Flush! Another Blog Post Down The Toilet!

So you’ve slaved over your keyboard for hours or days to write a gem of a blog post.

Or maybe even a brilliant piece of work!


You’re feeling proud, accomplished, and anxious to share a valuable message with the world.


You proofread one last time, smile with great satisfaction, and hit the big publish button.

And then you wait.

And then you wait some more.

And then a couple of your best blogging buddies (or your Aunt Mabel and Uncle Marty) show up, as always, to read your post and tell you how much they love you.

Wonderful.  Being loved is nice.

But these folks aren’t your target audience!  You’re blogging for business and Aunt Mabel isn’t buying.

You’re looking for numbers, clicks, eyeballs, and traffic from highly-targeted prospects with problems you know how to solve.

You have ideal solutions for them but they’re not showing up.

You’re left scratching your head.

Days pass by.

Then weeks and months.

Another blog post flushed down the toilet!  All your efforts and expertise sailed right down the drain.

Your problem?

Read my lips:  P.R.O.M.O.T.I.O.N.

Specifically — blog promotion.  That’s where you’re falling short.

Writing a blog post may be a lot of work, at times, but that’s the easy part.

So what’s a disappointed biz blogger to do?

In order to be successful as a blogger, guest blogger, freelance writer, blogging contestant, affiliate marketer, or article marketer, you must be able to not only write awesome content but also be able to promote it successfully!

No more waiting for Aunt Mabel to pull out her credit card.  She hasn’t even bought a new pair of socks in years!

Stop flushing your blog posts (and potential sales) down the toilet.  

Keep your posts afloat!

Get your copy of Blog Promotion: The Ultimate Guide.

Or write another hundred blog posts only your friends or family will read. 

Your decision.

Over to you …

  • What are your biggest blogging frustrations as a business blogger?
  • Affiliate marketers — are your sales up as a result of blogging?  Making any sales at all?
  • Is your target audience showing up to read and comment on your posts or just a handful of your blogging buddies?
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  1. Lorarian89 says:

    I think I’m gonna buy me a copy of this ebook….

    • It would be nice if the author provided a few excerpts, don’t ‘cha think?

    • Kristi Hines has an impeccable reputation.

      And she’s a professional who knows her (blogging) stuff. Her promotion guide is designed to help you get clicks, eyeballs, and traffic to your blog.

      Since Chris thinks Kristi was remiss in offering excerpts …

      My suggestion is to take some time reading some of her blog posts, connect with her via social media, get a conversation going, and start building a relationship with Kristi. Then I’ll let you decide if you feel the same way as Chris.

      Happy Blogging!

  2. Hi Melanie,

    Interesting post. Yes, the promotion is the most imortant thing, the briliant content only is not enough. Can promotion through the social media channels be considered as suficient way to make your blog active and visited not only by Aunt Mabel:)?


    • Promoting your content through your social reach can be effective, but it depends on your social reach. It’s not about how many people you have following you on Twitter or how many people have added you to their circles in G+, but rather how many people actually care about your content.

      Sending out a “heads up” promotional tweet or update can bring you results, but it depends on whether or not your overall following looks to you as an authority. Are you influential in your niche?

      If not, you may want to consider reaching out to your friends and even strangers who are influential and ask for their help. Sometimes when approaching an authority, such as Kiesha here at weblogbetter, you need to present the value upfront and suggest her followers might enjoy or find the content helpful. I’ve personally found success doing this with both problogger and copyblogger, which as you might imagine helped skyrocket my traffic.

      I recently wrote about what your social reach is and how to build a TRUE following at our blog — check it out if you’re interested in beating the numbers game and finding quality followers.

    • Hey Alexandra — thanks for catching this post!

      Looks like Chris is answering all my comments here. Maybe I should hire him. LOL! :)

      What you’ve stated is so true …

      ” … brilliant content only is not enough.”

