 visitors or 500 visitors they will not care if you do not provide solution to their problems. Newbies often fail to realize that internet marketing is a business and like any other business they need to take care or their customers.

Traffic is the blood and soul of your online business. The above factors only come into play when you are capable of generating traffic which is all together a different topic. I would suggest newbies instead of thinking about dollars initially they should concentrate on learning and applying skills needed to start off with Internet Marketing.

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  1. Hi K!

    I found the best way to deal with traffic or lack of it.
    Write great articles and readers will come, in time!
    Blog ON!

    • as always said…content is the king…writing articles has always been and will always be a rich source of traffic…

  2. You are right Aniket! Internet marketing is just like a business and even here customer service is of utmost importance. After all, you will go to a place that offers you solutions and makes things easy for you. Amazing write-up!

  3. Please keep writing more such articles. Thanks!

  4. Just try to make your site ideal for customers and you will earn some money for sure. You shouldn’t care about the traffic only. In fact your site should be ideal in all respects and you need to be patient for some as you can’t earn some profits overnight.

    • hi Anna……. u said it all..there is no push button magic button….IM requires time hard work patience and effort…..any one trying to buy you something promising millions overnight is straightaway lying….

  5. Hi!

    I was just reading another article this morning about the importance of solving real problems via your blog/website. It really is essential to success… and essential to getting the kind of hungry-buyer traffic you described above.

    Great reminders – thank you, Aniket.

    • Hi Melissa….my pleasure.. :)
      over delivering always pays….one should learn to provide more than expected to others as we will get thousand times more in return…
      I myself am persuaded by many to buy programs which straightaway looks scam……thank god i have now learnt to pick those scams out…

  6. There isn’t a magic traffic formula, and what for some may work, for others may be disastrous. Depending on what you are providing, and you want to achieve, the generated traffic may be enough or a work in progress. My opinion is that this should always be a work in traffic, because what you achieve now may be gone later.

    • hi Mia…
      i agree with u as earning money online is a business and shud not be treated anyway different from offline business….it requires effort patience time and money…

  7. Very good point, I know tons of blogs that get less traffic than mine but make more profit. It is all about conversion and convincing the reader to take action. That action is typically a click, a purchase which leads to a profit.

    Passive income earning like banners (AdSense, Kontera, Infolinks) are more tied to traffic and don’t convert well with low traffic, however review an affiliate product and capture the audience right and you can get a better return on investment from a single post with a product sale than with 50 posts with banner ads.

    • Hi Justin…
      thanks for ur input..
      all hard work and effort boils down to one thing that is “value”
      what value we are providing to our visitors..
      we need to become solution to their problems and just not consider them as cyber credit cards…

  8. Great point. Traffic is not everything. It boils down to both conversions and how much the keywords that bring them to the site are “buying” keywords.

    You not only have to have great content, you have to have great content that people are targeted for.

    For instance I somehow ranked for the word “spring” I bounce between 8-10 Google results for this major word. It brings about 800 visitors a month to my blog.

    The problem…my blog has nothing to do with Spring and I have no way to monetize this. So I am sure that is 100% wasted traffic.

    • excellent point Steve…there is no use of getting a traffic which we cannot monetize..
      targeted traffic is what counts….hence comes the role of keyword research….especially if we are targeting buying keywords..

  9. My blog is dealing with some beauty issues a and I hardly see some cash coming out of it, maybe I’m not addressing to a specific problem. Thanks !

  10. So we can say that the hungry buyers are in desperate need I guess. But we can’t really tell who are these guys from the 50-5000 traffic that we get. So targeting a place or some range of people may work.

  11. Well, it depends on what you have to offer your website visitors? Earning money is not so hard but you should know what people exactly needs?

  12. It’s all about the quality over the quantity. This is very essential for every blogger.

    • Quality and value always wins over quantity…..
      what value we provide to our visitors will eventually decide our success in long run..

  13. Hi Aniket,
    I completely agree with you.
    It’s all about getting targeted traffic. I believe the best way to do this is to find ‘buyer keywords’ and not just informational ones.
    I have a friend who has a real estate site. If he gets just one buyer to a million dollar home his commission will be huge.
    It’s really not about mass amounts of traffic. It’s about the exact person that wants to purchase what you have to offer at that moment.
    Timing is everything.
    You’ve covered some great points here that will help people trying to build an online business.
    All the best,

    • Hi Eren…thanks for the appreciation..

      as said targeted traffic is what one should look for and not just any traffic
      real estate site sounds interesting :) best wishes for ur friend….

      take care

  14. Everybody is overwelmed about the traffic right now and they try to do their best to get as much traffic as they can. It is up to you to set this limit. As soon as you feel that you have enough visitors(hardly possible in fact) you can say stop to yourself. do you really know such people who are ready to stop IM at least for some time?

  15. Traffic Traffic. I live in the washington dc area and I hate traffic. Since I started my blog I love traffic. Who would have thought that traffic would some day be appreciated! Good post.

    Mr MakingUsmile

  16. obviously, traffic can never be too much. it’s more of having enough fresh content with means you just have to keep updating regularly with genuine articles

  17. Very Nicely Explained. Its a common question in newbies mind.

  18. My Primary source of income is Adsense and initially CTR was very low so I tried each n every aspect of getting more no. of clicks and now I am satisfied…

  19. You must know how to sell even to hungry buyers! And that is a talent hard to be mastered!

  20. Well, exactly newbies enter the field with an aim to make some quick money online but if you ask me it’s not that easy at a start but yes once you get an experience and is well known with what is going on in online world you are in a position to explore those opportunities . So patience is must when it comes to online money making.

    • well said…IM is a skill and every skill is learnable…… when we are learning new skills such a new language or guitar we can not expect to do it overnight all comes with practice and patience…

      the key here is patience hardwork effort and time…… IM is difficult but not impossible….nothing is impossible in fact…. :)


  21. I would say you need at least 100+ quality traffic to succeed. I’m getting a thousand traffic per day but it seems like only 5% of them is actually converting. Not worth the time.

  22. Yeah, the key is really to focus on quality content for the right targeted audience. Most people keep looking for ways to increase traffic, and well that’s good but they forget something very important: making more money with the visitors they’re already getting is definitely possible with good content.

  23. great explain. more traffic more money you can take.

  24. For me, there’s really no ideal number of visitors that would start making money. Like you said, it depends on the kind of visitors that are looking for instant solution to there problems. What you can do is increase your traffic in order to get a bigger chance of making money.

  25. Lorraine Larson says:

    Hi K! Since I started my blog I love traffic.

  26. yes, this question is quite common in most people’s mind though I agree with this post! Even I liked the title of the post, very creative one! Prompted me to read this post! Awesome!

  27. The question that the title asks are sure one of the most commonly ask by newbies starting out with traffic generation.

    I have to agree that it depends on what you have to offer, the value of what you have to offer and then how much you need in order to consider it to be enough.

    Personally, I could never have enough traffic. Even if they aren’t all hungry buyers. You never know who they’ll talk to later during the day telling the other person about an interesting article they read earlier on. The next person might very well be a hungry buyer.

    Good insights in the post!

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