How Podcasting Can Take Your Blog to a New Level

Guest post by Farnoosh of ProlificLiving

I have this brilliant friend; she is smart and talented with a gorgeous voice and beautiful presence. But she generally struggles with writing blog posts.

She wants her work to be top quality so she spends too many hours writing a single blog post and while her posts are fantastic, writing is simply not her greatest strength.

Instead, she shines on video and on audio.

She is Aileen of Kaizen Vision, my amazing co-host on our podcast together, Smart, Fabulous and Opinionated, and podcasting is the best way for Aileen to exude her confidence, to share her passion, and to help others through her voice, her advice, and her life lessons. She simply shines on the air!

So what about you? What is the single best medium for you for conveying your gift and genius to the world? Is it necessarily only the written medium, to which we are all far too accustomed? Or could it perhaps be that you outshine yourself on audio or video medium?

Don’t get me wrong: I love writing. Actually, I am mad about writing. I even wrote a Manifesto on Writing to impart my love of writing to others. I get withdrawals if, heavens forbid, I go a few days without. But I don’t love writing as an exclusive medium to convey information. I know that I also have skills in communicating my thoughts verbally.

That is why this summer, I invested in learning and starting not one but two podcasts and let me tell you, not only has it been the most rewarding path to self-discovery and self-growth, it has created new opportunities for the website and a following in an uncharted territory.

Let me count the most powerful ways in which podcasting can take your blog to a new level.

1.  You master a new medium for spreading your ideas

Exploring a new medium can be scary and challenging, difficult and time-consuming, and you may not think it worth your while. I know that I had a lot of “reasons” (now I call them excuses) to wait rather than start my first podcast but in the end, my strong desire to talk to my audience, rather than just write for them, outweighed my resistance and everyday, I am glad for it.

Why? Because discovering and mastering a new medium is the best path of self-growth and self-improvement.

It is you who benefits the most. It is you who are rewarded the best. If you really believe in your message, it is your ultimate test to share it just as well and effectively on an audio – or if you insist, a video – platform. It is a challenge to overcome and a tool to master, no doubt, and in the process, you learn a lot about yourself.

You learn the extent of how much you believe in your message, because the voice cannot pretend as well as the written words may, and conviction is a necessity in the game of spreading your ideas.

You also learn where your strengths and weaknesses lie; maybe, an audio podcast brings out the best format and style in which you convey your ideas or maybe, a video podcast presents you with the best opportunity to send that message to the world.

Or maybe you find out that you love both mediums but you lack the skills and need to now learn them for yourself.

Wherever you may fall, it is a time extremely well vested for your own personal development.

2.  You grow your reach by exposing yourself to a larger audience:

As you well know, people like to consume their information in their preferred format. We can try all we want to change that but in the end, it is smarter and easier to provide them their exact preference.

With your blog, they may wish to consume it in email, in RSS, on their iPhone or Blackberry, or on your website. You don’t get to choose; they do, and as a smart blogger, you should simply comply and make it easy for them to access your ideas in their preferred format.

When you think of it that way, it immediately makes sense that there are also massive audiences that consume information only through listening. There are hundreds of thousands of people who only listen to podcasts and only search iTunes for their favorite subject areas.

Are you going to show up when they search for your area of expertise? Would it not be a pity if you do not share your message with them on a podcast if that is the only way to reach this audience?

I guess the answer to that question depends on how critical and important it is for you to spread your message far. For me, it became imperative to share my message with the masses. That was all the motivation I needed to start The Daily Interaction.

What about you? How strongly do you feel about your message?

3. You position yourself as an authority on your message and on communicating it:

You will only gain respect, esteem and admiration of your peers and followers when you provide additional ways for them to consume your information, as long as the quality of your work is excellent and delivered with sincerity.

Note that I said additional. I am in no way advocating that you stop writing or even reducing your writing.

It’s important to remember that just as there are others who prefer audio or video mediums, there will be the part of your readership that will continue to love the writing above all else. You cannot afford to lose them by lessening the number of quality posts you publish for them in favor of podcasting.

