SEO and Why You Keep Getting Outranked

Guest post by Antonio Coleman

Everybody is talking about the good old world of SEO, but only a few people even know what the world their talking about.

You must first understand how SEO works before you can rank for anything online.

Regardless of what you already know or maybe something’s you probably need to know.

I’m just here to dish out some steps you can take so you will be able to get things done before I come behind you and take your ranking. Remember if your not working hard at SEO at least five days a week like me, then you best be sure I’m looking to outrank you.

So, I want to thank Kiesha for given me the opportunity to help her readers who are on the ropes of giving up on the SEO copywriting process. So let’s stop all this ramblings and get the ball rolling on helping you outrank the competition by getting on schedule.

Get A Note Pad 

The most important thing I have done this past two years when It comes to my SEO marketing, is that I went out to good old Wal-Mart and bought a notepad, which I use daily.  I’m a guy who likes to see my task in person on my desk so I can be accountable for it.  Yes…there are free online tools that you can use for writing down your task, but having something in front of you works better, if you ask me.

So get out a pen and start writing down your task for that day, and check them off as you complete them. I follow these guidelines each day and it helps me to get my work done. Not only do you need to write down your task, you also need to write down the time it will take to complete those tasked. This type of actions allows you to stay on time and get a lot of your SEO work done.

Stop Watching TV

We all have TVs these days all around our house and we just can’t get enough of them. Personally, I watch ESPN more then I do anything else. This has been said… I think we need to know when to have it on and when to cut it off. If you’re like me and work from home, then you will know how much it is a distraction, just being able to click the remote. But I did something to solve this problem.

First thing is that I took the TV out of my office, so now all I have is my laptops and my desk that I’ve had for eight years that I need to throw away.  So by doing this I forced myself to be tuned in only to my work and not looking at TV. If you just sit down and look at how much time you spend watching TV during work hours, you will be shocked of all the time you’ve been wasting.

Stay Away FaceBook

Like I tell people on my blog which is that I’m not a big fan of social marketing sites and if you stick around my blog long enough then you will see why. The only thing FaceBook does is just hold up your time from completing important task. Because once you share a post or send a email and chat, then your job should be complete…Right?

The problem is that some people go too far and spend hours among hours on this site to just find out that they didn’t get any SEO activities done. Add up the hours one day and you may be shocked again. I recommend you spend no more then 30min a day on FaceBook and just let it be, because most of the successful marketers out there will tell you that they don’t even spend that much time on it.

Get Organized

A person who is organized is a person who is on schedule and a person who gets their SEO work done. They know what days to implement article marketing, link building and blog posting and more. Everything goes back to going out and getting that notepad and writing down those task and checking them off as you go.

The old saying goes…I f you need something done… then give it to a guy who is organized and busy if that make any sense to you.

Take Action

Finally… one of the most common sense things to do is to take action. I soon realize that these people sometimes lack the drive of taking action. If you can get up off your butt everyday and go work a 9 to 5 job that doesn’t pay you enough, then it will be very easy for you to act on the things that are the most important in your SEO marketing. Which I learned that most of us Americans are 1 to 2 pay check away from homelessness, which is the reason why I take action.

If you want to compete for a keyword in the most highly competitive niches, then you can do it because I been doing it for years by taking action, my friends. Make today the day you get all your ducks in a row and start getting your SEO work done. This is the only way you will ever catch me if we’re both going after the same keywords.

What’s Your View On Completing Your Task?

Antonio Coleman is the guy behind TrafficColeman.  He started marketing back in 2000 and hasn’t let up yet… Follow him on Twitter @TrafficColeman.


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  1. Your points can be applicable to any work area, not only for SEO. So yes, an organized mind is as important as an organized mind. But, i still can’t see the relation between the title of the article and the body of the article: the tile includes some good keywords and is catchy, while the body includes some keywords and is general. hm…kind of disappointing!

  2. Hello Antonio, i see you everywhere these days, and that proves that you’re really and action taker and especially a consistent marketer. I’m going to make a bold statement here and that is if you give SEO the time and effort needed, you’ll be able to rank in whatever position you want using whatever keyword you choose (even highly competitive). I know that because i’ve been there. Sometimes it takes me 3 to 4 months to rank in the top 3 spots of the SERPs, but guess what. It’s absolutely worth it! I didn’t see you signing off this time Antonio, LOL :)

  3. I think the point take actions should be the first from my point of view. I can make myself do all the previous points and I do some actions and I have little result.

  4. I’m learning that aside from Facebook, a lot of my clients and contemporaries waste far too much time and pay too much attention to twitter. It’s hard to organize your thoughts when your social media sites have you running in many directions! Blog On!

  5. When we get distracted by other things when we are working on something, we simply cannot just finish our tasks. I think every person’s philosophy should be- “take action NOW!”. :) I have also read in an article that successful people always have a notepad and pen with them so that they will be able to list their tasks and not forget about them. :) This is a very useful post. :)

  6. This post was not what I thought it would be about! I was expecting some great SEO tip. But you confirmed what is really important is actually working your business. I think you are spot on about having a notepad. There is something I find very satisfying about putting paper to pencil and crossing off items on the “to do” list.

