What Will Come of Google Buzz Now That Google+ Has Taken Off?

Guest post by John Zenith
There are already hundreds of social networks in the internet space, but only a few of them can be considered household names. If Google has anything to say about it, its new introduction into the game will be one we talk about for some time to come.

Recently introduced to test users, Google+ is a brand new social network that has already adopted the name “potential Facebook Killer” by some early observers. And while this platform is similar to other social networks in that it naturally appeals to casual everyday users, it also comes boasting serious marketing value. Take a look at the elements that give Google+ real potential as a marketing tool.

Targeted By Nature

Google+ has taken some of the best attributes of the social hangouts we know and love and added a few new twists of its own. This is something that can be seen right off the bat with a key component known as Circles. With Circles, users have the ability to categorize their contacts in groups such as family, friends, and students.

These groups can be customized so for a marketer, it could be customers, prospects, team members, or other related areas. Another marketing perk of this component is the ability it provides to only share and receive content from select groups. Circles alone gives Google+ a distinct edge over Facebook and other competitors.

Video Group Chat

Another Google + component that makes it valuable to marketers is a feature known as Hangouts. This is basically a built-in chat application that lets users communicate on the platform by way of video, similar to the group video calling feature found in VoIP-based software Skype.

What gives Hangouts even more potential is its ability to support up to 10 people in a single session. The feature is designed to quickly rotate the view and keep up with the conversation. Hangouts certainly enables Google + to build on the social aspect that makes these sites such a big hit with consumers, but it also offers something for marketers who require a viable platform for video-based conferencing or collaboration.

Content Discovery

Lastly, Google + provides an interesting way for users to discover and pass along the content they find interesting. This is made possible through a component called Sparks. A recommendation engine of sorts, Sparks serves up a smorgasbord of content in categories that may include news, videos, movies, and much more.  You can also use the Google Authorship Markup to make it easier to highlight authors who write great content.

To make the discovery process more personal and relevant to the user, the feature is based on interest. The more people feed their interests into the system, the more relevant it will become for those seeking content to consume and share with others. Obviously, marketers with content that can be found through Sparks stand to benefit tremendously from this luxury.

Whether Google + is able to bump Facebook out of the top spot or not, this appears to be a platform that is definitely worth taking a spin. While it was officially announced in late June, there has been no word on it will go live to the public. For now, Google is offering users a test drive of the beta version to gauge the response. If you’ve got the time, we say put your name on the list and hope that you receive an invitation from the search giant.

John is a consultant, best practices activist and advocate for leading Web and permission based email services


  1. John, since signing on to Google+ I’ve been checking it out a little here a little there. If there was a way of simply transferring all my facebook contacts and interactive media to G+, I’d have done that by now and shut down the fbk account. I blogged about G+ the other day:

    Like all things Google does, they do it with patience. Google Wave may jave flopped, but they pikced up and moved on… , G+ at this point looks like it just needs TIME to be absorbed into the universal digital culture.

  2. Very well written article, John! It is really nice reading other people’s opinion about Google+ before joining it. Thanks!

  3. I haven’t joined Google + yet, but based on your article, i think it’s time to join now. I really like the video group chat and i think it will be a killer. Thanks for sharing

  4. Sooner or later, Buzz and Wave will sure merge with Google plus, or they’ll be shut down. I don’t see any reason to continue investing in these 2 projects, when + has become quite successful.

  5. I think Google+ Hangouts is a key feature of its success over other social networking sites.

    And i love the idea of merging Google Buzz with Google+. However Google said Google+ won’t have any impact on Buzz right now.

  6. For sure Google+ hs tried to combine all the best from all the social networks, but we should see how it will develop in future as the competition is really hard and it takes a lot of time to survive.

  7. I’m sure Google+ has a place at the top, perhaps even the top spot but I don’t think it’s going to kill Facebook. I think we’re all waiting to see a repeat of the MySpace slap-down but I just don’t see it in this case.

  8. Google Buzz will still be there. It’s now used as a very effective “social bookmarking” tool by some search marketers.

    • Yeah, but Google+ offers the same type of service. I think it will be phased out — just as Google video was phased out recently in light of acquiring YouTube years ago.

  9. I don’t understand why people feel the need to move from one network to another. The competition isn’t about moving from Facebook to Google, it’s about where you hang out most. There’s no need to shut it down, guys.

    Especially if you’re web publishers, marketers, or business owners … you need to be where the people are, which means you need to be among all the social networks related to your niche as well as the majors. Just my two cents, but I feel the “shutting down my Facebook account” is so unnecessary.

    What do you guys think?

  10. I think that Google+ is not effective!

  11. I agree with Chris and Brian.. I don’t think Google+ will “beat” facebook, but I don’t really think it needs to! As long as they are used for different things, which it seems like they are, I feel like they can peacefully co-exist as social networking sites – options, if you will.


  12. Well I’m sure that Google+ will have no chance in beating Facebook and also Twitter. The fact that almost all of the people are member of these Social networking sites, it is impossible for Google+ to achieved the popularity that Facebook reached.

  13. Google + is one of the great social network and it will be more helpful to all the people in the wide :)

  14. Google + is one of the social networks and it has an lot of features with good support in it :) Thanks a lot for sharing your post on here :)

  15. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve already turned off Buzz in Gmail and am focusing on G+ where there is far more interaction than I ever got on Buzz. I predict that Buzz will be rolled into G+ based on +1s and the name will quietly disappear. However, I’m not known for making great predictions, so don’t quote me on that. :)

  16. I’d be more inclined to ask “what’s gonna happen to Google Plus when the hype is over?”

  17. For now is impossible for G+ to beat Facebook and is not in the interest of Google to do that,because in the middle are a lot of money but when people will get bored of Facebook surely G will try to attack a part of Facebook position

  18. I never fancied using Facebook because it was hard to split your contacts into groups and restrict information more easily. Circles seems a very cool idea, which will appeal to many people social networking on the Internet. Just as broadband Internet connection is moving from landlines to mobile devices, I expect to see many users migrate to Google+ from Facebook.

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  20. Google+ is a nice social media like many people said it’s easy with the rings where you can put all your friends family and co-workers in order.
    and i think in some years that it will beat Facebook or at least that you have a choose to choose Facebook or Google+

  21. Well, it died now. It doesn’t even compare to Google+.

    So glad that Google+ took over now. So many beautiful benefits!

  22. There are many people who utilizes the use of networking sites like facebook and google plus. Advertisements!

  23. Did Google Buzz set a record for the most shortlived social media site?

    If not, it must have come awfuly close!

  24. Google + is my favourite social media network overall. Tumblr, Squidoo, even LinkedIn don’t come close to the brilliant functionality that Google + has, I don’t think :)

  25. Google+ was too hard for me to figure out. I tried but the circles confused me too much but I don’t like Facebook either so I suppose I might keep Tumblr and set up Google+ for business stuff if I ever need it. Thanks for writing it up for us.

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