      Brilliant content is just that … brilliant. And it can sit around gathering moss is you don’t know how to get it in front of the right eyes.

      Promoting via social media venues is definitely effective.

      However …

      Choosing the RIGHT venues is the key.

      Is your target audience hanging out primarily on Facebook? LinkedIn? Posterous? Tumblr? You Tube? Sound Cloud? Twitter?

      First and foremost, figure out WHERE your target audience can be found on social media.

      Otherwise, you’ll be promoting your blog posts to ghosts.

      Wishing you the best!

      And be sure to check out the resource I’ve recommended. It’s Primo for Promo!! :)


  3. My biggest frustration is to choose the most effective method of promotion. I usually try to choose all method and I am puzzled to choose which will work effectively.

    • It’s not about choosing the most effective method, it’s about using all of the methods.

      • I’m not sure I’d go along with that thought entirely, Chris.

        I don’t like to see bloggers spinning their wheels.

        I think what you may be getting at is that just one or two particular promo tactics may not work. So then it’s time to start adding more to your blog promo mix until you hit the bulls eye.

        To some degree, you’ve got to “test” the waters and measure your results.

        Thanks again for contributing to the conversation,

    • I feel your frustration, DiNaRa!

      Not every blog promotion tactic works for every blog. Blogs are NOT “one size fits all” when it comes to the kind of content you’re producing and exactly who your target audience is.

      For example …

      If you’re Tweeting your posts out and your target audience isn’t hanging out on Twitter, then what? You’d be sharing your valuable messages with dead air!

      And you don’t want to spend your precious time using a gazillion promo tactics when three or four will do the trick.

      I hope you’ll take a peek at Kristi’s blog promotion guide — the resource I’m recommending — because I know you’re going to find the solution to your dilemma.

      Stop the frustration and learn how to promote your posts successfully — you deserve to have the answers!

  4. I always go with the saying that “you could have the best information in the world, but if no one know it exists, it won’t matter”. When those inspiration moments hit me sometimes and i write a great piece of content, i’ll make sure to give it all the credit by trying every promotional method i know. This way i get rewarded each time i write great content and so i continue to produce even more.

    • Definitely agree — though the notions “if you build it they will come” or “good content will find it’s audience” sound good and encouraging, bloggers will quickly find they need more than notions to find success reaching people.

      Nice post by the way Edgar — it’s true that you can find cheap seo services just about anyway, because when it comes down to it, just about anyone can do a little seo. This is why you have to be careful who you choose to be your professional, because while a freelance pro might be able to provide cheaper seo, an established company has the time and resources to scale their efforts on your behalf and reach your goals in less time, which in turn might even end up costing less depending on how much the freelance pro is charging you per month.

      Love the design of your blog — very simply and to the point! :)

      • You’ve brought up a very poignant issue, Chris!

        ” … bloggers will quickly find they need more than notions to find success reaching people.”

        “Notions” won’t cut the proverbial mustard!

        Appreciate you swinging by today,

    • Happy to hear the good news, Edgar!

      Sounds like you’re implementing a rock solid strategic blog promotion plan.

      Good for you!

      And I hope you’re teaching your successful strategy to your loyal readers. What blog promo tips can you share with us today? I’m sure people who stop by to read this post would love to hear some “specifics”.

      Thanks for the visit,

      • Hello Melanie;

        The promotional methods that i usually use to promote my great posts are:

        1- The first thing i do when i publish a good post is to shape the title a little in order to attract as much eyeballs as i could. The title of the post is probably the single most important factor when it comes to promoting your posts.

        2- The posts i had the most success with are list posts as they bring the most traffic.

        3- It’s good to create a buzz around your great piece of content, but the problem here is that it’s not long term. If you want to get traffic to your post everyday, you need to consider doing some SEO.

        4- What i do next is to submit the post to (StumbleUpon – Digg – Reddit) as i had the best results with these 3 especially if it’s a list post.