  7. DiTesco says:

    Well done Antonio. Could not agree more with you. SEO is really not complicated and perhaps, one of the reasons why many people fail to rank well, is because of their failure to act. The tips, tools, guides and how to’s are all out there and the only one who can make it happen is “us”. Which reminds me, I hope that the keywords I am targeting for are not the same as yours. You will be one though cookie to beat, lol


    Best company for online marketing and promotion!

  9. Every year I buy one of those desk calendar refills. That and a calendar-type desk blotter work really well for writing things down, and always having your notes in front of you…

  10. Yes I too believe that facebook or other networking sites kill a huge amount of time. After reading this post I will stop using them for long dureation.

  11. Thanks for the pretty nice advises on getting things organized …. Inspired by you and gonna take a notepad now :) ..

  12. Haha.. stop watching TV and get away from Facebook. Million dollar advice. Amen!

  13. Cutting out TV was definitely something that helped me start doing what I wanted to do instead of planning on it. There’s an incredible lineup of entertainment available these days, but it’ll suck up all your time before you know it … then where do you stand?

    Gary V summed the TV thing up pretty well with his example of Lost.

    Nice post, Coleman.

  14. One important thing is to be patient and just stick around. Do not just close down your website or blog if you do not see any results initially instead be persistent and keep working on on and offpage search engine optimization. By doing this, you already pass all the other competitors who stop all their efforts.

  15. Adrian & Sharla says:

    Great job Antonio,

    And to think you gave all this valuable insight away for free.

    Just to add our 2 cents to an already excellent post:.

    Traffic, Traffic, Traffic we all want more of it, and ranking well for keywords is one of the main ways to get it.

    Let’s look at it from a monetization point of view…

    If your not actively involved in working the SEO machine because you’re to lazy to get off your butt… Guess what?…your handicapping a major source of “FREE” organic traffic from search engines… If you don’t want the free traffic, Cool.

    Smart savvy seo guys and girls will be more than happy to take it from you.

    ” More traffic = higher conversions. Higher conversions = more $$$$$$$$ ”

    So if your sitting on your butt eating Cheetos and watching True Blood instead of working the SEO, Thanks!

    We can always buy more BLING, BLING with your keywords. :) :)

    Adrian & Sharla

    Learn It! Live It! Share It!

  16. Great post, Antonio Coleman. I agree with you, I have been spending quite a lot of time… actually too much time on TV. I would be able to do so much more SEO work with the time spent! I need to get rid of the TV right away and take action on my SEO work!!

  17. Finally! A tip about doing great at SEO but not talking directly about SEO tips and tricks! Great one!

  18. You are so right. These are great SEO tips! Many folks don’t notice how much time goes into television or the social media sites. By the way, if you do want to watch a show, record it and watch it later. You can save as much as 20 minutes on a 60 minute program, by skipping the ads… The main thing is to take action every single day – small steps add up over time and before you know it, you will begin to see results.

  19. thank you for that informative post

  20. If you are outranking then i think its time for SEO and posting new content…

  21. Staying away from facebook is today’s advice..? may b this is impossible specially for a techie

  22. Facebook is a huge time-waster for sure, whether you’re trying to get something SEO-related done, or anything at all for that matter. Unless of course you’re using it for online marketing purposes. Then, I think it’s a great way to increase brand recognition and following.

  23. I got lot of informative information in this post. I suggest all my friends to go this website.

  24. Boy, this is like Reality !

  25. In 1 Simple Line- Concentrate only On your Site!

  26. I like your point about staying away from Facebook.

    It can be a time waster and a big one at that.

    i prefer to spend time on content generation and SEO personally.

    Great read, Antonio…:)


  27. The problem with social media marketing is that it may send tons of traffic but not targeted traffic.

  28. There are many reasons to be out ranked as Google is being changed.

  29. I think the sites that have more ads then contents are outranked.

  30. I love your post and its great to see you’ve managed to attract so many replies (just like this one) which is something i have yet to master. In some ways i agree with you on the old Facebook but then again there are a sh!t load of people on it and even a fraction of those readers would amount to tons of traffic. But like you, i do much rather organic google traffic gained from SEO. Also, i tot’s agree with you also on lazy people, who i find the ones who whine the most about life being so hard although on the bright side, the more of them there are out there, the more easier it is for those who work hard! yeay!

  31. The simple reason we get outranked is because other competing sites don’t keep quiet. They build backlinks continuously. And we all know that more than 70% of SEO is off page optimization, which is basically building back links.

  32. What a nice reminder. We have to remember every time we decide to lose focus or procrastinate, there are people out there working their butts off trying to improve their SEO and websites. We have to always be consistent when it comes to SEO. Always. And that isn’t even an option if we are really looking to improve our rankings and quit being mediocre.

  33. Time management is one out of many of my new year resolutions and I got to utilize time effectively as I’m a part time blogger, Facebook notifications many a times divert my mind. Thank you for the great tips.

  34. Hi Antonio, one of the factors is the use of an effective and advance SEO technique. You know the simple yet effective will make websites rank well.

    As they say, we have to see our websites through the eyes of search engines. Should we?

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