So yes, I am saying that it is going to be extra work, extra effort, and extra beads of sweat, but I believe it’s well worth it. You need to decide if the same is true for you.

When you show your community that you are going above and beyond by creating multiple platforms to share your knowledge and spread your information, they will see you immediately as an authority, as an expert, and as someone who is serious about this.

You will become the top person in your area of expertise and you will have a much better chance of explaining your ideas and your message in multiple platforms than you would in just one.

The way I look at it, there is only an upside to podcasting, and it can only open doors of opportunity for you. The question is whether you are willing to take your game to a new level?

Farnoosh Brock is a corporate escapee, writer, blogger, techie, photographer, yogini, and coach over at Prolific Living, a space that started with her but now thrives with the growing community. She empowers you to crush your daily fears, to live life on your own terms and to cultivate smart habits enable rich living for you.


  1. Hi Famoosh -

    Back around 2008 the guru-bloggers of that time insisted podcasting would shortly replace blogging. As is the case with most of their predictions, that didn’t happen then, and it will not happen now. While some blogs may experience a temporary lift from a podcast, others will actually see a decline in viists. It’s all in how the pcast is presented and by whom. Sexy girls work miracles when it comes to photos and videos on blogs. A sexy voice might work on an audio pcast. But be careful: some advertising services will ban your blog if they discover any self-starting audio or video.

    Blog On!

    • Hi Dave, interesting pointers.
      Yes, I know that in general, bloggers don’t always or even often embrace podcasting. They do a podcast or audio here and there but not fully – and podcasters, I hear, don’t really consider full-on bloggers as part of their community … we have a sort of US/Canada love/less-love relationship going on.
      As for decline in visit: You know, I admit when I post my podcast blog, I do not see as many hits but I do that once a week, I still have killer epic posts every Monday at 6am and sometimes another time during the week. I want to podcast – so I don’t want my audience to dictate over my own passions and none of my videos or audios auto-start, although I must say I am not crazy about attracting ad services in general. ;)
      So I take it you blog then and no podcast or both?

      • No podcasting at this time, as the advertising services I use with my blog forbid the practice. I am developing a series of podcasts that I hope to use with either my tumblr or wordpress blogs.
        The podcast isn’t a bad thing: it simply has it’s own special fans and followers!

        • Fair enough – it does have its own fans and followers and I guess it comes down to whether we want to serve a specific audience or a larger audience that can benefit from our message. Good chatting with you here Dave!

  2. Yes podcasting has the effect of exposing to large audience. Blogging with podcasting is a great way to attract the visitors. Thanks for the share.

    • Hi Tessa, thanks for your comment – yes, it has a lot of potential and it’s also a different audience than the blogging audience…. do you podcast too? Thanks!

      • The downloads go up and not the revenue and long term traffic . So, good for temporary bounce and not for permanent ones. One of my friend used podcasts(he is still on what he started from 6 months ), so i don’t think they are much useful.

        • Karan, then maybe podcasting is not for you if that is how you see it. It’s all HOW we do something, I believe – some people write a book and become a multimillionaire and yet others sell 3 copies :) Is it the book that is at fault?
          Thanks ….

          • I haven’t given podcasting a try yet,(that’s what i mentioned in my previous comment) and well What I would like to say seeing overall results of my friends is : It isn’t a long time show in 90% cases but yes,

  3. Making your blog popular not only attract, but also makes you develop. Because you can learn so much from your visitors!!

    • Hi Anna, thanks for your comment – it’s not to make my blog “popular” so much as it is provide my readers with a new form of content and information.

  4. Podcasting is a unique way to get up . While in long stage I see it of no great returns. Its great for a sudden bump up as podcasting cannot provide with powerful SEO leading in just sudden traffic increase and then fall.

  5. Yes podcasting is one of the great ways to get traffic.

  6. Do you have any ideas how a podcast can be used to bring value to a deals blog like mine? I don’t want just to sell products, but offer some kind of unique experience to those that visit my site.