        5- The next logical thing is to tweet about it and share it with your Facebook fans.

        6- Another cool thing is to comment on your best blogs (like WeBlogBetter.com) that have the ComLuv plugin as they show your last post (if your title is good, you’re going to get some additional visitors).

        7- Another thing you should try is to reshape and reform your content. If the post is good enough, i create a YouTube video that has the same content and submit it to “youtube and metacafe”. I sometimes create a podcast and submit it too. If you want to go even further, why not rewriting the content a little bit and submitting is to ezinearticles.

        These are the main promotional methods i use to promote my great posts. I hope i helped

        • Thanks for making a second trip over here to share your promotional strategies, Edgar — you’ve definitely hit the highlights!

          A few more to add to your list …

          1) Guest posting
          2) Submit your blog to blog directories
          3) Ping your posts
          4) Turn your posts into slideshows
          5) Repurpose your posts and create Hub Pages and Squidoo lenses
          6) Email blog broadcasts to your list
          7) Include links to your posts in your newsletter or ezine

          Get out there and rock your blog!

    • yes, this is very true! I have found over the years that marketing and promotion are a bigger part of blog writing itself! But, you have to reach the right audience. Then, hopefully they will be back for more! :)

      • You hit the proverbial nail on the head, Julie!

        Promoting your blog posts is a whole separate entity from writing them. And writing for the “wrong” audience isn’t exactly productive, is it?

        So one of the first steps bloggers need to take is to CLEARLY define their target audience. The next step would be to do the necessary research to find out WHERE your target audience is hanging out. Once you figure that out, you can point them to your blog from those specific locations.

        Happy Promoting!

  5. yes all of us want a promotion it’s just like a big completion to your work,i normally choose the methods that made me think and have puzzle in my mind how to succeed in every work i have.

    • Good point, Jerssel!

      Successful blog promotion is very much like building a puzzle.

      Sadly, the majority of bloggers can’t seem to get all the pieces to fit.

      Thanks for your input,

  6. I’ve been blogging for a bit over 1 year now and I feel like I’m getting the hang of how to get good traffic. But what I have not found yet is a good Pay Per Impression Affiliate… Wish I could get my traffic to pay off too! Hehe.

    Thanks for your post here. It was interesting, fun and thought provoking.

    Have a nice weekend! :-)

    • Thanks for the kudos! Much appreciated and I’m glad you found some value in this post.

      “Monetizing” is tricky, for sure.

      You can find some AWESOME info over at Darren Rowse’s blog at Problogger (dot) net. You won’t be disappointed. :)

      Come back again soon!

  7. You need to look at this web page it is not dead in fact it is new. http://drawingbreathbook.blogspot.com/

    • Hi Jack,

      It’s nice that you’re excited about your new web page. Who wouldn’t be, right?!

      But maybe you don’t have a lot of experience in the “etiquette” of posting comments. No offense. I’d just like to enlighten you to help you in the future.

      It’s extremely rude to post a self-promotional link as a comment. And most blog authors would send your comment directly into the trash or flag it as spam. And then guess what happens? You’ll never be able to post another comment again.

      I’d hate to see that happen to you.

      Hope this helps you to follow the rules,

  8. Hey,

    Can we poor non business bloggers answer?

    Blog Promotion is like the toughest and also easiest way to a successful bog. You know the tricks but doing them will take time, effort and a lot of internet hours!

    There is no one snap way…there are many…just try all…all combined will work! The troubles and joys of promoting my blog, and now I have a new one to promote! But at least I know people who will come by and then can pull them to my blog… :)

    P.S. My family always reads but NEVER comments! They will just call me up and give me their 2 cents!

    • Agree With you Hajra. every blogger knows how to do the promotion of their blog posts but time doesn’ allow them to do. Nice post by the way.

      • “Time” is definitely a key factor in blog promotion, Eric.

