5 Simple Website Tweaks You Can Try Tonight

Guest post by Hector Cuevas

Tim Ferris talks about a concept called the Minimum Effective Dose, which says that there are ways to get the best results with a small amount of work and effort. Tim uses his body as a guinea pig in order to find that minimum dose for body manipulation.

That same concept can be applied to your website or blog. There are small tweaks that you can try tonight to improve the results you’re getting right now; whether that’s getting more subscribers or getting less spam. The tweaks that I’m gonna be sharing with you today should take you less than hour to do.

Yes. You can perform all 5 tweaks in under an hour. Also, please note that I can’t guarantee any improvements. The only way to know if these will help is if you actually test them out for yourself. So here we go.

Tweak #1. Submit Button Wording

Most blog I visit have an opt-in form at the top right-hand side of the blog. This area is prime real estate on your blog, and 100% of your visitors will see it. On average a blog gets about a 2 – 3% conversion rate, but it can be improved just by changing the wording on your submit button.

Free Instant Access works great. It was working well for me for a long time. Now, I’m using JOIN NOW and that is giving me a good conversion rate as well. If you’re using the generic “SUBMIT” button, you’re definitely losing out on subscribers. Words are very powerful so I really recommend testing the wording in this area and see what works best for you.

Tweak #2. Give Them Something To Look At

Another simple tweak you can do tonight is to add an image for your Lead Magnet. If you’re giving away a free report, you can pay someone 5 bucks on Fiverr.com to create a ebook cover for you so that your blog visitors can SEE what they’re getting before they opt-in to download it.

The image makes the lead magnet real. It makes the PDF report something they can hold with their hands. I’m not using an image on my sidebar opt-in form, but I do use images for my other lead magnets on the landing pages. Here’s an screenshot of the landing page for my From Zero To Blogger Video course.

As you can see the course consists of videos and pdf documents.

Tweak #3. Make It Clear With Audio

You want less spam hitting your inbox everyday? Add a simple audio message to your contact page and it’s done. I created a 1 minute and 34 second audio clip explaining the ways to get in contact with me and what I shouldn’t get contacted for. I did that specifically for the “SEO Services” dudes that decide to pitch their stuff through your contact form.(very annoying)

Anyhow. This really helped decrease the number of spam emails I would get and increased the emails that needed my attention. Now I spend more time answering reader questions and less time digging through junk mail. All you gotta do now is just do it.

Tweak #4. Add a “Start Here” Section To Your Sidebar

The “Start Here” section (or introduction) of your blog should be added somewhere everyone will see it. The point of this section is to get new visitors up-to-speed with whatever it is you’re sharing with your audience. It should direct them to your most popular articles and articles in which you explain your philosophy behind your main blog topic.

I use a Start Here section a bit differently that people like Pat or Corbett do. Pat created an entire page with videos and links to his best posts on passive income, while Corbett simply has a sidebar widget directing his readers to his popular ones.  I, on the other hand, created a number of pages that you can find on the top navigation that introduces the reader to the topics I cover on my blog.
You can do it however you like, but pick one and do it.

Tweak #5.  Add a Subscription Box in your About Page

The about page is one of the most visited pages on your site. New visitors often wonder who the blog owner is and what they’re all about, so they click over and read the about me page. If you’re not giving those visitors an opportunity to opt-in to your email list, then you’re losing out on even more subscribers.

Adding a subscription box to your About me page takes a few minutes; there’s no reason why you should have one. Take a minute and do it now; you’ll be glad you did.  =)

On To You..

Have you found any other simple website tweaks that can lead to great results? What have you tested in the past? Let us know in the comments section below.  Let’s chat.

Editor’s Note: If you’re running your site on blogger and want to spruce things up, you might want to check out these beautiful blogger templates.

Hector Cuevas offers Blog Marketing Tips at HectorJCuevas (dot) com where he blogs about getting more traffic, building an audience, and growing your business.  He’s also the creator of the Blog Planning Workshop, check it out if you’re ready to tighten up your blogging skills.  Don’t forget to connect with him on Twitter @HectorCuevas.


  1. I believe that very simple tweaks like these can increase your conversion a big deal. I definitely experimented with the text that should be on the subscription button. Free Instant Access is a great phrase that has been proven to work. I also prefer to include a light box opt-in form as this gives you some extra subscribers (although some bloggers see it intrusive to their readers).

