Laptop or Desktop? Which One Should a Blogger Use?

Guest post by Ajeet

Editor’s Note:  While I mostly use my laptop, I periodically use my desktop – since I’ve found it to be faster.  But what can beat the mobility of a laptop?  Why pass up a chance to work at Chick-Fil-A while my five year plays on the indoor playground?  What’s your preference?

To use a laptop or a desktop when you are a blogger is an important question to have answered.  As a blogger you are going to be spending a lot of time with your computer and having the right one could be the difference between being a successful blogger or not.  Laptops and desktop share a lot of similarities with each other but it is the differences that will help you determine which one is the best one for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Laptop

The greatest advantage of using a laptop is the fact that they are mobile and you can take them anywhere.  Laptops have become so compact in size that you can literally take your laptop with you everywhere you go.  More public locations are offering internet services enabling you to set your laptop up almost anywhere and start blogging away.  This allows you to blog in any comfortable setting that you choose.

While portability does have its advantages, you will also be restricted on time.  Your laptop’s battery will only provide you with several hours of power and will then shut down.  Many bloggers can tell you how their laptop ran out of power in the middle of their blogging.

The compact size too, while being great for travel has some disadvantages.  With a smaller size computer also come slower service and less storage on your hard drive.  The small size will also prove to put your laptop at greater risk to be damaged by falling or spilling something on it as well as a greater chance of being stolen.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Desktop

Desktop computers have been around the longest and are still considered to be the faster computer.  Since there is no battery with a desktop, you will always have uninterrupted service without the chance of the computer running out of power.  Desktops also offer more memory on their hard drive allowing you to save and store a larger volume of information.

Desktops may reduce the chance of the power dying out on you in the middle of your blog but they are also bigger and bulkier.  Desktops are not mobile but are stationary to the location they are set up at.  While they can be moved around within your home or office, it would be very time consuming and impractical to do this on a regular basis.

Which One Should a Blogger Use?

Now that we looked at the advantages and disadvantages of both the laptop and the desktop, the important question still remains; which one should a blogger use?  When you look at the needs of a blogger, the laptop seems to be able to offer all of the features they need.  Mobility is the most important feature and depending on your blog having the ability to blog instantly no matter where you are may be a necessity.

Although they do not offer the same speed and storage capacity as a desktop, these features may not be very important to a blogger.  Most laptops will have adequate speed.  Where they lack in storage, blogs data can be stored on the internet and can be backed up on an external hard drive.  Knowing all of the information, a laptop would be the better choice for a blogger.

Ajeet Khurana writes about topics such as finding a hootsuite alternative and make money online software on his technology blogs.


  1. What about Tablets? Netbooks? Even a blackberry/another smartphone if you have one? I think as the technology progresses, we should consider these too! I remember an HP report predicting that desktops will be out of fashion by 2015-16 (which would explain why they are shifting their focus), and laptops can be a pain to carry (least my one is!)

    • I agree Neeraj, what about Tablets indeed. While it doesn’t completely replace a full blow computer, a tablet + desktop might be a great combination.

      The Mac Power Users podcast recently had an episode where the host traveled with only an iPad to see if she could manage without her Macbook.

      She did pretty well.

    • Dallas Appraisals Lawyer says:

      I was thinking of using netbook too. Netbook is more portable than laptop and desktop. Netbook’s battery life is as good as laptop. Well if you are not confident in using netbook, you can save your blog post as draft and polish it later using your desktop.

  2. To be honest i don’t have a desktop for a while now, and i use exclusively my laptop – it’s smaller and definitely more portable.

  3. I’ve also ditched using a desktop and prefer using my laptop. It’s definitely more convenient. It also gives me the liberty to work anywhere for as long as there’s access to the Internet. I also use my Blackberry smartphone to do my drafts for those spur-of-the-moment instances when I suddenly get some ideas or need to take a photo instantly.