        I work three part time jobs offline. It’s a cuckoo crazy life. So my time is severely restricted. But I make up for it by staying up late at night and putting in some hours on the weekends.

        A blogger’s got to do what a blogger’s got to do! :)

        Thanks a heap for swinging by to catch my post,

        • yes Melanie Its very correct that time is most important factor. Specially when if you are blogging along with your job. I am too doing a full time job and then do part time blogging. (Just have a look on my site if you have time and let me know hows it?). this is the reason i do write post but i failed to do its promotion. however I am working as an SEO. But I never done SEO for My own blog.

          • Hi Atish,

            You’re like the gardener with two-foot high weeds in his yard! LOL! :)

            I’ll take a peek at your blog.

            Once again, “Promotion” is where most bloggers fall short. They’re great at writing wonderful posts and then they don’t get enough visitors or the right kind of visitors.

            You’re NOT alone by any stretch of the imagination!

            Thanks for coming by today,

          • “gardener with two-foot high weeds in his yard” what it means? I didn’t get you melanie. would you please let me what is the meaning of this phrase or whatever. Please

          • Atish, you said you’re working as an SEO specialist BUT you haven’t done the SEO for your own blog. That’s like saying someone who does yard work for a living isn’t cutting their own grass! :)

          • Thanks got it. yes its ridiculous but what to do time is not allowing me to do but I will surely start doing. by the way I got page rank 4 from Google in the last update.
            thanks for clearing my doubt Melanie. Thank you very much

          • You’re very welcome, Atish — glad my explanation cleared everything up for you. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Oh, great. And ode to joy, Hajra!

      You get to have telephone critiques of your blog posts. How lucky you must feel. ;)

      I wish your family would post comments on your blog — I’d sure like to meet them. :)

      It really doesn’t matter if you’re blogging for business or for pleasure …

      You’ve got to come up with ways for people to FIND your blog!!

      Congrats on your new blog. Hope you’re feeling proud as a peacock!


  9. You hit it. Most people write and write and have great content. They get nowhere blogging.

    They have limited readers … because they fail to market themselves.

    Promotion is key and every chance you can get, promote yourself and your blog. You can still be subtle and not be labeled a blatant self promoter …. but that’s the key!

    • That’s the spirit, Barry!

      Love your spunk and healthy (blog promo) assertiveness! :)

      It’s not enough to write valuable content. Getting “eyes” on your content is where the true value lies!

      Happy Blogging and come back any time!

  10. LOVED your post Melanie…and all your responses to the comments. Interesting …this very topic has been top of mind most recently….I think I’ve been far too general, yet having said this, I spent a month on the Ultimate Blog Challenge talking about my published book, which I also want to market and it is a broad range..women. However, this week, I made a decision to ‘talk’ to my target group. As you know, I also just finalized a report for my target market. To be honest with myself, I think I was not 100% committed to the target, because I didn’t want to leave anyone out (how often have you heard that!!)…in any event, I appreciate the reminder. Thanks again, Melanie. Happy weekend :)

    • Hey Julie!

      So happy you enjoyed this post and I’m really thrilled to hear about your shift in thinking. Kudos and accolades to you!

      Sometimes it takes a lot of soul searching (and months or years of dismal sales) to get to the nitty-gritty of vital changes we need to make in our lives and in our businesses.

      And I’m convinced those changes really can’t be hurried. They come as a result of our experiences and walking through a learning curve — which can take a lot longer for some people than others.

      I’m floating around in that same boat right now. I haven’t clearly defined my target audience and I believe my current audience covers too broad a spectrum. As a matter of fact, you may have heard I’m planning to bring my offline profession online and my target audience will most assuredly be 100% defined! I plan to teach early pregnancy, childbirth education, breastfeeding, and infant care via the ever lovin’ internet. :)

      I’m sure your audience is going to love and appreciate the report you wrote for them!