  2. I liked the idea about the audio message to spammers or so on. You know it is the first time I hear that it can really work as some people will simply ignore it and very often most of the them surf the Internet with the sound off.

  3. Roberto says:

    Thanks for the tip Hector.

    Like Anna, I do like tip number 3. That would definitively drop the amount of spam. I will also think of the verbiage for the submit button. How did you measured the success of changing the wording of the submit button?

  4. Hector! Great tips! One caveat for BLOGS: ditch the audio! A lot of visitors will immediately leave a BLOG if audio or video auto-starts… and some affiliate programs and ad services will kick your blog off the network if you use audio. BLOG ON!

  5. Sometimes all it takes is a few small changes on your website to increase conversions. A good strategy is to ask others what they think of your site and what would improve their experience. Sometimes the site owner can be so wrapped up in the site that they don’t notice the small things.

  6. Great Tips, I’ll have to put some of these to use and see how they work out, Thanks Hector.

  7. Adding a Subscription Box in my About Page is grate! the best way to use your personal charm! the human side that gives this blog its special taste ! grate!

  8. I haven’t thought about changing that ‘submit’ word. I’ll be working on these tips.
    Thanks for sharing..

  9. I just do the tweak no 5. I have a “About me” page without a subcription box but now, my personal blog, have one. Thank’s Hector!

  10. Glynis Jolly says:

    I the ‘start here’ section and the subscribe box on the about page are things I hadn’t thought of. Thank you for the tips.

  11. I get a lot of “spam” through my “contact me” form. It’ s very cool to have audio on your site, I think you can connect in a much better way with your visitors.

    Also, the text in your buttons it’s something easy to do and can change your conversions drastically. The anchor text is very important also.

  12. Brena Fint says:

    Hmpp…I am going to try this out…Thanks a lot or the idea!!!Great post here…

  13. Thank you very much Hector for the above tips. We are now reorganizing and restructuring our company website. I mean, changes are being made here and there to increase conversion rate.

    May I ask if exit pop-ups is a nice thing to add as well?


  14. I am glad to hear some more words as advice for the new blogger like me. I was started my blog 6 months ago. But until now I’m still making minor renovation every now and then. Sometimes I am confuse for so many ideas I got from other blogger.

  15. Thanks for these tips. I’m gonna give them a try. Would it make visitors to stay longer on site?

  16. Dennis Edell says:

    I don’t have a start here section, yet, but I do have a first stop category…articles directed mainly at the beginners, but also basics for the more experienced to catch up on.

    Come to think of it, I’m a little behind on that. ;-)

  17. Hector. I like the tips – I agree with the button wording and some of the “small things” that can really make a difference. I’m going to try the “start here” idea. That’s a great one.

  18. Wow! One of the best advice blog posts I’ve read in awhile. Very actionable items anyone can do. Just great. Found your blog post on Google +



  19. Another simple tweak for a blog is adding sharing buttons. This makes it easy for visitors to share your content, helping to start the buzz and bring visitors to your site. Many sharing sites also catch the attention of the search engines and assists in promoting your rankings.

  20. I’ve read several good stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how much effort you put to create such a wonderful informative site.

  21. These 5 steps are quite simple but interesting. I think it is a good idea to add a Subscription Box in the about page… perhaps I can do that to my blog. Yeah… will perhaps try tonight!

  22. Really, really awesome advice, and very original. I don’t know if I’ve found advice like this on any other post I’ve read, at least not that I can remember. Really goes to show that great ideas that have the power to produce major results don’t always have to be that complicated to implement. Sometimes all it takes is a little tweaking..

  23. Love the idea of adding a subcription box..

  24. Thanks for great ideas, Hector! The one about the subscription box on the About page is a new one for me. I think it is an excellent tip I will implement right away. Great stuff!

  25. Very useful tips. Now I realize that I really need a subscription box. No lame excuses now. Thanks anyways.

  26. Thanks much for such great websites to have a big start.

  27. Good reading, gives even more for thinking about implementig them… Thanks!

  28. Geraldine Rice says:

    I think it is an excellent tip I will implement right away. I’ll be working on these tips. Thanks much for such great websites to have a big start. Free Instant Access is a great phrase that has been proven to work.

  29. Dave Ventura says:

    Great to found this post, those above mentioned are really interesting to do, not to mentioned number 3 tips of adding up audio setting on how to get in touch at the same time it would drastically avoid spam, such a great approach to use and apply.

  30. I think I would try this steps!!!! I want to have something to do not to be bored!


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