  4. Prefer a laptop plus tools to add disc space. BUT realised recently that my shoulder pain was because I’m not using an external screen / keyboard – the screen angle is too low for me. Could be old age but worth putting a bit of time and eeffort into your physical set-up ;)


  5. I prefer a desktop by far as I don’t seem to be able to get into a proper working position when using a laptop. Being curved over a screen and typing on a smaller keyboard doesn’t work for me. I’ll stick to my nice big desktop screen and only resort to a laptop when on holiday

  6. While I don’t disagree with your performance arguments I do think they are a moot point in the blogging world. Even the cheapest laptops have more than enough computing power to blog effectively while even the most expensive desktops till lag if the software isn’t maintained properly. In addition, the power argument is actually in favor of the laptop for many. It uses less power, can plug into the wall, and a laptop can let you keep working with the power goes out.

    For most the decision between the two is purely personal.

  7. I mostly use a desktop, but that’s mainly due to scheduling. I blog in the morning before going to work, or after I come home from work. Either way, I’m at my desktop at home. If I were blogging on the go more often, then I’d likely prefer a laptop.

    I think it’s really a question of how much mobility one needs while blogging. The performance requirements of blogging are so small as it is, one can probably meet all their blogging needs with something as light as a netbook.

  8. I think that will depend on you, if your the travel blogger laptop are a must. But like me a WordPress Designer, desktop works best for speed and performance. I use desktop for blogging after work, but I think it’s good if you have both. You are not limited blogging :)

  9. I do prefer using a laptop over a desktop and have for the last 5 years. With such great features and upgrades a decent laptop can be inexpensive. It can also have plenty of speed and storage space.

    I also use my iPad for watching videos/YouTube and for blogging on the go.

  10. As a full time web-based travel writer, I have always used a normal keyboard, whether I am using a desktop or laptop. (BTW, before I go full time writing the web I was attached to a big computer company – the one whose name rhymes with “sell”. There, we don’t call them laptops, we call them notebooks, because they are not really meant for the lap.)

    Now that I write full time, I always use the desktop. The laptop is used only if I have to travel. The desktop allows you to maintain a better posture when you write. You are less likely to lie in bed or any other places which are not good for your long-term well being. Desktops are also likely to be more powerful and thus can let you work faster.

  11. I am a big fan of having both a laptop and a desktop. My laptop is for travel as well as a backup in case my desktop dies. I use Dropbox and Sherweb’s Exchange services to make my email and files accessible from my desktop, laptop, browser and/or iPhone.

  12. Yes you are right. its good to use laptop for bloggers but for SEO desktop will be good.

  13. I have the luxury of working from home, so I don’t really have to worry about having to tote some PC (laptop, tablet, etc.) around. Before my PC tower recently died, I preferred that computer more than my laptop for writing articles, mostly because I can’t stand using the touch mouse pad of a laptop. But, since I bought a regular USB mouse for my laptop (and I have no alternative), writing on the laptop is not quite so bad…

  14. I’d probably go for a laptop. It’s handy and I can write my articles anywhere I want to. It’s also very advantageous to use a laptop because it’s very energy efficient and if in case of a power failure you can go someplace else just to write an article.

  15. for better hand and portable things, i normally use laptop..

    but sometimes i use desktops as well when i am in home ..

  16. Nothing beats the convenience of having a laptop…you can always have it with you wherever you go so that whenever you feel the sudden impulse of wanting to write something, you don’t have to wait til you get home and turn on your desktop.

  17. Ohhh Thank Ithing It very good the idea in this post

  18. Well, I’ve been used to Desktop so my choice is Desktop. You can use heavy softwares on Desktop without hanging your system while on laptops it make some bad effect.

  19. If I am to choose I will definitely have both of them. Personally when we talk about going out,enjoy and have fun with my family of course it is a must to bring with a laptop. You can enjoy and have pleasure while working, wouldn’t be that great? If I am at home would really prefer using my desktop since I can work on it without the hassle since it is as you have mentioned fast and I can do a continous work than with the laptop.

  20. I am not a travel writer, and I use to write my articles at home. I use a combination of desktop and laptop. Because of writing being my main occupation, a use a desktop in the morning, because it gives me a feeling og being at an office. When I am writing, I am at work (although I do it from home). In the evenings, I usually crawl the Internet looking for news and taking notes, and I use a laptop for that, because I can do it while I am sitting on the sofa watching TV.

    • I used to do that (sit with the laptop in front of me while watching TV). But in the past 2 or maybe 3 months I haven’t touched my laptop. I use the desktop most of the time.