      Thanks so much for being here and sharing your thoughts,

  11. That is so true Melanie! In this day and age, every blogger has to up to a certain point shamelessly promote themselves to make the cash start flowing in. It may look spammy at times but a blogger must learn to reach the quantity of people to get the quality of people who will bite the hook, line and sinker. I strongly suggest promoting via the top social networks first: Facebook, Twitter, etc. Aunt Mabel may have a few friends who will take the bait. It’s all about networking.

  12. You made some excellent points, Melanie. I love the analogy of flushing your blog posts down the toilet. I agree that promotion is much more difficult that writing a blog post. It is something that you have to work at ALL the time.
    I think the real key is becoming involved in the blogging community ~ Making connections and building relationships will lead to success.

    • So happy to see you here, Janette!

      You’ve brought up one of the best ways to promote your blog …

      Promote other bloggers and their awesomeness! :)

      Joining blogging communities/groups/forums/masterminds will definitely give you a leading edge.

      Bloggers are great at “sharing” — not only one another’s posts — but tips, resources, and strategies for experiencing more success in the blogosphere.

      Bloggers Bond! :)

      Thanks for the visit,

  13. One thing that I see a lot is people who give up too early. with social networking being one of the fastest ways to build traffic to a new blog, one thing you need to understand is that most of the early traffic will be the people you are networking with.

    Often, early on this will be other bloggers and competing sites that you are commenting on, so as these people read your content, and start sharing your stuff with their followers, that is when you will start seeing better results.

    • You just said a mouthful, James …

      “Patience” plays a BIG role in the success of your blog!

      I think everyone is (overly) anxious to rock their blog. And although there’s everything right about having enthusiasm and high hopes …

      Without patience, many bloggers will simply throw in the towel and call it quits.

      Hang in there, bloggers, and allow your success to unfold!

      Thank you for joining the conversation,

  14. Hmm..Blog Promotion is Nothing without Good Content and SEO.

    Content is king.

    • You hit the nail on the head, Navin!

      It ALL starts with producing good, valuable content your target audience wants to know.

      But once you’ve produced high-quality, juicy,sought after content, then what?

      Content cannot exist in a vacuum. It must be shared and promoted!

      Thanks for the visit today,

  15. Hi Melanie,

    I’m going in kind of a different direction than everyone else here, if I may.

    First, I loved how the post flowed. You did a very nice job in writing this story; congrats.

    Second, I’m wondering, however, if you succeeded in your goal. I’m assuming your ultimate goal was to drive people to the book by Kristi. If that’s the case did it work the way you intended it to? I ask because you uttered the line to go get the book but I’m not sure the preamble sold it all that well and there wasn’t really much follow up after that line to get people thinking “hey, if this is what the book offers, I’m all for it”.

    Not that I’m a great marketer; I’m far from it. But I am a consumer, and as a consumer I’d have to admit that the “pitch”, if you will, didn’t sell me. And if you noticed, only one person that’s commented so far has even mentioned the book (by the way, Jack is spam; So is Lorarian89).

    Of course if it drove traffic the way you hoped it would then that’s a great deal. I hope Kristi’s book is a major seller. And, as I said, I loved the post in general.

    • Really appreciate your feedback, Mitch!

      And thanks for the tip on “spammers” here. Since I don’t own this site, I’m not able to delete comments, etc., but I’m sure Kiesha Easley will be grateful for the heads up. Sounds like these two spammers are pretty “infamous”.

      I wish some of these nincompoops and less-than-stellar people would get a life and find some productive, upstanding way to spend their time, don’t you?

      Personally, I couldn’t sleep at night if I conducted myself the way spammers do online. Let’s just assume they’re void of a conscience. And for that matter — they must be void of morals, values, and standards, too!

      Love your input as a “consumer”. And don’t put yourself down as not being a great marketer. “Humble” is nice. But I have a hunch you’re way ahead of the curve! :)

      Mitch, I’m a blogger who’s more of a creative writer than one who focuses on whether the “pitch” sells. Know what I mean? Making sales is great (I didn’t crawl out from under a cabbage leaf, ya know!).

