Tips From a Tortoise for a Beginner Blogger


Just do what I do!

Did you ever have a tortoise for a pet?

I didn’t and I used to wonder what the appeal was.

Each to their own, I guess…

But what I do know is -

A tortoise can teach us so much about Beginning Blogging!

1.   Sounds like a cliche but Take Your Time.

Tortoises are thought to be slow, although they can move faster than you might imagine!

They get to their goals by plodding along, focused on the end result.

When you start your blog it’s so easy to want to do everything at once.

Instead, just take the ‘tortoise’ route!

You want to

  • have a stunning header image
  • write stunning posts
  • get that stunning end result

But you know this is silly.

Blogging is a craft, a skill and any new skill needs time. You must be prepared to take things one at a time.

I suggets you should -

  • Focus on your site design first.

Start with a Free Host such as WordPress, and experiment a bit with lay outs and images. WP provides plenty of help and FAQ’s to get you started, with no previous knowledge. (I was a complete beginner.)

Try out some widgets (I’d never heard the word before) and look at some popular WordPress plugins.

Look at all that WP has to show you and start to select what might be right for your blog.

2.   ‘Wander about’ the blogosphere.

It’s what tortoises do. They amble around, exploring where to find the best dandelions, cress and parsley.

When you start your blog, you need to do a bit of ‘wandering about’.

  • Look at other blogs and see which of their features might work for you.
  • Trawl through the How To sites (this one being the best of course…) and get information.
  • Read comments and start to add some too, if you have something worthwhile to add, that is.

Exploring your territory is vital, as a new blogger. You need to feel comfortable, to know your way around a bit and to ease into the blogging world.

3.   Retreat into your shell when you need to.

When the tortoise is ‘hiding’ his head (not sure why it’s a ‘he’ but there you go…) there’s a reason.

Perhaps he’s  wary, unsure or tired!

But we know he’s in there, he’s just not visible.

When you start your blog it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with so many-

  • posts to plan
  • ideas to find
  • images to upload
  • tutorials to read
  • hurdles to climb over

It would be so easy to throw the whole blogging project out of the window.

What should you do?

Be a tortoise!

Retreat into your shell for a day/several days/ whatever you need.

If you’re really passionate about learning this new skill, you’ll poke your head out again, ready to search for those juicy dandelions.

Are you a Beginner Blogger?

Tell us in the comments, the most valuable Tip you found as you were starting out.

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  1. I like the idea of “retreating in your shell”. I mostly do this when I think I lost focus or there’s too much information/plans/strategies that needs to be sorted out to be put into perspective.

    I like the analogy with the Tortoise! Haha. We once owned turtles… close enough :P

  2. I think its wandering that brings the best results. Seeing and analysing what others are doing gives a sense of understandability and hence , a newbie can go for great learning tips from established blogs. The first tip I received when I started my blog was “Go for Quality Content and not Quantity Content”.

    • I love wandering around the blogs, Karan. It’s amazing what goodies are to be found. But I try to write my post first or I know I’ll get distracted for hours!

      Thanks for coming over.

      • That’s the main problem I was facing some days back . But with a time table and proper time management I am able to reward myself to read other people posts and grab more knowledge.

  3. One of my friends sent me the link to your post because I’m a big turtle lover… my turtle has her own blog. Your turtle analogy was great here! Oh, and re the turtle being a “he”. I think everyone does that. Many people still call my turtle a he although she is a SHE. :)

  4. Very nice that you pointed out that the first thing that first-time bloggers need to remember is to always take their time. In their eagerness, many bloggers set up their blog without really taking the time to plan things out. As a result, they end up struggling later on, or worse, leave their blog after a while.

    • Yes, Adeline. It’s good to have a plan, even if you don’t stick to it.
      You need to have some idea why you’re blogging and what your readers might want.
      Thanks for popping in.

  5. wow i really like the idea here that’s a good point of view.hopefully i succeed

  6. I never heard of this idea but I really like it so I will use it on ever blog I’m going to make in the future. Because I think it will work great for beginner bloggers like me. I hope you post more great posts like this.

  7. I really like this post actually because it truly describes the kind of blogger I am. I often find it hard to gather enough time to pull together a good quality blog post but when I do, I know that it has all the information I want to get across and that it isn’t just thrown together.

    When I first started my blog I wanted to get all my ideas out there at the same time and was writing very brief, superficial blog posts. But now I have realised that the more time I spend on a post, the better it becomes. And for other bloggers out there who find they have a million ideas for their blogs, I have just one tip – MAKE A LIST. I have a loooooong (and always increasing) list of things I want to write about on my blog and over time I will get round to writing about them. But since I have this list I know that I have a record of it somewhere.

    It’s good to know that there are other ‘slow’ bloggers like me! :)

    • Hello Aditi,
      It’s interesting how we all change our blogging tactics as we go along, isn’t it. Lists are essential I find but it’s sometimes hard to focus on one area at a time too.
      I have to keep that tortoise in mind!
      Thanks for joining in today.

  8. kay jewelers says:

    A blogger can take a lesson of patience and determination from a tortoise.Today blogging industry is facing a lot of competition,so learning from different angle is necessary for a blogger.

  9. Hey, here you are…. ;)

    That’s some great advice and it’s exactly what I am doing in my own blog – taking it slow, working on my writing, find interesting ideas to explore, understanding the way the blogosphere works.

    I only started a few odd months ago and I want to provide a quality blog.