  21. LAPTOP! Most bloggers get their inspiration by traveling elsewhere besides a computer desk. Lol

  22. Eh what about Smartphones? Tablets? I find myself blogging from these a lot more these days, while I may reserve writing posts for my laptop, I do a lot of research and emailing from my Smartphone, I’ll even do a good bit of social media promotion etc.. from them too.

    I think they’re essential for blogging

  23. I went mac in April and bought a desktop because you just get more for your money but I’m really missing the mobility of a laptop. The laptop I have is windows and on it’s way out. It’s CONSTANTLY over heating. I’m not trying to decide if I should get a macbook air or an ipad for when I travel.

    • Beth, I’d suggest for you to go for the IPad2 since you already have a Mac desktop. It’s more portable, and you pretty much can do everything (from the picture taking to the uploading of your article) there. But if you miss the sound of the keys while you’re typing, go for the Macbook Air. :)

      • thanks! I can’t afford anything right now so we’ll see. I think I read that you can even buy a keyboard that will work on an ipad2.

        • I’ve heard of the separate keyboard that you can buy for the IPad so that it’s a lot easier to type. But I heard from my friend who takes really good notes during our meetings that using the touch keys just get some get getting used to. :)

  24. In my opinion I rather choose Laptop cause you can carry it anywhere. You were right about the battery but if you are at home you can just plug your charger and if your traveling there is a batter that can last long to 12 hours.

    Also iPhone and other Mobiles can be use.

  25. In fact it doesn’t matter what a blogger uses, the posts should be great. As for me I use both and it depends where I am. If I am in the city I usually prefer laptop as ideas come everywhere and you never know if they come back. But being at home I usually at my desktop working hard.

  26. I personally use a desktop, but many i times while i move from one place to the other i need a laptop…but unfortunately i don’t have one currently…

    • The same problem is with me to but i have one plus point, that is don’t go other palces frequently. planning to buy one. which will be the best brand.?

      • I personally think that Dell is the best brand in terms of Laptop, but choices can be different for different people, you can also consider Lenovo or Sony Vio…

  27. I comfortably use laptops…as I love to blog whenever I see something interesting anywhere and anytime,…thus I can access my blog anywhere,…

  28. Hello, Ajeet!
    I am more fond of using laptop rather than a computer…not just because of the reasons of mobility, but because of conformity as well.
    When I am in front of a desktop, I get tired from sitting in the chair…and with laptop I not only move around, but I can put it on my lap or at the table, or even lay on the bed while using it, if I am too tired from sitting. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

  29. It depends on your preferences, but for me I love to use my laptop over the desk top because of its portability and size. Even though, it does Not have a long battery life, it is still good for a couple of hours. On top of that, it is a good idea to blog outside. It can refresh my mood and may bring some new ideas.

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  30. Desktop is good but I prefer to use laptop because it is very portable to use, I love to write in a place I want to go, that is refreshing! Bloggers nowadays prefer to use laptop because it is more convenient and hassle free.

    • Laptops are only more convenient if you are planning on moving somewhere. I always sit at a desk and like the big screen and full size keys. Plus I live in fear of dropping a coffee over the keyboard – I’d rather break a $20 keyboard than a $1000 laptop!!!

      • That is exactly why I keep my coffee in a cup that can be drank from with a straw. I just don’t trust myself with it around my computer, but I still prefer going around the house with my laptop.

  31. Stuart Johnson says:

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  32. You should own both of them, desktop is alot more ergonomic and faster, but laptop is protable.. use it when youe are not at home :)

  33. I vote for laptop! I like to move around the house and not to mention the fact that I don’t have to waste time that I could be writing while in public transportation.

    Also, I keep my laptop with me at all times. Therefore, whenever something good comes to mi mind, I can make a note of it right away. Anywhere.

    I have a netbook and I don’t think that I will be switching to tablets any time soon. I love the real keyboard.

  34. From the comments I have read so far, it appears that more people use laptop than desktop. I suppose this is the preference of bloggers. Do most of you type using the keyboard of the laptop or do you plug is a regular keyboard? If I have to use the laptop, I usually plug a regular keyboard to it, as I find the laptop keyboard to be quite small and not ergonomically ideal for typing.