      And even though I will continue to offer people what I feel are exemplary resources …

      I’m much more about making a point than making a sale. :)

      Write On!

      • Ah, I hadn’t realized this wasn’t your blog; now it makes a bit more sense. No, I’m not a good marketer because… well… I’m not really sure why. But I like how you captured the feeling most people, including myself, get. This was a nice job.

        • Thank you for your kindness, Mitch, and for coming back to share your sentiments. Means a lot to me!

          Hope you’ll knock on my door at Solo Mompreneur sometime soon. Would love to welcome you in!


  16. I like the title of the post. Catching in fact. My readers read the blog only because they like the topics i offer, but I don’t think that i do a lot of promotion. If I did, i would have better results in many ways. I do some usual things for the blog, but never overdo. I think when you start a blog you set a certain aim and you follow it. My aim right now is not to earn money.

  17. Hi Mel

    Lovely post and such a to-the-point question…

    “Is your target audience showing up to read and comment on your posts or just a handful of your blogging buddies?”

    For me it really is my blogging buddies – but what buddies they are.

    Fills my heart with joy (and a little pride) to see you doing so well.


    • I know exactly what you mean, Keith …

      ” … what buddies they are”!

      And you are one of my BEST blogging buddies. It’s no secret. I let that cat out of the bag a long time back. :)

      Thanks for being here and it warms my heart to see you in the blogosphere again. Please don’t stay away so long, okay?

      I’m having a blast as one of the newest We Blog Better team members. Entering the WBB guest posting contest and coming in second place has opened some wonderful doors for me. Feeling blessed.

      I’ve missed you,

  18. Great writeup and very straight to the point

  19. Spot on. We won’t get the results that we want if we don’t get our posts or blog out there. Let them be heard by your target listener.

    • Your remark is right on the money, Anne!

      So many of the really fine bloggers I know have produced some wonderful posts that no eyes will ever set on and that’s a shame. Or they may get a sprinkling of visitors, some of whom don’t leave comments.

      I just realized lately that some people feel awkward or uneasy about posting comments. Not sure why. Maybe they’re just bashful or don’t think it’s really important to leave a comment.

      Writing a blog post is always the first step. But the real work comes after you hit the publish button!

      That’s when the proof is in the pudding! :)

      Thanks for the visit today,

  20. What a nice sales pag… I mean blog post. ;)

    • Love your sense of humor, Gregory!

      Never lose it. :)

      I think looking at the lighter side of life is a person’s best and most valuable asset.

      Glad you liked my sales page. Er, blog post. LOL!

  21. Promotion, groups and lots of hard work is what goes behind the successful readership and commenting of a blog posts. Great post..

    • Thanks, JJ!

      Glad you mentioned “groups”. I find that some of my Facebook and LinkedIn group members are the most supportive and loyal readers of my blog. :)

      Thanks for swinging by to catch my post,

  22. That is a very tempting article title, but as you have mentioned blog promotion is a must and that is an area where most blogger fail. It is important to remember that its not about getting the number alone but in getting targeted numbers. Which is the reason why I don’t like social media traffic that much

    • REALLY good point, Nishadha!

      I’m with you. The “numbers” don’t mean a hill of beans.

      If your niche is “elephants” and you’re getting traffic from “monkeys” …

      You’re really not getting any traffic at all, if you think about it. “Targeted” visitors and subscribers is what you’re shooting for.

      Thanks for being “tempted” to read my post! I love coming up with titles that (I hope!) will grab people’s attention. :)


  23. As always, you hit the nail onthe head, Melanie. And you are doing a fine job promoting this post by blogging about it on your own blog.

    I hope that this post gets you more traffic to your own blog as well, since you always have fun, informative and worthwhile content there!

    Obviously you are have read Kristi’s book and are applying its lessons…

    • So happy to see you here, Daphne!