  10. Very cute analogy :) Growing up, I had a tortoise as a pet – in fact, he still lives at my Mom’s house – in her backyard! So I can tell you from experience, they’re a lot more fun than they look! Tortellini is very sweet and he loves having his shell scratched (kind of like a dog!). And he even comes inside and hangs out with the dogs and cats!

    I just started a blog, so I like your advice to take it slow like a tortoise… that’s exactly what I’m doing. I know that every day I will get a little better and will grow my blog into something stunning! Thanks for the article. I may link to it later today.


  11. I like your insistence upon taking your time and writing authority-style posts that actually add value to your readers.

    So many times I think that we feel pressured just to “produce content”.

    Great article, Linda…:)


  12. Very interesting post Linda. Especially a good role model was shown for the beginners. I love to read other people blogs more to search for unique and new ideas.

  13. “Retreating” or “hibernating” is good to do when you need some pondering and ruminating to do. Just don’t too long though! :)

  14. When I started building my first site it was done through Site Build It and their mascot is a tortoise. And that is how they always recommend building your business, slowly but right from the very beginning. So I always love the tortoise reminders lol

  15. Great Post, I think taking it Slow is the Point for me.
    Its like am into so many things these days.

  16. Hi,Linda,
    great analogy! I enjoyed reading it, as it sounded uplifting…and it doesn’t sound at all as if you never had a turtle.;) I have one and it is well described here in your post.
    Beginner bloggers can and should be compared to turtles, as they can teach us a lot of stuff-when it is time to retreat, when is the time to slow down…but, also when is the time to feed on success.;)
    Strategic retreats make the good point.

  17. You should how slowly but steadly :) like a Turtle

  18. The most important qualities from a Tortoise we should learn that he is slow and but steady towards his target.

  19. Excellent post Linda, great advice to first-time bloggers. Slowly but surely!

  20. The metaphor used here is just awesome and while reading I noticed the you have been observing the life of both bloggers who start and the tortoise. Cool work which is rather nice to any fresh blogger!

  21. Nice Post. i don’t know what should i comment here but post is awesome and inspiring. :)

  22. Linda, we must remember that tortoises live a very long time. As a beginning blogger, I sometimes wonder whether reader traffic or the grim reaper will arrive first!
    Seriously, very inspiring. You had me with the tortoise photo and a title that grabbed me by the lapels and said, “Read me!” :)

  23. I found your analogy very cute, a blog with a tortoise, and surprisingly you’ve managed to keep this right from beginning to end. I liked this manner of explaining things, is like you deliberately wanted to emphasize some things using this cute ‘pet’ so that complicated notions would transform into simple ones, easily digested. very good work!

  24. Hardwork plus patience are key to a blogger’s success! However, not all people have that patience… Actually most failed bloggers pushed themselves to their limits (really 100% hardwork), but they ended up quitting because of their wrong expectations. Newbie bloggers must bear in mind that it will take time to deal with success in blogging so they must have enough patience to deal with the ups and downs of blogging.

  25. I love this post, especially since I lived in the desert for a long time and have had a lot of experience with tortoises. I’ve also known a lot of people who do it the “tortoise way” and have ended up succeeding, and enjoying, what they do to earn their keep, despite being really bad at their chosen craft when they began.

    There’s another characteristic of tortoises I try to keep in mind. They have radar and focus like no other animal I’ve ever come across. I’m sure the tortoise doesn’t sit around thinking about which way they want to go or why (or perhaps they do), but once they set out on a course, there’s just no way to turn them around. Many times I’ve picked up one of those heavy animals and tried directing them away from a highway they were approaching, but it was impossible! No matter how far I took them from where they were or how many times I tried to re-direct them, they’d turn around and continue on their path. I finally stopped trying to rescue those stubborn animals, deciding if they were destined to be squished on the road, so be it. But now that I think of it, during the entire 30 years I lived in the desert, I never once saw one dead on the road. They stuck to their particular path, yet seemed to know when it was time to change their plan for getting where they needed to go.

    I can’t say the same for the armadillos down here in Arkansas. They dart about randomly and…er…decorate the highways in abundance.

    • Hello Cyd,

      What an intriguing comment this is!
      You’re so right in the whole ‘focus and dtermination not to be deterred’ thing. Many times I’ve wandered off track, thinking that spending so much time writing is a waste. In future I shall think of those tortoises you tried to move in a different direction and how they resisted!

      I’m so pleased they weren’t squashed in the road!

      Thanks for joining in. Hope to see you here again!

  26. I like tortoise.When you got a goal.You will do your best to accomplish it like tortoise.Rome was not built in a day. Thanks for sharing

  27. and yes, I have a tortoise for a pet. To have fun while blogging, you have to get out of your house and enjoy a bit of sunshine. This is a way to avoid writer’s block because you will always have things to write about. Website design is also essential–one thing that keeps a blog different from an ecommerce website is that it is expected to be updated with fresh content. Ecommerce websites, on the other hand, should have a well-built navigation and design so that users will be able to experience convenience which will eventually lead to traffic conversion.

  28. I have a flip flap solar flower. It waves when in the sunlight. I gave my wife, Valerie, one that has a butterfly on it. There are bee ones etc. The one I have is in the window of my office. So why the flower? It has meaning.Thanks

  29. Dorothea Roy says:

    I don’t do ‘complicated’ very well! I have a loooooong (and always increasing) list of things I want to write about on my blog and over time I will get round to writing about them. I often find it hard to gather enough time to pull together a good quality blog post but when I do, I know that it has all the information I want to get across and that it isn’t just thrown together.

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