  35. Hi Ajay, as you have compared, laptop seems to be most appropriate option for bloggers. and i am also agree with you but there are a few desktop features, i still feel more comfortable with. Like i still am more comfortable and used to to my desktop keyboard rather than my laptop keys. Typing was a joy using my desktop keyboard.

    Daniel Wood

  36. While laptops seem to be the obvious choice, there are factors unique to each person’s needs. But overall, laptops just provide too much flexibility to ignore.

  37. I personally use Laptop for mobility but if you seek in performance terms a Desktop is always the best.. I also prefer Desktop if I am at Home or Work. because there are many advantages the LCD screen size is far large than of Laptop’s limited size of 15-17inch and also we have a free mouse & keyboard to adjust for our comfort not that everything is built into the laptop so you can’t move that.. So if you are looking out for productivity then Desktop is the best thing..

  38. I only have a laptop but I’m buying a desktop soon. It’s not that I don’t like using my laptop anymore (on the contrary!) but I thought bigger memory capacity and monitor is what I’m looking for. I love my trusty laptop as its mobile and efficient but it can only do so much.

  39. I’ll use laptop for sure and with one simple reason, the mobility.

  40. Derrick Robertson says:

    I think it depends on what your blogging about. A travel writer or someone who is on the go would most likely use a laptop simply because of the nature of the business. I personally prefer my laptop over my desktop because of its portability and it takes up less space.

  41. I think that laptop is perfect for bloggers.
    Laptops are easy to carry and easy to type also.Desktop just lack the property of moving it all around.
    tabs on the other hand are easy to type and move but its screen and its typing surface is always tedious as it do not provide palm rest.
    at all levels laptop is best.

  42. I think Laptop is better when you are on the way but for working from home still I prefer desktop.

  43. Personally, I’ll go for laptop. Cause with laptop, a blogger can update his/her blog anywhere, anytime. So long as he/she has the topic in his/her mind, it’s easy to do the necessary posting. Just for few steps, it’s easy to keep the blog updated.

  44. I prefer to use laptop since it is very convenient. You can bring it anywhere and create your blogs even if you are traveling. However, I didn’t ditch my desk top since it is still very useful. It can also store a lot of files and when I am at home, it is makes more sense to work in my small office and just let my laptop sit and re-charge.

  45. Totally agree with the side note – I love the portability and convenience of my laptop, but there are times when the desktop just works better!

  46. I prefer laptop for mobility,but the big problem is battery life and for this i recomanded netbooks and tablets

  47. I actually chose a netbook, because i for one, as a blogger, travel a lot and attend a bunch of media events. Thus, i need something to post from the scene, and a netbook with a 3G dongle does the trick. it’s powerful enough, fast and also offers the needed battery life. So the perfect combo for me

  48. It’s a hard choice to make, because I can go either way. Both have distinct advantages over the other in certain areas and it’s tough ignore such a thing. Although I might lean a little bit towards laptops, because of mobility. When we need something quick, it’s easy to use and easily movable.

    I’d rather have both. :)

  49. I switched over to a laptop last December, mainly due to being more convenient and travel friendly. I spend $1000 on it, a Medion, and the power input was faulty after only a few months. Yes it was under warranty, but as I used it for work, I could be without a PC for months. Therefore I went back to a desktop, easier to repair at home, and more accident friendly.

  50. it would highly depend on user’s activity, if he often go out and need computer then it is laptop otherwise desktop.

    I have both, though. :)

  51. I go with laptop all the way. Unless you have a lot of high performance programs it is very comparable in speed to the desktop. The most important part is that it mobile therefore I can take it to the beach and do my blogging.

  52. I have both which is very nice but I can see why someone would just pick a laptop if they had to choose, but personally I would pick a desktop, especially if I were short on money.

  53. i m used my laptop but desktop is also very important…….

  54. Ginger Sanders says:

    Thanks so much for the post. I’ve been struggling with this problem for a while now. I’m glad I finally got someone’s clear opinion. It’s crucial for me to be able to write wherever I am, whether in an ice cream shop or while putting up commercial fences mississauga. Portability is definitely key.

  55. I would definitely choose a laptop over a desktop just for the portability. Laptops now have plenty of computing power. You could even use a smartphone or tablet and still manage pretty well. Using Dictation could even improve your productivity.

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