      And thanks for your kind and gracious compliments — much appreciated!

      After tapping into Kristi’s pearls of wisdom, I’ve decided to take a “double duty” approach to promotion. Whenever I’m given the opportunity to post away from my own blog, I will let my loyal readership know where they can find me in the blogosphere that day by posting the locale at Solo Mompreneur. :)

      Happy Blogging!

      • I think it’s every guest bloggers duty to promote the living daylights out of their guest post and to share and be an active part of that community whilst their post is being promoted by their host. I seem to be in the minority thinking that :)

        Kristi’s book is a great book and I also followed the link from your blog to here :)

        • Sarah! I’m delighted to see you here.

          Thanks for your input and I wholeheartedly agree with you:

          “… it’s every guest bloggers duty to promote the living daylights out of their guest post and to share and be an active part of that community”

          I had the unpleasant experience, about a year or so ago, of having a guest author on my blog who didn’t reply to one of the comments my wonderful readers posted — nor did he promote the post in any way.

          I had to email him several times to ask (beg!) him to get over to my blog and respond to the comments.

          The moral of this story?

          I would encourage bloggers to be crystal clear with guest authors (well before the post is published) about how they need to hold up their end of the bargain — the expected weight “they” need to pull. And then follow up and make sure they comply.

          We all need to choose our friends wisely and we definitely need to choose our guest bloggers wisely. :)

          As a team member here at We Blog Better, I’d like to invite you to come back again soon, Sarah!


  24. That is one sharp piece of blogging you’ve done there! It was simple, straight to the point and your end message to promote your own guide has made me want to get it! You are a star blogger!

    • What refreshing and beautiful compliments, Olivia — thank you!

      “Simple and straight to the point” is my signature writing style and my loyal readership seems to appreciate it. Sounds like you do, too. :)

      Thanks for swinging by to catch my post and I hope you’ll head back over to We Blog Better again soon!

  25. It’s really disappointing to see a blog post flushed down in a toilet. Just imagine, after putting an effort into it, then the blogger can’t get enough benefits from it. So ideally, a blogger needs to have something interesting to avoid this to happen.

    • Hi Maria,

      “Interesting” content is definitely important!

      Your audience is counting on posts that are educational, enriching, engaging, and entertaining.

      But just having an interesting post isn’t enough. It’s what happens to that post after you publish it that matters the most!

      Capturing people’s attention and enticing them to read a post is a huge challenge for many bloggers.

      Thanks for the visit today!

      • Yup! These characteristics of post are all important to attract more readers. If a blogger is lucky enough, his/her readers might spend time to visit the blog to check the post again or to find other great post previously published there.

        • Thanks so much for the return visit, Maria — a definite sign you’re a serious blogger!

          You’ve hit on an important point …

          It’s nice when new readers find your blog and read a post or two. But how to keep them coming back for more over and over again — turning them into “loyal” readers — is a horse of a different color. :)

          Have an awesome week!

  26. This post seems to be very interesting. It’s been a while here and we still can see people commenting about it.

    • I guess we can conclude some posts have more “longevity” than others.

      I believe any kind of “evergreen” topic will bring visitors to your blog — weeks, months, or even years after the post has been published.

      Thanks for stopping by today. Do you have a blog?


  27. Writing a blog is good and right is easy, but How to order Blog can be read by others is very difficult, unless the female cousin that you contact by telephone and asked him to open up our blog.
    I realize that if we are able to make a good blog and everyone can read, the blog will be very easy to make money


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    Flush! Another Blog Post Down The Toilet!…

    Blogging tips for a better blog. So you’ve slaved over your keyboard for hours or days to write a gem of a blog post. Or maybe even a brilliant piece of work!…

  3. [...] Click "more from this user" button/link.Video Rating: 4 / 5 This is my cat who learned to use &#116… use the toilet at the age of 9! I [...]

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