    Any ideas would be welcome. Thx

    • Hi John, yes, here are some ideas:
      - Talk about your expertise and authority on the subject on the podcast. Use stories and case studies and be entertaining and fun
      - Dont sell on your podcast just tell people why you love the products that you do
      - Be consistent and make it a professional podcast.
      - Sound quality is very important.
      Hope this helps!

  7. Hi there Farnoosh,

    Podcasting is really another great way of expressing ideas aside from writing. I’ve also known people who aren’t good in writing but can elaborate their ideas if they speak about it. If you think your strength is in writing then go on with writing. If it is podcasting then be it. The important thing is you are using your maximum potential :)

    • What if your strength is in both? We can be good in more than one area, but you are right, one is better than the other. I love both and after lots of practice, I like to think I am excelling in both with still lots of room to improve. You make an excellent point though – if one comes easier, it’s a good sign. Thanks for your comment, Jarrod.

  8. Hi,

    to be honest, writing was one of my weakest language skills during my studies. One of the reasons I’ve started blogging was, actually, to practice writing and expressing my thoughts in this way. Readers were the best judges and I believe I improved greatly in time.

    My strongest point is argumentation and live conversation. I don’t really like speaking without an apparent feedback, but I’m good “on stage”.

    • Hi Ana, practicing writing is a great way to get better at it, that’s for sure, but if you are that good in conversation, you have got to give podcasting a try. Go for it and best of luck!

  9. Right on time! I’ve been researching podcasting, as I’d like to start doing so in a couple of months. I’ve done pretty well using Youtube and Blogging, and this is definitely my next step. Thanks!

    • Erin, good t hear it….. I wish you the very best. Make sure the sound quality is good and speak from the heart. I wish you lots of fun too…. and thanks for your comment.

  10. Its a great article and in My case think I have to learn more about podcasting and blogging before going to the next level. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. I have never thought that podcasting can be so useful for blogging and after reading the post, I got surprised as it can really give some ideas and I got some ideas in head and I;m going to do it. I have I will do it. Thanks a lot for the ideas.

  12. Great article and great demonstration of how blogging and podcasting work well together. Podcasting is one exploration that I’m truly happy to have taken! :)

  13. I have never though about podcasting, only blogging. Probably now the time has come?.. :)

  14. Its a great article! blogging is one of my weakest language skills during my studies.

  15. I am noticing much more podcasting on the web and I am DEFINITELY listening to much more. I am finding some great material!


  16. Sandra Jacobsson says:


    What I great post. I am going to start my own podcast but i don´t really know were to start. My nichse is very small so I think I do have to do my own podcast. But all podcast I listen to is a 2 people or more. I know it would be great for my blog but i am a little bit afraid to do it alone.

  17. Thanks ana for your sharing about tips podcasting for increase blog level. It is reallty tips for get high level in blog

  18. Hi, Franoosh!
    I never taught of it much before, but now after reading your post, I might want to take in consideration some of your tips here. After all, exposing ourselves to a greater audience is something worth the effort and the time invested, so I will definitely try developing a few series of podcasts for myself.

  19. Podcasting is really a good way to deliver the message. I love to listen to audio book while driving. I can even put the audio book into my mp3 player and listen to it when I was walking. I’m not good in writing blog post too. I might take this opportunity to transform myself to be a good podcaster too. Thanks for the sharing!

  20. Edward Culligan says:

    Hi Farnoosh,
    I am definitely one who needs to learn more about podcasting. Very new to the internet and I have a new blog as well. I am trying to reach customers and Twitter seems to be the best I got. Anyhow, thanks for the post as it is very helpful to me.

  21. Podcast are a great idea. Like you friend I think that I can shine better in video or audio blogs… I am not a strong writer.

  22. Well, I use Odeo plugin that automatically translates blog content to a podcast for audience. But I don’t think it’s done much good. But anyway, no automated tool can replace the value a real podcast in your own voice provides.

    What are the best places to submit your blog podcasts, though, besides iTunes? I know there are a few podcast directories but they don’t get a lot of traffic, AFAIK.

  23. That’s for sure and I think the basic principle of Internet marketing is to target every possible area and leveraging the strategy. For sure podcasting is a great way to reach more audience, of course if it is done properly.

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